Bhavya Kamra Bhavya loves to write stories, blogs, and research papers. She can talk non-stop about human psychology and her love for books. She is currently focused on writing lifestyle and real estate blogs for the UAE.


4 Stories by Bhavya Kamra

Real Estate Goes Digital With DARI Abu Dhabi

DARI in Abu Dhabi has transformed the real estate market and everything UAE real estate agents know about property transactions and management. Firstly, it...
0 6 min read

HAAD License Explained: Must-Have Permit for Every Health Professional

A Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) license is a professional document required by every medical practitioner in Abu Dhabi. This document ensures the...
0 6 min read

What Activities to Explore at Al Qusais Pond Park?

If you are looking for a peaceful evening or a low-key gathering with friends and family, then Al Qusais Pond Park is your ideal...
0 5 min read

UAE Delights: Best Mandi Restaurants in Dubai

Mandi is an extremely popular Yemeni dish that has successfully established itself as a staple food in the Arabian Peninsula and other countries like...
0 5 min read
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