Why is February the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

February the Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai experiences pleasant weather in February. Though most parts of the world experience winter in February, in Dubai, you can get by with just some loose t-shirts or kurtas and pants, enabling you to pack lighter and explore the city of gold better. Due to this reason, most tourists prefer this month for their visit. 

Besides the pleasing weather, February is also one of the most eventful months in the city, turning it into a boiling pot of celebratory events and city fests. In this article, let’s get to know what all you can do on your trip to Dubai in February and how the weather is.

How is the Weather in Dubai in February? 

Dubai in February

February is amongst the most visited months in Dubai. It balances the weather perfectly and is more pleasant than the other summer and winter months. During the daytime, the maximum temperature remains around 28ºC, whereas the evenings are comparatively cooler, with the minimum temperature drifting around 18ºC. Oscillating between favourable temperatures, Dubai in February becomes a haven for not only comfortable day trips but exploring the city’s nightlife.

Things to Do in Dubai in February

February is a perfect month to take on some adventures. So let’s dive deep into this city of gold to enjoy all its other pleasures.

The Dubai Food Festival

Dubai Food Festival

The grand Dubai Food Fest is mostly held in February. The two and a half week-long fest offers world-class cuisine, and many top chefs also host lessons, competitions, events, and workshops. Experience the incredible food revolution, indulge yourself in the delectable gastronomy. Try your hands in the culinary sciences during this time.

Global Music Shows

Dubai Global Music Shows

February is a month of rhythm and beats in Dubai. You can attend several star-studded performances in the city at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Also, the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai may even offer Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to spruce up the party scene. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the exclusive Dubai Jazz Festival and Dubai RedfestDXB for an electrifying night in the city of gold. 

Chinese New Year

Dubai celebrates the Chinese New Year

Dubai celebrates the Chinese New Year with pomp and grandeur. Head to the Festive Market at Palazzo Versace to experience the gorgeous and dreamy Chinese Lantern Festival. Witness the wondrous live cooking workshops and participate in all the fun activities. This is also the best time to explore restaurants in Dubai as most curate special Chinese menus to offer their guests a traditional Chinese ambience.

A Cruise in Dubai

Cruise in Dubai

The lovely weather in February definitely calls for a cruise party in Dubai. Most of the cruises in Dubai offer you a few hour trips to the Creek or Marina along with scrumptious cuisine.

You can usually buy a ticket for Creek and Marina for about AED 50. Most people prefer evening time to enjoy a memorable dining experience on a cruise.

The Dubai Polo Cup

Head to the Dubai Polo Club if you want to enjoy the most prestigious sports in Dubai and join the elite troupe of celebrities and royalty. Enjoy the majestic event of the Polo Cup comprising the best teams on the field as they try to grab the trophy. The Dubai Polo Cup Gold Series usually takes place from February 8th to March 8th at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club.

Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show is not just a mere display of the engineering prowess of different boats and water vehicles. In this event, you can ride and enjoy the newest boats before they hit the market. 

Touted as one of the most celebrated and biggest shows in Dubai. The show welcomes multiple boat owners, visitors, buyers at auction, and enthusiasts to enjoy the maritime innovations. The boat festival also honours a car show on the beach while offering food stalls to the attendees. It is usually held every year from February 26th to March 2nd at the Dubai Canal in Jumeirah.

Tennis Championships

Tennis Championships Dubai

The fortnight-long tennis tournament draws a huge sporting crowd in Dubai. Therefore, it is good to book your tickets in advance because who wants to miss legendary players like Federer or Nadal in action? However, if you did not get the tickets for some reason, the Tennis Village also screens the live match. 

The duty-free tennis tournament usually starts on February 17th and ends on March 2nd every year at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium. With all four Grand Slam winners, the fortnight-long tennis championship attracts the largest sporting crowd in the city. 

Desert Safari

Desert Safari dubai

The Desert Safari is a must for all Dubai visitors. Offering a rich amalgamation of luxurious adventure, the Dubai Safari gives you the adrenaline rush of ATV rides. The calm of desert camping and the gastronomic satisfaction of traditional cuisine. The ticket prices for Desert Safari vary depending on the time you visit. However, its estimated ticket prices are as follows:

  • Morning: AED 120
  • Evening: AED 40
  • Overnight: AED 250

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa

The clear weather of February and the heavenly height of Burj Khalifa add a realistic touch to experiencing the panoramic view of the city horizons and stargazing. You can get tickets for about AED 210 to visit Burj Khalifa during its prime hours, 3 pm to 6:30 pm. You can also prefer to book your tickets for AED 135 to enjoy the quiet non-prime hours on one of the tallest buildings in the world.


The pleasant weather of Dubai in February offers a range of events, making the month the preferable time to visit the city. The temperature ranges from 18ºC to 28ºC, while mild rainfall soothes the land even further, enabling people to explore the city of gold day and night. From food fests and sports tournaments to exotic desert safaris, February is the ideal month to explore Dubai and enjoy its different delights.


Is the month of February a good time to visit Dubai?

From November to February, it is considered the best time to visit the city of gold, Dubai. With pleasant weather throughout the month, Dubai offers some of the best events during this time, including Dubai Food Fest, Dubai Shopping Fest, and the Dubai World Cup.

Is Dubai's temperature hot in February?

Dubai's temperature is more pleasant in February than in the harsh summer months. In fact, this is the time when the city experiences soothing rains.

Can I visit Dubai Beach in the month of February?

Although February is not as scorching as the summers, it is not suitable for sunbathing. Instead, it's good to enjoy swimming in the warm sea temperatures. You can consider October and November the best months to visit beaches in Dubai.

Is Dubai's weather cold in February?

February offers moderate weather conditions in Dubai with warm days and cool nights. It is the month when the city of gold experiences a soothing balance of the otherwise extreme weather conditions.

Which month is the cheapest to visit Dubai?

As per several reports, the cheapest time to fly to Dubai is in April.

When should people avoid visiting Dubai?

July and August are the two months that experience the highest temperatures. The average daytime temperature is about 41ºC with a minimum of 30ºC at night. Due to the hot weather, most people avoid visiting Dubai in July and August.

Does Dubai get cheap in February?

November, early December, and February are the most recommended months to visit Dubai. Try to avoid holidays and occasions like Christmas or New Year because the prices are highest at such times.

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