ADHA : Everything Important You Need to Know

ADHA Everything Important You Need to Know

It takes a lot of effort, patience, and years of savings for a person to buy their dream home. That said, if you live in Abu Dhabi or are planning to move to this Emirate city in the near future, you will naturally need a home for yourself. Buying a home in Abu Dhabi is a seamless process, thanks to Abu Dhabi Housing Authority. 

ADHA is an initiative by the Abu Dhabi government that helps in the overall development and implementation of housing programs for the citizens. Not just this, ADHA also builds and maintains a central database of citizens. It also proposes rules and legislations to meet the requirements of the citizens on priority. Let’s see how ADHA can solve all your buying and property development requirements in Abu Dhabi. 

Overview of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA)

Launched in 2012, the ADHA’s primary objective is the overall development and implementation of housing programs for the local citizens of Abu Dhabi. Not just this, it also manages housing loans and projects to maintain the database of citizens. ADHA also offers exclusive residential programs for meeting all the special requirements of the residents of Abu Dhabi. Following are the cornerstone values upon which ADHA operates.

    • Transparency
    • Excellence 
    • Innovation 
    • Customer Focus
    • Collaboration 

Primary Functions of ADHA

Primary Functions of ADHA

The following points evince the primary functions of ADHA:

    • ADHA implements all the orders & design policies for the suitable housing needs of the citizens 
    • It develops the housing programs 
    • AADHA determines the overall logistics and infrastructure requirement 
    • It prepares a total budget for each housing project
    • It maintains the database and verifies the confidentiality of information 
    • Receiving house-related applications and taking important actions  

Contact Details of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority 

If you want to touch base with the ADHA (Abu Dhabi Housing Authority) all you have to do is call on the given address to meet the representative in person. Following are the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority contact details. 

    • Address of the ADHA office: Al Bustan Tower, 11th floor, behind Novotel hotel, Airport Road
    • ADHA Office timings: Monday – Thursday: 7:00 AM to 01:00 PM | Friday: 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    • Contact number of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority: 02-619-9999
    • E-mail: 

Services Offered by Abu Dhabi Housing Authority

Services Offered by Abu Dhabi Housing Authority

The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority services are as follows:

  • Application Status Enquiry 

With this service in place, you can easily check the status of your application online. 

    • Mustasharak

Mustasharak provides free technical advice about buying the best property options according to your needs within Bayti designs. Bayti design is an initiative by ADHA which offers 50 new designs in total that are suitable for every distinct land in the entire city of Abu Dhabi. 

  • Qasemati

The service provides its users with their exact land location on the map. 

  • Bayti Design

The major objective of Bayti Design is to provide pre-approved designs to the citizens who want to build their houses on different lands allotted to them. On a fundamental level, the objective of this initiative is to significantly contribute in reducing the overall burden of the entire designing process on the owner’s part. With this service in place, a consumer can access 58 pre-approved designs in total. The aim is to take the pre-available design count to 100+ through Bayti, which will be available in 3 phases to the citizens.

  • Complementary Services Offered by ADHA

The following are the complementary services offered by ADHA (Abu Dhabi Housing Authority): 

    • With ADHA, you can even request to exchange a house for another house with other beneficiaries.
    • If available with ADHA, you can exchange land with another land too.
  • Housing Loans

Housing Loans 

ADHA is not just limited to managing orders and policies. It also provides loans to the residents. The types of loans that ADHA offers are:

    • Loan for Expansion and Addition to an Existing House

You can apply for a loan up to AED 5,00,000 and then pay it back in monthly instalments, However, the repaying time frame must be at most 10 years.

    • House Purchase Loan

Want to buy a ready-to-move-in house? With ADHA, you can get a minimum loan of up to AED 1,250,000; the maximum amount you can get is AED 2,250,000. This loan amount can be repaid within a 25-year timeline.

    • House Maintenance and Extension Loan

If you want a loan to expand or maintain your property, you can get up to AED 1,100,000 from ADHA. You can repay this loan amount within 18 years. 

    • Demolition and Reconstruction Loan

You can avail between AED 1,250,000 – AED 2,000,000 loan amount. The repayment timeline for this loan amount is 25 years. 

    • Modify Approved Loan

Under ADHA, you can also modify the loan amount that you have already obtained in the past. 

    • House Construction Loan

If you want to build a home on your land, you can avail loan amount between AED 1,250,000-AED 2,000,000. The repayment timeline for this type of loan is 25 years. 

    • House Maintenance Loan

In case you are planning to renovate your home, you can get up to AED 75,000 as a loan. The repayment timeframe for the house maintenance loan under ADHA is 15 years. 

  • Purchasing Residential Land 

People who want to invest in Abu Dhabi Real Estate can buy land from a strategic partner or via land stock designated to ADHA.

  • Housing Grants 

Potential investors can also request a residential grant to build a residence on it. However, it is to be noted that the investors can only put their money in a freehold property.

In Conclusion

If you are on the lookout of a new property or want to take a loan, then Abu Dhabi Housing Authority is there to help you. Since its inception, ADHA has worked on providing and meeting the required housing needs of the citizens while encompassing end-to-end solutions, including design, location, and loans.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I change my home maintenance loan to a loan for buying a home?

No, you cannot do that as per the rules and regulations of ADHA.

Can a UAE citizen who is married and supports his children and who is also below the age of 22 apply for a residential benefit?

No, the minimum age for a male citizen to do that is 22 years.

What is the full form of ADHA?

The full form of ADHA is Abu Dhabi Housing Authority.

Do Emiratis get free land?

The UAE government offers free housing loans, residential facilities and maintenance to deserving Emiratis.

What ADHA provides all types of services?

ADHA provides various kinds of services to the citizens. These range from Application Status Enquiry, Mustasharak, Qasemati, Bayti Designs, Employee services, loan status services where you can check your status online and loan calculator.

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