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Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

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5 Projects For Sale in Oud Al Muteena
Rent : AED 169.99 Thousand - 300 Thousand
4 Properties For Rent in Oud Al Muteena

About Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

Oud Al Muteena, also known as Al Muteena, is a residential community in the eastern part of Dubai. This ultra-modern locality is part of the Deira district and is near the Sharjah-Abu Dhabi border. Thanks to its locational advantage, Dubai's major roads and arterial highways can be easily accessed from this place. Regardless of its distance from the central city, Al Muteena is close to the motorways connecting it to prominent locations like the Dubai International Airport.

Al Muteena is located away from the main city and its hustle and bustle. Since it is connected to major highways, such as E11, people do not have any issues getting around the city. The neighbourhood is serene and peaceful, with a safe and friendly environment. It is often regarded as the best place to live near Dubai.

Although the community is located on the outskirts of Dubai, away from the central areas, it takes no more than a 30-minute drive to visit prominent landmarks. Dubai International Airport is only 21 minutes away from Oud Al Muteena. Oud Al Muteena is classified into three communities, like Oud Al Muteena 1 through 3. To reach Burj Khalifa, you must travel 31 minutes from Oud Al Muteena 1.

Al Muteena 3 is a relatively small sub-community predominantly occupied by Dubai Police staff housing. Al Muteena 3 is a quiet area connected to the major thoroughfares. Oud Al Muteena is the best option for those who frequently travel for business; you can find shops, transportation, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, and places of worship. 

Key Highlights Of Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

What is Great Here!
  • All Amenities are Easily Available
  • Family-friendly Location
  • Far from the Hectic Lifestyle of Dubai
  • Affordable Property Prices
What Needs Attention!
  • Finding a Property is Often Difficult
  • Public Transportation Needs Improvement
  • More Traffic During Peak Hours

Properties in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

The Oud Al Muteena locality is quiet and presents a family-friendly environment. There are relatively more pocket-friendly properties than in other neighbourhoods in Dubai, which is why it is an ideal choice for families and working professionals.

If you are looking for a place to live in Dubai, it is best to consider Oud Al Muteena since many apartments and villas are available. Individuals can easily find 3BHK to 7BHK villas that typically dominate Dubai's real estate market. There are also apartments for rent in several configurations, like 4BHK to 5BHK units.

The villas have large bedrooms, big lobbies, parking spaces, and modern kitchens. Residents of Al Muteena who own vehicles will have no trouble getting around the city. There are three primary routes from the periphery: Omar Bin Khattab Road D88, Al Maktoum Road D80, and Abu Baker Al Siddiq Road D78.

Off-Plan Trends in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

In Dubai's real estate market, "off-plan" refers to buying properties that haven't been built yet. Many people look for off-plan properties in Al Muteena since they are much cheaper and more flexible than existing ones.

In turn, this has increased competition and demand among investors, which might make it difficult for you to grasp the off-plan properties. Oud Al Muteena comprises many properties, houses, and villas.

Since it is located on the outskirts of Dubai, the area is expanding faster. Squareyards contains information on all notable and available properties in the area.

Explore Off Plans Properties in Oud Al Muteena

ETA Star House

ETA Star House

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Muteena Technic Building

Al Muteena Technic Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Muteena 226 Building

Al Muteena 226 Building

Price on Request
1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

The Centre Residence

The Centre Residence

Price on Request
Studio,1,2,3 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Burj Nahar Building

Burj Nahar Building

Price on Request
1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

Oud Al Muteena has several available villas for rent, which are the top choice for families due to the locality's peaceful atmosphere. Unlike other communities in Dubai, rents are relatively more affordable.

Although Al Muteena is divided into three sub-communities, the price range of properties is almost identical across the Muteena. With varying rental prices, you may rent between 3BHK and 6BHK villas in the locality.

Those who want smaller property types can also rent studio apartments in plazas and gated housing communities. All residential units in Oud Al Muteena are accessible in varying configurations and layouts.

Sale Trends in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

Due to demand and the growing population, Oud Al Muteena has many properties, villas, and houses available for sale and rent. Since it is located outside the main city, the properties and villas are more affordable than in other parts of the city.

The prices of the villas and houses in Oud Al Muteena are relatively 2 to 3 times lower than those in other communities having the same property layout. Since this place is connected to the major highways, its demand is growing, making it the best choice for real estate investors to consider Al Muteena.

Public Transportation

As mentioned, getting around the city while living in Al Muteena is easier with a personal vehicle. The location has three primary routes: Abu Baker Al Siddiq Road, Al Maktoum Road D80, and Oman Bin Khattab Road D88. Al Muteena is easily accessible from the central parts of the city.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is located 10 minutes from the community, providing the best route to other areas. This road also connects Al Muteena to Sharjah. Those who rely on public transportation can easily go to Oud Al Muteena through Etisala Metro Station, which takes roughly 10 minutes.

There are also several bus stations on Algeria Street. You can also visit the Quasis by taking a short drive of 10 minutes from Al Muteena Dubai.

Bus Number Destination
Bus 31 and 34 Amaan Street 2 and 3


  • Nurseries / Educational Institutions

  • Supermarkets

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Places Of Worship

Some of the most reputable educational institutions near Oud Al Muteena are: 

  • Al Muhaisnah 
  • Al Mizhar
  • Creative Nest Nursery
  • Greenwood International School 
  • Islamic School For Education Training
  • GEMS Founder School – Al Mizhar
  • Sharjah University

To shop for groceries and general items, individuals can visit supermarkets situated in Oud Al Muteena. Some of the best supermarkets in Al Muteena are the Al Saqa Supermarket, Emirates Cooperative Society, and Shahab Al Fareej Grocery. 

Oud Al Muteena 1 has several supermarkets nearby. The nearest one is the Aala Al Madina, just 5 minutes away. Other nearby markets are:

  • Manar Al Madina
  • Raya Al Talal Supermarket
  • Mazaya Al Madina Supermarket LLC
  • Grand Hypermarket
  • Zoom
  • Safeer market
  • Total supermarket

The nearest hospital in Al Muteena is the Karama Medical Centre. You can easily find medical services within easy reach when needed. Zulekha Hospital Dubai is another reputed healthcare centre situated near Al Nahda 2.

This hospital is about 20 minutes away. Zulekha Hospital is famous for offering top-notch services across the medical field. For dental care, one can visit the Dental Club Clinic, located a 4-minute drive from Oud Al Muteena 2. Some of the most popular healthcare facilities are:

  • Quasis medical centre
  • Aster hospital Muhaisnah
  • Aster Hospital, Al Quasis
  • Dentamax Medical Centre
  • New Al Musalla Medical Centre

The official religion of Dubai is Islam, and many community mosques are located in Oud Al Muteena, such as: 

  • Al Farooq Mosque
  • Ahli Mosque
  • Al Kamali Mosque

To go to church, residents will have to travel 20 minutes where they can find the International Baptist Church. Other worship places for Christians are: 

  • The Friends Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • JA1 Church

All of these locations can be accessed within a drive of 25 minutes.

For Hindu residents, the nearest temples are:

  • Shri Mariyammam
  • Ohm Malayilkada Munammughathu.
  • Shiva Temple
  • Shrinath Ji Temple
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir.

All of these temples are 21 minutes away. If you are Sikh and want to visit a Gurudwara, Sindhi Gurudarbar is the nearest Sikh Gurudwara in Bur Dubai.

Best Hotels In Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

ince Dubai is a major tourist spot, many great hotels are located near Al Muteena. Tourism is one of the driving factors for Dubai's economy. To suffice the needs of the tourists, there are many hotels located near Al Muteena, such as:

  • Hyatt Place Dubai
  • Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai
  • Ibis One Central
  • Citymax Sharjah


  • Shopping Centres / Malls

  • Restaurant

  • Beaches Nearby

  • Leisure Activities Nearby

Due to Oud Al Muteena’s prime location, people have several options regarding malls near the community. Some of the most popular malls near the locality are: 

  • The Al Mizhar Mall and Arabian Centre
  • The City Centre of Deira
  • The Mizhar Mall
  • Arabian Centre 

Many other options are available, such as the indoor amusement park, a small ice rink, and a cinema for leisure activities. One can easily find all types of entertainment and retail solutions in Al Muteena.

There are several restaurants in Oud Al Muteena, like Hatam Restaurant, Al Fareej Restaurant and Bakery, and Bait Al Mandi. Other famous options in the neighbouring areas are also available. Al Salama Restaurant is the closest option, with Green View Restaurant a little further away.

Other restaurants are:

  • Subway
  • Al Yola Traditional Restaurant
  • Aziz Afghan Restaurant
  • Al Madina Tasty Restaurant
  • Broccoli Pizza and Pizza
  • Green Leaf Restaurant Sonapur
  • Khair Almadeena Restaurant
  • Al Madina Restaurant

One of the primary benefits of living nearby the Dubai and Sharjah Border is the ease of visiting the beaches of both areas. You can visit several beaches near Al Oud Muteena, such as: 

  • Sharjah Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Open Beach
  • Jumeirah Public Beach

You can enjoy several beach-related activities on these beaches, such as watersports, swimming, and volleyball. Moreover, some world-class restaurants make this place the best dining option. 

Al Khan Beach is over 600 meters wide along Sharjah’s western coast. Besides enjoying the beach, you can have a night out near these parts since it is ideal for lavishing nightlife. To have a BBQ, visit Al Mamzar beach, which has a dedicated place.

Oud Al Muteena is near the Fish Roundabout, and you can easily visit the location from the Renaissance hotel and Sheraton Deira. 

  • Deira clocktower is among the notable landmarks of the city. It is a most-visited tourist place and boasts the leading offices of the international airlines of Dubai. To visit this place, you have to drive for about 25 minutes from Al Muteena 1.
  • Families prefer visiting Al Majaz Waterfront Park, spread over 230,000 sq. ft, with several leisure activities. There are mini golf courses, green landscapes, walking tracks, and a splash park with other restaurants nearby. From Al Muteena 2, this place is just 18 minutes away.

Oud Al Muteena - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distances And Commute Time

  • From Oud Al Muteena, Dubai International Airport is 12.6km away and takes roughly 14 minutes.
  • Etisalat Metro Station is located 6.6 km away and takes about 10 minutes.
  • Jumeirah Beach is located 32.4 km away from Oud Al Muteena.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is about 9.5 km away and takes 15 minutes to travel.
Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

Ratings And Reviews

Rahul Rastogi
Peaceful Community

Oud Al Muteena is the most serene and peaceful community I have ever lived in. This community is filled with beautiful views, and the locals are friendly and always ready to help in case of any issue. Even though the community is far from the main city, accessing the malls and supermarkets has never been an issue for my family.

John Oliver
Plenty Of Malls Nearby

The best place to live with a family is in Oud Al Muteena. I am a business owner living with my family, and whenever we want to go shopping, we can easily visit the malls nearby, such as Al Mizhar Mall, which has countless stores and retail outlets. The road connectivity allows us to travel across the city without any hassle easily.

Abdul Khalid
Affordable Locality

Oud Al Muteena has several affordable properties with all the necessary amenities and features. You can easily find anything within walking distance, such as markets, malls, and restaurants. And if you have a car, you can easily explore and travel throughout the city.

ofia Smith
Ideal For Working Professionals

I have been living in Oud Al Muteena for over 2 years, and I can confidently say that this place should be an ideal choice for those who work. It takes a few moments to go to key areas of the city. However, there aren’t any upbeat components that you might expect from Dubai neighbourhoods.

Jasmine Fernandez
Nightlife is Quiet

The community caters more to bachelors than families. Although the properties in Al Muteena are affordable and have several families, it gets really quiet during the night, making it risky for families to roam outside. Other than that, Oud Al Muteena has all the necessary amenities, which make living easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Muteena Freehold? 

Yes, Oud Al Muteena is a freehold community, and you can purchase the property you want if you have all the necessary documents.

What are the top attractions in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai?

Restaurants such as Al Melas Restaurant and Gazebo Restaurant are some of the top attractions in Oud Al Muteena.

How to get to Oud Al Muteena in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Those who want to take public transportation to Oud Al Muteena can do so through Etisalat Metro Station. You can also find several bus stops on Algeria Street.

Which are the best communities to live in Oud Al Muteena?

Oud Al Muteena is divided into three sub-communities like Oud Al Muteena 1, 2, and 3. The residents prefer the first two communities since Oud Al Muteena 3 is dominated by the Dubai Police. 

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Oud Al Muteena?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Al Muteena are the Bait Al Mandi and Al Fareej Restaurant and Bakery.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Oud Al Muteena?

Some of the best supermarkets in Al Muteena are the Al Saqa Supermarket, Emirates Cooperative Society, and Shahab Al Fareej Grocery.

What are the best schools in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai

Oud Al Muteena has several reputable schools, such as Al Muhaisnah, Al Mizhar, and Creative Nest Nursery.

What are the best hospitals and clinics in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai?

The best hospitals in Al Muteena are the Karama Medical Centre and Zulekha Hospital.

Which are the famous worship places in Oud Al Mueena, Dubai?

Many community mosques are located in Oud Al Muteena, such as Al Farooq Mosque, Ahli Mosque, and Al Kamali Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Oud Al Muteena, Dubai?

Oud Al Muteena is considered to be the best community to live in. However, the pros are easy road connectivity, many schools, shopping malls, and hospitals, and a quiet and peaceful community. The cons are that it is difficult to find properties for sale.

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