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Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

About Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

Near Dubai and Sharjah border, Al Qusais Industrial Area is a part of Al Qusais, one of Dubai's older cities, featuring affordable residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Surrounded by Muhaisnah, Al Nahda, and the Sharjah Industrial Area, the area is home to several businesses. The proximity to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road makes transporting office supplies to surrounding areas easier.

The Al Qusais Industrial Area is home to many engineering, trading, and construction companies. It's a great option for anyone living and working in the city or the suburbs. The housing market offers a variety of low-cost apartments for the working class.

Apart from affordable residential units, commercial land and storage facilities are available at reasonable rates. Numerous bus stops and a subway station in the Al Qusais Industrial District make it convenient for residents to get through the city.

The Al Qusais Industrial Area comprises five sub-communities with residential and commercial spaces. Supermarkets, banks, and parks, among others, are conveniently located and easy to reach. Residents of this region get quick and easy access to Sharjah by automobile, thanks to its location near the Dubai-Sharjah border.

Key Highlights of Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Close to beaches and Arabian Gulf coastline
  • One of the best places to purchase or rent houses
  • Nearby Dubai-Sharjah border
  • Variety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties
  • Abundance of facilities and amenities
  • Well-connected roads transport and metro station
What Needs Attention!
  • Surrounded by several industrial areas
  • Heavy trucks
  • Noisy area

Real Estate Overview in Al Qusais Industrial Area , Dubai

Al Qusais Industrial Area has several mix-use properties. Apartments range from studios to three-bedroom units in low and mid-rise buildings. Apartments have a coverage area ranging from 1,000 and 1,200 square feet.

Almost all apartments have a fully-equipped kitchen, a separate bathroom, and a main bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The larger flats may have a balcony and a spacious living room. In addition, there is a shared parking garage, a high-speed elevator, security, and a concierge available 24/7.

The Al Qusais Industrial Area is primarily a commercial district. Some of the companies in the Al Qusais Industrial Area are Abbas Steel Tank Factory LLC, Planet Green, Alwan Printing Press Dubai, and many more. Commercial spaces like offices, warehouses, stores, and labour camps are available for rent. Office and retail space begin from 900 square feet.

The district offers fully furnished, partially furnished, and fitted options. The office building comprises modern comforts like elevators, cameras, and fire fighting systems. Warehouses start at 1,500 square feet, go as high as 47,000 square feet, and come with a wide range of convenient features. The facilities include a kitchen, a bathroom, a loading dock, parking, and an office.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

No off-plan trending projects are being developed in Dubai's Al Qusais Industrial District. Despite this, investors can take advantage of many additional residential and commercial real estate properties at reasonable costs.

Around the Al Qusais Industrial Area, several off-plan projects are available by well-known developers and real estate companies. There will invariably be a demand for commercial and residential real estate because it is an industrial district.

Rental Trends in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

The Al Qusais Industrial Area real estate market is profitable. It is one of Dubai's most sought-after suburbs due to its proximity to other well-known tourist attractions.

The Al Qusais Industrial District has affordable studio, warehouse, and office rental rates, making it popular with residents and tourists. Warehouses are a popular option among renters due to their convenient location and variety of on-site amenities.

Apartments in the region are popular among professionals since they have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony in addition to the area's other amenities. The rents for residential units are reasonable and increase as the room configuration and amenities increase. The commercial space rents are on the expensive side.

Sales Trend In Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

The Al Qusais Industrial District in Dubai has become one of the most sought-after real estate sectors in the city as a result of the abundance of commercial properties that are located there. There has been a significant increase in the demand for commercial real estate available for lease.

Real estate investments in Dubai's Al Qusais Industrial District will result in higher levels of profitability. The one-bedroom apartment can generate a desirable yield of 6.60% annually.

Public Transport

The neighbourhood is well-connected to the rest of Dubai and Sharjah through road and transit. It's simple to get around this area because so many modes of transportation are available, from taxis to subway stops. Al Qusais Metro Station is the nearest metro station to the locality.

Buses that service the Al Qusais Industrial Area are listed below.

Bus Line Number Destination
C26 Wasl Park Terminus to Al Qusais Industrial Area, Terminus 1
43 Gold Souq Bus Station to Qusais Industrial Area 2, Terminus
X28 Lulu Village to Dubai Internet City Seaside Metro Bus Stop
F08 Dubai Festival City, Festival Centre 1 to Al Nahda, The Sheffield Private School 1


Educational Institutes

Although it is a business zone, families with young children will find many educational institutes adjacent to the community. Some of the schools and nurseries are around the area. It would therefore not be too difficult for a local family to enrol their children in a suitable school. Here are some of the schools adjacent to Al Qusais Industrial Area schools:

  • The Sheffield Private School
  • MSB Private School 
  • Philadelphia Private School 
  • Russian International School Dubai


It is necessary to have a supermarket in the immediate area. Thankfully, there are various supermarkets located close to the Al Qusais Industrial Area, and the following are some of them:

  • Fresh Cart Supermart
  • Al Manara Supermart
  • Green and Fresh SuperMarket
  • Supreme Fresh Supermarket
  • Crispo Supermarket
  • Sunrise Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

RAl Qusais Industrial Area residents enjoy quick access to a comprehensive range of general and specialised medical services without travelling far from their homes because the city is home to many cutting-edge hospitals and clinics. In the event of a medical emergency, you can seek treatment at the following clinics and hospitals:

  • Aster Hospital Al Qusais
  • Al Qusais Star Polyclinic
  • Mediclinic Al Qusais 
  • Dr Sai Ganesh Medical Centre.

Places of Worship

The proximity of many mosques to the Al Qusais Industrial Area is the primary benefit of residing in that neighbourhood. The vast majority of mosques may be reached by car relatively quickly. These are some of the mosques that may be found in the surrounding area:

  • Abu Bakr Al Siddique Mosque
  • Al Badi Mosque 
  • Al Rahman Mosque

However, temples and churches are far away from the neighbourhood, and it might take around half an hour of drive to reach there. Here are some temples and churches around the locality: 

  • The Church of Pentecost Dubai
  •  Baptist Church 
  • Winners Chapel International Dubai

Best Hotels in Al Qusais Industrial Area

Due to its proximity to the coastline, the Al Qusais Industrial Area features several high-class and luxury hotels. The hotels offer spacious, comfortable rooms with several luxurious and first-rate amenities. Additionally, guests can easily access the nearby beaches. Hotels with a rating of 5 stars are located a significant distance from the neighbourhood, while most nearby hotels have a rating of 4 stars.

Here are some hotels surrounding Al Qusais Industrial Area:

  • Time Onyx Hotel
  • Dubai Grand Hotel
  • Hampton Hotel
  • Al Maha Regency hotel


Shopping Centers/ Malls

In the Al Qusais Industrial Area shopping zone, you may discover various stores, restaurants, and other retail options to meet your needs and complete your shopping list. The following are examples of malls, retail centres, and souks that may be found in the surrounding area:

  • Bin Shabib Mall
  • Madina Mall 
  • The Dubai Mall 
  • Al Mulla Plaza

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Qusais Industrial District is home to some of the city’s finest dining establishments, where chefs have earned a reputation for creating inventive interpretations of international cuisine while remaining faithful to the flavours and ingredients that have made each dish iconic in its home country. You can locate a restaurant in Al Qusais Industrial Area that caters to your dietary preferences, as there are many excellent dining options.

  • Castana Café
  • Cook Book Restaurant
  • Al Nahda Café
  • Hajiyar Bucket Biryani
  • Kayal Star Restaurant
  • Al Kabab Al-Afghani Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

Al Qusais Industrial Area’s proximity to the water is another advantage. Residents can unwind and take in some fresh air near the ocean without making too many extra travel arrangements. The beach’s calming vibes are just what you need to forget your troubles and start the day fresh. Here are a few examples of beaches nearby:

  • Al Mamzar Beach 
  • Al Khan Beach 
  • La Mer Beach Al 
  • Jumeirah Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

There are plenty of leisure spots in the Al Qusais Industrial Area, such as –

  • Deira Clock Tower 
  • Al Mazmar Beach Park
  • Naif Museum
  • Maktoum Bin Rashid Stadium
  • Al Qusais Pond Park

One of the world’s greatest gold markets, Deira Gold Souk, is home to around 300 stores selling beautiful gold and jewel-encrusted jewellery. Joyalukkas, Malabar Gold and Diamond, and Bafleh Jewellers are three well-known jewellers in the souk.

If you’re searching for a place to take the kids for the day, you can get to Al Mamzar Beach Park in around a quarter of an hour. In addition to swimming and skating, the park also features a variety of water sports. Other nearby attractions include the Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium and the Naif Museum.

Other must-see attractions include the Naif Museum and the Deira Clock Tower.

Al Qusais Pond Park and Al Nahda Pond Park are two of the greatest parks in Dubai located near the area.

Al Qusais Industrial Area - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs
Schools Near by Al Qusais Industrial Area Dubai

Distance and Commute Time

  • Al Qusais Metro Station is 4.1 km and takes 7 minutes to reach there.
  • Dubai International Airport is 8.4 km and takes 11 minutes to reach. 
  • Al Nahda Pond Park is 2.9 km and takes 6 minutes to reach.
  • Etihad Mall is 8.8 km and takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Mamzer Beach is 8.4 km and takes 11 minutes to reach. 
  • Aster Hospital is 2.3 km, and it takes 6 minutes to reach there. 
  • LuLu Centre, LuLu Village, is 3 km and takes 9 minutes to reach. 
  • Al Mamzer Beach Park is 9.8 km and takes 19 minutes to reach.
Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Ameesha Patel
Disturbing noises

My husband works here, and we have rented an apartment here. All the amenities are nearby, but the atmosphere is disturbing. There are industries nearby, so there is constant noise. Moreover, trucks and heavy vehicles pass by, so there is lots of dust and dirt in the air, and the entire apartment remains dirty.

Ali Muhammed Abbas
Offers great facilities to industries and residences

Al Qusais Industrial Area boasts state-of-the-art facilities that improve area businesses’ and residents’ quality of life. This area’s proximity to the city’s major arteries makes it convenient for getting about. The area is home to various businesses, from warehouses and factories to shops and restaurants, all of which contribute to the area’s energetic and bustling vibe. Moreover, the supermarkets are close by, so we do not have to go far away to get groceries.

Somuya Gupta
Great job opportunities

Al Qusais Industrial Area is a busy business centre with many skilled and unskilled jobs. This region has many manufacturing factories, distribution centres, office buildings, and retail shops that offer jobs. Al Qusais industrial area thriving business climate and the wide choice of occupations make it a great place to start or advance a career.

Fatima Hussain
Pollution and poor roads

 Being closer and surrounded by industrial areas, the area always remains polluted. The roads are in poor condition due to heavy trucks passing daily. The good thing is that the beaches are nearby, so my family goes there every weekend to breathe some fresh air.

Mira Jacob
Warehouses available at a nominal rent.

I needed a warehouse near Dubai and Sharjah border, and all the properties I had seen were not up to the quality, and the rent was high. Luckily I found a massive warehouse and the best facilities at a nominal rent.

Al Mizhar
Port Saeed
Al Baraha
60 Properties for Sale
in Deira
Buy: 1451.73 Per Sq. Ft.
140 Properties for Rent
in Deira
Rent: 69.33 Per Sq. Ft.
Oud Metha
Bur Dubai
The Lagoons
Dragon City

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Qusais Industrial Area Freehold?

Industrial Area is a freehold area where anyone worldwide can invest or purchase properties.

What are the top attractions in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

The top attractions of the Industrial Area area are Al Ahli Horse Riding Club, Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium Dubai, Naif Museum, and Al Qusais Pond Park.

How to get to the Al Qusais Industrial Area in Dubai by bus and metro?

The best metro station is Al Qusais Metro Station, and the bus routes X28, C26 and 13B through Al Qusais Industrial Area.

Which are the best communities in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

Al Qusais Industrial Area is a neighbourhood in Dubai with five sub-communities in the area. Al Qusais Industrial Area 2 and Al Qusais Industrial Area 5 offer the best commercial and residential properties.

What are the best hotels in Al Qusais Industrial Area?

The best hotels in the Al Qusais Industrial Area region are Time Onyx Hotel, Dubai Grand Hotel and Castana Cafe.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Qusais Industrial Area?

The famous malls and supermarkets in the Al Qusais Industrial Area region are Madina Mall, FreshCo, and Madina Mall.

Which are the best schools in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

The best schools in Sharjah’s Al Qusais Industrial Area region are The Sheffield Private School, MSB Private School and Philadelphia Private School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

The best hospitals and clinics in the Al Qusais Industrial Area region are Polyester Dental Clinic, Mediclinic Al Qusais, and Aster Hospital Al Qusais.

Which are the famous places of worship in the Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

The most famous places of worship in the Al Qusais Industrial Area region are Albadi Masjid and Baptist Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in the Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai?

Anyone needing low-cost residential units will find what they need in Al Qusais Industrial District. Unfortunately, most of the area is used for business purposes, so there is always a lot of foot traffic and noise.

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