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Al Mirgab, Sharjah

About Al Mirgab, Sharjah

Al Mirgab is a neighbourhood located in Sharjah, one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is situated in the central part of Sharjah. Located in the quiet suburb of Al Hira in Sharjah, Al Mirgab is one of seven distinctive sub-districts in the area. This residential area offers spacious homes, a peaceful atmosphere, and proximity to the emirate beaches. Notably, it is home to the famous Matajer Al Mirgab mall.

The convenience of Al Mirgab is enhanced by its well-designed roads, which provide easy access to major arteries such as Al Wahda Street and Al Ittihad Street, all just a short drive away.

Al Mirgab represents a peaceful neighbourhood within the suburb of Al Hira bordering Ajman. Recognised for the popularity of the villa rentals, the community is well equipped with necessary amenities, including schools, hospitals and restaurants to cater to the needs of its residents.

Key Highlights of Al Mirgab

What’s Great Here!
  • Al Mirgab offers spacious and comfortable homes, providing residents ample living space and a serene environment.
  • Al Mirgab is equipped with essential amenities, including schools, hospitals, and restaurants, providing residents with a range of services and conveniences within close reach.
  • The area benefits from a well-established road network, ensuring convenient connectivity to major thoroughfares like Al Wahda Street and Al Ittihad Street.
  • Situated near the emirate's coastline, residents of Al Mirgab can enjoy easy access to seaside areas, providing a scenic and refreshing atmosphere.
  • The popular Matajer Al Mirgab shopping mall adds vibrancy to the community, offering a variety of shopping and entertainment options.
What Needs Attention!
  • Depending on the time of day, the area may experience traffic congestion, especially on major connecting roads.
  • Residents might face challenges related to parking, especially during peak hours or in areas with high residential density.
  • Being part of a developed urban area, some residents may find that noise levels can be relatively higher, particularly near main roads or commercial zones.

Real Estate Overview in Al Mirgab, Sharjah

Al Mirgab offers a collection of sophisticated 3 to 5-bedroom contemporary villas epitomising modern elegance. These residences feature tastefully designed interiors, en-suite bathrooms, and built-in wardrobes. Select layouts offer a majlis, private garden, maid's room, balcony, covered parking, and a private swimming pool. With a mix of luxury and functionality, Al Mirgab residences offer an unparalleled living experience for those seeking refinement and comfort.

Price Trends in Al Mirgab

Rental Trends in Al Mirgab, Sharjah

Al Mirgab is well known for its flourishing rental market. The villas for rent in the area generally range from 3 to 5 bedrooms and come with different amenities. The annual rent depends on various factors, mainly the bedroom configurations. Rent for a 3 BHK will invariably be less than a 4 BHK. 

Sale Trends in Al Mirgab, Sharjah

For those looking to own properties in Mirgab, Sharjah, a range of options is available. Whether you prefer a 3-bedroom villa or are leaning towards the spaciousness of a 4-bedroom house, the community offers diverse choices to accommodate different preferences and needs.

Public Transportation

For those who rely on public transportation, buses like the E400 serve the northern part of the neighbourhood. The bus stops at stations like Al Sharq Street Police Academy and Al Sharq Street Al Quds Cultural Center. It is, however, recommended to choose a private car or taxi service during peak hours for a smooth trip.

Bus Line Number Destination
E400 Union Square Bus Station - 01 to Ajman - 01


Nurseries/Educational Institutes

In Al Mirgab, education is very easily accessible to people, with notable schools catering to different age groups. Al Heera Secondary School is a prominent institution that offers comprehensive education, including a nursery section for preschoolers. Parents seeking early childhood education have the option of Step Nursery.

To the east of the neighbourhood in Al Azra, several reputable schools to the educational landscape:

  • Dawha School
  • Al Resalah International School of Science
  • Sharjah Public School
  • Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School

Schools like Dawha School and Beaconhouse Al Khaleej follow the American Curriculum, while Sharjah Public School adopts the British curriculum. For higher education, the University City of Sharjah, a mere 20-minute drive away, houses esteemed institutes, providing residents access to quality tertiary education.


Carrefour at Matajer Al Mirgab is one convenient stop for all your daily needs. Known for being one of the best supermarkets in Sharjah, it offers a variety of store-baked pastries, fish and grilled meats. Most products in the markets are reasonably priced and offer new local food options. For those looking for variety, the nearby neighbourhood offers convenient options like:

  • Spinneys
  • Giant Supermarket
  • Deenar Supermarket

All of these grocery stores are conveniently located within a 5-minute drive.

Healthcare Facilities

Emirates International Medical Center is one of the most renowned healthcare facilities within the neighbourhood. It offers quality medical services. Apart from this hospital, residents have access to some of the top hospitals in Sharjah, including:

  • Zulekha Hospital
  • Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah
  • Burjeel Hospital Sharjah
  • Medcare Hospital Sharjah

These are all located within a short 10-minute drive from the locality.

For specialised healthcare services, CosmeSurge Corniche Road Sharjah is a well-known clinic in the neighbouring community, providing expert cosmetic surgery and medical treatments. Other nearby clinics include:

  • Berlin Dental Clinic
  • Golden Star Children’s Clinic
  • Cosmolaser Medical Centre

These healthcare options contribute to a comprehensive and accessible medical landscape for residents in and around Al Mirgab.

Places of Worship

Al Mirgab doesn’t just reflect Sharjah’s architectural marvels but is also a symbol of its cultural diversity and inclusivity. The vicinity is home to several spiritual sanctuaries catering to its residents’ varied religious beliefs. Some of them are mentioned below:

Mosquеs Nеarby:

Numerous mosques in Al Mirgab provide a convenient place for the Muslim community to offer their prayers. Notable ones include:

  • Bader Mosque
  • Imam Ibn Majah Mosque, and 
  • Al-Bara Bin Azeb Mosque. 

For congregational prayers, residents can visit King Faisal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in Sharjah, accessible in a 12-minute drive, with prayer halls accommodating up to 17,000 worshippers.

Churchеs Nеarby:

South of Al Mirgab, in the Al Yarmook area, is a concentration of churches in Sharjah. Noteworthy ones include:

  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church Sharjah,
  • St. Martin’s Anglican Church, 
  • Grace Evangelical Church, and 
  • Russian Orthodox Church.

Gurudwara Nеarby:

There are no Gurudrawas in the vicinity. However, people of the Sikh faith can travel out of the locality to visit a Gurudwara. 

Hindu Tеmplеs Nеarby:

It takes about half an hour to drive to Bur Dubai to visit the temples.

Best Hotels in Al Mirgab, Sharjah

Located in Sharjah near Al Mirgab, it is a collection of hotels that epitomise Sharjah’s signature luxury and hospitality. Some of these famous hotels are as follows.

  • Al Rayan Hotel
  • Al Smou Hotel Apartments
  • Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa
  • Crown Palace Hotel and Suites Ajman
  • Nejoum Al Emarate Hotel Sharjah 
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel
  • Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites
  • Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel
  • Rumi Beach Hotel Apartments


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Matajer Al Mirgab is the primary shopping destination in Al Mirgab, with around 25 stores and a diverse array of dining options. Among the notable brands and establishments within the mall are:

  • Carrefour
  • Grand Optics
  • Geekay Games
  • Lifestyle
  • Jawharat Al Khaleej
  • Magic Planet

The mall features parking spaces for approximately 180 cars and is equipped with two entrances. For additional shopping choices, some of the best malls in Sharjah include Mega Mall Sharjah, Dana Mall, and Al Safeer Mall, all conveniently located nearby.

Restaurants/ Dining

Residents of Al Mirgab have access to many dining options, ranging from popular fast-food chains to casual dining establishments. Notable choices include:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • KFC

The area is adjacent to the Sharjah coastline, offering residents access to several casual dining experiences. These restaurants present diverse culinary choices for residents seeking a delightful dining experience. The following options are available within a 6 to 8-minute drive:

  • Gazebo Restaurant
  • Sealand Restaurant
  • Sadaf Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

Residents of Al Mirgab enjoy convenient access to various beaches, enhancing their leisure options. The closest beach near Al Mirgab is

  • Sharjah Beach

It is a mere 7-minute drive away. Its sparkling waters and wide stretches of sand make for the perfect spot for a family picnic.

Beyond Sharjah Beach, other popular coastal destinations include

  • Al Khan Beach
  • Ajman Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Living in Al Mirgab offers residents various engaging leisure activities, making the neighbourhood an ideal place for exploration and enjoyment. Notable attractions and destinations include:

  • Sharjah Aquarium
  • Al Noor Island
  • Sharjah Science Museum:
  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

These attractions cater to the interests of residents and make the neighbourhood a vibrant and culturally rich place to live.

Al Mirgab - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

Conveniently located, Al Mirgab ensures its residents easy access to all the local amenities. You are close to notable attractions like the Sharjah Aquarium and Al Noor Island. The area is also close to famous beaches, making it an ideal and well-connected location for those who live in the neighbourhood.

  • 4 minutes to Al Heera Beach
  • 6 minutes to Sharjah Beach
  • 10 minutes to Blue Souk
  • 12 minutes to Al Safia Park
  • 13 minutes to Al Noor Island
  • 14 minutes to Sharjah Archaeology Museum
  • 15 minutes to Sharjah Aquarium
  • 20 minutes to Sharjah International Airport
  • 30 minutes to Dubai International Airport
Al Mirgab, Sharjah

Rating and Reviews

Alexandria Russou

Al Mirgab has a nice community vibe with good amenities. While it’s a decent spot to call home, I do wish there were more dining options available for vegan food. Overall, it’s a comfortable place with room for improvement. It’s mainly the food for me, as I had to live on potatoes during my time here. 

Adnan Khan

Al Mirgab is an okay place to live. I’ve lived here all my life, so it’s good for me. The villas are comfortable, but dealing with traffic can be a hassle. There’s a limited selection of shops, making it an average experience overall. 

Amina Baig

I absolutely adore Al Mirgab! My uncle lives here, and the villas are incredibly spacious. Living near the Sharjah Aquarium is a major bonus. The presence of excellent schools nearby and easy connectivity to the beach make it an ideal spot for families.

Li Wei Zhang

Al Mirgab is alright. The villas are decent, and it’s a quiet neighbourhood. However, amenities are limited, and the commute can be a bit tedious. It’s a middle-of-the-road place with room for improvement.

Maria Garcia

Absolutely love living in Al Mirgab! The villas are beautiful, and the community is peaceful. Excellent schools are nearby, and the beach is just a short drive away. It’s a five-star experience for me! I’d recommend for anyone with a family to live here. 

Sayeeda Begum

Al Mirgab is a solid choice for residence. The villas are spacious, and the proximity to the city is convenient. While more entertainment options would be appreciated, overall, I’m content with my life here!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Mirgab freehold?

Yes, Al Mirgab offers freehold properties.

What are the top attractions in Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

Top attractions in Al Mirgab include the Sharjah Aquarium, Al Noor Island, and the serene Sharjah Beach.

How do you get to Al Mirgab in Sharjah, by bus and mеtro? And which is thе nеarеst mеtro station?

Al Mirgab is accessible by bus and car. However, the nearest metro station to Al Mirgab is currently not available.

Which arе thе bеst communities to live in thе Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

Al Mirgab itself is a well-regarded community. Nearby areas like Al Yarmook and Al Azra also offer quality living options.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Mirgab?

Nejoum Al Emarate Hotel Sharjah and Crystal Plaza Hotel are the best hotels in the area. Famous restaurants in the area include Gazebo Restaurant and Sealand Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Mirgab?

Matajer Al Mirgab is a prominent mall, and Carrefour is a popular supermarket in the area.

What are the best schools in Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

Al Heera Secondary School and Dawha School are among the best schools in Al Mirgab.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

For healthcare, Emirates International Medical Center is a renowned facility, while clinics like CosmeSurge provide specialised services.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

Nearby places of worship include mosques like Bader Mosque and churches like St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Mirgab, Sharjah?

Pros of living in Al Mirgab include spacious villas and proximity to amenities. Cons may include traffic congestion during peak hours and limited entertainment options.

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