Know The Top Government Hospitals in Dubai

Know the Top Government Hospitals in Dubai

Dubai, a world-renowned urban city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), isn’t just famous for its spectacular skyline or luxurious lifestyle. Here, hidden amidst the city’s high-spirited streets, lies a healthcare system with top-tier government hospitals at its core. These government hospitals exemplify medical brilliance and world-class healthcare services for residents and visitors alike. But what truly sets these hospitals apart? It is their commitment to your well-being. From routine check-ups to complex surgeries, they are not merely institutions but partners in your health. This dedication knows no bounds. It reaches out to residents and non-residents, guaranteeing that anyone looking for assistance will receive the best treatment. The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has consistently implemented effective strategies to provide high-quality healthcare services in line with global benchmarks. In Dubai, government hospitals serve as a testament to the ministry’s dedication to achieving excellence in the healthcare field. 

Government Hospitals in Dubai

Look at the finest government hospitals in Dubai, where the utmost focus is on delivering exceptional healthcare services to residents and non-residents. The medical professionals in these hospitals hold a DHA license, guaranteeing they have the skills and qualifications to treat patients. Below is a detailed list of government hospitals in Dubai where people can find the most suitable option; each is known for its excellent services, advanced facilities, and highly qualified staff, reflecting the Ministry’s substantial efforts in delivering top-notch healthcare.

  • Dubai Hospital

Operational since 1983 in Deira, Dubai Hospital has gained recognition as one of Dubai’s top government hospitals, renowned for its exceptional healthcare services. With 610 beds, including 424 inpatient beds and 186 daycare services, the hospital ensures everyone can access top-notch medical care. Boasting over 26 medical and surgical specialisations and numerous sub-specialisations, Dubai Hospital has the latest critical care units to cater to even the most complex cases.

    • Location: 222 Al Khaleej Street, Deira
    • Timings: 24/7
    • Contact: +971-4-219-5000
  • Rashid Hospital

Rashid Hospital in Dubai

Since 1973, Rashid Hospital has been serving as Dubai’s primary government hospital for emergencies. The hospital has an outstanding capacity of 762 beds and is outfitted with advanced intensive care units and surgical rooms, assuring the greatest specialised treatment. Providing both inpatient and outpatient services, Rashid Hospital is capable of accommodating up to 68 emergency patients simultaneously. The hospital collaborates with regulatory bodies, institutions, insurance companies, and manufacturers to foster innovation and develop sustainable strategies.

    • Location: Umm Hurair II
    • Timings: 24/7
    • Contact: +971-4-291-2000
  • Al Kuwait Hospital / Al Baraha Hospital  

Originally named Al Baraha Hospital, Kuwait Hospital was founded in 1996 by Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the previous leader of Dubai. This healthcare infrastructure has gained recognition for its extensive medical services and patient-focused approach. Its commitment to exceptional care is evident in its ability to address diverse medical requirements, offering specialised treatments across various disciplines. The hospital’s wide range of services demonstrates its enduring commitment to delivering outstanding cardiology, orthopaedics, or general medicine healthcare.

    • Location: Khaleej Al Arabi, Al Baraha, Deira
    • Timings: Monday-Friday, 07:30 am to 07:30 pm (Closed over the weekend)
    • Contact: +971-4-271-0000
  • Al Maktoum Hospital Dubai

Al Maktoum Hospital, a prominent government healthcare facility in Dubai, has been providing medical services since the 1950s, marking it as the inaugural hospital in the UAE. Originally housed in a single structure with restricted rooms, the hospital has since transferred most of its departments to Rashid Hospital to better cater to patients’ needs and ensure their utmost comfort and care. As a result, Al Maktoum Hospital now specialises in offering primary healthcare services throughout Dubai.

    • Location: Al Maktoum Hospital Road, Deira
    • Contact: +971 4 2221211

Government Hospitals Catering Women and Children in Dubai:

Besides the top hospitals in Dubai, there are specialised government hospitals that specifically cater to the healthcare requirements of women and children. Prenatal care, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatric care, neonatal intensive care, and specialised therapies for various women’s health conditions and children’s illnesses can all be accessible at these hospitals.

  • Latifa Women and Children’s Hospital

Latifa Women and Children's Hospital in dubai

Latifa Hospital is one of Dubai’s oldest and first hospitals dedicated to women and children. It is one of Dubai’s major maternity and paediatric healthcare providers. The medical institute, formerly Al Wasl Hospital, features well-equipped paediatric surgical rooms and neonatal critical care facilities. With 344 beds, the hospital offers specialised departments in obstetrics, pediatric surgery, gynaecology, and neonatology. In addition to these services, the hospital also houses rehabilitation centres, radiology departments, and a fully equipped pharmacy. Recognising the hospital’s commitment to providing top-notch healthcare, UNICEF honoured it with the prestigious designation of a ‘Baby-Friendly’ hospital in 2011.

    • Location: Oud Mehta Road, Al Jaddaf
    • Timings: 24/7
    • Contact: +971-4-219-3000
  • Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital

Al Jalila is situated in Al Jaddaf and is an exceptional hospital in Dubai that focuses solely on the welfare of children. With an exceptional team of top-notch doctors and medical professionals, it caters to various health concerns related to adolescents and youngsters. Whether you require a brief health checkup or assistance with a specific illness, your child may be facing, this hospital has got you covered. Additionally, this hospital offers various diagnostic services, including pathological tests, X-rays, and CT scans.

    • Location: Al Jaddaf
    • Timings: 24/7
    • Contact: +971-4-281-1000

Government-Run Psychiatric Hospital in Dubai

In Dubai, there are several medical facilities available for individuals who are mentally ill. They provide the greatest healthcare services in town. A hospital is dedicated to its special requirements and sensitivities.

  •  Al-Amal Psychiatric Hospital

Al Amal Hospital offers treatment plans catering to every patient’s unique needs. As one of Dubai’s premier psychiatric hospitals, Al Amal offers innovative therapies that are both advanced and highly effective. Moreover, these treatments are accessible to all, as the hospital is committed to providing affordable care.

    • Location: Al Aweer, Dubai
    • Timings: 07:30 am – 02:30 pm (closed on the weekends)
    • Contact: +971-4-519-2500

24 Hours Emergency Hospitals & Clinics in Dubai

  • Al Barsha Health Center

The Al Barsha Health Centre has begun offering 24-hour services to patients. Its goal is to deliver advanced outpatient treatments. It is a specialised medical clinic offering attentive, cost-effective, high-quality health care.

    • Location: Al Barsha 3, Dubai
    • Timings: 24 Hours
    • Contact: +971 4 5023300
  • Nad Al Hamar Health Center 

Nad Al Hamar Health Center 

Nad Al Hamar Health Center is a multi-speciality clinic under the expert management of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

    • Location: Near Emarat Petrol Station, Nad Al Hamar
    • Timings: 24 Hours
    • Contact: +971 800 60

Hospitals with Different Operating Hours

Other hospitals in other regions of Dubai, such as Al Safa, Nad Al Sheba, and Al Mamzar, are open six days a week with different operating hours: 

  • Al Safa Health Center

Al Safa Health Center is dedicated to meeting the growing need for exceptional healthcare in Al Safa by providing individualised, affordable, and comprehensive medical services that prioritise quality.

    • Location: Al Safa, Al Wasl
    • Contact: 04 5021401
  • Al Badaa Health Center

Al Badaa Health Center offers various medical services to the Al Badaa neighbourhood, including consultations, treatments, and preventative care.

    • Location: Al Badaa Health Center, Jumeirah, Al Satwa
    • Timings: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am- 9:30 pm
        • Saturday- 8:00 am- 1:00 pm
                          Sunday- 7:30 am- 9:30 pm
                          (Closed on Friday)
    • Contact: +971 800 342

  • Al Towar Health Center

Al Towar Health Center in Dubai

At this clinic, patients with specific medical conditions or those needing a special dietary regime can receive an evaluation of their dietary needs and personalised advice. 

    • Location: Al Nahda Road, Towar 1
    • Timings:  Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • Friday: 7:30 am–12 pm
        • (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
    • Contact:  +971 800 342
  • Nad Al Sheba Health Center

Residents can rely on Nad Al Sheba Health Center for top-quality healthcare services. With a team of skilled specialists, advanced facilities, and caring support staff, personalised and internationally-recognized healthcare is conveniently accessible in their neighbourhood.

    • Location: Close to Etisalat NSH Exchange, Nad Al Sheba
    • Timings: Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • Friday: 7:30 am–12 pm
        • (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
    • Contact: +971 42198888
  • Al Mizhar Health Center

Al Mizhar Health Center is a multi-speciality clinic at Al Mizhar 1, Dubai.

    • Location: Next to Princess Haya Centre, Al Mizhar 1
    • Timings:  Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • Friday: 7:30 am–12 pm
        • Sunday: 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • (Closed on Saturday)
    • Contact:  +971 45022602

  • Al Mamzar Health Center

The Al Mamzar Health Center in Dubai offers healthcare services to the Al Mamzar neighbourhood, such as consultations, kid vaccinations, and other treatments.

    • Location: Cairo St, Al Mamzar – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Timings:  Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • Friday:   7:30 am–12 pm
        • Sunday: 7:30 am- 10:00 pm
        • (Closed on Saturday and Sunday)
    • Contact:  +971 800 342

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hospital in Dubai

To ensure you receive top-notch healthcare services, it is important to consider the factors listed below when choosing a hospital in Dubai. This way, you can make a well-informed decision.

    • Analyse the hospital’s reputation, review patient feedback, and evaluate its proficiency and areas of specialisation.
    • In case of an emergency, choose a hospital that is conveniently located near your home or workplace.
    • Check if the hospital you see offers the medical services you want, including specialised treatments if necessary.
    • Verify if acclaimed healthcare institutions have endorsed the hospital to ensure quality and security.
    • Confirm whether your health insurance covers treatment costs at the chosen hospital to avoid unexpected charges.
    • Have prior knowledge about the visiting hours and restrictions of the hospital, especially if you expect relatives or friends to visit you.

Experience of Patients in Government Hospitals in Dubai

Government Hospitals in Dubai

Positive patient experiences and exceptional healthcare services are a testament to the government hospitals in Dubai. These medical facilities prioritise patient-centric approaches, delivering efficient services and compassionate care. Patients are welcomed with a positive attitude that respects and caters to diverse backgrounds, offering streamlined registration processes and multilingual support. By leveraging innovative technology, these public hospitals offer user-friendly scheduling options and informative study materials. Their commitment to professionalism and compassion guarantees that every patient’s experience is marked by exceptional care, aligning with the city’s status as a world-class healthcare infrastructure.

Insurance & Billing

Residents and visitors to these hospitals need to have a clear understanding of their insurance coverage. This ensures that their health insurance plan covers any additional expenses during treatment. Additionally, the billing procedures in the free government hospitals in Dubai are transparent, informing patients about any non-medical charges that may be applicable. This commitment to accessible, high-quality medical care creates a comprehensive, hassle-free patient healthcare experience.

To Sum Up

Government hospitals in Dubai have a significant impact on the healthcare sector. These medical centres or hospitals, part of the wider network of DHA hospitals in Dubai, are known for providing accessible and high-quality medical services. Equipped with advanced facilities and staffed by skilled healthcare professionals, these hospitals prioritise the needs of patients, whether they are residents or visitors. The city’s dedication to delivering complete medical care while prioritising well-being and customer satisfaction showcases its ongoing attempt to position itself as a prominent worldwide healthcare hub that seamlessly combines exceptional quality with easy accessibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I schedule appointments at Dubai's government hospitals?

Appointments at Dubai's government hospitals can be made using the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) App. It will give you access to several healthcare services and information. You can also call the hospitals directly or visit their official websites to schedule an appointment with a doctor at any hospital.

What are the top government hospitals in Dubai for vaccinations?

Consider vaccinating at Al Mankhool Health Centre or Al Barsha Health Center.

Is emergency healthcare in Dubai free of charge?

Public hospitals in Dubai provide free healthcare services to citizens of the UAE. However, expatriates have the option to get health insurance, which covers expenses such as doctor's consultations, treatments, and medication costs.

Which government hospitals in Dubai are free?

In Dubai, all government hospitals, including Al Kuwait Hospital and Rashid Hospital, provide free emergency care.

Which Dubai hospitals offer dental care under government management?

Dubai Dental Hospital and Al Badaa Health Center are two of Dubai's leading government hospitals/centres for dental care.

What maternity packages are considered the finest in Dubai?

Pregnant women can benefit from the maternity packages offered at government hospitals in Dubai. Latifa Maternity and Paediatric Hospital provides the following services: AED 12000-Standard Delivery Package AED 20,000-Caesarean Delivery Package AED 17,00-Antenatal Package

Are government hospitals in Dubai free for tourists?

Medical services at government hospitals in Dubai are not free for tourists. However, the fees can differ depending on the type of care and treatment required. It is recommended for travellers to have travel insurance that includes healthcare costs or to inquire about the fee system and policies for non-residents directly from the hospital.

Which hospital is recommended for expatriates in Dubai?

Latifa Hospital, Dubai Hospital, and Rashid Hospital are exceptional hospitals with top-of-the-line amenities. Expatriates are particularly well-served by these hospitals, as they offer a wide range of medical services, the latest medical technology, and highly skilled doctors.

Are there specialised hospitals for women and children in Dubai?

Latifa Women and Children's Hospital and Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital offer advanced healthcare services for women and children in Dubai

How can I receive medical care in Dubai without insurance?

Individuals in Dubai without insurance can access medical treatments by covering the costs directly. Both government hospitals and private clinics provide services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What are the visiting hours and protocols for government hospitals in Dubai?

The visiting hours and protocols for government hospitals in Dubai vary from hospital to hospital. Generally, the time is 7:30 am to 10:00 pm, and some public hospitals are open 24/7.

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