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  https://www.squareyards.ae/blog/ Abhay is a content writer by profession. He is a true foodie at heart and loves to binge watch movies and series. With a brief experience as a finance blogger he hopes to write some great articles for Square Yards.


11 Stories by Abhay Sharma

TAMM Abu Dhabi: Your One-Stop Online Application for Government Services

TAMM Abu Dhabi, or a one-stop destination for all government services in the UAE? Yes, the TAMM portal provides you with all the necessary...
0 6 min read

Joint Ownership of Property in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Dubai’s real estate market attracts global investors and homebuyers. Joint ownership has emerged as a popular option among the various ways to invest or...
0 4 min read

Understanding the Verification Process for Taqeemi Certificates in Dubai

Are you considering investing in Dubai’s real estate or about to make a property transaction? If yes, you’ll want to be familiar with the...
0 3 min read

All Must-Know Guide about the RERA Rental Calculator Dubai

In contemporary times, individuals frequently relocate for career or other purposes, often necessitating a move to rented accommodations. Unfortunately, many tenants remain unaware of...
0 5 min read

Escrow Account : An Overview of its Purpose, Benefits and More

When buying or selling a property, managing the associated funds can be complex. Both lenders and buyers often face the need to handle multiple...
0 6 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to the Government Hospitals in Abu Dhabi

The healthcare system says a lot about a country’s infrastructure. A robust healthcare system offers high-quality medical facilities to citizens at affordable prices. Over...
0 5 min read

A Look at The Prayer Timings in Dubai For July 2024

In July 2024, Dubai combines modern allure with timeless traditions, creating a harmonious blend of old and new. With the calls to prayer, the...
0 8 min read

Know About The Real Estate World Records in Dubai

We don’t know about Alexa, but Dubai’s real estate scene truly resembles Aladdin’s lamp. You can easily imagine yourself in front of a ‘humble...
0 5 min read

Know The Reasons and Updated Petrol Prices in UAE

It is known that fluctuations in petrol prices in the UAE affect everyone. Even the slightest fluctuation in UAE fuel costs impacts people who...
0 3 min read

Why Should You Invest in Holiday Homes in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned for its outstanding architecture and pleasing destinations. This tourist hub has numerous luxurious hotels and vacation residences. Over the years, the...
0 5 min read

Guide To Update of Cheque Bounce in UAE 2023

A bank cheque is a widely used financial instrument for transactions worldwide. However, a bounced cheque occurs when the account holder does not have...
0 8 min read
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