Dubai Hills Mall : Experience Luxury, Cuisines and Adventures

best attractions of dubai hill mall

Do you know what excites them most about Dubai? One of the astonishing malls offers an exclusive experience for each of us. Whether you are fond of some adventure or habitual shopping over budget, everyone loves Dubai shopping malls. Dubai Hills Mall was launched in 2017 and opening date was in February 2022 and since its commencement, it has shown excellent service to all its visitors. This is counted as one of the tourist attractions of Dubai as it is the largest mall in Dubai. The mall has never gone off duty because people love to visit there and make the most of it.  

To comprehend better, the mall is  2,000,000 sq ft square feet of campus that accommodates almost 750 brand stores and food courts, and an infinite range of entertainment segments. It is like a wanderlust where everything seems so incredible that you forget the lane you took to walk and reach your destination inside. Hence, it is advisable always to operate the map of the Dubai Hills Mall with a mobile app and learn all about it throughout your visit. 

Short Introduction to the Dubai Hills Mall 

Short Introduction to the Dubai Hills Mall

Over 80 million people are thoroughly interested in navigating the mega Dubai Hills Mall’s shopping centres and attractive elements. You will find the most lavishing clothing and jewel collections inside the mall. The flooring is white marble which enhances the entire look of a classic interior. The major highlight that catches everyone’s eyes is the giant chandeliers that make it exquisite. The design gives an authentic seven-star vibe where you see some personalised stores, chauffeur-driven buggies, and some royal eateries.

Including this, there are 80 high-end boutiques of Gucci, Cartier, Dior, and flagship shops of Saint Laurent and Rolex. Another is the area of footwear lovers. If you love having different pairs of designer sneakers & heels, grab them from the outlets of Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and a million more stores inside the mall. 

  • What Could the Shops Offer in the Dubai Hills Mall?

Shops Offer in the Dubai Hills Mall

This is not it; this marketplace also offers the visitors to shop from high-street tags such as Mango, Zara, Ralph Lauren on the ground floor. Dubai Hills mall has been a plus point for the residents who have the most desirable weekend one could ever have. 

The game zoners can have the latest world-class gadgets on the second floor. You can find them in departmental stores if you love to decorate your kitchen with a few quirky utensils. 

  • Classic Cafeterias to enjoy in Dubai Hills Mall

Classic Cafeterias to enjoy in Dubai Hills Mall

And after all the tours, you must be hungry and want to gain energy from the sugar and caramel. For this, you may go to the amazing chocolate shop on the basement floor, where cookies, macarons, caramels wait for you to delight and enthuse you. 

What if you can have the most stress releasing coffee with a creamy piece of cake under the shelter at Hummingbird or throw a treat to your friends in a vintage style for an afternoon lunch at Cafe Bateel? Sound’s perfect, and so would be the reality.

For gym-freaks, you can have the vibrant Levantine salads at Wafi Gourmet with the fountain at the centre of the arena. The indoor waterfall is another attraction you can enjoy with an ultra-classic experience of nostalgia at Cereal Killer Cafe, with an approximately 120 breakfast menu list. Sweet tooths is again a charm where you may walk in to have an array of chocolates and candies, which is the best globally.

  • The Soundest Activity to Look For

The Soundest Activity to Look For

    • Dubai Hills Mall is highly known for providing the only theme park designed amazingly roller coaster rides, the climbing walls, and a lot more. Thrilling and interesting, isn’t it? 
    • The mall even offers young teens to try wall climbing where they care with full security of the kids.
    • The visitors can also avail the service of Roxy Cinema theatres inside the Mall where all the blockbusters range is available.

This would be a true adventurous and entertaining vacation time with friends and family with the new freshly commenced Dubai Hills Mall offering.

Ways to Reach the Dubai Hills Mall Location

  • The best way to commute to the Dubai Hills Mall is the nearest metro station, First Abu Dhabi Bank.
  • Additionally, you can take the assistance of Careem Service too. Book a cab that can directly reach the malls’ gateway. 
  • Local residents may park their vehicles inside the campus parking area which is quite spacious.
  • This Dubai Hills Mall app also provides a map to reach the venue conveniently.


Tips to Get the Best Experience of Life Inside the Mall

  • Bargain at Your Best: If you love sales, the mall can give you bargain priced stuff for a whole month of Ramandan as there are products at discounted price tags on almost each product.
  •  Follow the Dress Code:  Try to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. 
  • Adhere to the Ramadan Rules: At the time of the holy month of Ramadan, there is no drinking and eating allowed inside the ambience. Most of the cafeterias and food courts will be shut till dusk. But for typical pangs of hunger, you may run towards the food court on the second floor, which keeps running.
  • Navigate through App: The mall is so large that even the visitors could forget and get confused about which lane to take. Therefore, it would be best to have an app on your mobile that can help you navigate the places better. You may promptly reach your desired spot without much hustle through the Dubai Hills Mall Mobile App. 

End Thoughts

Dubai Hills Mall is popular around the entire globe, which makes it a “must-to-visit” destination. It is advisable for people who like exploring the spots in Dubai. As aforementioned, the mall is so vast that you cannot let yourself grab it all at once. You may need a whole day with a full focus and energy to roam around and explore the essence of the arena it is so known for. Incredibly, the campus can accommodate all the nearby residential walk-ins within the coverage. So, you can now imagine that the place is genuinely large and lavish and exciting in a literal manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of Dubai Hills Mall?

The Dubai Hills Mall is owned by Emaar Properties, Emaar Malls.

Who designed the Dubai Hills Mall interior?

Callison RTKL does the architecture of Dubai’s largest mall. It includes a championship gold, a shopping mall, bicycle routes, a landscape, a play space, and educational institutes.

Is investing in Dubai Hills Mall worthy?

Dubai Hills Mall has been breaking records since it commenced visitors. The mall does not end with stores and cafeterias but is also flooded with fun areas. Including this, the campus also provides sleeping areas for people who want to relax after a long tour. It is among the best holiday destinations in Dubai.

Does Dubai Hills Mall possess a gym?

Yes, there is nothing that Dubai hills mall does not offer. Hence, you can find some luxurious gyms, health clubs, and spas inside the residents' ambience near the mall.

What was the Dubai Hills Mall’s opening date?

The most awaited project Dubai Hills Mall opening date was February 17, 2022.

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