Living in Al Barari Dubai : Advantages, Disadvantages & More

Living in Al Barari: Pros, Cons, Insights

If you are considering relocating and living in Al Barari Dubai? You can determine whether or not Al Barari is the best place for you by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of living there. This development is one of the most well-liked green communities in the emirate and is the company’s flagship project. It has opulent residential units. Al Barari, just off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, may be the ideal location if you are content with a high property price tag and desire to live sustainably.

You will immediately notice how quiet and serene the neighbourhood is as you travel down the lovely tree-lined road that leads there. Despite the obvious advantages, it’s important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether moving here is a good decision.

Let’s walk down the lanes of Al Barari, Dubai to make a wise decision!

Living in Al Barari Dubai

Living in Al Barari Dubai

  • The Nest

The Nest, consisting of just 55 villas and a quiet suburban neighbourhood, is perfect for families looking to live in the city. These homes provide a welcome break from the urban sprawl that characterizes most of Dubai and come with four well-designed bedrooms, a choice of two interior layouts, and of course, magnificent landscaping. Al Barari villas’ striking contemporary design and seamless blending of indoor and outdoor areas foster a strong sense of neighbourhood while maintaining the ultimate seclusion.

  • The Reserve

A relatively small number of custom villas are available in the exclusive residential community known as The Reserve. The Reserve Al Barari allows you to completely design a home as you see fit, from the external architecture to the minute elements of the interior design and even the landscaping of the outdoor living spaces. The Reserve offers exceptionally large plot sizes. The villa of their choice, set in beautiful surroundings with plenty of space for extra features like an infinity pool or lawn terrace, can be customized by each homeowner to reflect their unique style.

  • Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven Al Barari is the region’s first apartment complex, a break from the villa communities on which Al Barari founded its reputation. Seventh Heaven has a tiered, nearly pyramidal shape, with each apartment having a different layout from any of its neighbours. It is seven floors high. Each apartment features a tastefully decorated contemporary interior enhanced by spacious wraparound balconies with full-height glass paneling that are perfect for outdoor gatherings. The apartments at Seventh Heaven not only provide the most breath-taking views, but are also situated in the centre of the city.

The walkways and streets of complete neighbourhoods are only for pedestrians, reducing noise and air pollution and giving them a cleaner, quieter way of life.

  • Ashjar

Ashjar Al Barari is a clustered collection of low-rise residential buildings that reach a maximum height of five stories and is named after the Arabic word for “tree.” Three different flat layouts are produced by the buildings’ three architectural styles—Introvert, Extrovert, and Cube. Like Seventh Heaven, these stunning contemporary homes have spacious terraces that allow the indoors and outside to seamlessly flow together. This neighbourhood’s intention to be car-free makes it one of its most distinctive features. You will be directed to a sizable underground parking area while entering Ashjar.

Advantages of Living in Al Barari

Advantages of Living in Al Barari

  • Living Eco-Friendly

In Dubai, the neighbourhood is as green as it gets. The architects and developers have merged luxury living with sustainability. The community’s streams and planted gardens give you the impression of being in the wilderness, which is what the name “Al Barari” signifies.

Additionally, the development is home to hundreds of plant species unique to the emirate. You might consider using the Green Works nursery to cultivate your own flowers and vegetables. Al Barari enables you to change to a greener lifestyle in Dubai overall.

  • Environmental Peace

First off, Al Barari is a gated community that offers residents unrivaled privacy and seclusion while also allowing for simple access to first-rate amenities. The serene atmosphere is one of Al Barari’s most alluring features.

  • Outstanding Restaurant Facilities

The Farm Al Barari will provide locals a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The restaurant offers patrons a tranquil retreat with its understated decor and lush setting. The restaurant hosts events in addition to providing meals created with the best ingredients. 

Children’s cooking competition Mini Chefs, the Al Barari Yoga Marathon, and the Healthy Dessert Workshop are a few of them.

  • Amenities For Lifestyle

Al Barari offers a variety of amenities, including a luxury spa, a cutting-edge fitness center, and a fine dining establishment. Adult tennis events are also offered at the club, letting you socialize locally and meet new people. Your total relaxation will be provided by the Heart & Soul Spa. There are also a lot of amenities in the outdoor Starlight Movie Nights venue.

  • Spacious Homes

Spacious Homes

The fact that Al Barari’s properties are fairly huge is another important benefit. Numerous floor plans in the Nest Al Barari sub-community total more than 10,000 square feet. there are also shell-and-core homes available in the Reserve sub-community. Plots in The Nest are the largest in Al Barari because they start at 16,000 square feet. In Al Barari, there are one- to three-bedroom apartment options available. Theme gardens and woods surround them. Large glass windows in the apartments let in a lot of natural light and increase the sense of openness.

Disadvantages of Living in Al Barari

  • Very Expensive Maintenance Fees

Of all the Dubai villa communities, Al Barari has the most expensive maintenance expenses. This makes sense, considering that more than 75 percent of the land is used for rivers, plants, and trees, all of which require a lot of maintenance. Al Barari homes are appropriate for people with high incomes.

  • Few Transportation Options

Al Barari is not the ideal choice for those who don’t drive. The Dubai Metro is not currently connected to the neighbourhood. the closest metro station is at least a 20-minute drive from the neighbourhood. The main areas of Dubai are still challenging and time-consuming to reach. It takes a while to get to the city center, but if you have your own car, this is actually rather convenient.

  • The Facilities are Still Being Improved

Al Barari also has a shopping area along with the previously mentioned health club, restaurant, and spa. On the other hand, the community’s facilities are always getting better. Al Barari has all you require for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle except for these minor inconveniences. The area generally offers upscale homes with distinctive features and facilities, creating a self-sufficient neighbourhood. Eco-friendly housing options are advantageous for single people, couples, and families. Al Barari is outside the city proper, yet it is close to a lot of neighbourhoods, giving its residents easier access to places like schools, hospitals, and shopping centres. 

Among them are Majan, Academic City, Living Legends, and The Villa. Studying is also an excellent idea. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of shifting to Al Barari, you might come to a more informed choice.


Discover the epitome of elegant living in Al Barari, a serene retreat wrapped by natural beauty. Take advantage of its extraordinary perks and potential drawbacks. And explore the more valuable facets of this private residential community. Figure out the mysteries of Al Barari and make educated decisions for your dream lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why is Al Barari so expensive?

Al Barari has high maintenance fees because three-quarters of its land is devoted to waterways, trees, and plants, which needs substantial maintenance cost.

Who is the owner of al Barari?

Zaal Mohammad Zaal, is a passionate founder with an exceptional vision of a botanic heaven with incomparable ecological sensitivity.

Is Al Barari sustainable?

The actively embracing infrastructure, architecture, and landscaping of Al Barari are live examples of its commitment to sustainability.

Is Al Barari a freehold area?

Yes, Al Barari offers a recreational freehold community to the residents with a range of expansive facilities.

What are some best areas to rent in Al Barari?

If you are willing to shift to Al Barari, then you must consider renting a property in areas like Dahlia, Bromellia, Ashjar, and many others.

Which is the best place for shopping in al Barari?

If you want to explore the shopping areas in Al Barari then you must consider visiting Al Barari Mini Mart, Andalusia Courtyard Mall, Majan Shopping Complex, and several others.

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