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Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Sale : AED 445 Thousand - 6.6 Million
86 Properties For Sale in Al Shamkha
Rent : AED 250 Thousand - 550 Thousand
3 Properties For Rent in Al Shamkha

About Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Al Shamkha is a peaceful residential area outside Abu Dhabi's city centre, nearby Mussafah's Industrial District. It borders Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), the main thoroughfare in the UAE, on the northeastern side. Also, Sweihan Road runs along the northern side of the neighbourhood and leads to the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.

Al Shamkha, which occupies an area of 419,000 square feet, is 40 kilometres from the centre of Abu Dhabi. The area's redevelopment began in 2016. The UPC, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA), and the Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) oversaw the project. The neighbourhood redevelopment intends to be finished shortly as part of the strategic 2030 strategy for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

The most recent infrastructure improvement has introduced many public amenities, including mosques, schools, shops, medical facilities, parks, and entertainment alternatives. Potential investors and tenants can choose from several properties in Al Shamkha, including apartments, standalone villas, and townhouses.

The low-rise residential structures in the neighbourhood comprise two to three-storey villas mostly. Apartments can range from having a studio to having four bedrooms. These apartment homes feature master bedrooms, complete bathrooms, a roomy hall living room, a roomy kitchen, and balconies.

Overall, Al Shamkha is envisioned to top the list of the best property options for residential and commercial spaces in Abu Dhabi. The neighbourhood boasts an Arabic and urban infrastructure giving its residents a luxurious lifestyle.

Key Highlights of Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Residential units redeveloped with top-notch amenities
  • Has a beachfront golf course
  • Close to numerous community parks, schools, and hospitals
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sweihan Road nearby
  • One of the best communities for commercial properties
What Needs Attention!
  • Limited or no nightlife options
  • Limited public transport options
  • Dusty surroundings due to construction
  • High noise levels due to several active projects

Real Estate Overview in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

With the redevelopment in progress, the neighbourhood will have 786 villa plots and 220 apartment units which can be home to around 20,000 people. The two to three floors of the low-rise residential buildings are available at reasonable prices. 

Apartments range from a studio to four bedrooms. The main bedroom, full bathroom, a spacious living room adjacent to the kitchen, and a balcony are all features of fully-furnished apartments in the locality.

One can see sizable independent villas that were newly built using modern architectural designs on one side of the community layout, with two to 11 bedrooms available in these villas. The homes come with a huge kitchen, a maid's room, a laundry room, a living room with a bathroom, a spacious Majlis with a dining room and a bathroom, a wide garden, and a covered parking space, depending on the type of bed. 

Depending on the number of bedrooms, different master bedrooms and baths are available. The lowest anticipated rent for an empty apartment of 3,000 square feet suits a big family. However, a four-bedroom apartment is best for a small family at an affordable cost per year.

Rental Trends in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Al Shamkha offers studio to four-bedroom apartments for rent, with floor plans varying in size from 300 square feet to 3,400 square feet. These apartments also have reasonable annual rent.

Many top-notch amenities, including a laundry room, an intercom system, round-the-clock security, and CCTV surveillance systems, are often a part of the rental services in the area. Three-bedroom apartments are other properties for rent in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi, for those seeking a larger space. Three to eleven-bedroom villas rent increases as the amenities, bedroom configuration, and area increase.

Property Types Available in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi for Rent

Embark on a journey through the diverse property types available in Abu Dhabi for Rent. Whether you seek Villa, Apartment, Abu Dhabi has it all. With prices ranging from AED 250 Thousand to 250 Thousand, explore the options that align with your preferences.

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Villa250 Thousand250 Thousand252
Apartment550 Thousand550 Thousand2891

BHK Types Available in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi for Rent

Experience the variety of BHK options in Abu Dhabi for Rent. From cozy 1 BHK units to expansive 6+ BHK residences, Abu Dhabi real estate market provides diverse housing choices, including 3 BR, 6+ BR and more. Prices range from AED 550 Thousand to 550 Thousand for 3 BR ,AED 250 Thousand to 250 Thousand for 6+ BR, ensuring there's a perfect match for every buyer's preferences.

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
3 BR550 Thousand550 Thousand2891
6+ BR250 Thousand250 Thousand252

Sale Trends in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Al Shamkhah in Abu Dhabi offers investment opportunities in roomy villas. For those who want to live away from the bustle of Abu Dhabi, buying a home in Al Shamkha is an ideal choice. The region provides many residential and commercial properties for foreigners to buy. 

Young professionals prefer apartments in Al Shamkha as a studio with 550 square feet of living space is well-suited for singles, while one and two-bedroom apartments with floor plans starting at 1,000 square feet are ideal for couples. A typical 5-bedroom villa in Al Shamkha is predicted to yield an ROI of 8.2% annually, making owning residential property a lucrative investment in Al Shamkha. Moreover, eight-bedroom homes with additional space and luxury will yield an ROI of 6.1%, while six-bedroom villas promise higher returns with an 8.8% ROI.

Property Types Available in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi for Sale

Embark on a journey through the diverse property types available in Abu Dhabi for Sale. Whether you seek Villa, Apartment, Land, Residential Plot, Abu Dhabi has it all. With prices ranging from AED 2.99 Million to 6.6 Million, explore the options that align with your preferences.

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Villa2.99 Million6.6 Million76746
Apartment445 Thousand1.18 Million117325
Land1.35 Million5.19 Million33017
Residential Plot1.3 Million5.4 Million1716

BHK Types Available in Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi for Sale

Experience the range of BHK options available in Abu Dhabi for Sale, offering everything from snug 1 BHK units to expansive 6+ BHK residences. Abu Dhabi real estate market features an array of choices, including 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, 4 BR, 5 BR, 6 BR, 6+ BR. Prices span from AED 445 Thousand to 732.2 Thousand for 1 BR ,AED 828.5 Thousand to 941.4 Thousand for 2 BR and beyond, ensuring a diverse selection for discerning buyers.

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
1 BR445 Thousand732.2 Thousand14058
2 BR828.5 Thousand941.4 Thousand10889
3 BR999 Thousand3.25 Million99113
4 BR3.19 Million3.89 Million73713
5 BR3.82 Million5.5 Million64412
6 BR4.5 Million5.4 Million87714
6+ BR5.5 Million6.6 Million6362

Public Transportation

Cabs are among the best public transportation modes to travel in and around Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi. Public buses traverse the area. However, bus stops are far away in the locality, and limited bus pass through the area. These bus stations are Mussafah, Al Najah Private School 1, Mussafah, Al Ain University S&T 1, and Mussafah, Al Mussafah Park 1. 

The major bus lines traversing via Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi are as follows:

Bus Line Number Destination
300 Al Shamkha Makani Mall to Capital Park, Al Danah
F1 Liwa Street, Downtown Abu Dhabi to Al Shamkha Makani Mall
F46 Al Mahkour Street to Al Miqdad Al Kindy Mosque


Nurseries / Educational Institutes

Al Shamkha is home to numerous well-known schools. Some of the best American schools in Abu Dhabi may also be found here, including Al Yasat Private School. Barney Home Nursery and Little Stars Nursery are the only nurseries in Al Shamkha. Other options for the best educational facilities in the nearby areas include:

  • Al Reeyada International School 
  • Wales International School 
  • Al Asalah Primary School
  • Al Tafawwoq School
  • Al Hosn Secondary School 
  • Al Taqadum School

Top universities in Abu Dhabi that are close to Al Shamkha include:

  • Zayed University 
  • Khalifa University’s campus
  • Abu Dhabi University


Numerous shopping centres are scattered around the area and are close to popular destinations for locals. Yet, the locality does have a few retail shops. The major markets near the neighbourhood carry necessary groceries, fresh produce, meat, and prepared foods. The nearest choices for an exceptional shopping experience are:

  • Madina Al Shamikha 
  • Noor Al Izdihar Supermarket
  • Heely City Baaqla
  • Happy Home Grocery 
  • SPAR hypermarket
  • Zenith Supermarket
  • Lulu Xpress Freshmarket

Healthcare Facilities

Several clinics are available to residents of Al Shamkha for medical emergencies. Burjeel Medical Centre, Sama Al Shamkha Medical Centre, and Shamkha Medical Centre are the leading medical institutions in the neighbourhood. Moreover, the residents have access to nearby clinics, pharmacies, and medical centres such as:

  • Mafraq Hospital 
  • Al Salama One Day Surgery Centre in Baniyas

Places of Worship

Al Shamkha is home to many well-known mosques. A gorgeous mosque in the area is called Habeeb Bin Zaid Mosque, and the centre of Al Shamkha is easily accessible by foot from the mosque. Numerous other mosques are nearby, including the Abu Sa’eed Mosque, the SH-16 Central Mosque, and the Sheikh Mansoor Mosque. Other places of worship near the neighbourhood include:

  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Mar Thoma Church Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Assemblies Of God Church
  • The Armenian Church 
  • The New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi
  •  BAPS Hindu Temple

Best Hotels Near Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a well-liked holiday destination due to its thriving metropolis and a wealth of adjacent tourist attractions. Abu Dhabi International Airport is nearby as well. Consequently, the area surrounding Al Shamkha is home to many hotels. Some of the best hotels in and around Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi are:

  • Aloft Abu Dhabi
  • Radisson Blu Resort Abu Dhabi
  • Premier Inn International Airport Hotel
  • Al Riyadh Hotel Apartments
  • Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate
  • Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate


Shopping Centres / Malls

Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre is one of the top shopping centres in Al Shamkha. The small community mall offers the community residents a variety of regional apparel, jewellery, home goods, and electronics. The Al Shamkha Mall is now under construction but will likely be a well-liked place to shop, post its construction. Other options for shopping malls include:

  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall
  • Mazyad Mall
  • Dalma Mall

Restaurants / Dining

There are several other informal dining establishments in the Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Centre, such as Gazebo, Maroosh, and Nabras al Shaebi. Aside from cafes like Cafe 71 and 9 Bar Cafe, the mall also has fast food restaurants like Subway and McDonald’s. Other nearby options include –

  • Tea Time Cafeteria 
  • Street Bites
  • 21 Emarati Café
  • Kbhz & Karak
  • Ybala Karak 
  • Downtown Abu Dhabi

Beaches Nearby

Al Shamkha lacks easy access to the ocean. But if you like to spend the weekend at the beach, several opulent beaches are close to Al Shamkha, a 20-minute drive away. Yas Beach, a part of Yas Island and among Abu Dhabi’s top beaches, is a lovely public beach away from the rush of city life. Other options include:

  • Al Raha Beach
  • Al Bateen Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The neighbourhood has many possibilities for spending a laid-back day with friends and family. The residents of Al Shamkha can participate in several community activities nearby. Al Shamkha residents love spending their free time in nearby supermarkets and shopping centres. The Baniyas Sports and Culture Club hosts various tournaments and sporting activities for sports lovers. They spend time with their families and take strolls through the local parks. Going to fast-food franchises and casual food stands is also a choice in Al Shamkha. Options for leisure activities near Al Shamkha include:

  • Al Asayl Racing
  • Food Truck Park
  • Al Etihad
  • Al Fanoos Park
  • Al Shamkha Park No 5
  • Cheeky Monkeys
  • Wanasa Land
  • Yas Mall- Kidzania

Al Shamkha - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance And Commute Time

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 11.5 kilometres, taking 8 minutes to reach the airport. 
  • Zayed University is 21.5 kilometres and it takes 17 minutes to reach there. 
  • Khalifa City is 19.4 kilometres and it takes 14 minutes to reach the centre. 
  • Al Raha Mall is 21.5 kilometres and takes 21 minutes to reach. 
  • Yas Island is 20.5 kilometres. It takes 20 minutes to reach this leading entertainment centre in Abu Dhabi. 
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is 28.9 km and takes around 21 minutes. 
  • The emirate of Dubai is 120.7 kilometres, and it takes 1 hour and 4 minutes to reach there.
Al Shamkha, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Zara Farooqui
Affordable housing options with decent amenities

When my relative offered Al Shamkha to me, I was seeking an affordable rental home for a family of five. Al Shamkha is the best residential area offering families a tranquil way of life. It was challenging to purchase a home here due to the scarcity of freehold properties. Al Shamkha, however, gave us many choices for reasonably priced rental homes with the latest amenities.

Miyan Fakrulla
A family-friendly community

Buying a house in Al Shamkh was the best decision ever! The neighbourhood keeps you close to many conveniences and facilities while providing an easy and inexpensive lifestyle. Since mosques, supermarkets, and clinics are nearby. Since the area is family-friendly, it was even more appealing to me. The region is currently under construction, and many additional amenities will be introduced soon, making it a great investment option.

Twinkle Shah
Highly dusty and noisy

Al Shamkha features several symmetrical villas and well-organised parking spaces. However, due to several active projects nearby, we have been experiencing noise and dust issues frequently. We hope the problem gets resolved once the area fully develops.

Mahesh Tiwari
Inaccessibility to several hotspots of the city

Our house at Al Shamkha is one of the best investments in my life, as it features top-notch furnishings and fittings. However, since the area is still developing, many entertainment areas of Abu Dhabi are far from the neighbourhood. Public transport is a saviour, but limited bus timings make it difficult to commute on time for daily travellers.

Meera Khan
Ample options for housing with the best community life.

Al Shamkha is an all-rounder regarding houses, amenities, and community life. I often visit the nearby Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Center, which hosts Al Shamkha’s most interesting events. My kids love to visit the mall nearby during the kid’s festivals, such as African drum displays, arts and crafts fairs, and circus acts. Moreover, Baniyas has numerous more sporting events that Al Shamkha we attend regularly.

Madinat Al Riyadh
Al Raha Gardens
Al Raha Golf Gardens
Sas Al Nakhl Village
Between Two Bridges (Bain Al Jessrain)
Al Bahia
Grand Mosque District
Zayed Sports City

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi freehold?

Yes. However, the neighbourhood is one of the most popular freehold areas of Abu Dhabi, offering luxurious villas and apartments with breathtaking Arabic architecture reflecting the spirit of the emirate of Abu Dhabi to potential tenants and buyers.

What are the top attractions in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

Al Shamkha has several attractions for locals and tourists, such as Al Asayl Racing, Food Truck Park, Al Etihad, Al Fanoos Park, and Al Shamkha Park No 5.

How to get to Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Residents can commute to Al Shamkha via bus lines such as 300 and F1. Abu Dhabi has no metro station.

Which communities are best to live in at Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

Many off-plan constructions are available at Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi for tenants and buyers. It offers affordable houses for rent and purchase at Fay Alreeman, Alreeman Commercial Plots, and Al Reef 2.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

The top eateries at Al Shamkha include Street Bites, 21 Emarati Cafe, Kbhz & Karak and Ybala Karak. The area also houses several hotels, such as Abu Dhabi Radisson Blu Resort, Premier Inn International Airport Hotel, Al Riyadh Hotel Apartments, Ibis Abu Dhabi Gate, and Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

The community offers residents several shopping spree options, such as Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Mazyad Mall, and Dalma Mall. The neighbourhood also houses several supermarkets nearby, such as Madina Al Shamikha, Noor Al Izdihar Supermarket, Heely City Baaqla, Happy Home Grocery, SPAR Hypermarket, and Zenith Supermarket.

What are the best schools in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

The leading educational institutions at Al Shamkha include Al Qimma School, ABC Private School, Al Asalah Primary School, Al Tafawwoq School, Al Hosn Secondary School, and Al Taqadum School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

Al Shamkha has several leading medical facilities nearby, such as Burjeel Medical Centre, Sama Al Shamkha Medical Centre, Shamkha Medical Center, Mafraq Hospital and Al Salama One Day Surgery Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

The neighbourhood has several famous places of worship nearby, such as Sheikh Mansoor Mosque, Mar Thoma Church Abu Dhabi, BAPS Hindu Mandir, St. Paul’s Church, The Armenian Church, and Abu Dhabi Assembly Of God Church.

What are the pros and cons of living at Al Shamkha in Abu Dhabi?

Family-friendly and tranquil, Al Shamkha is a residential area with several housing options. Moreover, Al Shamkha offers rental homes that are inexpensive and convenient for the wallet. Yet, it is challenging to locate rental homes here as the area is still under construction and has limited access to the main city.

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