K-Pop Mania: K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023 Unveiled!

Exciting k-Fest Abu Dhabi 2023 Lineup Revealed

Are you a K-Pop lover? If yes, then we have great news for you. As the much anticipated Hyperound K-Fest comes to Abu Dhabi in 2023, be ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of K-pop! This year’s festival promises to be even larger, better, and more memorable than before, so be ready for a musical spectacle like no other. Hyperound K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023 is slated to blow our minds once more after the incredible success of its first-ever iteration in 2022. The stage will come alive with mesmerizing performances and show-stopping choreography, making you want to dance in the aisles thanks to an incredible selection of top-tier Korean musicians. Mark November 11th on your calendars because that is the day the K-pop craze will descend over Abu Dhabi, filling the air with throbbing beats and catchy songs.

Embracing the World of K-Pop

In November 2023,  the fantastic K-Pop music event is returning to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. To all the korean music fans, you won’t want to miss it. This year Hyperound K-Fest 2023 is going to be really special. K-pop, which stands for Korean pop music, has become incredibly popular worldwide. The awesome music, amazing dances, and great production are why people love it, even if they don’t speak Korean. Fans really admire famous artists like BTS, BLACKPINK, Jay Park, SEVENTEEN, and more. You might also remember the super famous song ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY, which was a huge YouTube hit in 2012.

In the K-pop world, these artists are known as ‘idols’ because Korean fans really look up to them.

  • Schedule of the Abu Dhabi K- Fest

Schedule of the Abu Dhabi K- Fest

Do not forget to mark your calendars for the evening that will guarantee that you will be singing along to the latest K-pop hits well into the year 2023 and beyond!

    • Abu Dhabi K-Fest Date: November 11, 2023, Saturday
    • Abu Dhabi K-Fest Doors will open at 18:00  
  • Etihad Arena Hyperound K-Fest Ticket Pricing

The official Etihad Arena website offers seating for the Hyperound K Fest Abu Dhabi show. There are several divisions, and admission costs begin at AED 215. To help you understand better, below is a breakdown: 

    • VIP Floor :  Starting from AED 987
    • Platinum : Starting from AED 525
    • Gold : Starting range AED 420
    • Gold Floor : Starting from AED 420
    • Silver : Starting from AED 315
    • Bronze : Starting from AED 210 

Place of the Event and Line Up

The biggest K-Pop event is going to be held in the Etihad Arena, Yas Island. At least seven different musical artists, each bringing their distinctive choreographies and guaranteeing thrilling performances, will headline the Hyperound K-Fest. We’re talking about extremely well-known bands and musicians performing for the first time in the Middle East, brand-new songs being performed live, and tons of K-pop merchandise!


This seven boy band got their start on the reality programme “I-LAND,” and since then, they’ve been loved for their mind-blowing voices, sick dancing skills, and captivating stage presence. Seriously, their performances are top notch! It’s understandable why they have rabid admirers all across the world.

  • Sunmi

Sunmi K-Fest Abu Dhabi

The future of K-pop is in good hands with Sunmi. She has been releasing chart-topping tunes left and right, showing her dominance with her charisma and distinctive musical style. Sunmi might just blow your mind with her attitude and captivating choreography when she enters the stage.

  • Epik High

The hip-hop trio Epik High is one that understands how to create a splash. For more than ten years, Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz have been making their imprint on the music industry. These guys are truly pioneers in the Korean music field, known for their lyrics and avant-garde musical style. They have been breaking through barriers, playing with many genres, and continually producing epic songs that connect with listeners all around the world.


DPRIAN K-Fest Abu Dhabi

This man embodies what it means to be cool. He’s a genius in the arts as well as a rapper, singer, and producer. His sultry voice, reflective words, and artistically breath-taking music videos have won him admirers all over the world. Prepare yourself for an astounding audio-visual experience as DPR IAN takes the stage.

  • XG 

Japanese girl trio XG has been causing a stir in the K-pop market with their contagious enthusiasm, potent vocals, and fascinating performances. These South Korean-born girls have crafted a distinctive fusion of J-pop and K-pop elements that will instantly have you moving. I can assure you that XG will rock the house when they take the stage!

  • Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet knows how to energise the audience. You’ll be singing along in no time to the catchy pop songs and contagious vibes of this amazing lady trio. These women know how to put on a show with their coordinated dance and endearing personality. There will always be a celebration whenever Cherry Bullet is in the limelight.


Peakboy is a rising talent in the Korean music industry. His genuine words, soulful voice, and unmistakable ability have been drawing admiration from all directions. This man is a genuine artist, not merely a singer-songwriter and producer. His music skillfully combines R&B, hip-hop, and pop components to produce a style that is all his own.

Wrapping Up

K-Pop lovers, get ready for an unforgettable experience! Hyperound K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023 is set to bring the magic of K-Pop to Yas Island on November 11th. With a stellar lineup featuring incredible artists like ENHYPHEN, Sunmi, Epik High, DPR IAN, XG, Cherry Bullet, and Peakboy, this event promises to be a musical extravaganza. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about K-Pop, this festival is the place to be. The infectious beats, mesmerizing dances will captivate everyone. And with ticket prices starting from AED 210, it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a ‘BIAS’ in K-Pop?

The term bias in K-pop fandom describes a fan's preferred member of a specific idol group.

Where can I buy the tickets for the K-Pop event?

The public sale for K Fest Abu Dhabi began on July 16 after the live ticket sale took place on July 14th. All visitors can use Platinum List or the Etihad Arena's official website to purchase tickets.

When is K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023?

The biggest Korean music festival is being held on 11th November, 2023.

Where is K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023 being held?

Hyperound K-Fest 2023 is coming to the Etihad Arena, Yas Island.

Who are the performers at K Fest Abu Dhabi 2023?

The full line-up of artists includes ENHYPEN, Sunmi, Epik High, DPR Ian, XG, Cherry Bullet and Peakboy. These are some of the biggest names in the K-Pop world.

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