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Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Projects : Price on Request
8 Projects For Sale in Al Maqtaa
Rent : AED 125 Thousand - 350 Thousand
4 Properties For Rent in Al Maqtaa

About Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Al Maqta is a luxury gated community on Abu Dhabi's outskirts. The community is spread across the banks of the Al Maqtaa Channel and is renowned for its prime location between the Mussafah Bridge and Al Maqtaa Bridge. The area was previously known as Bain Al Jessrain, meaning Between the Two Bridges, owing to its strategic location between the iconic bridges.

Al Maqtaa boasts an impressive lineup of residential villas that cater to families looking for comfort, style, and safety. Most villas are available for rent or sale, offering a peaceful living experience away from bustling city life.

The locality is home to some of Abu Dhabi's most recognisable landmarks, such as the Al Maqtaa Fort, Al Maqtaa Tower, and the world-renowned Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The Al Maqtaa Fort and Tower date back to the 19th century and offer a glimpse into Abu Dhabi's rich history and culture.

The community is easily accessible, with a 15-minute drive along Al Khaleej Al Arbi Street from the city centre of Abu Dhabi. Its proximity to the city has made Al Maqta one of the most popular residential areas in Abu Dhabi. Al Maqtaa is a peaceful residential area preferred by families. The community offers luxurious hotels for visitors seeking accommodation, and its strategic location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landmarks.

Key Highlights of Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Luxurious Villas
  • Family-friendly community
  • Well-connected roadways
  • Plenty of outdoor and fun leisure activities for all ages
  • Close to the Corniche Beach
What Needs Attention!
  • Fewer apartments
  • Traffic during peak hours
  • Not suitable for single people

Properties in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi offers a handful of rental options for those who prefer apartments. The apartments range from studios to 3 BHK units, providing various living options for individuals and families. Living in Hills Abu Dhabi offers the perfect combination of luxury and convenience, making it a highly sought-after community in Abu Dhabi.

Al Maqtaa Village is one of the most preferred communities for renting properties in Al Maqta Abu Dhabi. It offers spacious villas with 3 bedrooms perfect for families and a cost-effective option for those on a budget.

Hills Abu Dhabi is another popular gated community in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi. It is known for its luxurious 5 to 6-bedroom villas that offer top-notch amenities and services. This is a perfect example of a community that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience. It features 147 villas with options for 5 to 6-bedroom units and numerous amenities such as swimming pools, a clubhouse, a health spa, a gym, and a café. 

Most villas have separate majlises, fully fitted kitchens and modern facilities. Additionally, the properties feature separate rooms for house help, balconies, terraces, and gardens, providing residents with ample space and privacy. The community provides an exclusive and lavish lifestyle for those who can afford it.

On the other hand, the least popular area in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi Creek Business Resort. It may not be as popular as the other two communities, but it offers a unique living experience with its commercial and residential properties. The area best suits individuals looking for a business-oriented lifestyle, with easy access to commercial facilities and services.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Al Maqtaa, a sought-after neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi, currently has no ongoing off-plan projects. Al Maqtaa's strategic location in Abu Dhabi makes it a highly desirable area for buying or renting a property and a great investment opportunity. Its proximity to major attractions, shopping malls, hotels, and transportation hubs makes it a prime location for real estate investment.

Additionally, its convenient location near the main highway connecting Abu Dhabi to Dubai makes it an ideal choice for those who regularly commute between the two cities. With its family-friendly environment and numerous amenities, Al Maqtaa is a great place to call home or invest in the future.

Explore Off Plans Properties in Al Maqtaa

East And West The Hills

East And West The Hills

Price on Request
5 BR Villa

Ready to Move

Abu Dhabi Creek Business Resort

Abu Dhabi Creek Business Resort

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Shangri La Hotel Apartments

Shangri La Hotel Apartments

Price on Request
1,2 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Shangri La Residences

Shangri La Residences

Price on Request
Studio,4 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Hamad Bin Al Jesrain Villas

Hamad Bin Al Jesrain Villas

Price on Request
4 BR Villa

Ready to Move

Fairmont Villas

Fairmont Villas

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Bain Al Jessrain

Bain Al Jessrain

Price on Request
Studio,4 BR Studio

Ready to Move

Eshraq The Gateway

Eshraq The Gateway

Price on Request

Near Possession

Rental Trends in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

The rental trends in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi have steadily risen due to the availability of beautiful homes catering to various preferences and budgets. Several options are available in the neighbourhood for those looking for apartment living. The flats range from cosy studios to spacious 3 BHK units, providing ample living space for individuals and families alike.

Residential properties for rent in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi feature villas, apartments, and a few penthouses. Villas in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi are available with 3 to 7 bedrooms and vary in area from 2,900 to 7,500 square feet. These villas have Master bedrooms, bathrooms, a maid's room with an attached bathroom, a closed kitchen, a balcony, a spacious garden, a driver room, and a spacious living and dining area. 

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi apartments range from studios to three-bedroom homes with covered areas ranging from 680 to 1250 square feet, including two bedrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen.

If you're looking for something more luxurious, there are also a few penthouses for rent in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi. These units are designed with modern aesthetics and are located in the upscale Al Maqtaa Village. The penthouses offer master bedrooms with attached bathrooms, multiple balconies, and a spacious living room. The European-style kitchen has high-end appliances, making cooking and entertaining a breeze.

Living in one of these penthouses is an experience, with breathtaking views of the surrounding area and access to top-notch amenities. With rental trends on the rise, it's clear that Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi is a sought-after neighbourhood for those looking for a beautiful and comfortable home to rent.

Sale Trends in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Investing in properties for sale in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi can be a great opportunity for those looking to make a solid investment. With a limited number of villa units and residential plots available for sale, the value of the properties is expected to increase over time.

The 5-bedroom Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi villa is a popular choice among homebuyers. A 5- bedroom villa covers 13,002 sq. ft. Most villas include a main bedroom, completely equipped kitchens with pre-installed appliances, a maid room, and a covered parking area for one vehicle. Some Al Maqtaa villas have more than one storey, with a kitchen on the upper level. The villas here have a large dining room and living room.

Potential buyers should remember that these properties have a return rate of 3.9%, making them a profitable investment in the long run. Aside from the potential returns, Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi offers several advantages for property investors. It is a well-established and thriving community that boasts excellent infrastructure and facilities. The area is home to various schools, hospitals, malls, and other amenities, making it a convenient and comfortable place to live.

Moreover, Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi is located near major business centres, which means that properties in this area are in high demand among business professionals and executives. The area is also well-connected to other parts of the city, with easy access to major highways and public transportation options.

Public Transport

Those who prefer public transportation can opt for buses that stop at Al Maqtaa Village near the residential area. However, it is important to note that public transportation options in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi are limited, so travelling via private car or taxi is often the more practical choice.

Here are some bus routes that pass through Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi:

Bus Line Number Destination
44 St 15 / Abu Dhabi Hills to Saif Ghobash St / Al Noor Hospital
32 St 3 / Cooperative Society to Al Maqtaa Park


  • Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

  • Supermarkets

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Places of Worship

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi offers plenty of options for parents looking for academic institutions to fulfil their preschooler’s educational needs. The neighbourhood boasts a wide range of nurseries, including well-known names like

  • International Montessori Nursery
  • Stepping Stones Nursery
  • Bright Kids Nursery

Families living in Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi can also explore schools located in nearby areas. For older children, some of the prominent schools in the area are –

  • Darweesh Bin Karam School
  • Hunain School
  • ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhl
  • Al Yasmina Academy

Those interested in Quran memorisation can also visit Shaikh Hamdan Bin Muhamad Al Nahyan Quran Memorization Centre in Maqtaa Abu Dhabi. Hunain School in Abu Dhabi Gate City, ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhl in Sas Al Nakhl Village, and Al Yasmina Academy in Khalifa City A are some of the schools that can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes.

The universities in this region are –

  • SAN Campus of Khalifa University
  • Petroleum Institute of Khalifa University

Al Maqtaa offers several options, ranging from traditional grocery stores to modern supermarkets with digital shopping experiences. The supermarkets in and around the locality include

  • Bain Al Jesrain Co-Operative Society
  • Souq Planet
  • Khalid Al Hamar Baqala
  • Baqalat Al Maqta
  • Al Haji Ahmed Supermarket
  • Osama Baqala
  • Bainal Jusrain
  • Green Villa Baqala
  • Spinneys
  • Castlerock Supermarket

In Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi, several clinics cater to the medical needs of the residents. These include –

  • Dr Fawzia Khalfan Medical Center
  • Al Maqtaa Healthcare Center
  • Doctor Sherif Mattar Specialized Center
  • Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital
  • Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children

The Al Maqtaa area in Abu Dhabi provides access to various places of worship for the diverse community. Within an 8-minute drive, one can reach a few churches like –

  • The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Abu Dhabi Assembly of God Church

These churches are located in the neighbouring Mussafah area. 

 Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi has many mosques scattered throughout the area, including 

  • Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque
  • Shaikh Hamdan Bin Muhamad Al Nahyan Mosque
  • Khalifa Ghaith Mosque
  • Bani Hashim Mosque
  • Khalifa Ahmed Jabara Murar Mosque
  • Gharibah bint Rashid Mosque

All these mosques are within walking distance of the community, and the central location of Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque makes it easily accessible.

Meanwhile, the Hindu community has no temples in the capital city, but the residents can visit the Al Souk Al Kabeer area in Dubai. However, the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi in Mussafah can be reached in just 11 minutes.

Best Hotels in Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi boasts a variety of hotels and resorts that offer stunning views of Khor Al Maqtaa. Some of the top-rated hotels include the 

  • Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel
  • Traders Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel Apartments 

These luxurious accommodations offer a range of amenities, including multiple dining options, swimming pools, spas, and fitness centres, making them a popular choice among tourists and locals alike. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an action-packed vacation, Al Maqtaa has something to offer every traveller.


  • Shopping Centres/ Malls

  • Restaurants/ Dining

  • Beaches Nearby

  • Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi is a community that boasts a variety of shopping options for residents and visitors. From modern souks to grand shopping malls, there is something for everyone. Here is a glimpse of the shopping scene in and around Al Maqtaa. Some other shopping malls in and around Al Maqtaa are:

  • Al Seef Village Mall
  • Al Wahda Mall
  • Khalidiyah Mall

Al Maqtaa Abu Dhabi offers numerous options for traditional food enthusiasts. Several eateries in the neighbourhood offer various cuisines in a traditional environment. Some of the restaurants in the Al Maqtaa neighbourhood are:

  • Milas, 
  • Bait Ommy and 
  • Al Sayyad Restaurant & Grills
  • The Meat Co
  • Ushna
  • Sho Cho 
  • Azzurro
  • Itran
  • Indian Punjab Grill
  • La Brassiere

Al Maqtaa in Abu Dhabi is nearby several beaches offering residents world-class amenities and leisure activities. From sunbathing and swimming to water sports and beach games, visitors can enjoy various leisure activities at these beaches. The beaches in Al Maqtaa include –

  • Corniche Beach
  • Yas Beach

Several tourist spots and leisure activities exist in and around Al Maqtaa. Some leisure activities in and around Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi, are –

  • Al Maqtaa Bridge
  • Al Maqtaa Fort
  • Khor Al Maqtaa
  • Al Maqtaa Watchtower
  • Al Forsan International Sports Resort
  • The kart circuit
  • Bain Al Jessrain Families Garden
  • Khor Al Maqtaa Park
  • Al Khaleej Al Arabi Park 5

Al Maqtaa - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is 3.3 km away and takes 5 minutes to reach there. 
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 21 km away and takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • Corniche Beach is 21.1 km away and takes 18 minutes. 
  • The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi is 11.6 km, and it takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • Yas Beach is 17.6 km away and takes 16 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Forsan International Sports Resort is 10 km away and takes 10 minutes to reach there.
Al Maqtaa, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Stunning neighbourhood
Stunning neighbourhood

As a resident of Al Maqtaa, I am amazed by the beautiful neighbourhood surrounding me. From the stunning views of Khor Al Maqtaa to the iconic Al Maqtaa Bridge, this area is full of natural and architectural wonders. I am proud to call this place my home.

Sanjay Gupta
Perfect for families!

Al Maqtaa in Abu Dhabi is a pretty cool place to live. It has some great family-friendly vibes, with plenty of parks and outdoor spaces for kids to play. Plus, there are some awesome schools around here, too, so it’s a great spot to raise a family. Overall, I’m really happy to call Al Maqtaa my home!

Isaac Friedman
Smart investment option

If you’re looking for a good investment opportunity in Abu Dhabi, check out Al Maqtaa! This place is booming, and there are many great properties. Trust me; it’s a smart move!

Ahmed Hassan
Traffic congestion

Ugh, traffic in Al Maqtaa during peak hours is a nightmare! If you’re planning on driving during rush hour, be prepared for some traffic in Al Maqtaa. It can get hectic around here, but it’s not too bad overall. Just plan your route accordingly, and you’ll be fine.

Rachel Cohen
Great shopping options

Al Maqtaa is a great place to shop, with many options available! The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri is a modern souk with a nice mix of shops, while Al Seef Village Mall offers a wider range of retail outlets and outdoor markets. For a more luxurious shopping experience, we have the famous Mall at World Trade Centre, Al Wahda Mall, and Khalidiyah Mall, all just a short drive away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Maqtaa Freehold?

Yes, Al Maqtaa is a freehold residential property located in Abu Dhabi.

What are the top attractions in Al Maqtaa?

Some top attractions include Al Maqtaa Bridge, Al Maqtaa Fort, Khor Al Maqtaa, Al Maqtaa Watchtower, Al Forsan International Sports Resort, The kart circuit, Bain Al Jessrain Families Garden, Khor Al Maqtaa Park and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Park 5.

How to get to Al Maqtaa in Sharjah by Bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

No metro stations are in the locality, and the best way to commute is by bus or cab. Bus routes 56 and 26 traverse the Al Maqtaa community.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Maqtaa?

Al Maqtaa is a wonderful community with world-class amenities and beautiful buildings. Some of the best communities in Al Maqta are Hills Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Creek Business Resort.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Maqtaa?

Some of the best hotels nearby include Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel, Traders Hotel, and Shangri-La Hotel Apartments. Some of the best restaurants include Milas, Bait Ommy and Al Sayyad Restaurant & Grills.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Maqtaa?

The malls in the locality are Al Seef Village Mall, Al Wahda Mall, and Khalidiyah Mall. The supermarkets available are Bain Al Jesrain Co-Operative Society, Souq Planet, Khalid Al Hamar Baqala, Baqalat Al Maqta, and Al Haji Ahmed Supermarket.

Which are the best schools in Al Maqtaa?

Several good schools are located in Al Maqta, such as Darweesh Bin Karam School, Hunain School, ADNOC Schools Sas Al Nakhl, and Al Yasmina Academy.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Maqtaa?

Some high-tech good healthcare facilities near Al Maqtaa are the Dr Fawzia Khalfan Medical Center, Al Maqtaa Healthcare Center, Doctor Sherif Mattar Specialized Center, Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital, and Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Maqtaa?

Several mosques and churches in the area are The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Abu Dhabi Assembly of God Church, Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Muhamad Al Nahyan Mosque, Khalifa Ghaith Mosque, Bani Hashim Mosque, Khalifa Ahmed Jabara Murar Mosque, and Gharibah bint Rashid Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Maqtaa?

The advantages of living in Al Maqta include access to beautiful parks, luxurious, modern, and traditional residential communities, and a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. However, the downsides are the traffic congestion, which is unsuitable for single people.

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