Exploring The Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai South


Are you trying to find the best place to live in Dubai? Then look no further than Dubai South! Featuring an array of amenities, South Dubai is one of the best areas to reside in Dubai. The area has a vibrant community of people, which makes the place even more desirable. Through this blog, we have tried to capture the essence of living in Dubai South while highlighting the pros and cons of the location to help you make an informed decision.

Popular Districts in Dubai South

Popular Districts in Dubai South
Credits : Dubai South

Dubai South is divided into five districts: Dubai South Business Park, Dubai South Residential District, Dubai South Commercial District, Dubai South Logistics District, and Dubai South Golf District. 

  • Dubai South Business Park 

This part of South Dubai is home to several business parks. It serves as an employment hub for those who reside in and around the area. 

  • Dubai South Residential District

South Dubai’s residential district is an urban setup with several world-class houses. All properties that are a part of this district are equipped with modern amenities. The entire district is spread across 7.67 million square metres.

  • Dubai South Commercial District

The commercial district of the South Dubai area covers up to 1400 hectares of land. The site is known for employing at least 225,000 people and features around 850 towers.

  • Dubai South Logistics District

The Logistics District of South Dubai covers an area of 1885 hectares. It is located quite close to the Al Maktoum International Airport. The entire site is dedicated to improving and handling the logistics of different companies that operate in Dubai.

  • South Dubai Golf District

The Golf Links South Dubai is a very important part of South Dubai. It is a home for around 140,000 people and covers 148 hectares. EMAAR, a dominant real estate company in Dubai, manages the entire Golf District.

Life in South Dubai

Life in South Dubai
Credits : Arabian Business

Living in Dubai South is one of the most wholesome experiences. The area is popularly termed the ‘Centre of Tomorrow’ and is quite well connected to all the other parts of Dubai. Additionally, it is one of the largest urban developments currently active in Dubai.

South Dubai offers a luxurious lifestyle, as the area features all the necessary amenities. The infrastructure of the place is beyond comparison. The sub-districts are well-planned, and all of them serve different purposes. Various fine educational institutions are also a part of this coveted community.

  • The Main Attractions of Dubai South 

Dubai city’s prime attractions are located quite close to South Dubai. Some of these popular attractions are listed below:

The real estate market in Dubai South is flourishing as the sale trends in the region are going up. Several factors contribute to the increasing popularity of living in Dubai South, such as:

    • China plans to invest 3 billion dollars in Dubai’s economy to create more than 5,00,000 jobs. 
    • The place will soon be able to reside more than 1 million people.
    • Dubai South currently is an active base for more than 5000 companies.
    • The area has a range of property options available, from affordable housing options to luxurious ones, but one thing remains common; all are equipped with world-class amenities.

Dubai South : Pros

There are several pros of living in Dubai South. Let’s have a look at some of these pros.

  • Home to Expo City Dubai

Dubai South is home to the world-renowned Expo City, which brings millions of tourists to the country every year. In 2020, the globally acclaimed World Fair, Expo 2020, was organised in Dubai South. The event was a major success, and several other occasions will be held at the Expo City. The place is still gaining traction as several pavilions, like the Women’s Pavilion, Terra, and Alif, are still active there.

  • Features Immense Growth Potential

Dubai South is fuelling the future of Dubai. The area has dedicated districts for logistics and aviation, which has proved to be a game changer for the region. Several companies are shifting to Dubai South, perceiving the area as a growth centre.

Given that this enormous metropolitan project is fast growing and people desire to live, work, and invest there, it is given that the properties’ value will rise over time.

  • An Array of Properties

Dubai South has been developed by some of the country’s most reputed real estate developers. The entire area is planned to serve the diverse needs of all kinds of people. You will find an array of properties like villas, apartments and townhouses for rent and sale.

  • Cost Effective

If you plan to buy a property, now is the time to buy property in Dubai South. The current rates of the properties are quite affordable, and the sales trends in Dubai South are going up. So if you’re planning to buy a property in the region at an affordable price, you should plan to buy them now, given the evergrowing price hike in the area. 

  • Prime Location

There is no better location in Dubai as compared to Dubai South. You have access to both private and public transport. You can easily book a cab or take a bus to travel anywhere in Dubai. The location is quite close to the Dubai Investment Park, and it is well connected to other parts of the city via the Emirates Road and the Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • Transportation and Parking Facilities

Dubai South covers a huge area and allows easy access to all the transportation facilities available in Dubai. Route 2020, an extension to the Red Line of Dubai Metro, passes through the area. 

Also, the parking services offered in Dubai South are quite good. All townhouses and villas provide two parking spots, while the apartments feature the facility of basement parking.

  • Presence of Educational Institutes 

When people move to a new locality, they want schools and colleges close to their place. If you are looking for a school that offers a robust curriculum, there are several popular schools in Dubai South. These schools include Dove Green Private School, Greenfield Community School and British Colombia Canadian School.

  • Facilities and Amenities on Offer

All the houses and other properties in the Dubai South area are well-equipped with some of the best amenities. These amenities are modern and unique to the area. The residents have access to basic amenities and a few recreational facilities like gyms, parks, salons and restaurants, and much more. 

Dubai South: Cons

Like any other place or thing in the world, living in Dubai South has its fair share of cons. Here are a few cons of living in Dubai South that you must be aware of before you move into the area:

  • Expo 2020 Rush

Dubai South is a popular tourist destination as it is home to the world-renowned Expo City Dubai. Hence, the area might get crowded whenever any events are scheduled at Expo City. However, Expo City has improved the profile of the area to a great extent.

  • Ongoing Construction

As the area is still in its construction phase, the commotion and noise can sometimes bother people. It can get a little more problematic if you stay in the same building where the construction is going on. However, several rules are imposed on construction noise so that everyday living is not disrupted.

Reasons For Buying a Property In Dubai South

You have enough reasons to buy villas in Dubai South. Apart from villas, there are several other housing options that you can buy if you intend to purchase a property in the region. It features an array of properties, from residential properties like villas, apartments for sale in Dubai south and commercial properties like office spaces; Dubai South literally has it all!

Also, the community has been planned in such a way that all districts may easily access shared resources like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants. Not to add, your furry buddies can appreciate the many wide-open green places available.

  • Why is South Dubai So Popular?

The Expo 2020 event has greatly boosted the area’s popularity and put it on the map. However, several other reasons have made the area so popular. The Al Maktoum Airport majorly transformed and improved the connectivity of South Dubai to the rest of the UAE and beyond. In addition to these factors, the availability of a plethora of modern amenities in the area serves as icing on the cake.

Sub-Communities To Buy Apartments Or Villas In Dubai’s South

Sub-Communities To Buy Apartments Or Villas In Dubai's South
Credits : Elysian

Let’s look at the popular sub-communities that are a part of the area. You can buy apartments in South dubai in any of these communities.

  • MAG 5 Boulevard

MAG 5 Boulevard is an exciting South Dubai community with 13 residential buildings and a shopping complex. The residential buildings offer various one to three-bedroom flats.

  • Residential District

Inside the main community is a little city featuring wonderfully constructed apartments. One can anticipate the best amenities because these are newly constructed properties. The Residential Districts offer homes that reflect the tastes and preferences of today’s homeowners.

  • EMAAR South

If you prefer a green locality, there is no better area than EMAAR South. There are 18-hole golf courses along with several other green parks. The place offers various amenities, such as community pools, gardens, restaurants and much more, to upkeep a high quality of life.


Undoubtedly, the benefits of living in Dubai South exceed the drawbacks. The region will soon rank among Dubai’s best places to reside. Delivering cutting-edge urban living at its best is the area’s goal, and it is trying its best to deliver the same.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which area in Dubai is best to live in?

The Dubai South area is one of the best places to live in Dubai.

What is the Dubai South area called?

The area is popularly known as Expo City after the 2020 World Fair became a grand success.

Is Dubai South a free zone?

There are several business-friendly free zone benefits offered in Dubai South.

Can I rent apartments in Dubai south?

You can easily rent properties in Dubai South.

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