What are the Top 5 Places to Live in Ajman?

What are the Top 5 Places to Live in Ajman

Ajman is the capital of the Emirate of Ajman. It is an important city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is also famous for being the fifth largest city in UAE. The city is situated by the Persian Gulf and is an important trade centre of the UAE. The city was founded in 1750, and Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi ruled it. As Ajman is evolving into a commercial hub, more and more industrialists and people looking for jobs are travelling to Ajman. The population inflow has led to an increase in the city’s housing demands. Therefore, if you are looking for the best places to live in Ajman, you are at the right place. Ajman has some of the best residential areas, and you should know about them if you plan to move to the city. You can explore these areas and then decide on the area that meets your requirements.

Top Places to Live in Ajman

If you are looking for the best places to live in Ajman, your search ends here. Several residential localities in Ajman make it ideal for people to settle in the city. Let’s check some of the top places to live in Ajman, based on which you can make your choice.

  • Al Rawda

Al Rawda is undoubtedly the best place to live in Ajman. The place has some of the best villas. The best part about searching for a house in Al Rawda is that you can get a home both for sale and rent. Therefore, you can easily filter out your options based on your preferences. The locality is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Consequently, it is an ideal locality if you are looking for some peace. The locality has access to some of the best amenities. Schools like the Oxford School are a part of the area. Also, the famous Ajman Medical Centre, which attracts a considerable crowd daily, is situated in Al Rawda.

Ajman has a mix of standalone homes and residential apartments. These residential apartments have the best modern-day amenities like gyms, clubhouses, swimming pools, etc. The only flip side of looking for a house in Al Rawda is that the property rates are a little more expensive than Ajman’s other localities. 

Other Important Details :

    • Location : The place is situated on the outskirts of Ajman. It is pretty close to the city of Sharjah
    • Common property types : Villas
    • Price range : The prices of villas start from AED 600,000 (sale value), rent starts from AED 13,000 and can go up to AED 57,000
  • Al Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya
Credits : Bayut

If you consider the top places to live in Ajman, you cannot miss out on Al Rashidiya. The location is known to be the residential hub of the city. The area is home to hundreds of high-rise properties. The type of residential properties range from luxury to economy. Hence, irrespective of your budget, you will find a good home in this area.

Alternatively, you have several options for renting or buying a villa. This locality also has a sizable student community as the University of Ajman and the City University College are situated within the area.

Other Important Details :

    • Location : Downtown Ajman, close to the Sharjah border
    • Common Property Types : Residential Apartments and Villas
    • Price range : The sale value of studio flats starts from AED 250,000; the price of 1 BHK can go up to AED 405,000. The rent for these properties ranges from AED 11,000 to AED 68,000. 
  • Al Mowaihat

Al Mowaihat

Al Mowaihat is one of the best places to live in Ajman, given that it’s pretty close to offices and other commercial spaces. Also, the area is quite close to Dubai. Hence, the people who travel to Dubai for work or other activities regularly prefer buying or renting a home in this locality. There are hundreds of luxurious properties in this area. These properties are pretty spacious and have beautiful architecture. The developers have also designed luxury interiors to give home buyers a great deal.

The place has access to several grocery and departmental stores. Additionally, some of the best restaurants in Ajman are also a part of the area. The locality has some of the best schools in Ajman, like the Ajman Academy, Delhi Private School, City School, etc. The place is an ideal accommodation option for students studying at the City University College, as the college is quite nearby. You can also access several community parks and shopping centres if you stay in Al Mowaihat. Another best part of living in Al Mowaihat is that you can reach Dubai in only 30 minutes via the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road.

Other Important Details :

    • Location : Ajman Industrial Area, close to Dubai
    • Common Property Types : Villas
    • Price Range : The process of selling properties starts at AED 265,013, while the rent ranges between AED 24,000 to AED 77,000.
  • Al Jurf

Al Jurf

To enjoy a metropolitan life, you must look for a house in Al Jurf. The place is extremely close to the industrial area of the city. Hence, people who work in the industrial area prefer to buy or rent a home in the locality. The area has a mix of residential apartments and villas, both of which are creatively designed. The place also has a sizable student population as schools like Kids Zone, Ajman Modern School, etc., and colleges like Ajman University are near the area.  The best thing about buying or renting a home in Al Jurf is that you get to experience luxury at affordable rates.

Other Important Details :

    • Location : The place is located by the El Sheikh Rashid Bin Abdel Aziz Road
    • Common Property Types : Apartments
    • Prices : The rent for different kinds of flats ranges from AES 14,000 to AED 77,000
  • Al Busta

Al Bustan

If you are looking for a planned township for your accommodation, you must consider the Al Bustan area of Ajman. The place is the most-well planned site in the city. Also, the fact that there are several government offices and corporations around makes it easily accessible. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to live.

In terms of amenities, the area has schools like the National Charity Store, Bluebells Nursery, etc. The area is also home to Ajman’s best restaurants and cafes. It would be best to visit the Lebanese Flower Restaurant and Cafeteria in Al Bustan.

Other Important Details :

    • Location : The area is a part of the Ajman Free Zone
    • Common Property Types : Apartments
    • Prices : The price for apartments in sale starts at AED 313,000, and the rent for the properties starts at AED 15,000.

Wrapping Up

Ajman is the fifth largest city in the UAE and is now transforming into a central residential and commercial hub. Therefore, if you are looking for new employment opportunities and a better standard of living, you can move to Ajman. Once you reach the city, you can choose from the best accommodation options as discussed above.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Ajman a Good Place to Live?

Ajman is a great place to live. It has several amenities you will only find in some of the best cities in the world. Also, the city is transforming into a commercial hub, opening up a world of opportunities for the people staying there.

Is Ajman Cheaper Than Dubai?

Yes, the cost of living in Ajman is much lower than in Dubai. However, you can access almost everything you will find in Dubai.

How Many Cities Are There in Ajman?

The Ajman Emirate has 5 cities: Ajman, Ajman City, Al Hamidiyah, Manama, and Masfout.

Is Ajman Cheaper Than Sharjah?

Yes, Ajman is relatively cheaper than Sharjah. You would require AED 21,665 to have the same standard of living that you can afford in Ajman for just AED 11,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Ajman?

The cost of living in Ajman is around AED 2,635 per month. However, if you add rent to it, it might go up by another AED 1,200.

What Is Ajman Best Known For?

Ajman is a famous industrial city in UAE. Also, several tourist attractions, like Dhow Yard, Al Muwayhat, etc., make the place famous.

Is Ajman Safe for Ladies?

Yes, Ajman is relatively safe for women. The UAE is now ranked first in terms of community safety.

Is It Good to Buy Property in Ajman?

Yes, buying a property in Ajman will be a great choice. You will find some of the best villas and residential villas in Ajman.

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