TAMM Abu Dhabi: Your One-Stop Online Application for Government Services

TAMM Abu Dhabi one stop online application

TAMM Abu Dhabi, or a one-stop destination for all government services in the UAE? Yes, the TAMM portal provides you with all the necessary services at your fingertips. Users can easily access the required services as many service centres exist across the Emirates. Whether you are a local, own a business, or are a visitor, you can still avail of the services via TAMM Abu Dhabi. Renewal of your ID, applying for permits, paying bills, and much more. Yes, the list of services in the TAMM portal goes on. To make your life easier, you can register in the portal. For more information, read this blog and learn everything you need to know about TAMM Abu Dhabi.

Purpose of TAMM Abu Dhabi Portal

TAMM Abu Dhabi Portal
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Did you know that in Arabic, TAMM means ‘comprehensive’? Like its meaning, this digital app is like an all-in-one app for nationals, residents, investors, and visitors. The government of Abu Dhabi launched TAMM Abu Dhabi as part of its digital transformation campaign.  Since 2020, it has provided many services on health insurance, housing, family affairs, and business services. It is the go-to place to get business licences, certificates, registration and expansion. This Abu Dhabi app has its centres across the country to help users facing difficulties accessing the online portal. This unified government services portal can pay rent in Abu Dhabi.

  • Offline Timings For TAMM Abu Dhabi

If you face any difficulties in accessing the TAMM online portal, you can visit the TAMM offices during the below-mentioned dates and timings:

    • Days Opened: Monday to Friday, 
    • Working Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Monday to Thursday) and 7:30 AM to 1 PM on Fridays.

Important Note: It is advised to book an appointment in advance for a smooth experience. The booking can be done via the TAMM app.

Contact TAMM Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi authorities issued the helpline numbers to solve consumer queries. You can use the below-mentioned numbers to contact the authorities:

  • 800 555 (For UAE residents) 
  • +97126664442 (For international users)

Users can also submit complaints on the official TAMM website (contact@tamm.abudhabi) or fill out the contact form.

How Do You Sign In to TAMM Abu Dhabi Portal? 

Users must log into the app before availing themselves of TAMM Abu Dhabi’s benefits. To do so, they must go to the TAMM Abu Dhabi portal and log in using their UAE PASS. Then, they must follow the instructions given below. 

  • Enter the registration mobile number.
  • Enter Emirates ID/ Email ID
  • Press the ‘Login’ button.
  • Enter your password to log in successfully.

Please remember that the TAMM Abu Dhabi app can be installed on all mobile devices. Furthermore, this app can be used to register/ book an appointment.

A List of TAMM Abu Dhabi Services

As discussed above, TAMM has been created for the convenience of nationals, tourists, and investors. We have provided a list of some famous services provided by TAMM Abu Dhabi. These are as follows:

  • Golden Visa Nomination

The first service offered by TAMM Abu Dhabi is the Golden Visa nomination, which lets foreign nationals work, study, and live in the UAE for up to 10 years. Eligible candidates must submit the necessary documents to get a nomination and start their Golden Visa application process via TAMM. Usually, it takes around 7 working days to process the application and get approved. After approval, you must finalise your application with the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP).

  • Driving License

The TAMM portal can be used to apply for various theoretical and practical training courses. You can go to the Drivers Licensing Department to get a driver’s licence. You’ll have to fill out and submit the application form and give your Emirate ID on the TAMM portal. Interestingly, you can also visit a TAMM service centre. Lastly, you’ll have to pay the fees to get the driving license. Please note that the Emirates Driving Company can use the application number and traffic code to finish the training. Usually, this service might cost you around AED 200 and require less than six minutes to complete. 

  • Abu Dhabi Police Services

You would be glad to know that the TAMM portal can be used to use a variety of security services. One such service is to contact the Abu Dhabi Police. Some of the services that the TAMM portal can access are mentioned below:

  • Request for Enrollment in First Aid and Rescue Training Courses
  • Vehicle Details Modification in the Registration Card
  • Inventory of Found Items
  • Traffic Fines Payment

Interestingly, you can pay penalties or traffic fines in Abu Dhabi by TAMM. You need to complete the application form and submit your vehicle registration documents and Emirate ID card through the portal or the TAMM service centre. Subsequently, you’ll be asked to pay the penalty and receive a receipt. This free service takes only 5-6 minutes to complete. 

  • Van Services

Certain people cannot access the TAMM portal, and some cannot visit the TAMM service centre in person. To help them, the TAMM Van facility was started. This service takes these people to the nearest TAMM service centre and makes the services available. The TAMM Van can be requested by calling the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800555 or visiting the official website.

TAMM Abu Dhabi Centres Location

Around 18 service centres across the Emirate offer convenient access to TAMM Abu Dhabi. These centres allow people who cannot use the online portal to avail themselves of government services. Listed below are the places where you can find the TAMM Abu Dhabi service centres

  • Abu Dhabi City

    • DED Building: Baniyas Towers, Al Falah St – Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba St – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
    • Khalifa City (Al Forsan Complex): Khalifa City, Street No.12, Near Abu Dhabi Golf Club – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
    • International Airport: Terminal 1A – Al Matar – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
    • Mussafah: Musaffah – Musaffah Industrial – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Wathba: Al Wathbah – Al-Wathba South – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Shahama: Shahama center – 5 – Belghailam – Al Bahyah – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
  • Al Ain

    • DED Building:m Hamdan Bin Mohammad St., 11th Street – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Waqan: 73rd street, Off Um Al Zumoul Road – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Maqam: Al Naseem Street – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Khazna: 12th Street, Off Al Ain Road – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
    • Mazyad: Zayed Bin Sultan Street – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Hiyar: 23rd Street – Al Ain – United Arab Emirates
  • Al Dhafra

    • Dalma Island: Al Huwad Street – Dalma Island – United Arab Emirates
    • Madinat Zayed: Al Riyoum Street – Zayed City – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Ghayathi: Al Radah Street – Ghiyathi Road – Ghayathi – United Arab Emirates
    • Liwa: Um Az Zumul – Hameem – Aradda Rd – Mzeerʻah – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Marfa: Al Badiyat Street – Al Marfa – United Arab Emirates
    • Al Sila: Baya Al Sila – Al Sila’ – United Arab Emirates

Steps to Pay Rent Using TAMM Portal In Abu Dhabi

Users can follow the steps below to pay rent through the TAMM portal in Abu Dhabi. Let us look at them one by one:

  • The first step is to visit the TAMM portal by visiting the official website or downloading the application.  
  • The existing users can log in to the portal with their credentials. However, new users must first register by filling out the necessary details.
  • After logging in, you are supposed to look for the housing or the municipality services section. Here, you will find a dedicated section related to rent transactions. You need to click on the rent payment option under this section. After this, you must follow the instructions and submit all the required information.
  • The TAMM portal allows users to use many payment methods, such as credit or debit cards or online banking.
  • The final payment step is to review the information thoroughly to avoid errors. You can then confirm the payment details to make the payment. 
  • After the payment, you will get a confirmation message and a digital receipt. It is advised to keep this receipt for record purposes.

How Do You Pay Long-Term Lease Rent Via TAMM Abu Dhabi?

The TAMM portal can also be used to pay a rental fee for the long term. Listed below is the cost breakdown for the service:

  • Completed ranches post the decision on 5/7/2015: 25 fils * square foot – AED 0.25
  • Incomplete ranches post the decision on 5/7/2015: 15 fils * square foot – AED 0.15
  • Ranches before the decision on 7/5/2015 (0 to 5000 square feet): AED 2000
  • Ranches before the decision on 7/5/2015 (more than 10,000 square feet): AED 5000
  • Ranches before the decision on 7/5/2015 (more than 5000 square feet): AED 3000
  • Industrial plots of land post the decision on 25/2/2016: 75 fils * square foot – AED 0.75
  • Industrial plots of land before the decision on 25/2/2016: 15 fils * square foot – AED 0.15

Important Note: These costs might vary; hence, you should always cross-check the website to get the correct information.

Final Words

The TAMM Abu Dhabi has made availing government services more convenient. With its efficient online portal, users can access all the services in one place. This application is like a digital service centre for all queries. A dedicated helpline number is also provided for transportation facilities to reach the nearest TAMM service centre. These facilities allow everyone to access the TAMM services via physical/ virtual methods. Lastly, TAMM Abu Dhabi service was a much-needed facility for the residents/ internationals in the Emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the full form of TAMM?

The full form of TAMM is Tammu Al-Hukumat Al-Mumtaha.

How do I create an account on TAMM?

You can create an account by visiting the official website of TAMM Abu Dhabi and filling out all the details on the registration form.

What services does TAMM offer?

TAMM Abu Dhabi can be used to apply for a driver's license, pay rent, contact Abu Dhabi police and much more.

How can I pay my rent through TAMM?

The rent can be paid by going to the TAMM portal's housing/ municipality services section.

What payment methods are accepted on TAMM?

TAMM Abu Dhabi has various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and other approved banking methods.

How can I track the status of my application on TAMM?

You can track the status of your application by logging in to TAMM and clicking on the Navigate section.

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