12 Greatest Real Estate Marvels in Dubai

12 Greatest Real Estate Marvels in Dubai

Looking for the perfect Dubai guide to explore the city of gold? Dubai is known for its real estate and architectural splendour. In fact, if you look at Dubai now, you won’t be able to tell that once upon a time, the city was just a quaint fishing village. Its transformation, since the discovery of oil in the 60s, reflects in its opulent, innovative, and towering structures of today.

So, if you are planning to visit Dubai soon, in this article, discover the city’s 12 architectural and real estate masterpieces you would not want to miss. Also, check out our Dubai FAQs to get all your questions answered.     

12 Architectural and Real Estate Masterpieces: A Dubai Guide

You can never get lost in Dubai, Personifying almost all superlatives, the city of Dubai is thronged with global landmarks that not only include the only 7-star hotel in the world, but the world’s tallest building, biggest shopping mall, and largest fountain. let’s look at some of the grandest structures you can feast your eyes on in Dubai.

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower

Completed in 2013, the highlight of Cayan Tower is not just its luxurious apartments but its unique and rotating helical design. With 73 floors in total, it goes up to a whopping 1,005 feet or 307 meters in which each floor rotates at 1.2 degrees clockwise to the floor beneath.

The Cayan Tower turns for approximately 90 degrees throughout the day. This twisting architecture not just offers aesthetic extravagance but safeguards the interiors from direct sunlight while lowering the structural impact of winds simultaneously.

The architecture firm behind this path-breaking building is Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) who also came up with the iconic design of Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Guide about the tallest building. The entire Middle East, and the world, Burg Khalifa opened in 2010 and replaced Taipei 101 from first place in the list of the world’s tallest buildings.

With a massive height of 2,716 feet or 828 meters, the monumental skyscraper contains the longest elevator ride and the highest observation deck in the world.

Vertical and impeccably polished fins made of stainless steel were further added to construct a new dimension to the imposing structure while integrating some facets of Islamic design as well.

The building makes use of natural air conditioning and captures cooler air at the topmost level, circulating it throughout the building.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

If you are interested in the authentic architectural styles of Dubai, list Jumeirah Mosque in your Dubai guide. Established in 1979, the mosque draws inspiration from the Emirate’s past and showcases the ancient Fatimid tradition of architecture.

It is mostly connected to medieval designs in Islamic Egypt as well. The mosque is crafted with beautiful white stones that look splendid during sunset. Accommodating 1500 worshippers, the mosque boasts of two minarets framing the magnificent dome at the center.

It is one of the few mosques in the entire UAE that allow non-Muslims to explore the interiors. The Jumeirah Mosque is highly revered in Dubai, and it finds a place in the 500 Dirham note as well.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Another real estate feat in Dubai, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers were officially unveiled in the year 2000. The entire building complex comprises two towers – The Emirates Tower and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The Boulevard, a two-story retail complex, connects the two towers.

While the Emirates Towers (355 meters or 1,163 feet) is a corporate building with 54 floors, the luxurious Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel (309 meters or 1,014 feet) constitutes 400 premium rooms and 56 floors.        

Both buildings have appealing spires and signature equilateral triangles. They also have aluminum panels in silver along with copper reflective glass panels, leading to stunning light interplays throughout the facades.

Designed by lead architect Hazel Wong, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers remained the tallest buildings in Dubai and the tallest towers to have ever been built by a woman for a significant time.

WAFI Mall Complex

WAFI Mall Complex

The WAFI Mall Complex was opened in 1991. Its design primarily draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian architectural styles with other influences linked to a 14th-century Souk in Baghdad.

The central area seems like a massive pyramid with several other buildings having similar pyramid toppings. Other Kemetic design elements include dogs colored in sandstone along with statues of Egyptian pharaohs. Hieroglyphics adorn several columns of the mall as well.

Apart from 250 stores, the WAFI Mall Complex also has a luxury hotel, a spa, restaurants, and several residences.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera

After its grand opening in 2016, the Dubai Opera dazzled the world with its stunning architecture. It’s dhow-shaped building not only exudes contemporary style but is a reminiscing tribute to the city’s maritime history.   

The gall walls of the building enable visitors to witness its superb interiors and promenade lighting. Its malleable structure, designed by Atkins and Janus Rostock, gives it the transformative power to turn into not just a concert hall and a theatre but a flat-floored area for diverse events.

With a seating capacity of 2,000 people, the Dubai Opera has hosted several iconic performances to date, including Othello and Phantom of the Opera and the screening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most iconic architectures in the world and a must-see.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Towers

These twin towers have the same height and design, opening between 2012-13. Both towers have an elevation of 1,166 feet or 355 meters and have 804 hotel rooms and 14 elevators.

Archgroup Consultants was the leading firm behind the execution of this project, and the tree-esque design signified date palms which are major Arabian cultural elements.

The towers are symmetrically constructed on a podium with seven stories. This enables even the lower floors to have stunning sea and city views alike. The project was once known as the world’s tallest hotel upon completion. However, it has now been surpassed by the Gevora Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Another astounding architectural landmark in Dubai guide is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Established in 1997, it created a huge stir upon its launch. Even two decades down the line, the bold design still makes headlines.

It has a horizontal façade and is quite tall at 104 meters or 341 feet. It was one of Dubai’s tallest buildings earlier, although 100+ structures have already surpassed it ever since.

The design is another memorable creation by Atkins, the people who designed the Dubai Opera.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

This memorable tourist landmark, as mentioned in every Dubai guide collateral, was opened in 2005 and is a one-of-a-kind ski resort at the very center of the desert! 

This is built over the well-known Mall of the Emirates and the indoor Ski Dubai arena gives you the opportunity to have a fun ride on snow-laden slopes.

The exterior has a special design slant which is quite attractive while the mountain inside goes up to 279 feet or 85 meters. There are five ski runs in total and they are taken care of by tow and chairlift while there are tobogganing and sledding zones too.

The building is suitably insulated, and the temperature remains 2 degrees Celsius or 28 degrees Fahrenheit for skiing purposes. The temperatures are also -6 degrees Celsius or 21 degrees Fahrenheit while snow is being made.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Khalifa

The only 7-star hotel worldwide, Burj Al Arab, was inaugurated in 1999 and was designed by the award-winning Atkins again. The building is a real estate marvel unlike any other structure in Dubai!

The mesmerizing sail design goes up to 1,053 feet or 321 meters. It is one of the most distinctive buildings in Dubai. The 18 storied atria are safeguarded from the scorching sun by a specially crafted screen made of glass fiber.

The material also has a Teflon coating for keeping any sand or dust from sticking to it in the long run. The building has a helipad on the roof for entry and exit as well.

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm

Opened in the year 2008, Atlantis, The Palm rapidly became synonymous with Dubai’s growth as a luxury tourism hub. The resort is quite like the sister resort in the Bahamas, although the Arabic design influences have been beautifully manifested as well.

WATG (Wimberley, Allison, Tong & Goo) has designed the stunning façade in coral pink, fusing the desert influences with the mythical Atlantis of yore and its ocean-themed magnificence. In fact, there are two ultra-luxurious underwater hotel suites on offer!

While an adjoining property is already on the blocks, you will be stunned to know that the resort lies on artificial islands of Palm Islands. These are completely man-made and spectacular to behold!

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world! Built-in 2008, it receives a whopping 80 million footfall every year.

DP Architects helmed the mammoth venture, integrating 1,200+ stores, the world’s biggest indoor aquarium, an ice-skating rink, 14,000+ vehicle parking provisions, and more attractions into the area.

The indoor waterfall is amazing, especially with the pearl diver statues. The Mall is also connected to the brand-new Dubai Mall Zabeel as an extension in 2019. The footbridge linking the two properties is fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort of visitors.

Wrapping Up

Dubai is not just a city of modern architecture but a destination where you see real estate and art coming together. It’s not just about the tallest, largest, or biggest but also comfort, luxury, and good living. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai soon, read this Dubai Guide. Get ready for a wholesome architectural and real estate experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other architectural splendors are there to explore in Dubai?

The five other wondrous Dubai architectures are the Dubai Miracle Garden, the otherworldly structure of The Opus, Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, Gevora Hotel (world’s tallest hotel), and the rainforests of the Green Planet.

What are the upcoming architectures in Dubai?

The upcoming Dubai architectures include Ain Dubai (world’s tallest observation wheel), Museum Of The Future, Burj Jumeirah, Dubai Creek Tower (the would-be tallest building worldwide) and Hubb Tennis Club.

Can you visit Dubai in 2021?

Yes. Dubai has been open for tour and travel since August 30, 2021. So, you can visit the city of gold anytime you want.

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