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NEOM CITY Future of Urban Living

The Smart NEOM City Saudi Arabia, which is currently under construction, is all set to be very different from any other location on Earth. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that this would be a 170-kilometre coastal strip project in the country’s northwest region and would be free of vehicles and roads, with zero carbon emissions.

In 2017, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman officially launched his futuristic Neom project plans. He aspires for Neom to be a city where urban living is redefined by eliminating roads, classic cars, and environmental damage. His ambitious ideas include transforming Neom into a futuristic city powered entirely by clean energy, such as green hydrogen.

What Does The NEOM Project Mean

What Does the NEOM Project mean

Saudi Arabia refers to NEOM as a possible ‘New Future’. Neom is a combination of the word ‘neos’ derived from Greek, which means “new,” and the Arabic word “mustaqbal”, which means “future.” In simple terms, it is a futuristic and high-tech megacity anticipated to be 33 times larger than New York City.

  • Neom City Saudi Arabia Map

Neom City is a futuristic metropolis being built on the north western coast of Saudi Arabia, spanning over 26,000 square kilometres. The Neom city Saudi Arabia map shows the landscape and countries around

Neom City Saudi Arabia Map

  • Saudi Arabia’s Neom City Master Plan

A member of the Neom Advisory Board, Ali Shihabi, has stated that the Neom project will have a linear city that will be approx. 170 km long and will be called The Line, as well as a floating industrial complex called The Trojena, Oxagon, and Neom Bay.

  • Project Progress for Neom City in Saudi Arabia

You can stay updated on the most recent Neom project developments with the help of this global project tracker. This tracker is useful for finding unique opportunities and obtaining worthwhile leads. Tap the link below to start tracking the progress of the Neom Project.

  • Location of the Neom City project in Saudi Arabia

Neom is situated where three nations, namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, meet. To be precise, the Tabuk province in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia is where the Neom project is situated. It is being constructed on a 26500 km2 area that stretches across the long Red Sea coast for approximately 468 km, making it 33 times larger than New York City in the US. The city is planned to be a centre for technology, innovation, traditions, and education and a popular destination for tourists.

There are many reasons why the location is perfect. It is located near coral sea beaches and the Red Sea’s coast. Its location in the midst of high mountains makes it possible to promote mountain tourism to both domestic and foreign visitors.

  • Cost of the Neom City Project

The Neom project’s budget allocation is a whopping 500 billion USD, to which both domestic and foreign investors will significantly contribute. This new high-tech city will be built in phases, the first phase is estimated to be completed by 2025.

Why Is the Neom City Project So Special

Why Is the Neom City Project So Special

The below-mentioned points tell us about the speciality of project Neom

    • Neom is intended to address one of the most important global issues affecting urban areas and will also encourage a new way of living.
    • To highlight how closely entwined humans are with nature, the city will sustain 95% of the surrounding natural area.
    • Neom will have a zero-emission and carbon-positive ecosystem because all of its energy sources, which are wind, solar, and hydrogen-based power generation, are 100% renewable.
    • The water distribution system at the Neom City Project will be fully interconnected with the help of cutting-edge construction. Neom will be at the leading edge of water technology as a result of minimising water loss.
    • The Line project marks the first significant urban development to be planned around people rather than roads in 150 years.
    • The availability of high-speed public transportation services will connect all areas of the city, improving an urban lifestyle that emphasises walking, cycling, and private e – mobility devices.

By Whom is Neom City Being Built

The construction of this brilliant and innovative Neom City project has already begun. The Line now ranks among the biggest and most intricate construction projects around the globe. With mutual agreements between construction firms Bechtel and Aecom, a cutting-edge transportation infrastructure will be built within the city. A contract for the provision of a 5G communications infrastructure that will speed up Neom’s digital aspirations was given to the Saudi Telecom Company. In addition, Neom entered into a partnership worth USD 5 billion with Acwa Power and Air Products in the US to build the biggest green hydrogen and green ammonia plant in the world, which is scheduled to start operating in 2026.

The Line will be followed by approximately 5 to 6 developments for hotel development inside the city, with some hotels expected to open within three years from 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic has had little to no impact on the development’s advancement. The biggest difficulty, though, is finding more international and domestic partnerships. All projects were in the process of urban planning and development, and more information would be released once the site plans were all finished.

The Line in Saudi Arabia’s Neom City: What is it

The Saudi authorities have taken a big step and have started planning the design of “The Line”. This is to follow the UAE’s example in creating a city that is entirely sustainable, complete with green structures and renewables. The construction plan for the Line was unveiled by the crown prince of Dubai in January 2021.

The city, which is intended to be a linear community stretching for 170-km in the Neom region, will eventually house 1 million people. The Line won’t have any roads or automobiles because it was constructed as a futuristic society using non-conventional techniques and materials. Rapid transit will be the only mode of public transportation that will be entirely driven by renewable power. A special thing about the Line is that it will be the first vertical city in zero gravity.

How Soon Will the Neom Project Be Finished

How Soon Will the Neom Project Be Finished

The initial phase of the project is expected to cost 1.2 trillion riyals, which is approximately $319 billion USD. About 50% of this amount will come from the Public Investment Fund, called the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund. Neom will be partially funded through a public offering that is anticipated in 2024, as stated by the Crown Prince in July 2022. the economic zone will eventually be home to about 9 million people. The project will have room for about 450,000 people by 2026 and 1.5 to 2 million by the end of 2030. By 2045, 9 million people are expected to live in this well-planned and designed futuristic city.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does NEOM stand for?

The first 3 letters of the word neom means new in Ancient Greek. The fourth letter is an acronym for the Arabic phrase mustaqbal, which means future. Hence the word simply stands for new future.

Is NEOM actually being built?

Yes, the construction has already begun.

How long will NEOM take to build?

NEOM City, Saudi Arabia, will take approximately 7-8 years to build.

Has construction on NEOM started?

Yes, the construction of the Neom project has already started, the idea was announced by the crown prince in 2017.

Who is investing in NEOM?

There are a lot of investors in this futuristic city, some of which are Siemens, SoftBank, Blackstone, and Boston Dynamics, who are investing in sizable stakes in the megaproject.

When will the NEOM project finish?

The Neom City project is anticipated to be finished by the end of 2030.

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