Know Everything About The Abu Dhabi Police

Know Everything About The Abu Dhabi Police

UAE has a strong system of rules and regulations implemented on the ground level. Whether it’s the traffic rules or any new orders executed from the government’s side, tackling such matters is done through the very helpful and credible officials of the Abu Dhabi Police.

They have a long history of operations, and their existence is yet unknown to many. police have a crucial job to perform daily for the emirate’s safety measures and their comfort. That is why it’s big-time to highlight their importance and discuss how one can avail the most out of their expertise not just through traditional mediums but digitally too. 

All About Abu Dhabi Police 

In 1957, Abu Dhabi Police was established by the former ruler of the emirate, Sheikh Shakbut Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The major objective of the association was to escort and protect the designated royal spots such as financial institutions, shipping areas, marketplaces, and more. It started with 80 members and gradually increased to 150 officials until 1959. The headquarters was based on the North-central portion of Al Hosn Palace. 

Eventually, the necessary actions regarding any violation of rules and orders were then started to be maintained by this official body. And subsequently, the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, having different branches in other emirates, became a part of monitoring the system and security. Even today, the security and faith in law enforcement persist because of them. 

Abu Dhabi Police Fine

Abu Dhabi Police Fine

Violating the traffic rules may cost you a stunning amount of money at a loss. This means that UAE’s Abu Dhabi Police is firmly strict about getting you on the right track. Hence, this generates the need to exceed your knowledge on the Abu Dhabi Police fine chart to secure yourself from such penalised mistakes. 

Fines Imposed on Traffic Rule Violation

The range of Police fines starts from AED 100 to 7000. Though, the federal regulations do have DHs 1000. So if you are in the habit of doing anything mentioned below, you will be a law violator to the legal authorities in UAE. 

  • Violation of Traffic Signal

Violation of Traffic Signal

If you cross the red traffic signal, a penalty of DHs 1000 receipt will be sent straight to your emirate’s id. Also, 12 black points will be credited to you with the warning to seize your vehicle for a month. Of course, one may not survive the prerequisite without having their car with them. Hence, an amount of DH 5000 needs to be paid to the Abu Dhabi Police to release your car instantly. While some may find it difficult to pay such a huge amount of money as penalties. But with no mercy, Police find extends with auction if the penalties aren’t paid after three months of seizing. 

  • Riding/Driving Faster than Permitted

People commonly practice breaches cars and bikes, especially during office hours or even at night. Police also grant permission for 50km/h of speed or a fine of Dh 1000. This system is synchronised and monitored through CCTV cameras equipped in each lane to keep an eye on and send you a reminder that a payment is pending from your side to the traffic federals.

  • Gatherings at Accidental Site

During an emergency, services such as ambulances, traffic patrols, civil defence or emergency vehicles cannot reach the site due to high traffic and crowding. That is why for instant help and quick reachability, Police have strict rules against gathering at accidental sites. If anybody is found making a crowd near such spots, quick investigation and punishment will be given with DH 1000 to be paid from the convict’s side. 

  • Parking at Differently- Abled’s Reserved Spots

UAE offers reserved spaces for differently-abled people or of special need. Hence these places should not be accessible to any other population. If somebody gets caught parking their vehicle at such spots, six black points with a penalty receipt of DH 1000 will be credited to those emirates’ ID. 

  • Stopping of Vehicles in the Middle Lane

If a vehicle is found stopped in the middle of the street without a valid purpose, such owners will have an obligation of DH 1000 as an Abu Dhabi Police Fine. However, broken vehicles or malfunctioning are exemptions for such cases. 

  • Prohibited Lane Cuttings

To change the designated lanes is an interruption for other vehicles. This can cause serious accidents, which has raised the need to control such actions. That is why Police fine is imposed of DH 1000 if any particular driver takes a sudden curve to change the lane. If caught, those cars can even be seized and will only be released with a penalty of DH 5000. Missing this may also make it more problematic with such vehicle auctions. 

Changing lanes abruptly can also impose four black penalty points. Furthermore, they can confiscate the car. If the motorist wishes to get it released, it requires a fine of DH5,000. The car will be auctioned if all penalties aren’t settled in 3 months.

Ways for Abu Dhabi Police Login Instantly

Abu Dhabi Police Login Instantly

For public safety, the Police website is also available from where online complaints can be filed without any hustle. One needs to learn a few steps to initialise the functioning by Abu Dhabi Polic login. 

    • Go to the Abu Dhabi Police website
    • If you are new on the page, click on the option new user to sign in for the first time just below the sign-in columns. 
    • After this, you will have to enter the emirate’s ID number. 
    • Click on “Submit”. 
    • In case you already have logged in, you need to provide the username, which is the emirate’s ID. 
    • A digitally created password must have been sent to you on your emirate’s id; enter the same.
    • Type the captcha given in the third column. 
    • Click on Sign in to complete the processing.

Abu Dhabi Police Number

An emirate can contact for help on the Abu Dhabi Police number 8003333. They may also have the suitability to send an email at [email protected]. Another way of reporting Abu Dhabi police complaints is through their websites_ and

 Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters

C9XV+X76 – Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Muroor – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Ways for Abu Dhabi Police Login Instantly

In case you want to serve as a police officer Police, below are the steps towards your dream profession in public service:

    • Go to the Abu Dhabi Police website 
    • Scroll downwards for the “e-recruitment” column towards the end. 
    • Click on the tab available on the home page itself. 
    • The page will be routed to the job portal.
    • Select the available jobs in the given options.
    • Check on the eligibility if you can be a good fit for the specific roles, and tap the “apply” button.

Way to Abu Dhabi Police’s Fine Checking Online

The quickest ways to check on Abu Dhabi’s Police fines are through online portals with the below-given steps: 

    • The simplest way for Police fine check online is through the Abu Dhabi Police website
    • They have a specialised e-service that can help emirates access quickly to view their penalties under the column “Traffic Fines Inquiry”. 
    • This page can be accessed by selecting the Traffic Fines Inquiry option under the Public Services tab on the home page.

How to Check Abu Dhabi Police Accident Report?

To check on Abu Dhabi Police Accident report, one may follow these steps: 

    • One may contact 999, accessible by anyone staying in the UAE. 
    • If asked, the caller needs to mention their names, number, location, and other information. 
    • They then have to follow the police’s instructions to assist the person potentially. 
    • Noticeably, these incidents do not go uncounted from the Abu Dhabi Police’s eyes as the system is synchronised and active at all hours with special alerts on traffic accidents. 

Steps for Abu Dhabi Police Fine Check Online

Police fine checking online is a digital format of knowing when, why and how much an emirate has penalties. It carries the complete record of paid and pending list that helps the citizen to safeguard from further delay and troubles can know their door. To check the details online, one may look at the below-suggested steps and be aware of their duties: 

    • Reach out to the Police website by logging in with the abovementioned steps. 
    • Check with the “Traffic Fines inquiry” option available on the home page 
    • Select the “Inquiry By Emirates ID”, which will display the individual’s fines imposed on an emirate.
    • There will be a column shown to enter the emirates’ ID.
    • Write down the captcha image shown on the other column.
    • Complete the process by clicking on the “Submit” tab. 

End Thoughts

UAE is said to be a disciplined and systematic land to live in. We assume it to be such an achiever because of its trustworthy and firm employees working in the Abu Dhabi police association. Now with the guide, we hope everyone can now access their safety seamlessly. Police is present there to not just help you when needed but also guide you to distant you from falling into any illegal trap. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I contact the UAE police online?

Contacting UAE police is possible through the Abu Dhabi Police website running for digitalising the format of filing a complaint or even keeping track of penalties for the emirate and the officials to be on the same page.

How do I check my fines in Abu Dhabi?

Through the Abu Dhabi Police website, one may go for the checking of their fines on the Traffic Inquiry tab available at the bottom of the first page and have real-time access to the penalties imposed.

How do I contact the police in Abu Dhabi?

Emirates can contact the police in Abu Dhabi via SMS, Call, physical visits to the police stations or even through Abu Dhabi Police’s website.

Who does Abu Dhabi Police work with?

Abu Dhabi Police headquarters operate directly with the UAE’s other police forces, linked centrally with the Ministry of Interior that handles the safety measures, rules, order and policies formation.

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