Effortless Steps to Apply for Free e-Scooter Riding Permit

How to Apply for a Free e-Scooter Riding Permit

A nifty and relatively inexpensive way to tackle the city (and the weather) for lots of people is electric scooters. As a mode of transportation, e-scooters have become increasingly popular, whether it’s to get to work, to the shops, or to the metro. The Dubai Government, Road and Transportation Authorities (RTA) recently announced applying for a free e-scooter riding permit. 

Those who prefer to use their e-scooters on sideroads do not require a licence. But in the case of main roads, it is obligatory to avail the free e-scooter permit in Dubai. Due to Dubai’s RTA’s easier application process for free e-scooter rides online, regular riders will not experience disruption.

The decision of an e-scooter riding permit is to ensure safety measures on designated roads with the increase of e-scooter operations. To dig out inside the whole story, get along with the piece. 

How to Get a Free e-Scooter Riding Permit? 

The rider can apply for a free e-scooter permit by passing the simple RTA test on the official portal. If you are 16 years old or above, keep reading the significance and steps to apply for a free e-scooter riding permit. A valid driver’s licence from either UAE or another country will also work. 

  • Quick Ways to Apply for a Free e-Scooter Riding Permit

Here are a few minimal steps to follow to get the free pass which is even easier than reactivating your existing driving licence.

Fulfil the Details for Registration:

    • Go to the RTA Portal and sign in.
    • Select the “Apply Now” tab. 
    • A dialogue box will be displayed- “I have a valid emirate ID & Visitor ID.”
    • In the case of UAE residents, choose the Valid Emirate ID option and enter your ID number with its expiry date.
    • In the case of visitors, the UAE’s active mobile number with passport details.
    • Enter your mobile number in the contact column. 
    • Then, you will receive a one-time OTP. Enter the digits within 5 minutes to avoid invalidation.
    • After the registration process, enter a valid and active email address.
    • Choose a preferable language, let’s say it be English or Arabic.
    • Select “Submit” to complete the registration step. 

Complete the Theoretical Lecture 

    • Following registration on the portal, an online theoretical lecture will be displayed.
    • Involve yourself for 20 minutes approximately to complete the test.
    • As per RTA eligibility, scoring 75% or above is mandatory to pass the test. 
    • Go through the lecture and answer the questions asked. 

Download the Free e-Scooter Riding Permit 

    • After passing the test, you will get a free e-scooter riding permit in Dubai. 
    • Download the RTA granted a free e-scooter driving permit.
    • You may also call the RTA customer service centre at 8009090 for any further assistance. 

What’s Inside the Theory Lecture?

The free e-scooter driving permit lecture consists of 10 topics. This test is based on technical and standard questions about riding an e-scooter and its associated duties. The rider will also learn the traffic rules and its signs. 

What is the Penalty for e-scooter Riders Without a Permit?

RTA updated rules and regulations for attaining E-scooters permit. Before the announcement, there was no such obligation. Every citizen in the UAE will have to possess an e-scooter riding permit, whether for residents or tourists. 

Riders should also not risk their rides without an appropriate licensing—a penalty of Dh 200 for violation of the rules of e-scooter operations. 

E-scooter renting companies are accountable for citizens or tourists availing their services with an appropriate licence. If the authorities catch any such ride, the company will also be in trouble. 

Which Locations Allow e-Scooter Rides in Dubai?

There are 10 districts where e-scooter riding is conveniently available in almost every lane. Riders travelling by scooters on the sidewalk can function without a licence in Dubai. 

Favourable e-Scooter or Cycling Centres 

The e-Scooter rental system is commonly available at almost every edge of the street in Dubai’s concentrated districts. There are multiple e-scooter centres where a rider can get it within a few minutes.  

  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Dubai Internet City
  • 2nd of December Street
  • City Walk
  • Al Rigga
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard
  • Palm Jumeirah

Safe Streets to Ride an e-Scooter in Dubai

Here is a list of some lanes which are risk-free. One may choose their safe rides on these preferable lanes at any hour of the day:

  • Al Mankhool
  • Al Qusais
  • Karama

Non-Permitted Streets for Cycling or e-Scooter Rides in Dubai:

Some streets in the emirate are out of e-scooter operation permission. That means one must not try riding an e-cycle or e-scooter at any cost to invite any legal issues: 

  • Al Qudra
  • Meydan
  • Saih Assalam

How are the Streets Decided for Riding e-Scooters?

With a dense population, active lanes are selected to enrich the service quality and safety on roads. The aim is to distribute the crowd in such a manner that traffic management and infrastructure facilitation can be implemented vigorously. Thus,  zones were selected as per their development rates and areas possessing metro stations. 

Safety Measures an e-Scooter Rider Must Follow

With increasing e-scooter functioning in the lanes of the emirate, the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai- Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a resolution in the year 2022. It involves all the safety rules of concerned umbrellas of bicycles, electric scooters, and cycling. This is an updated version of road regulations which was refurbished this year due to large scale operation. 

What is Dubai’s Green Strategy with e-Scooter Rides?

The RTA has found e-scooters as their scope of enrichment. The rider’s pocket benefits from reduced commuting expenses, and the natural resources are protected. The Dubai government has started aggressively expanding their cycling tracks and e-scooter zones to facilitate environmental well-being. 

The plan of UAE Energy Strategy 2050 is to create a solid transport system by generating the possibilities of growing the transportation network 24/7 feasible in the emirate. E-scooter stations will be allocated until 2050 (in almost every suitable location) to allow residents and tourists to replace heavy vehicles with electric bikes. 

The programme was administered in 2017 to promote clean energy among the cumulative energy produced from existing 25% to 50% by the decided year. This will reduce carbon generation by 70%, hence popularly known as the “Green Strategy 2050”.

End Thoughts

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UAE, with immense development each year. With e-Scooters, residents have chosen a lifestyle that is pocket-friendly and fun. The RTA also built their websites with free e-scooter riding permits to encourage more riders to ride safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I legally ride an e-scooter in the UAE?

As per Road and Transport Authorities (RTA), one may legally take the rental service of an e-scooter with their full-time driving licence. Or, in other cases, they need to apply for a free e-scooter riding permit. It is also necessary because no rental firms are allowed to offer the service to riders without legal permission.

Do I need a licence for an e-scooter?

RTA updated the rules for riding an e-scooter with a specified licence with a view to safeguard the traffic rules. As per this, all the residents or even the tourists have to have a free e-scooter riding permit in Dubai to avoid any legal risks.

Do we need a licence for electric bikes in the UAE?

In the month of March 2022, the Dubai Government has made restrictive rules to ensure safety on designated streets of the emirate. Accordingly, all the residents need to possess a driving licence in UAE or a free permit pass specialised for electric scooters or bikes. You may apply for a free e-scooter permit through the RTA website easily.

Is a scooter allowed in Dubai?

Yes, scooters are allowed in Dubai with an average speed of 20 kilometres per hour. It is also mandatory to have a working headlight, tail light, and brakes for the e-scooter or any two-wheeler. Along with this, bikes are restricted with a speed limit below 60 kilometres per hour. Riding on walking or jogging streets is prohibited.

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