Industrial Design Ideas : Bring New York To Your Home in The Gulf

Industrial Design Ideas Bring New York To Your Home In The Gulf

Whether it’s exposed brick, raw wood, repurposed furnishings, rustic metal accents, or robust tapware- the key elements to a modern industrial design interior are creativity and a curious eye to transform the most utilitarian objects into statement architectural elements. Industrial home décor is laid-back and involves interesting architecture coupled with acoustics and open spaces. The best part about this décor style is that it adapts to many different types of houses and does not limit itself to New York loft dwellers alone.

The Industrial Chic Trend in the UAE

For some of the best ideas in industrial design, Boxpark Shopping Mall and Alserkal Avenue Art Centre offer timeless and elegant industrial interiors that add a layer of intrigue. To master the look of a New York-style loft, some furniture stores go beyond imagination and offer all the essentials needed to transform an average space into a well-designed paradise.

Luckily, the UAE has some of the best stores for an industrial interior design style that inspires and invites. Ikea and United Furniture are among a few names that host diverse collections of industrial design ideas. Their warehouse designs provide the same attention to detail and contemporary aesthetics of industrial décor.

Achieving Industrial Chic at Home

Achieving Industrial Chic at Home
Credits : Adria Workshop

The admirers of urban flair and loft-inspired homes are not just limited to Times Square and Central Park in New York but are found everywhere, including the UAE. Some of the quintessential aesthetic features of modern industrial design interior include high ceilings, large floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick walls, piping, and ventilator tubes, among others.

To add an industrial flair to your UAE home interior, here are some of the unique style elements of industrial design that you can incorporate to get an industrial aesthetic:

  • Concrete Or Wood Floors First

Exposed concrete, stone, or wooden floors have marked the foundation of an industrial home. The rough and barren flooring textures instantly infuse an urban chic and industrial design interior.

In addition to the rough stone, textured wooden flooring creates a cosmopolitan influence. Large planks of reclaimed or raw wood flooring are a great choice for a cosy industrial living room or a modern loft. You can pair the flooring with bright carpets to add visual interest and architectural drama.

  • Neutral Walls And Bare Architecture

Neutral Walls And Bare Architecture
Credits : Kadvacorp

Modern industrial décor gravitates toward the ubiquitous concrete walls to give the interiors a very rustic yet humble and natural feel. To create a utilitarian chic industrial interior design, keep the walls bare or maintain an exposed red brick wall. This unexpected use of concrete not only imparts modernism into your décor but is also practical and yields surprisingly diverse architectural results.

An unfinished look on the wall will set the right tone and create an overall appeal of a cosmopolitan New York-style apartment in your Gulf home. The exposed brick wall perfectly complements the monotone colour of the adjacent walls.

  • Create A Monochromatic Look With Accent Colours

Monochrome, masculine palettes have a timeless appeal and instantly set the tone for industrial home decor. Using a neutral colour scheme of deep brown, gunpowder, cool grey, terra cotta, or even cinnamon red is not only chic but also captivating in that it instantly adds a texture-rich dimension to any space.

You can display a vibrant personality in the room with textural contrasts through dual colour schemes or other furnishing details. Wooden flooring or antique furniture paired with well-coordinated upholstery is another creative solution to create a light ambience and add depth to your cosy industrial living room.

  • It’s Better to Have Less

Minimalism is a modern architectural movement and a key feature in industrial design ideas. In short, the openness of the floor plan, clean lines, and uncluttered, monochromatic, and bright interiors capture the essence of an industrial interior design style. Choose simple line furnishings, and use colour only for accent against a mostly monochrome background to create your very own soothing, inviting and aesthetic industrial home décor.

  • Kitchen Islands And Open-Plan Living Areas

Kitchen Islands And Open-Plan Living Areas
Credits : Trendir

A quintessential New York loft kitchen has a variety of design cues that can be incorporated into almost any kitchen space. One of the most obvious hallmarks of a New York loft kitchen is complete exposure, i.e. showcasing structural supports, exposed ductwork, or other building materials that usually hide behind the walls.  

Furthermore, kitchen islands and peninsulas are a big part of urban industrial décor. Pair it up with a bar stool at the counter. This adds convenience and optimization and creates a much sought-after modern industrial interior design look.

  • Decorate With Modern, Recyclable, Or Quirky Furniture

Off-beat, idiosyncratic furniture holds a high standard of style in industrial design interiors, so decorating your industrial living room with antiques can inevitably bring gravitas to your space.

Think of unconventional sculptures made of organic fabrics like wool, boucle, and other mindful, sustainable products. Statement furniture pieces like curved sofas, tall, oversized lamps, and large organic mirrors can become a focal point in the industrial design interior that acts as art and décor.

Another option is to use robust construction materials like gears, valves, hardware, or other mechanical devices and workpieces. These make for incredible furnishing opportunities in industrial décor.

  • Artwork on a Large Scale

A blank wall is a great design opportunity. Think big and use a sizable wall of the house by hanging a single, large-scale artwork instead of several mini paintings that don’t always make an impact. Instead, a powerful piece of art that matches the colour scheme of the rest of the décor is an impressive way to create proportion without disturbing the industrial design interior.

You can buy deep, glossy, vintage photos or paintings from several UAE stores at affordable prices and transform your humdrum home into a warm, artful space. These art pieces can also be a great conversation starter when you have company over.

  • Less Patterned Leather and Linens for Fabrics

Less Patterned Leather and Linens for Fabrics

You can play up the density of your space with bed linens and curtain fabrics. Use light-coloured, pattern less linens and fabrics for the sheets and curtains. Neutral pastels for linens have an inviting allure and appeal. This way, you can accessorise them with contrast to create an open and airy ambience that balances out the robust darkness of industrial decor.

Light-patterned or vibrantly stripped home linens, curtains, and throws laced with subtle aesthetics further augment the mood of the industrial home décor.

  • Boost Sunlight And Cage Or Pendant Lighting 

To give an edge to the industrial design interior, use matte black or aluminium pendant lighting, porcelain enamelled shades, cast metal bulb cages, or even ribbed glass or steel. These express an adventuresome yet sophisticated aura. You can also use black metal stools for some style-forward inspiration to upgrade the industrial interior design style of your house.

In addition to accent lights, New York-style lofts are all about natural light. Large, airy windows not only span the length of the room’s wall but also allow sunlight to flood in.

Breathe life into your industrial-style living room corner with vibrant greens. Placing a tall or large-leaf plant adds fresh texture to the interiors and improves air quality. Large green sprigs of the plant further accentuate the neutral and pastel background tones of the living room.

You can elevate the industrial interior design style quotient by placing the plant in a large matt black metal pot or a rustic, unfinished ceramic pot. Using rustic baskets, mason jars, or metal tins for succulents also responds well to industrial home décor.

To Sum Up

These Industrial design ideas never go out of style and are also perfect for those tight on budget. The unpretentious industrial look allows you to incorporate several utilitarian and budget-friendly design elements easily available in any supermarket, flea market, or even high-end interior décor shop in the UAE. Furthermore, the best part is that industrial interior design is getting increasingly popular and is here to stay for a long time!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

What Is an Industrial Theme in Interior Design?

Industrial design ideas emerged from the massive factories of the 19th century that were remodelled into creative architectural havens for architects and artists, among other creative professionals. Today, the industrial interior design style is used in modern homes as a popular architectural movement.

What Is Industrial Modern Decor?

The foundation of the industrial design interior is exposed brick, beams, metal, and other construction elements.

How Do I Give My Home an Industrial Look?

Some of the main characteristics of modern industrial interior design are rustic pieces of furniture, artistic industrial tapware, open duct ware, exposed concrete walls, neutral colour palettes accentuated by practical crockery, linens, among other home accessories, etc.

What Colours Go With Industrial Furniture?

Pale, monochrome colour palettes like shades of grey, light gunmetal, and accents of black and white go well with industrial-inspired furniture.

How Do I Make My Bedroom Look Industrial?

For an industrial-inspired look, you need to think outside the box. Some bedroom staples for industrial home decor include beds with exposed metal frames, masculine, neutral shades of linen, monochromatic colour palettes for the wall, pendant metal lighting, etc.

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