HAAD License Explained: Must-Have Permit for Every Health Professional

Medical Professional- HAAD License Abu Dhabi

A Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) license is a professional document required by every medical practitioner in Abu Dhabi. This document ensures the skills and qualifications of healthcare professionals, from doctors to dentists to nurses to pharmacists. The license is a standard requirement at every hospital in the city, so every medical professional will have to get a HAAD license to practice their degree. This exam is just like the Dubai Health Authority license, which is also an attempt to maintain the proficiency of healthcare professionals in Dubai.

What You Need to Know About HAAD License Abu Dhabi

Know About HAAD License Abu Dhabi

The HAAD license is mandatory for every medical professional in Abu Dhabi and must be renewed every five years. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare employees must take an exam and pay a minimum fee of AED 50 to AED 100 to obtain the license initially. The license does not take more than a month to process and can be verified by any concerned authority at any time.

Role of HAAD License in Healthcare Industry

The HAAD License is a regulatory document between medical professionals and their respective employees. It also acts as a trusting bridge between patients and medical practitioners, reassuring the former that they are in capable hands. Here are some of the reasons why a HAAD License in Abu Dhabi is important for every healthcare professional:

  • Professional Competency

A HAAD license verifies that healthcare professionals possess the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care for patients. This safeguards the well-being of sick citizens and assures the patient’s loved ones that they are being cared for.

  • Regulating Healthcare Professionals

This license requires thorough evaluations and regular renewals, ensuring all professionals follow current treatment standards and ethical practices. This also urges them to stay updated with the latest advancements in their respective fields.

  • Standardising Medical Practices

The HAAD license in Abu Dhabi helps maintain consistent standards and guidelines for medical practice throughout Abu Dhabi. This makes the authority look more reliable and promotes trust amongst patients all over the hospitals in the city.

Exploring Data Flow Website for HAAD 

The Data Flow website is a private website linked to the HAAD department
The Data Flow website is a private website linked to the HAAD department. Before appearing for their exams, every medical professional must verify their professional and educational documents on the website. You can register for the HAAD exam only after getting the Dataflow credentials, which ensures that every candidate appearing for the exam is a verified medical practitioner or works in the health industry.

Data Flow contacts the respective authorities for verification within 30-45 days of registration, so this process must be applied for at least 2 months before appearing in the HAAD exam in Abu Dhabi. In case of a negative report, anyone can reapply for re-verification.

HAAD License Applicants: Who Can Apply?

Medical professionals who must hold a HAAD license for their practice include:

  • Doctors: Doctors of various specialties, consultants, residency students, hospital interns, and general practitioners will have to sit through the exam according to their respective fields and experience levels.
  • Dentists: Any dentist with an independent practice or a healthcare employee at a dental clinic must sit through the exam.
  • Nurses: Registered nurses, practitioners, community helper nurses, midwives, and pediatric nurses must obtain this license.
  • Pharmacists: Pharmacists will have to take a different form of exam to get a HAAD license. 
  • Dieticians: Dieticians have a special page on the HAAD portal, where they will have to sit through special courses to obtain their licenses.

Some of the other professionals who have to obtain a HAAD license in Abu Dhabi are:

    • Chiropractic medicine
    • Naturopathic medicine
    • Physiotherapists
    • Osteopathic medicine
    • Homeopathy
    • Physiotherapists 

The experience required by each of these medical professionals to acquire their HAAD License is as follows:

    • General Doctor: 2 years 
    • Specialist Doctor: 3 years
    • Paramedical: 2 years
    • Allied Health: 2 years

When to Begin HAAD License Procedure: Conditions in Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the conditions that must be followed to get a HAAD license:

  • UAE surgeons must provide an official log of their surgical procedures for the last two years 
  • Emirati nationals have to present a family book as their genealogy proof
  • Nurses, doctors, and pharmacists who have not worked for two years must undergo a period of supervised practice (CME/CPD) before re-applying for a license. 
  • UAE nationals who left practice for mandatory national services can apply at any time 
  • Non-UAE nationals with a gap of 5 years in practice and children of Emirati women with a gap of 10 years cannot apply for the license. 
  • Applicants only have three years to pass the exam, after which they can give a last attempt to different authorities, such as Dubai’s health license. 
  • Authorities can re-examine professionals at any time that they deem necessary.

Procedure For Getting A HAAD License in Abu Dhabi 

This is the process of applying for a HAAD license as a medical practitioner:

1- Submit your documents on the Data Flow website for verification. The website will take 30-45 days to verify the documents and create a unique identification number if the report is positive.

2- Once you receive the notification of the verified documents, you can start your credentialing process on the Doh (Department of Health) Website.

3- Check the exam type and other professional details you mentioned before sending the application.

4- Pay the application fee and wait for your eligibility status.

5- Submit your issuance fee (different for every professional) before printing the final application.

6- Your exam for the license will be conducted by a test provider called Pearson Vue. You can select the exam date and time according to your availability.

7- Print the invoice and carry it to the selected exam center.

8- You will be notified of your results almost immediately.

Documents Required for HAAD License Application and Issuance

The following documents are required to obtain a HAAD license from the government authorities:

  • Copy of a valid passport 
  • Staff Data clearance form
  • Experience certificate
  • Medical malpractice insurance 
  • Educational qualifications 
  • Photo with a white background 
  • Recent health professional license 
  • Declaration form signed by the applicant

What Is the Application and Issuance Fee for HAAD License? 

The following is the application payment for various professionals who have to sit for the HAAD License:

  • Nurses must pay AED 50 for pre-registration on the HAAD website, $73.57 at the Pearson Vue testing center, and $94.59 at the international testing centers.
  • Pharmacists and doctors must pay AED 100 for pre-registration and $73.57 at the testing center. If giving the exam internationally, professionals must pay $94.59

Charges taken by the Dataflow website for document verification are:

Occupation/ Category


Consultants and Specialists 

AED 1680

Dentists/ Medical Practitioners


Nursing and Midwives

AED 990

For other categories

AED 300

Transferring reports to other agencies

AED 100

HAAD License Renewal, Fees, and Documents

A HAAD license is valid for five years from the day the exam result is declared, and it must always be with the health professional. After that duration, a medical professional must apply for the renewal of the HAAD license Abu Dhabi. This should be done at least three months before the card expires. This process is entirely online and will require a fee payment:

1- Go to the TAMM homepage and select the ‘Services by Category’ option. 

2- Click the ‘Health and Safety’ button and select ‘Healthcare Professionals.’

3- Under the “Licencing and Certificates” tab, select the “Manage a Healthcare Professional Licence” option. 

4- Tap the ‘Start’ icon in the top left corner of the new tab and fill in your UAE pass details 

5- Pay the requested fees for renewal, and you will receive your card from a courier, Empost.

Some of the documents that might be required for the HAAD License Abu Dhabi renewal are:

  • A photo 
  • Passport
  • Form number 1 and 2 
  • Family Book’s copy 
  • Good Conduct Certificate by the employee 
  • Health License 
  • Residency transcript 
  • Copy of residency visa

You will receive your HAAD license within 17 days of applying via post. Here are the renewal costs that need to be paid by different medical professionals: 



Application Fees

AED 100

Changing or adding a professional title

AED 100

Renewing a Healthcare Licence 

AED 100

Renewing a Licence for a Pharmacy Technician (1 year)

AED 100

Renewing a Licence for a Pharmacy Technician (2 years)

AED 100

Renewing a Licence for a Physician License  (2 years)

AED 1600

Renewing a Licence of Nurse, Allied Health, and Pharmacist (1 year)

AED 200

Renewing a Licence of Nurse, Allied Health, and Pharmacist (2 years)

AED 300

Re-registration of a physician 

AED 2600

Re-registration of Licence for Pharmacists, Allied Health or Nurses

AED 300

Key Takeaways

According to the UAE government, a HAAD License is mandatory for every health professional who wants to work in Abu Dhabi. The exam ensures the credibility of the employees and regulates the healthcare industry’s framework. Applying for a HAAD exam has been made very easy via the Data Flow website and the DoH portal, and it is also very affordable. After basic training, every medical professional can sit for the exam and work in any hospital in Abu Dhabi.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can the DHA license be converted to a HAAD license?

Yes, a DHA license can be converted to a HAAD license via the dataflow website, provided that the medical professional has worked for at least three months in Dubai.

How long does it take to renew a HAAD licence?

Renewing a HAAD license takes 16-17 days and must be applied for at least three months before expiration.

What is the cost of cancelling a HAAD licence in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of cancelling a HAAD license in Abu Dhabi is AED 100.

What is a Dataflow report?

A dataflow report will confirm the authenticity of the medical professionals skills and qualifications by verifying their degrees.

Can I renew my HAAD licence via TAMM?

Yes, anyone can use the TAMM portal to renew their HAAD license.

How Long Does HAAD License Transfer Take?

The average HAAD License Transfer takes only 15 days.

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