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Connecting UAE to The World Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of any country plays an important role in the economy, acting as a bridge between itself and the rest of the world. This ministry helps resolve various disputes, create better connections with other nations, and safeguard the interests of its citizens worldwide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE, also known as MOFA, does the same work under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the country’s foreign minister. Before this, the ministry was headed by Ahmed Bin Khalifa Al Suwaidi and Rashid Abdullah Al Nuaimi.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Connecting UAE to The World

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE hopes to contribute to the welfare of its citizens, regardless of race, gender or colour. It aims to provide a window to the outside world, with peaceful relations, global peace and amicable conflict resolution. Through the multiple worldwide embassies and some diplomats, MOFA promotes cultural and economic advancement inside the borders, creating a better image at the international stages of the world.

According to the Cabinet Resolution Number 6 of 2001, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to carry out the following tasks and take care of the following interests of the citizens:

  • Fulfill the pacts and carry out the conventions of the UAE
  • Conducting missions’ ceremonies and formalities
  • Producing ordinary and diplomatic visas whenever requested
  • Providing financial, diplomatic and administrative information, helping conduct various missions
  • Supervising all foreign relations-associated events and exhibitions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE: Strategies Involved in Foreign Policies and Diplomatic Solutions

Foreign Policies and Diplomatic Solutions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Each Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to help with diplomatic solutions and the different foreign policies, ensuring the safety and well-being of foreign residents and strengthening the country’s international ranks on various metrics. Some of them are:

  • Fighting The Human Trafficking Battle:

UAE is committed to combating the evils of human trafficking as per the anti-human trafficking law under Federal Law 51 of 2006. The MOFA ministry has signed agreements with other nations to support victims, provide temporary residence permits, and catch organisations spreading criminal offences.

Under the law, human trafficking, involving forced labour, organ trafficking and prostitution, is a punishable offence, and victims of the same are given a stipend of AED 100,000. The National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking (NCCHT) of 2007 ensures a five ‘P strategy’ to end trafficking, which is –

    • Prevention 
    • Prosecution 
    • Punishment 
    • Protection
    • Promotion
  • Fighting Terrorism And Extremism 

Terrorism and extremism of any kind, such as Daesh and Al-Qaeda groups, challenge UAE’s economic, social and political systems. The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs works with international committees and organisations to prevent terrorist financing. With the help of Financial Intelligence Units, this ministry does everything to prevent radicalisation, even moderating religious studies in schools.

Some of the legal fronts on which MOFA is fighting this menace are:

    • Federal Decree-Law Number 20 (2018)
    • Federal Law Number 5 (2012)
    • Federal Law Number 7 (2014)
    • Federal Decree-Law Number 2 (2018)
    • Federal Decree-Law Number 2 (2015)
  • Economic Diplomacy- Attracting Foreign Investments and Improving Financial Relations 

The UAE MOFA hosts multiple missions to encourage foreign investments and trade across borders. As the second-largest economy in the Arab world, UAE investors often invest in financial services, renewable energy, and tourism.

Lower tax regulations and increased financial infrastructure have helped the UAE make record-breaking foreign direct investments and trading profits. MOFA works with many promotion agencies and sovereign wealth funds to encourage more businesses and job creation. 

  • Labour Rights- Saving the Domestic Workers Through Tawjeeh Centres

The UAE’s MOFA boasts nine major international labour organisation conventions, which protect workers’ rights and help them with facilities like housing and recruitment. The ministry has also signed MOAs with workers’ home countries to protect workers’ rights.

According to Federal Law 10 of 2017, workers are entitled to their documents and passports and can change their recruiter and insurance. The UAE is the third-largest employment-producing country and supports domestic workers. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation offers 37 Tawjeeh centres nationwide. These centres inform workers of their rights and responsibilities and even give them a personal copy of the employment contract. 

  • Humanitarian and Development Goals: Helping Other Countries Acquire Financial Aid

MOFA UAE aims to promote other countries’ developmental goals and provides foreign aid to them in times of crisis. The government has been topping the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development chart, aiding over 40 companies and 140 countries.

The goal of such a policy is to:

    • Promote peace
    • Reduce Poverty 
    • Enhancing UAE’s stand in the international community 
    • Stimulating economic growth

The UAE’s foreign aid program works on the following principles:

    • Work in collaboration with communities and governments
    • Work with other donors to fulfil the sustainable development goals
    • Focussing on results while championing accountability and innovation of actions
    • Working according to UAE’s unique capabilities
    • Addressing some of the ignored issues of the world and supporting underprivileged communities
  • Saving Women from Discrimination: Providing Job Opportunities

The MOFA of UAE has made several policies to promote women’s participation in peacekeeping operations, judicial offices and international missions. The private sector also focuses on female representation in the workplace, providing women the right to receive education and entitlements in legal status. The MOFA has supported UN women since 2010 and has dedicated 26 million dollars to promoting gender equality.

Gender equality was UAE’s 2021 national agenda to save women from discrimination. Other than that, because of other organisations’ multiple efforts, women’s participation in the workforce has increased multifold. Females occupy 66% of public sector jobs, 30% of senior leadership positions and 75% of jobs in education. 

  • Culture And Public Diplomacy: Conducting Cross-Cultural Conversations

Cultural and public diplomacy involves exchanging art, language, and ideas for cross-cultural conversations and collaborations. The ultimate goal is to promote friendships and mutual understanding among countries. The UAE hosts people of more than 200 nationalities and attracts 15 million tourists annually.

Through the efforts of UAE’s MOFA, the country is home to more than 40 churches and multiple renowned educational centres and museums, such as the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi and the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. In 2020, the country ranked first in the Global Soft Power Index, a testament to its commitment to respectful and peaceful relationships. 

  • Development Assistance During Emergencies

The UAE’s MOFA unconditionally supports developing countries in increasing the quality of their lives. It also provides support to countries in conflict or facing natural disasters. The UAE Red Crescent, established in 1983, is the principal humanitarian agency of the country for foreign assistance. 

In the past, the country has donated to many countries with emergencies and hosted various commercial and humanitarian events. It ranks amongst the top donors relative to national income, contributing about 0.7 % of GNI through various channels, such as bilateral aid, the private sector, NGOs, and multilateral organisations. 

Services Offered by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE

The MOFA provides numerous services to UAE nationals and external parties to support trade deals and cultural exchanges. It also promotes the rights of women and workers and fights against human trafficking and terrorism. Based on the associated applicants, here are the services:

  • For the UAE Diplomats

The UAE Diplomats represent the nation in any state, country or non-governmental entity. They protect the interests of the country’s residents, make agreements on behalf of the nation and promote trade. Some of the Diplomats of the UAE are Dr Abdulnasser Alshaali, Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh and Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh.

The services available for such individuals are:

    • Issuing, Renewing, Replacing and Cancelling passports which might be diplomatic, mission-oriented or special
    • Receiving and sending communication letters and invitations meant for foreign and national missions, government entities and local authorities
    • Provide information about Visa Regulations and exemptions
    • Helping in the registration of birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates
  • For the UAE Nationals

The UAE Nationals are residents of the UAE living in or outside the country. As in any other place, the MOFA helps them with many services necessary for apt documentation. Some of them are: 

    • Passport issuance, renewal, replacement and cancellation
    • Twajudi Service helps nationals register for emergency communications when they are travelling abroad
    • Electronic Return Document to facilitate document returns in case they get lost or stolen abroad
    • Document Attestation
    • Registration of Death, Marriage and Birth Certificate
  • For the Individuals 

UAE residents can use many MOFA services, including going abroad for short or long-term durations. These are:

    • Attesting Documents with the official seal/ signature of the UAE officials
    • Issuing electronic return documents
    • Registering Twajudi for residents going abroad
  • For Businesses and Commercial Organisations

MOFA also safeguards the business or commercial organisations being run in or outside the country by UAE residents. Some of the services provided by this ministry are:

    • Document Attestation
    • Commercial Invoice Attestation via eDAS to get digital attestation for any business or sale-related invoice in UAE or abroad
  • For the Foreign residents

MOFA also takes care of UAE’s residents who are currently not present in the country, ensuring their well-being and safety. Some of their services include:

    • Issuing, reviewing, replacing or cancelling ID cards
    • Issuing, reviewing, replacing or cancelling Visas 
    • Issuing, reviewing, replacing or cancelling Entry Permits
    • Diplomatic notes gateway for formal notes for and to the government representatives
    • Arranging visits for official delegates and providing correspondence for them

MOFA’s Document Attestation: A Must-Need for Every UAE Resident

One of MOFA’s most important tasks is verifying the documents of UAE residents living in or outside the country. It is proof that the document provided by the resident is authentic and legitimate. Any citizen can require this, especially those trying to study and work abroad, do business or marry a foreign resident. 

The documents requiring MOFA attestation are educational certificates, personal or family certificates or commercial documents. The papers ineligible for attestation include ID Cards, Passports or documents of an immovable property. The official steps of MOFA document attestation are:

  1. Installing the official MOFA application and creating an official account. 
  2. Log into your portal and click on MY TASKS
  3. Choose your document type under “Individual Services” or “Business Services.”
  4. Click the “Attest Official Document, Certificates” option and complete the required details
  5. Finish the application by paying the fees of AED 150 per document

Residents will be asked to dispatch the original documents via courier service, charges not included in the official fees. They will receive them after attestation, which will take three days or more. Residents can also pay the fee in person at any of the registered attestation centres

How Do You Access MOFA Service Channels Inside or Outside the UAE?

Other than visiting the official office of the ministry, located in King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street, Abu Dhabi, people can also access MOFA using:

  • UAE Embassy in your own country
  • MOFA attestation centres
  • MOFA mobile application
  • UAE mission or diplomat in your home country
  • MOFA social media handles


The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs helps improve the nation’s image on the global stage. This small ministry, headed by the UAE foreign affairs minister, His Highness H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, handles all the citizens’ important documentation work while protecting their national and international interests.

The MOFA protects UAE nationals stranded overseas by providing round-the-clock assistance through their Twajudi service. It also promotes the country’s economic development by increasing foreign investment rates and investing in humanitarian tasks worldwide. Hence, this dynamic organisation helps ensure the country’s prosperity and security.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What services does Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer to UAE citizens abroad?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers services to UAE citizens living abroad, including issuing, reviewing, replacing, or cancelling ID cards, Visas, and Entry Permits.

How can I contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters are in King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street, Abu Dhabi. You can contact them at 80044444 or email them at

What documents can be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The documents that Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE can attest to include educational certificates like degrees, personal documents like marriage certificates, and commercial documents like business invoice attestation.

What is the process for document attestation?

The steps for MOFA attestation are very easy. First, install the MOFA official application and create an account. Then, log onto the portal and Select the type of document you want to get attested. Fill in the required information, send the documents via courier, and pay the required fee. Finally, the attested documents will be returned via courier after 3 days or more.

How can I get emergency assistance from MOFA?

For those stuck in an uncomfortable situation in or outside the UAE that requires MOFA’s interference, you can call 0097180024. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the Twajudi service, and how can I register?

Set by MOFA, the Twajudi service is an emergency communication service that helps UAE residents in an emergency abroad. This is free for UAE residents, and anyone can access it by registering on the official MOFA website.

What should I do if I am stuck in a country with no UAE diplomatic mission?

Any resident can confirm the status of any UAE diplomatic mission available in their desired country by clicking on the “Foreign Missions in UAE” page on the MOFA's official website. If you are stuck in such a country, please call +971-600-599-991.

Is there a foreign ministry in Dubai as well?

Dubai does not have an official foreign ministry, but there is a MOFA attestation centre in the city, whose address is Sheikh Zayed Road, Tower Plaza—Level 22, Office number 10, Dubai, Pin Code 500001, UAE.

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