Liveability and Cost of Living in Ajman

Liveability and Cost of Living in Ajman

The capital city of Ajman is the smallest in the United Arab Emirates. It is just as developed as other parts of the UAE. Ajman ranks in the second position when it comes to liveability and cost of living in Ajman 

Typical Monthly Living Expenses in Ajman

The cost of living in Ajman is much lower than in other parts of the Emirates. Ajman, being one of the most cost-effective cities in the UAE, attracts students and working professionals seeking better opportunities in the country. Ajman is also at a feasible distance from Dubai. Many professionals prefer to live in Ajman and work in Dubai. 

  • The Cost of Accommodation in Ajman

The Cost of Accommodation in Ajman
Credits : Ealiya

Housing in Ajman is slightly expensive. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the type of house you are looking for in Ajman. You can find luxurious homes, 1bedroom apartments for sale in Ajman, and even studios. Since the cost of living in Ajman compared to Dubai is lower, many people prefer to purchase or rent a home in Ajman. houses or apartments for rent in in Ajman is much cheaper than renting in Dubai. If you are visiting Ajman, you have several hotels to choose from. There are many options for Air Bnbs and other bread and breakfast options. 

    • Accommodations

Homes in Ajman are relatively cheaper than in Dubai, but they are more expensive than in Sharjah. Mostly, apartments are the preferred real estate. However, there are several condos and individual homes available for homebuyers or renters to choose from. There is a wide variety of budget-friendly as well as luxury apartments. 

    • Food 

Groceries take up a major chunk of an individual’s income. Especially if one has a family to feed, there is a significant amount to be spent on groceries. The grocery rates in Ajman are better than those in neighbouring cities. Carrefour, Lulu and Al Maya Supermarket are a few options for grocery shopping in Ajman. Your cost of living in Ajman can differ based on your choice of grocery store. For example, if you shop at Al Maya Supermarket, your groceries will contribute to a slight increase in your cost of living. 

    • Other Utilities

Other utilities in Ajman include water, electricity, and transport services. In Ajman, the water and electricity functions are undertaken by the FEWA Dubai The average cost of utilities depends on the type of house. The cost of utilities for a studio apartment could go from AED 300 – AED 500. For a one-bedroom apartment, it can go from AED 500 – AED 800. For a three-bedroom villas for sale in Ajman, the utility bill can go up to AED 1000 – AED 3500. 

  • Ajman Transportation Costs

Ajman Transportation Costs
Credits : Dubizzle

Most residents of Ajman have their own transportation. Fuel prices in most parts of the country remain approximately the same. The cost of living in Ajman for transportation depends on your choice of vehicle and fuel prices. If you want to use public transport, you can use a Masaar Card for taxi and bus passes. A Masaar Card may cost between AED1 51 to AED 176. 

  • Ajman’s Schooling Costs

Educational expenses are one of the significant expenses incurred by a family. Schools in Ajman offer International Board, British, American, and Indian curricula. The expense of education contributes a lot to the cost of living in Ajman. Private schools are expensive in Ajman. Schools with Indian curricula are relatively cheaper. Tuition per month in British schools could be AED 2,100 to AED 2,700. 

  • Health Insurance Costs in Ajman

Healthcare is important to take into consideration when we talk about the cost of living in Ajman. The cost of health insurance in Ajman depends on the kind of policy you choose for your family or yourself. Medical insurance is a necessity in the current times when there is no certainty. 

  • Food and Clothing Prices in Ajman

The cost of food and clothing in Ajman depends on the choice of the person who is purchasing the concerned products. There are a variety of options when it comes to food and clothing. There is a fine balance between high-end restaurants and affordable ones. There are tons of clothing stores in Ajman. The cost varies with the brand. 

  • Entertainment Costs in Ajman

Entertainment Costs in Ajman
Credit : Travelrope

The city of Ajman has a lot of options for entertainment. You can kayak at the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, you can visit the Floating Water Park, play golf at Al Zorah’s Golf Club and hike at Masfout. The cost of entertainment venues will depend on the services they offer. Some entertainment options are free and some are ticketed. You can pick options which would suit your average cost of living in Ajman. 

  • Ajman House Help Costs

Hiring a housekeeper will add to your cost of living in Ajman. The employee is required to sponsor the house to help with medical insurance. This will increase your cost of living. If you are bringing someone from another country, you will also have to apply for and pay for their visa. You can avail the options of part-time nurses from several agencies. 

Monthly Cost of Living in Ajman, UAE

Ajman is one of the most popular destinations in the UAE. Most people move to Ajman due to the low cost of living there. The monthly expenses in Ajman are subject to change depending on your lifestyle choices. A basic idea of monthly expenses in Ajman is given below. 


One Person 



Total With Rent 




Without Rent 




Utilities and Rent 












Cost of living in Ajman vs Dubai

When we compare Ajman and Dubai in terms of the cost of living in both cities, Dubai has a higher cost of living. The estimated population of Dubai is 2.5 million people and the average cost of living comes up to $1899 per month. Whereas Ajman has a population of approximately 4,90,000 and an average cost of living of $871. If we compare both cities the cost of living in Dubai is much higher than in Ajman. 

Cost of Living in Ajman with Rent

The cost of living in Ajman with rent comes up to $1000 per month. This total includes rent, food, transportation and utilities. The cost of rent in Ajman is three times less than in Dubai. Ajman is the first city immigrants prefer to live in due to its affordability. Many people prefer commuting for work to Dubai every day rather than living there. This is how people save on rent in the UAE. 

Cost of Living in Ajman without Rent

The cost of living in Ajman, as mentioned in the table above, comes to around $500 per month. This includes the cost of all basic necessities like utilities, food, commute and leisure. Ajman is a renter-friendly city. It is considered to be one of the most economical cities to live in,  in the United Arab Emirates. Ajman is 37% of the cities which are the least expensive in the world. 

Cost of Living in Ajman with Family

The average cost of living of a family in Ajman is $2334. This appropriation includes rent and utilities, transportation, food and recreational activities. The quality of life with this average reaches up to a score of 85 out of 100. Ajman is also the second-best city in the United Arab Emirates and also one of the cheapest cities which makes it a desirable place for ex-pat families.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much does it cost to rent a house in Ajman?

The rent in Ajman differs from home type. The size and type of home dictate the rent of the house in Ajman.

What is the average salary you need to live in Ajman?

The average salary should be enough for sustenance in a city like Ajman. Pay attention to all expenses listed above.

Can you drink alcohol in Ajman?

It is problematic to consume alcohol in Ajman. However, procurement of alcohol if you are a non-muslim and above the age of 21 is acceptable.

What things are expensive in Ajman?

The purchase and rent of homes are expensive in Ajman.

What things are cheap in Ajman?

Utilities are relatively cheaper in Ajman as compared to Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

Do you need to learn Arabic in Ajman?

The majority of people you might meet in Ajman may not speak Arabic. UAE is a hub of immigrants. Arabic may help you get employment in certain fields.

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