Painting success on the walls of the Dubai Women’s Museum

Dubai Women’s Museum

Gashing yet powering through the screens of society, women have nurtured everything from homes to workplaces. Women in the UAE have grown and summoned revolutionary and global augmentation over the last five decades. Paying a humble tribute to UAE women, the Women’s Museum Dubai has been contrived amidst the Gold Souk. Celebrating the contribution that women give to multiple industries, including culture, academics, art and business, the Dubai women’s museum documents and portrays the literal serenade of the same. 

Bowing down to the Emirati women, let’s step into the Women’s Museum Dubai, marking their noticeable achievements throughout history: 

women's museum dubai

Spotlighting the glorious female influencers, the motive of constructing the museum focuses on underlining the multifaceted roles that a woman plays every day. Located in one of the history buffs from the 1950s, the museum is named after “The Girls” House, which translates to Bait at Banat. Officially inveterate by the ruler of Dubai, Rashid Al Maktoum, at the end of 2012, Dubai Women’s Museum marks much more than a nuclear dedication to a gender. 

Illustrating the female contributors who played a major role in creating the enriching history of UAE and would continue to inspire the upcoming generations of multiple regions. 

It is interesting to observe that the museum paints a rather detailed picture of women over the years. The ones who contributed to the society, the ones who brought change, pinned and made impeccable histories. Diving into the various sections of the Dubai Women’s Museum that metaphorically portrays the various roles a woman plays. 

Exhibits in the Women’s Museum Dubai

  • Bait Al Banat Gallery 1:

This particular gallery holds exhibitions celebrating female artists and their creations worldwide. From emerging artists to well-established artists, this gallery embraces the work of all. 

  • Bait Al Banat Gallery 2:

Sheikh Zayed Empowering Women

This gallery serves as the metaphorical courtyard for galleries, art organisations, museums, and artists worldwide. 

Established by the minister of higher education and scientific research and his highness, Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the “Sheikh Zayed Empowering Women” calls for a constant pin in an extravagant exhibition like so. This also celebrates the contributions of his highness. 

According to Professor Rafia Ghubash, the gallery encompasses:

    • The first section of the exhibit highlights the quotations by H.H Sheikh Zayed and his notion of women’s empowerment. 
    • A section dedicated to the festivals and events of women. Photographs and videos of the same have communicated this. 
    • Another section talks about the artwork by Jamal Abdul Rahim, which is combined with variant handicraft prints by H.H Sheikh Zayed.
  • Diwan Ousha Bint Khalifa Al Suwidi Room:

“The girl of Arabs” or the famed poetess Ousha Bint spins the literal legacy in an artistic format displayed in the museum. The museum Communicates the story of this notable Nabati practitioner in UAE visually and sonically. The exhibition connects the dots between the accomplishments made by the poetess and the history of Ousha. 

Dubai women's museum

  • Women’s Studies Centre:

The Studies Centre of women is located on the second floor of the museum building. It is a section that documents the archives for the UAE Women and their work in the Arab World. Enabling worldwide documentation, the database and the library are now being added to this particular museum section. 

  • Fatima Bint Al Zeina Children’s Corner:

Educating children inside her home in the Gold Souq region, Fatima Bint Al Zeina marked a noticeable change in the history of UAE women. Rising amongst the final generation of the Quranic teachers in the schools of Dubai, the museum acknowledges her work in the education sector. Many of her students are being famed for their works. This list includes Bilal Al-Bodour, the deputy minister of culture and Dr Rafia Ghubash, the professor of psychiatry. This particular part of the museum engages the young interested in studying art and heritage. 

  • Um Al Duwais Perfume and Gift Shop:

Being an essential part of the Emirati culture in UAE, the perfume shops in Dubai Women’s Museum offer a wide range of scents and perfumes. Made from high-end scents, oils from traditional spices, and locally created scents and perfumes can be purchased from this shop. 

Miscellaneous Information

Exhibits in the Women’s Museum Dubai

The entry fee of the Dubai Women’s Museum are as follows: 

  • Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Entry Fee: AED 20 per person.

For further information, you can contact the museum authorities at +971-4-234-2342. 


Paying a salutation to the women of Dubai, UAE established the Women’s Museum Dubai. Exhibiting the works of Emirati women in the genres of art, social work and education, the museum pins the best of them on the screens and walls of the gallery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to tour the entire museum?

The tour of the Women’s Museum in Dubai would take around sixty to ninety minutes. In this duration, you will be able to take a tour of the entire museum, witnessing the enthralling endeavours of Emirati women.

Location of Dubai Women’s Museum?

The museum is located on the Gold Souk Deira, next to the fish market. Almost 550m away from the Al Ras Metro Station, and with the Gold Souk bus stop in the vicinity, the museum is located on one of the prime spots in Dubai.

When was Dubai Women’s Museum opened?

The Vice president, the prime minister, and the UAE ruler established the museum on December 6th, 2012. H.H Sheikh Mohammad was further accompanied by the crowned prince of Dubai, H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

What are the working hours of the Dubai Women’s Museum?

The operational timings of the museum are from Saturday to Thursday (from 10 am to 7 pm).

What is the cost of the tickets to the Women’s Museum?

A ticket to the Women’s Museum costs around 20 dirhams.

How much time does it take to see the Women’s Museum?

The complete tour of the museum will consume around sixty to ninety minutes. Taking notice of all the intriguing artefacts and exhibits on display would consume ample time.

Does the museum have a gift shop?

Endorsing the worldwide known scents and perfumes of UAE, Um Al Duwais Perfume and Gift shop displays a variety of scents from the Emirates. These scents are curated from the local spices and scents and are used widely by Emirati women.

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