Here’s your guide to choosing the perfect staying option during your trip to Dubai!

trip to Dubai

Who doesn’t love to get an opportunity to go on a Dubai trip, but the first thing that crosses our mind is the best place to stay which makes the whole stay an easy one. Sometimes it is really hard to finalize the best suitable spot but with proper research and information, things could be easier. 

Dubai travellers often face a conundrum while landing in the Emirate. As any Dubai trip guide will tell you, finding the best place to stay is really important before everything else. Dubai is the foremost tourism hub in the entire Middle East and is a massive city with a 3-million strong (and counting!) population taking up a sizable zone of 4,114 square kilometres. To get the drift, a major city such as Madrid, for instance, is 7 times smaller than the Emirate of Dubai although it has roughly the same population.

Dubai is incredibly spacious and there are major distances between any two locations or points. It is not as walkable a city and some neighbourhoods may appear to be initially close to one another. However, they are still separated by quite a few kilometres. The various areas and districts of Dubai are hugely different with varying activities, price points, and attractions.

Any Dubai trip guide will tell you about the importance of thorough research and analysis prior to choosing the best area to stay in the city. Dubai travellers who wish to stay near the Marina beachfront, the biggest tourist hub, should consider their budgets. If they are on lower budgets, choosing to stay in the Old City of Dubai may be a wise move.

However, they should be careful that traveling to the Marina from the Old City is a journey spanning at least 30 kilometres! A metro ride will cover almost a couple of hours and taxis will charge a hefty fare. Hence, choosing your location is vital for truly enjoying your stay in Dubai.

Here are some of the best locations to stay for Dubai travellers.

JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) and The Marina

Dubai Travel

The comparatively newer locality of JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) and the Dubai Marina is one of the most cosmopolitan zones in the Emirate of Dubai. It is perhaps one of the sole remaining parts of the new zones in Dubai which remain walkable. Several experts are of the opinion that JBR offers everything from the gorgeous beach and skyscrapers to the lovely promenade while the Marina covers almost everything behind these landmarks including the pristine canal and Dubai’s tallest buildings. This area is hugely popular with ex-pats from Europe and other countries and has ample restaurants, bars, and a lot more. The restrictions are less stringent as well.

This zone is the hub of all activity in the Emirate, majorly due to the eateries, the beachfront, and the shimmering canal with the glistening skyscrapers in the background. The metro is also readily accessible from this locality. However, remember that if shopping in Dubai is your major objective, the Dubai Marina will not offer fantastic options although the Mall of the Emirates can be accessed within only 7 kilometers. The area is also costly and rentals can be usually on the higher side. It is also far away from Downtown Dubai which is home to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, approximately 23 kilometers away and the Deira (30 kilometers) and Old City areas are also far away.

Al Barsha

Jumeirah Beach Residence

This neighborhood is highly convenient for tourists in Dubai. Dubai trip travellers will love the Mall of the Emirates, the Emirate’s second-most popular mall, which is located here. They will love viewing the Ski Resort and the area is home to a large number of ex-pats, primarily due to its easy connectivity to the metro network. It is near both Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Marina and you can expect comparatively affordable rentals as well. However, tourists will find everything they require, including several outlets, local restaurants offering numerous cuisines, and a lot more. Al Barsha is ideal for people who wish to stay near Dubai’s top landmarks without pinching their pockets heavily. There are several good bars and nightlife options available too. However, it is still a little far from the major Dubai landmarks.

Downtown Dubai

Al Barsha

Downtown Dubai is also regarded as one of the top areas to reside in the Emirate. It has some of the tallest skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa and the most luxurious stores along with premier boulevards and top nightclubs and fine dining destinations galore. You can venture to the top of the Burj Khalifa and shop at the biggest mall in the whole world and also view the sizzling Dubai Fountain. The area is the costliest in all of Dubai although some accommodation options are quite cost-effective. You can remain in close proximity to major landmarks in Dubai along with the most exclusive joints in town. The Old City is not that far away although if you are on a budget, then think twice. If you are inclined towards staying near the beach at Dubai Marina (23 kilometers away), then Downtown Dubai may not work for you.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is located in the very center of the Old City of the Emirate. You will love the fascinating ambiance with the actual bazaars, narrow lanes, and historical architecture. Bur Dubai is the true taste of the Emirate, a place that has seen several centuries’ worth of inhabitants and evolved rapidly over time. It is majorly inhabited by locals and you can experience the traditional culture wonderfully here. Bur Dubai is also known for its comparatively cheaper accommodation rates along with the best restaurants. This is ideal if you are on a strict budget and are also interested in learning more about the traditional culture of Dubai and its historical evolution. You will however miss some plush bars and top restaurants since majorly local eateries are found here. The opulent landmarks of Dubai are also far away from the locality.


As a good Dubai travel guide will explain, Deira is another wonderfully budget-friendly destination in the Emirate. It is almost like an extension of the Dubai Old City or the Bur Dubai locality although slightly more contemporary in its ways. It has the biggest Souq in all of Dubai, which testifies to its traditional leanings while it is also home to a flourishing business district, the first-ever such business hub established in the entire Emirate. There is a distinct vibe throughout Deira and you will find several attractive stores and areas which are quite walkable without a doubt. Deira is steadily being modernized in recent times with better amenities and infrastructure alike. If you are on a tighter budget and wish to reside near the Dubai International Airport, this is a great place to choose. This is a good option for those who want some contemporary landmarks, bars and pubs, and top restaurants as compared to Bur Dubai. However, being near the airport has one disadvantage, i.e. Deira is quite far from several other destinations in Dubai including the top beaches and other monuments. However, metro connectivity is a major plus point.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm or Palm Jumeirah is one of the top landmarks in the Emirate of Dubai. This is an island shaped like a beautiful palm and is linked to the mainland in the Emirate. It is truly massive, covering innumerable kilometers to the island’s edge where you will chance upon one of the city’s most premier hotels, namely the Atlantis. It is an exact replica of a hotel by the same brand in the Bahamas.

Palm Jumeirah is your best bet for enjoying the actual luxury and the best possible amenities and infrastructure. However, remember that reasonably priced accommodation is rarely available in this neighborhood. At the same time, your activities will majorly encompass the beach and your own luxury hotel. The connectivity quotient is not very strong.

You should check out these destinations before choosing a place to stay in Dubai. Keep your budget and preferences in mind before zeroing in on any neighborhood. Here’s to a happy Dubai trip!

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