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Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

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About Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Amidst the vibrant pulse of downtown Abu Dhabi lies the dynamic district of Al Markaziya. It boasts a diverse array of amenities, bordered by Union Square to the east and surrounded by Corniche, Madinat Zayed, and the Tourist Club Area. Al Markaziya offers an eclectic mix of residences, from soaring high-rises to charming low-rises, enhancing its cosmopolitan essence. 

Enriched by a captivating heritage, it's a beacon for both residents and professionals seeking an engaging living and working experience. Proximity to business hubs and scenic beachfront amplifies its appeal, creating a seamless balance between work and leisure.

Intrigued to explore this bustling mosaic of Al Markaziya? Buckle up for an adventure through its cosmopolitan panorama, a blend of modernity and heritage. Whether you're seeking diverse cultural experiences or the charm of the city's serene coastlines, this guide is your gateway to uncovering the hidden treasures ensconced within this dynamic Abu Dhabi district.

Key Highlights of Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Strategically enfolded near the Abu Dhabi International Airport and major highways, Al Markaziya grants easy access to the entire city and beyond.
  • The area is known for its relatively low crime rates.
  • From cutting-edge healthcare facilities and prestigious educational institutions to luxurious hotels and delectable restaurants, you can indulge in a life of refinement.
  • From charming low-rise buildings to towering skyscrapers, Al Markaziya offers a captivating architectural landscape showcasing the city's evolution.
  • Reasonable apartments are offered on annual rentals, making Al Markaziya accessible and budget-conscious residents.
  • Hospitals, schools, and fitness clubs are all within easy reach, ensuring your health and well-being are always a priority.
What Needs Attention!
  • Rapid urban development has led to increased traffic during peak hours, posing challenges for commuting.
  • Coping with the scorching summer temperatures in this desert climate can be challenging.
  • As the city continues to develop rapidly, construction projects can cause temporary inconveniences like noise, dust, and road closures.

Real Estate Overview in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

In Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, residential options are primarily comprised of apartments available for rent. For those seeking villas, neighbouring communities like Al Mushrif might offer suitable alternatives. Prospective residents exploring Al Markazia will encounter a variety of complexes presenting 1 to 3-bedroom units. The rental costs vary based on the location, property type, and the size of each unit.

Regarding commercial spaces, offices in Al Markaziya typically cover an area exceeding 200 square feet. These spaces come equipped with essential amenities and services, encompassing water and electricity connections, Wi-Fi internet access, a meeting room, a reception area, a pantry, separate washrooms, and parking facilities.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Off-plan trends in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, indicate a growing interest in pre-construction properties, reflecting a burgeoning demand for new developments and investments in the area. This surge highlights the appeal of off-plan offerings among buyers and investors seeking diverse real estate opportunities within this vibrant community.

Aldar World Trade Centre in Al Markaziya

Aldar World Trade Centre

Price on Request
Studio,1,2,3,4 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

ADIA Tower in Al Markaziya

ADIA Tower

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Sultan Tower in Al Markaziya

Sultan Tower

Price on Request
4 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Jannah Tower in Al Markaziya

Jannah Tower

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Nasr Tower in Al Markaziya

Al Nasr Tower

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Aldar Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid in Al Markaziya

Aldar Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid

Price on Request
1,2,3 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

There's a diverse array of budget-friendly apartments in Al Markaziya as compared to neighbouring areas. One-bedroom flats offer ample space, ranging from 850 sq. ft. to 1,156 sq. ft., presenting a luxurious feel without a hefty price tag. Two-bedroom apartments range between different rental prices, while three and four-bedroom units command higher annual rents.

It's important to note that freehold property isn't available here and is exclusive to UAE Nationals. Offices for rent start at annual rates for 200 sq. ft. commercial units. Aryam Tower is among the popular buildings, featuring spacious three-bedroom apartments with competitive rental rates.

Property Types Available in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi for Rent

Embark on a journey through the diverse property types available in Abu Dhabi for Rent. Whether you seek Apartment, Office Space, Abu Dhabi has it all. With prices ranging from AED 62.67 Thousand to 190 Thousand, explore the options that align with your preferences.

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Apartment62.67 Thousand190 Thousand7815
Office Space12 Thousand169.95 Thousand684

BHK Types Available in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi for Rent

Indulge in the allure of luxe living with the extravagant BHK options in Abu Dhabi for Rent. From intimate 1 BHK retreats to expansive 6+ BHK residences, Abu Dhabi real estate tableau features captivating choices like 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR. Prices weave from AED 62.67 Thousand to 105 Thousand for 1 BR ,AED 75 Thousand to 140 Thousand for 2 BR and more, promising an exquisite range for discerning homebuyers.

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
1 BR62.67 Thousand105 Thousand854
2 BR75 Thousand140 Thousand847
3 BR95 Thousand190 Thousand634

Sale Trends in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

While specific data for Al Markaziya's sale trends remains elusive, broader Abu Dhabi indicators suggest a potentially vibrant market. Expecting rising prices fueled by investor enthusiasm and government initiatives, with prime locations likely leading the charge. Diverse property offerings may attract various buyer segments, influencing sale patterns, while established developers could see quicker deals.

Public Transportation

For commuters relying on public transport, Khalid Bin Waleed Road offers convenient access to nearby bus stations, ensuring ease of travel. Stations like Fatimah Bint Mubarak Street Station, located within a brief 3-minute walk, Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Station, merely 4 minutes away on foot, and the Al Mariah Mall Station, reachable within a 5-minute walk from the community centre, provide accessible transportation options. Whether you're heading to work or exploring the city, these stations offer seamless connectivity for residents along Khalid Bin Waleed Road.

Bus Line Number Destination
101 Sultan Bin Zayed St / Khalifa St to Dalma Mall Main Entrance
40 Al Matar South to Khalifa St/ Central Souq
54 Shk Rashid Bin Saeed/ Hamdan St to Fish Market


Nurseries/Educational Institutes

The early education spectrum in Al Markaziya is vibrant, offering many options for young learners. These nurturing spaces provide a rich and varied learning environment for toddlers, fostering their growth and development with tailored programs and dedicated care. Al Markaziya offers a variety of early education centres:

  • Bright Kids Nursery
  • British Orchard Nursery
  • Giggles English Nursery
  • GEMS Winchester School
  • International Community School
  • Summit International School & Emirates National School

Al Markaziya students have access to reputable higher education hubs, providing diverse academic programs and fostering intellectual growth. These institutions contribute to the area’s rich educational environment, offering quality learning experiences and opening doors to knowledge and skill enhancement for aspiring scholars. Leading institutes for higher education:

  • Syscoms College
  • Emirates College of Technology
  • Université Mohammed V, Al Hosn University & Khalifa University


In the heart of Markaziya, a diverse array of supermarkets await, serving as bustling hubs for the community’s shopping needs. These supermarkets serve as easily accessible destinations for Al Markaziya residents to procure their daily necessities, ensuring convenience and accessibility for their shopping requirements.

  • Alain Hypermarket
  • Al Safa Supermarket
  • Fatimah Supermarket
  • Grandiose Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

An array of healthcare facilities offers top-notch medical services, ensuring the well-being of residents in Al Markaziya. These centres provide a spectrum of healthcare solutions, from general medical care to specialized treatments, catering to the diverse needs of the community.

  • NMC General Clinic
  • Prime Medical Centre
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Burjeel Hospital
  • Corniche Hospital

Places of Worship

The area is rich in spiritual sanctuaries, representing a blend of religious practices and beliefs. There’s a harmonious coexistence of various places of worship, providing solace and community for different faiths. These sites offer serene environments for prayer, reflection, and gatherings, adding depth to the area’s cultural landscape.

Mosques Nearby:

In the vicinity, various mosques stand as architectural marvels, providing tranquil spaces for worship and community gatherings. 

  • Mary the Mother of Jesus Mosque

Churches Nearby:

Al Markaziya’s old churches stand as quiet places of peace among the busy city life. Their colourful windows and peaceful spaces welcome those seeking comfort or a moment of quiet thought. These churches have stood for many years, adding their own special story to the history of this diverse area.

  • St Andrew’s Church

Gurudwaras Nearby:

While Al Markazia itself doesn’t have a Gurudwara, several options are conveniently located within the wider Abu Dhabi region for those seeking to fulfil their religious practices.

Hindu Temples Nearby:

Al Markaziya consists of limited temple options available within Abu Dhabi. But people can visit Shiva and Krishna temples in the broader neighbourhood of Dubai.

Best Hotels in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, presents a range of accommodation options, including notable hotels such as:

  • Cassells Hotel Apartment, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain Palace Hotel
  • Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel

Cassells Hotel Apartment is strategically located in the city centre of Abu Dhabi, offering 150 guest rooms with a range of options, from studios to 1-bedroom apartments equipped with kitchenette facilities. Guests can enjoy various amenities, including a restaurant, room services, a fitness centre, a sauna, and complimentary parking.

Al Ain Palace Hotel is a 4-star accommodation in Al Markaziya that seamlessly blends cultural heritage with contemporary experiences. It offers diverse guest rooms like standard, twin, deluxe, and executive suites. The hotel features a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a well-equipped gymnasium, and a squash court. 

Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel is located on Hamdan Street in Al Markaziyah, and this 4-star hotel offers convenience and comfort. The hotel provides a range of services, including a 24-hour front desk, a business centre, ballroom facilities, car rental services, laundry facilities, currency exchange, and a souvenir/gift shop.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

In Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, residents and visitors have access to several prominent malls and shopping destinations. These malls and shopping centres provide a range of shopping experiences, from high-end brands to traditional retail options, ensuring a diverse and satisfying shopping experience for residents and visitors in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi.

  • Abu Dhabi Mall
  • World Trade Centre Mall
  • Al Mariah Mall
  • Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, boasts a diverse array of restaurants offering various cuisines at different price ranges. These dining options span from casual eateries nestled in shopping malls to standalone branches along the main road.

  • Squiz Cafe
  • Tamba
  • Jazz@Pizza Express
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Hot Breads Bakery
  • P J O’Reilly’s Irish Pub
  • Cristal Bar
  • Level Lounge

Beaches Nearby

Al Markaziya boasts proximity to stunning shorelines, offering an inviting escape just a short distance away. These sandy retreats provide ample opportunities for seaside relaxation and water activities, making them ideal spots for residents and tourists seeking a sun-soaked getaway. Some of them are:

  • Abu Dhabi Beach
  • Corniche Beach 

Leisure Activities Nearby

Residents and visitors revel in a diverse spectrum of activities, from cultural explorations to seaside escapes in Al Markaziya. The neighbourhood pulsates with an array of recreational options, blending heritage, art, and entertainment seamlessly.

Whether it’s indulging in art exhibitions, savouring the coastline’s serenity, or immersing oneself in cinematic adventures, this area caters to diverse leisure preferences, ensuring an enriching and engaging experience for all.

  • Qasr Al Hosn Fort: It is merely a 6-minute drive from Al Markaziya and stands as one of Abu Dhabi’s iconic architectural marvels. This watchtower is a distinguished landmark, comprising the Inner Fort, built in 1795, and the Outer Castle, constructed between 1939 and 45. Its historical significance as a royal residence and governmental centre adds to its allure.
  • Art Hub Gallery: nestled within the World Trade Centre Mall, resonates with Abu Dhabi’s art community. Exhibitions showcasing local and international artists’ works are a regular feature, highlighting names like Tala Atrouni, Khulood Al Jabri, and Yiannis Roussaki. This gallery actively engages in heritage shows and collaborations with global institutions. 
  • The World Trade Centre Mall: It is a prominent hub in Al Markaziya, beckons visitors with its diverse shopping outlets and leisure amenities. It’s a frequented destination, particularly on weekends, alongside the bustling Corniche Beach, cherished for its scenic beauty and recreational spaces.

Al Markaziya - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

  • Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi International Airport is approximately 27 minutes (35km)
  • Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi Corniche is around 6 minutes (3.5km)
  • Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi to  Marina Mall is about 11 minutes (6km)
  • Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, to Emirates Heritage Club Village is approximately 11 minutes (6.2km)
  • Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is about 19 minutes (20.8km)
Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Rating and Reviews

Anika Singh

Al Markaziya is Sharjah’s soul, vibrant with a tapestry of cultures and faiths. Browsing the Blue Souk feels like stepping back in time while admiring the architecture of St. Michael’s Church offers a glimpse into different traditions. I adore sipping chai with friends in cosy cafes, the laughter echoing through the narrow streets. It’s a place where history whispers and community embraces everyone, regardless of beliefs.

Francis Xavier

Living in Al Markaziya is a beautiful blend of convenience and cultural immersion. The Al Hisn Fort tells stories of ancient rulers, while the Sharjah Art Museum showcases contemporary voices. The waterfront promenade is perfect for evening walks, and the restaurants offer a culinary journey across continents. Parking can be tricky, and the pace may feel slower than in bustling cities, but the tranquillity and family-friendly atmosphere make it a haven for me.

Mariam Kim

Al Markaziya is a haven for families and those seeking a peaceful, slower pace. The area is clean, safe, and well-maintained, with parks and playgrounds for children of all faiths. The central location makes it easy to access schools, hospitals, and other amenities. While I yearn for a wider variety of entertainment options, the traditional charm and strong sense of community are truly special.

David Cohen

Al Markaziya is a history buff’s dream, but its quietude can sometimes feel isolating at times. The shops close early, and nightlife options are limited. While I appreciate the cultural attractions and family-friendly vibe, I miss the energy and diverse experiences offered by larger cities.

Sarah Lee

Al Markaziya is a fascinating window into Sharjah’s heritage, but the strict dress code and limited options for younger crowds can feel restrictive. Visiting for a cultural experience is amazing, but living here long-term might not be the best fit for my energetic and outgoing lifestyle.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street
Electra Street
Al Najda Street
Tourist Club Area (TCA)
Corniche Area
Al Salam Street
Al Tibbiya
Al Zaab
Al Manaseer
Al Mina
5 Properties for Rent
in Al Mina
Rent: 57.6 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Khubeirah

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi freehold?

The area doesn’t offer freehold property and is solely accessible to UAE Nationals.

What are the top attractions in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

Qasr Al Hosn, Corniche Beach, World Trade Center Mall, Art Hub Gallery, and Etihad Modern Art Gallery are a few of the top attractions in the area.

How do you get to Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi by bus and mеtro? And which is thе nеarеst mеtro station?

Al Markaziya in Abu Dhabi is well-connected by public transport. Bus services offer routes across the city, and several bus stations are conveniently located nearby, including Fatimah Bint Mubarak Street Station, Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, and the Al Mariah Mall Station. As for the metro, the nearest station to Al Markaziya is Al Wahda Mall, providing easy access to the area and its surroundings.

Which arе thе bеst communitiеs to live in thе Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the sought-after neighbourhoods in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, include Al Karamah, Al Manhal, and Al Khalidiyah.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Markaziya?

The best hotels in Al Markaziya are Cassells Hotel Apartment, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Palace Hotel, and Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel. Some renowned restaurants in Al Markaziya are Squiz Cafe, Tamba, and Jazz@Pizza Express.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

In Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, prominent malls include Abu Dhabi Mall, World Trade Center Mall, and Al Wahda Mall. For supermarkets, Alain Hypermarket, Al Safa, and Fatimah Supermarket are well-known options in the area.

What are the best schools in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

Noteworthy schools in Al Markaziya include GEMS Winchester School, International Community School, Summit International School, and Emirates National School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

Some notable healthcare facilities in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, include Burjeel Hospital, Corniche Hospital, NMC General Clinic, and Prime Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

While Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, has numerous mosques for the Muslim community, other places of worship like churches, gurudwaras, and Hindu temples can be accessed in nearby areas of Abu Dhabi.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi?

Living in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi, offers proximity to key amenities, including malls, hospitals, and schools. However, being in the heart of the city, it might experience higher noise levels and traffic congestion. The area is vibrant with cultural diversity, yet property options might be limited compared to other neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi.

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