Liters to Gallons (L to Gal) Conversion – 1 L is 0.264172 Gal

1 Liters is equal to 1.00 Gallons

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Understanding units and converting from one to another comes in handy in day-to-day lives and is, in fact, not that complex. Converting units can sound intimidating, especially when they are regularly not used. But one is bound to thank this article a ‘ton’ as conversion will be a cakewalk from this point onwards. 

The article has broken down the basics of liters and gallons and explained the conversion from liters to gallons (L to gal) and vice versa in the simplest of ways. After elucidating both units, the article will explain the liters to gallon formula for further clarity. Keep reading to master conversion like ABCs. 

Define Liter

A liter is essentially the metric unit of volume. A liter can also be expressed as being equivalent to 1 cubic decimeter (dm³), 1000 cubic centimeters (cm³), or 0.001 cubic meters (m³). 

In the 20th century, a liter was considered the volume of a single kilogram of water at max density and typical pressure. Despite not belonging to the SI units, a liter is used worldwide with SI units after being accepted by the General Conference on Weights and Measures (GCWM), the topmost authority of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

  • Liter: Current Usage

While solid is measured in pounds, grams, and kilograms, liquids and fluids are measured using volumes measured in liters. The unit liter is used to measure fluids and pourable solids mainly. In other words, it is used for items measured by the size or capacity of their container and commonly for items measured by their dimensions or displacements.

Measurements of density (kg/L) also make use of liters, facilitating its comparison with the density of water. From household commodities like water, milk, ice cream, and cooking oil to items like petrol and diesel, the liter is a widely used unit of measurement. 

Define Gallon

A gallon is an imperial unit for the measurement of volume. While an imperial gallon is also expressable as equivalent to 4.546092 liters, a US gallon is expressed as being approximately 3.785412 liters. In other words, there are 4 liters per gallon roughly. There is a third type, the US dry gallon, equal to 4.404884 liters.

A gallon is expressible in terms of quarts and pints. There are 4 quarts in a gallon, and 2 pints make up a quart. In other words, 8 pints make up a gallon. The symbol of the gallon is a gal. One may confuse it with the CGS (Centimeter–gram–second system of units) unit of acceleration expressed by the symbol Gal.  

  • Gallon: Current Usage

Gallons are a commonly used unit of measurement for the volume of liquids and sometimes dry items. Gallons can be of three distinct types: the US liquid gallon, the US dry gallon, and the imperial gallon. 

Some commonwealth countries use the imperial gallon as a standard unit to measure petrol. However, the United Arab Emirates discontinued using the imperial gallon for petrol sales and instead switched to the liter along with Burma. The Bahamas use both the imperial gallon and the US gallon.

Converting Liter To Other Units Of Measurement 

To further elucidate the concept of liters, here is a table that shows the conversion of one liter into other units.

Other Units

Value of 1L 

In Millimeters


In Ounces

33.8140227018 fl oz

In Quarts

1.0566882094 qt

In Microliter

1000000 µL

In Pints

2.1133764189 pt

In Barrels

0.0083864144 bbl

In Deciliters

  10 dL 

In Teraliters

1.0E-12 TL

In Cups

3.5195079728 cups

In Teaspoon

202.8841362111 teaspoons

Converting of Gallon Other Units Of Measurement 

The concept of gallons and their usage can be understood better through the table given below. The table shows the conversion of 1 gallon into other units of measurement. 

Other Units

Value of 1gal

In Millimeters

3785.411784 mL

In Ounces

128 oz

In Quarts

4 qt

In Microliter

3785411.784 µL

In Pints 

8 pt

In Barrels

0.0238095238 bbl

In Deciliters

37.85411784  dL

In Teraliters

3.785411784E-12 TL

In Cups

16 cups

In Teaspoon

639.4937737951 teaspoons

How Are Liter and Gallons Related?

With a basic understanding of these units of volume measurement, grasping the relationship between liters and gallons is extremely simple. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is that 0.2641720524 US gallons make up a liter, while exactly 3.785411784 liters make up a US gallon.

With that said, one can move on to the formula to convert liters to gallons.

Gallon (gal) = Liter (L/l) × 0.264172

According to the above formula, to convert liters to gallons, multiply it by 0.264172. 

Similarly, to convert a value in gallons into liters, multiply it by 3.785 for an approximate result since there are approximately 3.785 liters per gallon. Hence, the liters to gallon formula is as mentioned below:

Liter (L/l) = Gallon (gal) × 3.785 

Some Examples of Liters to Gallons Conversion 

After learning the formula for converting liters to gallons, the following examples can help one understand the conversion more effectively.

  1. Convert 45 liters into gallons.
    • Formula- gallons= liters × 0.264172 
    • Calculation- 45×0.264172= 11.89
    • Result- 45 liters is equal to 11.89 gallons.
  1. Express 8 liters in gallons.
    • Formula- gallons= liters × 0.264172 
    • Calculation- 8×0.264172= 2.11
    • Result- 8 liters is equal to 2.11 gallons.
  1. How many gallons will 10 liters make?
    • Formula- gallons= liters × 0.264172 
    • Calculation- 10×0.264172= 2.64
    • Result- 10 liters is equal to 2.54 gallons.
  1. Convert 50 lits iernto gallons.
    • Formula- gallons= liters × 0.264172 
    • Calculation- 50×0.264172=13.20
    • Result- 50 liters is equal to 13.20 gallons
  1. Express 72 liters into gallons.
    • Formula- gallons= liters × 0.264172 
    • Calculation- 72×0.264172=19.02
    • Result- 72 liters is equal to 19.02 gallons.

Dissimilarities Between Liters and Gallons

Although liters and gallons are used to measure the volume of liquids, the two have several differences. The table below points them out.

Point of Distinction

Liter (L/l)

Gallon (gal)


A lit is a unit of volume in the metric system of measurement.

 A gallon is a unit of volume in the imperial system of measurement.


One expresses liter as L or l.

One writes gallon as a gal.


1 L is equivalent to 0.2641720524 gals.

 1 gal is equal to 3.78541 L.


We use a liter for measuring the volume of fluids and pourable solids. Examples: water, milk, oil, ice cream, etc.

A gallon measures the volume of liquids and sometimes dry items. We use it most commonly for water and petrol.


A liter is approximately four times smaller than a gallon.

A gallon is more than three times bigger than a liter.

Conversion Table: Liters to Gallons

The table below lists the conversion of liters into gallons to facilitate a better understanding of the tenets of liters to gallons conversion.

In Liters (L/l) 

In Gallons (gal)


0.264172 gal


1.32086 gal


2.64172 gal


3.96258 gal


5.28344 gal


6.6043 gal


7.92516 gal


9.24602 gal


10.56688 gal


11.88774 gal


13.2086 gal


14.52946 gal


15.85032 gal


17.17118 gal


18.49204 gal


19.8129 gal


21.13376 gal


22.45462 gal


23.77548 gal


24.039652 gal


25.09634 gal


25.888856 gal


25.888856 gal


26.153028 gal


26.4172 gal

Wrapping Up

Unlike other theorems of mathematics that were difficult to understand and found no usage in daily life, the conversion of physical quantities from one unit to another, like from liters to gallon and vice versa, has high usability. With the formula of liters to gallon drilled in, conversions between the units become super easy.

It is noteworthy that, at times, a physical quantity is better understood when expressed in a particular unit. For example, in most countries, people find it comparatively easier to gauge the volume of liquids when expressed in liters instead of gallons. Under such circumstances, the knowledge of gallons to liters and liter to gallon conversion is handy. This article talks about a liter to gallon conversion exclusively and aims at simplifying the conversion process for its readers. Hopefully, the information provided will help easily convert the volumes of physical quantities, mainly L to gal, and vice versa.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How many gallons are there in one liter?

0.2641720524 gallons make up a single liter. In other words, one liter is approximately 0.264th part of a liter.

What is the formula for converting liters to gallons?

The formula for converting liters to gallons is as follows: Gallon (gal) = Liter (L/l) × 0.264172 For instance, if one expresses 35 liters in gallons, one has to multiply the value in liters by 0.264172. Thus, 35 liters is equal to 9.24602.

What is the use of gallons?

The most common use of a gallon is to measure the volume of large quantities. We also use it to express the fuel prices in the United States of America.

Are 4 liters the same as 1 gallon?

To be precise, it would be incorrect to say that 4 liters are the same as a gallon. Since a gallon consists of 3. 785412 liters, 4 liters are equivalent to 1.06 gallons.

How many liters is 1 gallon in the Philippines?

3.79 liters make up a single gallon in the Philippines.

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