Moon on Earth : New Resort in Dubai

Moon on Earth New Resort in Dubai

Just by hearing about Moon Resort in Dubai, we are sure you have imagined all kinds of infrastructure filled with luxurious amenities and accommodations. But when a Canada-based company Moon World Resorts Inc., came forward to create such a marvel in Dubai, you will be able to see the Moon on Earth literally.

Yes, you heard it right!! Soon space enthusiasts and tourists will be able to visit the moon without spending millions of money (in figures). There will be a Moon-Shaped hotel in Dubai with a huge infrastructure, Billions of investments, and millions of guests at its grand opening. 

Let’s read ahead to learn more about this marvel in Dubai. 

Insights of Moon Resort Dubai Architecture

Insights of Moon Resort Dubai Architecture

The Moon resort Dubai architects Sandra Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, predict a 735-foot-tall to be used for mixed-purpose and will be in the shape of Earth’s only natural satellite. The Moon Dubai project will be designed with a hyper-realistic look of a moon, as the name suggests. 

There will be 300 private residences available for sale. These beautiful residences will be known as Sky Villas. This moon resort will have a nightclub, an event centre, a spa, retail shops or spaces, a lounge, a piano, and other amenities. These main attractions will be open to all. However, the primary attraction is the hotel or dance floor and the lunar surface simulation. With this impeccable feature, all the guests will experience the sensation of space exploration first-hand. 

Further, the owners said that Moon would form a bridge, providing an affordable space tourism experience to millions of Astrophiles across the globe. 

Additionally, Moon Resort Dubai’s architecture will be divided into two sections. A spherical base volume will be built with three stacked disks and a lunar orb (which will look like a moon). In the base, guests can find all the entertainment facilities and amenities such as a spa, lounge, nightclub, etc. There will be more than 4000 suites in total established inside the orb. There will be no outside windows to check the outside window but electric windows so that people can enjoy space tourism and have a better experience. 

Expectations Meet Reality

The Dubai Moon is headed by Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts. Their main aim is to offer space-loving tourists a relative experience of an interstellar adventure. Imagine walking on a lunar-like surface in a moon shape resort, except that there will be gravity.

What guests can experience is a gigantic infrastructure of 300 private boutique residences inside this disc-shaped marvel. These boutiques will be known as Sky Villas. These sky villas will be pricier than the rest due to their unique location and a long list of amenities. 

There is a shortage of more detailed information about the Moon Resort in Dubai it is still in its early days and will take two years to be completed. However, it might take a year or two more due to its lavishly beautiful inside-out creative work and form. It’s obvious that premium members will be able to enjoy every amenity offered by the Moon Resort in Dubai. 

However, people who cannot afford or do not have a budget to book a low-fare room can also enjoy other accessible amenities like an onsite nightclub, an event centre, a spa centre with all facilities, and an in-house moon shuttle. This moon shuttle will help in transportation from around the resort. 

Walk of Man To Moon Resort in Dubai

The Moon Dubai project is going to open within 48 months in 2025. However, it can be extended up to 2027. When the Dubai Moon resort opens, it will be able to welcome and accommodate 2.5 million visitors. Moreover, there is no specific timespan; it can be six-month or a year. 

Moon Resort in Dubai will be a mega-resort that will eventually double the yearly tourism as Dubai is one of the fastest-recovering destinations in the world. The anticipated budget is between USD 5 billion to USD 7 billion but can be exceeded further with all the riches and luxuries. 

Last Quarter of Moon Resort

Last Quarter of Moon Resort

Well, this is not it for this beautiful Moon-Shaped hotel in Dubai. It is because Matthews and Henderson confirmed opening four more moon resorts worldwide in the Middle East and further Asia in the upcoming decade. With all the innovative details and impressive interiors, it is clear that this Moon resort in Dubai will be a huge success. However, everything depends upon how successful the first one is. 

So are you ready to experience the Moon on Earth!!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who is building the Moon Resort in Dubai?

Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews are building a Moon resort in Dubai.

What is the Dubai moon project location?

The Dubai moon project location is Dubai.

Who is the Moon resort Dubai Owner?

Sandra Matthews and Michael R. Henderson are Moon resort Dubai owners.

How much will the Moon resort Dubai cost?

The Moon-Like Resort construction cost is between USD 5 billion and USD 7 billion.

What is the opening date of Moon Resort?

The opening date has yet to be decided but expected to open its doors for travellers by 2027.

Name the main moon resort Dubai Architecture.

Michael Henderson and Sandra Matthews are the main Moon resort Dubai Architecture.

Name other countries that are considered for New Moon Resorts.

The five countries selected for the Moon-Shaped hotel in Dubai: United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Qatar Bahrain Kuwait

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