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Dubai, a well-known emirate of the United Arab Emirates that has experienced a drastic change in the past few decades. Dubai is famous for its eye-catching architecture, cultural diversity, and growing employment rate. But apart from this, Health Policies UAE takes the lead and cares for its residents the most. 

Not only Dubai but it is a guide to UAE health strategies to make the residents aware of the healthcare schemes and policies in the country. So, let’s start from the most populous city of UAE i.e., Dubai.

UAE Health Strategy

UAE Health Strategy

Health is the utmost priority for any city, state, or country, and when it comes to UAE, no doubt the emirates of Arab takes the best care of their residents. Also, the health policy in Dubai takes the lead to protect all the residents in the city and that is the reason why each city of UAE has made several strategies and policies in the health department to help the public in general.

But the only issue is, nowadays cities have a huge population which brings in a lot of policies to keep everything disciplined and in today’s busy life not everyone is aware of all the regulated policies. Thus, the main objective of this article is to guide you about health policies UAE which is the very first step to your good health. 

Health is amongst the enormous wealth that everyone possesses. No matter, money and time are considered important for survival but good health stands as an advantage. In today’s advanced world the health issues are rising continuously which has turned out to be a matter of major concern for everyone. 

The healthcare sector has stood as the most important business that is not just earning money but also solving more than 75% of health issues on the worldwide level. As per some latest reports, the global healthcare industry expenditure has been calculated to reach about USD 10.059 trillion by the year 2022, and that is what makes healthcare a booming industry in the market. 

Bearing in mind the above-given fact, UAE made a strategy to improvise the health-related services in the whole country. On the other side, the foreign investors also draw their share in the healthcare industry of the United Arab Emirates. 

Also, the booming scope of the healthcare sector kicks up many business owners and entrepreneurs to initiate investment in the healthcare sector. Here we will take you through each strategy of the Dubai healthcare sector that has been imposed by the government. The knowledge of all the strategies will help you in both ways, whether it be your health-related actions or your investment in this industry. 

Dubai Health Strategies 2016 to 2021

Back in 2016, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum started to work upon the Dubai Health Strategy 2021, to modernize the healthcare industry in Dubai. And these modernized healthcare strategies have four major approaches, 15 programs, 6 objectives, and 93 new initiatives which have been imposed since back then. 

This 5-year self-challenge has transformed Dubai into a healthcare hub of the United Arab Emirates. These strategies not only have improved the health sector but also raised employment in the city by 11, 000 positions under the healthcare authority. And you will be glad to know that the healthcare directors, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical firm owners have shared their contribution in the making of Dubai health strategy. 

Majorly Focused Sectors Under Health Policies UAE

Majorly Focused Sectors Under Health Policies UAE

In order to set priorities, the government has focused mainly on 15 sectors. 

  • Care Model Innovation

The aim of the care model innovation is to focus on more innovative techniques. As, when it is about the healthcare industry innovation is only that welcomes the new cures, thus, below-listed are some innovative techniques that considers health policies UAE on priority.

  • Introducing telemedical solutions
  • Making strategies and meeting the requirements of special-case patients
  • Innovative medical technologies
  • Improving the remote care as well as the home care
  • Increase the pharmaceutical sector
  • Build more rehabilitation centers
  • Introduce the long-term delivery of care

Well, the above mentioned are some challenging but required necessities of the nation that health policies UAE aims to satisfy under the care model sector. In order to meet these needs on top of everything, the model has generated a very good opportunity for tech freaks and entrepreneurs who wants to set their technological innovation on the global front. 

  • Prevention and Health Lifestyle

After focusing on innovative technologies the Dubai healthcare has switched to prevention and healthcare based on the below-listed important policies.

    • Introducing prevention guidelines and policies for the common public
    • Improving hygiene awareness in the schools and other associations
    • Update the vaccination system in the country
    • Revise the health education program
    • Set up a personalized genetic profiling system
  • Public Health and Safety

The next step is to enhance public safety and health. To move forward on this, the listed requirements are focused:

    • Improve the occupational health knowledge in public 
    • Contribute to the food and water supply strategy
    • Contribute to the national strategy of the road safety program
    • Take preventive measures into the account and essential actions on crisis and disaster management
  • Primary Care

The prime care of the residents has been focused on as one of the top priorities and also the delivery process of the child has been improved dedicatedly. New technologies and innovations are made in order to improve maternal and child health which is to build a robust system to address emergencies.

  • Mental Health/ Oral and Dental Care/ Chronic Disease Management

The Healthcare industry needs basic awareness in the public about some common and serious issues. Thus, the government of the United Arab Emirates has decided to spread knowledge to the general public about oral hygiene and dental care. Also, the government thereby runs awareness programs related to innovative techniques and infusion of technologies to take healthcare a step ahead in order to bring the transformation of dental protocols. 

And quite similar steps of health policies UAE have taken place to enhance the mental health of the new and existing patients. Some advanced strategies have been implemented as required by the country. 

  • Enhance Medical Tourism

In the past few decades, Dubai has improved a lot in terms of its healthcare system and has turned the city into an excellent medical tourism destination. Apart from this, the region has accepted advanced technologies and advanced science in order to improvise the current pharmaceutical and medical conditions of the city.

After such advanced implications and their positive results have turned Dubai into an international medical tourist city that attracts patients, learners, and researchers from all over the world. The Government has adopted and innovated some major steps to improvise the healthcare tourism business that also looks after many entrepreneurs to invest. 

  • Establishing Excellence Centres

Dubai eventually believes in improving the quality of medical services. And for this reason, the Dubai Health Strategy 2021 is taken under a consideration to give a new shift to the healthcare department. And that is one of the major reasons how Dubai has become a global medical hub, the city targets to excel in the below-listed grounds:

    • Organize Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine/ Trauma COE
    • Set up Neurology/ Neurosurgery COE
    • Establishing Oncology COE
    • Establishing Cardiovascular COE
    • Establish Ophthalmology COE
    • Promote clinical research-based operations for the related COEs
    • Upgrade clinical training curriculum for the COE professionals
  • Governance (Services and Regulation)

A strong and healthy network is required to work on the above-listed proceedings, In order to build a robust framework, the government needs to take the following considerations:

    • Restructure and revamp the overseas treatment facilities
    • Increase funds to assist the healthcare projects
    • Uplift Dubai Healthcare Authority to excel more awards
    • Engage and transform the work of the Dubai Health Authority
    • Promote Dubai healthcare system and healthcare framework
  • Promote Medical Awareness and Its Workforce

New schemes and initiatives have been launched to support medical awareness amongst the young generation. Medical awareness will also contribute to opening new pathways for young minds so that they come ahead to contribute and earn their living. 

  • Enhance Medical Technology

Medical advancements and the newest innovative technologies have already proven themselves through numerous miracles. And beyond the miracles, the government of the United Arab Emirates concedes medical science to upgrade its level by making several opportunities for traders and entrepreneurs in the market. 

  • Health Insurance and Financing

Medical facilities have promoted many business opportunities in the city, so who all was waiting for such promising opportunities can give their business a good start. Also, the government of Dubai is open to financing the entrepreneurs for their healthcare business start-up, whether it be the health insurance or healthcare policy firm.

The below-listed specific steps have been initiated by the government:

  • Update and regulate the prices of healthcare services across the city
  • Develop the scheme for visitor’s insurance 
  • Promote and release  medical tourists insurance packages 
  • Give coverage for the screening and prevention
  • Impose pay for upcoming policies 
  • Implement and update the fraud-detection programs

Numerous policies have been imposed to strengthen the business partnerships and investments in the city. Well, now you must be thinking about the new business opportunities which you can take into your account, right? Well, your answer is just below.

Business Opportunities in Dubai

Business Opportunities in Dubai

With the above-stated information, now you must have enough idea that how DHA 2021 has impacted Dubai health policies. There is a particular zone in the region that is dedicated to the Dubai healthcare sector which is known as “Dubai Healthcare City”.

Besides the advancement in the numerous treatments, this sector has also generated employment for many. As the city has developed speedily in the past few decades and is known for its infrastructure and architecture. But you cannot skip the DHA sector which is one of the parameters that justifies the development. 

Also, the new business opportunities are not restricted to just the medical sector but also you can invest in the below-listed domains:

  • You can start your own hospital in Dubai
  • You can open a medical shop in Dubai
  • Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Manufacturing of Medical Equipment
  • You can start an insurance firm
  • You can start a tourism business because Dubai is a medical hub and has the best medical tourism
  • You can also start your own medical institution in Dubai

Health Policies UAE

Health Policies UAE

The government of UAE has developed almost all the sectors in the country and kept healthcare on priority. For this reason, the healthcare industry of Emiratis has grown rapidly and still has significant growth potential. 

The health policies UAE are made under the highly developed infrastructure of the healthcare industry. And most important of all the policies is that the government of UAE has deducted the fee charge of clinics and hospitals in the country from low cost to no cost. Expats are charged with a fee to access the public hospitals and they must have a health card in order to visit the clinics thereby. 

The healthcare standards are generally considered high in the United Arab Emirates, which is a result of increased government funding due to all the strong economic years. Therefore, healthcare is free just for the citizens of the UAE as of now. 


UAE or Dubai has a world-class medical system that has turned the region into medical tourism on the global front. With the increasing population, the city has also improved its medical sector in order to keep it healthy. UAE has improvised healthcare facilities a lot by increasing the number of clinics as per the area and building hospitals with advanced technologies. 

Apart from this, Dubai’s health policy has also increased the number of private and public healthcare companies that offers state-of-the-art facility.

Dubai is growing fast and becoming an international hub for the international healthcare industry. It has the best public healthcare systems in the world providing high-quality medical facilities. Amongst all the UAE’s emirates, Dubai has 4 prime government hospitals, Hatta, Dubai, Latifa, and Rashid. All of the hospitals have built an emergency department and provide both outpatient and inpatient facilities.


What is the health care system in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE runs an extensive health service funded by the government and a fast-growing private healthcare sector that offers a high quality of healthcare facilities to the residents. The Healthcare system is regulated at both the Emirate level and the Federal level. And till date, most of the health sector fundings in the UAE are raised by the Government.

What initiatives and policies exist in the UAE that establish and protect health?

The most prominent projects and initiatives of the health sector in the UAE are listed below: - Building more clinics - Mobile healthcare initiative - Portal named “Smart Patient” - National-level initiative to enhance the attractiveness of the nursing profession - Unified National Medical Record Initiative - Initiative to spread awareness for the healthy lifestyle

Who governs the health sector in the UAE?

The Chairman of the board of DHA (Dubai Health Authority) is Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qatami. DHA's purpose is to offer effective, accessible, and integrated healthcare facilities to the residents and to protect public health by improving the quality of life in the emirates of Arab.

What is the government strategy plan for aged care in the United Arab Emirates?

The government of UAE has approved a national policy for aged care on 21 October 2018. And the policy for aged care is titled under the name “The National Policy for Senior Emiratis”. The policy for aged care is strategized to give them easy access to government schemes so that they can remain healthy and active for long.

What are the examples of UAE health promotion?

Campaigns and Programs: - Healthcare quality index of Abu Dhabi - Weqaya program - Counseling program and premarital screening - Control awareness campaign and DoH cancer prevention - School and family health program

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