Top 6 Home Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Home Cleaning Companies

Keeping your home neat and clean can be challenging, and the bigger the house, the more of a hassle. While one would naturally think about hiring a maid, getting a good one via word of mouth can often be difficult. This is where cleaning service companies come in handy, as they can organise routine cleaning or maids to ensure your apartment or villa is always clean. If you’re looking for some of the best home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, this guide is the perfect resource. We list six of the best cleaning services along with their contact information and approximate cleaning charges so that you can make the best decision for your home. 

6 Best Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has various cleaning service providers that offer their customers various types of cleaning across residential and commercial properties. These services include regular maid services, complete house cleaning, kitchen/bathroom deep cleaning services, carpet and sofa cleaning, and more.

Given below are the 6 best companies you must consider if you want to give your house some much-needed cleaning.  

1. Gleam and Glisten 

Gleam and Glisten 

Gleam and Glisten are among the oldest home cleaning services providers in Abu Dhabi. They have over 30 years of experience in the industry and offer various kinds of services for homes of all sizes. Depending on your needs, you can also book their cleaning services hourly, every day, or weekly, and their prices start from around AED 125. They also accept credit cards. 

Additionally, the company also provides personal assistants who you can hire during special occasions or events like parties or weddings when one typically can use an extra helping hand. Some of the services that Gleam and glisten offers include the following – 

    • Complete house cleaning 
    • Carpet and sofa cleaning 
    • Office carpet cleaning

All you have to do to avail of their services is to make a request on their website, confirm the service request, and then pay the professionals on they’re done with the job. Their contact number is +971 26 668 283.

    • Location: Office 1 – 603, Mazyad Mall

2. Spring Cleaning 

home cleaning services in abu dhabi Spring Cleaning 

Spring Cleaning is another reliable option if you’re looking for cleaning and maid services in Abu Dhabi. This is a British-owned and managed company that’s been in the business since 2009. All the professionals associated with this company are well trained, uniformed, and punctual, and the company has a good record with their customers too. 

They provide a myriad of services, some of which include the following – 

    • Residential cleaning services for villas and apartments 
    • Commercial cleaning 
    • Sofa and carpet cleaning 
    • Deep cleaning 
    • Pest control
    • AC repairs 
    • Paint jobs
    • Babysitting

You can book their services by calling them or even via WhatsApp. Further, you can make payments via multiple methods, such as online and credit cards. Their prices start from AED 35 an hour. Their contact number is +971 056 533 6622.

    • Location : 3311 Armada Tower 2, JLT, Dubai

3. Solutions Hygiene

home cleaning services in abu dhabi Solutions Hygiene

Third on the list of the best home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is Solutions Hygiene. It has been in the industry since 1998 and has received various ISO certifications for several years, making them hard to miss. This gives you an idea of the high standard of service you can expect. 

They offer various services, some of which include the following:

    • Residential cleaning 
    • Commercial cleaning 
    • Pest Control 
    • Disinfection and sanitisation 
    • External glass cleaning 

Booking their services is rather easy. You can call them or fill in an online form and get instant confirmation of your appointment. The cleaners associated with the company are highly professional and can also work with great flexibility as each client’s needs are different. Their prices are affordable too and are available when requested. Their contact number is +971 2 641 9227.

    • Location: 802, Al Masaood Old Nissan Building, Najda Street

4. Kleen Tech 

home cleaning services in abu dhabi Kleen Tech 

Kleen Tech is fourth on the list of the best home cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi. This is another reliable service provider rated well by its customers and offers various residential and commercial space services. The list of services that Kleen Tech provides are listed below:

    • Housekeeping 
    • Maid services 
    • Deep cleaning 
    • Carpet and sofa cleaning 
    • Curtain cleaning 
    • Moving in/out cleaning 
    • Commercial cleaning 
    • Sterilisation 
    • Pest control 

Booking an appointment with them is easy. You can do so online from the company’s website or call them. Further, you can also reach out to them if you have any queries, and you’ll be assigned to an agent in no time. Their pricing is provided when requested. Their contact number is +971 55 7722 196.

    • Location: Office No, 714, Aseel tower, West 35, Baynunah Street

5. Paragon Cleaning Services 

Paragon Cleaning Services is yet another reliable option that you can consider for your home cleaning needs. They offer fully customisable cleaning services, so every individual customer is cared for in the best way possible. 

Their home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi also use modern machines and tools to deep clean your space, ensuring a very high standard of work. They offer their services every week, month, or even yearly, but they also provide hourly services on special occasions. Some of the services they offer include the following: 

    • Deep cleaning and pest control services 
    • Moving in or moving out cleaning 
    • Housekeeping
    • Disinfection and sanitisation 
    • Sofa and carpet cleaning 
    • Commercial cleaning 
    • Industrial cleaning 

To book an appointment, give them a phone call, and the team will help figure out how to meet your needs best. Their contact number is +971 55 863 5200, and their prices are provided upon request. 

    • Location: PO Box 108748, Building C-34, Office 303.

6. Urban Company 

Last on this list is Urban Company, a globally reputed name in the service home cleaning industry, among other areas of service. With their operations in Abu Dhabi, they offer a whole host of cleaning services that cater to both residential and commercial properties. Some of the key services they offer include the following: 

    • Kitchen deep cleaning 
    • Bathroom deep cleaning 
    • Full home deep cleaning 
    • Balcony deep cleaning 
    • Sofa cleaning 
    • Carpet cleaning 

The best part about Urban Company is that you can choose the specific service you want, even under one of their given categories. For example, when it comes to sofa cleaning, you can choose whether you want cleaning for a leather sofa or a sofa-cum-bed, or even a fabric or suede sofa set. This allows them to ensure they have the right tools for the job when they arrive at your doorstep. 

All bookings are made via the Urban Company website

In Conclusion 

We’ve listed six of the best cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi. Each has been in this industry for several years and has served customers over the decades. They’re well-rated and offer various kinds of services for both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, some, like Paragon Cleaning Services, also provide customisable services to suit each home’s needs. No matter which cleaning service you go for, depending on your needs and budget, you’re bound to be happy with the results. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does a cleaner cost in Abu Dhabi?

The average price for a cleaner in Abu Dhabi costs around AED 84 for about 2 hours of work, while a live-in maid will need to be paid anywhere between AED 1500 - 3000, depending on the experience level.

How much does a cleaning lady cost in Dubai?

Getting someone to clean your house can cost anywhere between AED 70-100 per session for a studio apartment and AED 150-170 for a much larger 4-bedroom villa. Further, the extent of the cleaning, the amount of furniture, and so on will play a role in determining how much she charges. On the other hand, a full-time live-in maid can charge anywhere between AED 2000-3500, which again depends on several factors.

How do I start a cleaning company in Abu Dhabi?

Starting your own cleaning company in Abu Dhabi involves several steps. You will need certain documents to get started and then get the approval of the relevant departments to receive your business license.

How much are cleaners paid in UAE?

The average salary for a cleaner is AED 2281 in the UAE.

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