Being a Part of UAE’s National Day

UAE’s National Day

The UAE national day marks two prime events in the United Arab Emirates including celebrating the anniversary of the federal coalition of the 6 emirates (became 7 after the joining of Ras Al Khaimah) and the nationalization of the British treaties that was declared in the year 1968. This federation was formed in the year 1971, combining to form a new-age country, with Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as their first president. Recently, the national day was celebrated with the Emirati’s Martyr’s day on November 30th. However, the national day is actually celebrated on 2nd December across the United Arab Emirates. 

This auspicious day is celebrated all over the UAE with grandeur and merriment. The sky is lit with firecrackers, the roads bling with the car rallies, and other common activities like dance shows are done to mark this event in the books of UAE. Not just locals but even tourists are keen to witness this day. According to the charts, over 57% of the residents of UAE are always upfront to see the firecrackers during the UAE national day weekend. 

What to Expect During the UAE National Day?

UAE National Day

During the National Day celebrations, people imprint their apparel and clothing according to the national colors of the UAE. They decorate their workspaces, cars, homes, and even streets to celebrate the day with enthusiasm. Walking down the road, you can also come across the palm trees ornamented with lights and flags, all painted in the same spirit. Some residents of the UAE also organize a sports event celebrating the same psyche. 

The Burj Khalifa pays its tribute to Dubai by displaying the UAE flag on its facade. Downtown Dubai is enlivened with fireworks, lighting up the sky and the whole city seems to be alive at once with flags and warm lighting across the streets. Be it the malls, centers, institutions, everything seems to be drenched in the spirit of celebrating the UAE National Day. 

The heritage villages of the emirates also come forward to celebrate the day with intricate lighting and decor that light up the city, incorporating their traditional and raw aesthetic to the event. Air shows are conducted for the members of the National Council, the rulers of the Emirates, and the Emirati citizens in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition. The whole city is worth a sight, portraying an amalgamation of different faces of the milieu. If you are visiting Dubai in the first half of December, try not to miss out on the energy of the place.  

If you are planning a trip to Dubai in the initial days of December, make sure to witness the 50th UAE National Day. The sight on the 2nd of December would be something that you cannot miss out on with all the live performances, good food, crafts as well as the Dubai Opera. As locals or visitors, you can go on a spree and experience everything from food and clothes to witnessing them represent their diverse culture. With great discounts and special offers, we would advise you to mark this date on the calendar and don’t think of depriving yourself of experiencing the golden jubilee of Dubai. 

Here are some brief highlights from the event 

uae national day

  • Nothing like the Shopping Fest

On UAE’s National Day, the city decks up in the shades of UAE’s National Flag. From every little shop to every nook and corner of the city, one can note the spirit of the day. Apart from that, all the shops on this day bring amazing offers and discounts on their products. It would be your lucky day if you are visiting this city around these dates. Make sure you are using it to your advantage, by going on one of your shopping sprees. 

  • The classics : Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is also one of the events that communicate the spirit of UAE’s National Day. This is one of the most awaited shows of the year and guests can buy their tickets from Dubai’s Opera website for only Dh50. The Opera narrates theatrical stories from Christmas to the classics of Anna Karenina. You can also get promo codes from different websites in Dubai to get discounts on the tickets. Resident or a tourist, Dubai Opera is something that shouldn’t be missed out on. 

  • Patriotic Activity

With the whole city engulfed in the spirit of the national day, the Times Square Center becomes the flag bearer and hosts a procession of patriotic activities. This particular UAE national holiday event reflects the incredible journey that the UAE has been through, for the past 50 years. 

The event also takes the initiative to organize a photo exhibition based on the theme, “Between seconds and years”, in partnership with “Foto”. This competition would be including 20 local photographers sharing their memorable moments in the United Arab Emirates. This event would also give the opportunity to children who can showcase their creativity from paper crafts in the colours of the flag or making greeting cards. 

  • Petals in the Air : Spirit of the UAE’s National Day

You can also take part in the golden jubilee celebration with fascinating bouquets, set with fresh flowers from Fresh To Home’s outlet. Dyed in the patriotic spirit, you can send them to someone or store them yourself. They are also going to launch exclusive flowers and bouquets on their 50th anniversary. Everything from the red and white roses to green, black, and white chrysanthemums are set to paint the town. 

  • Want a Piece from UAE National Day

Want a Piece from UAE National Day

The Lapita Dubai and Resorts commemorates this occasion with their grand celebration on December 2nd. All the in-house guests are invited for their breakfast cake cutting ceremony and are treated with the traditional and complementary Luqaimat. If you are visiting Dubai with the purpose of witnessing the national day, experiencing the cake ceremony from the Lapita Resorts would be an amazing add-on!

  • More than Just “Waffles”

Marking the 50-year anniversary, “Eggspectation” came up with different flavors of waffles including the limited edition pistachio and rose waffles. The brand was creative enough to come up with a one-bite flavor incorporating ingredients like saffron, rose blossom cream, orange blossom, and crushed pistachio. The whole bite is topped with crushed pistachio and the brand’s fragrant and pure maple syrup to slurp and to sniff it all in. 

  • Exquisite Experiences

The Conrad Abu Dhabi Towers celebrate the national day in their own exquisite way with the day packed with superlative experiences. The grandeur of the lobby is elaborated with the layout of installations including a chocolate fountain, 50 sample flavors of dates, edible paints in the painting of their founding father, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, a wall of tolerance to leave messages, a 50 layered cake, an afternoon tea up in the air, an ice cream giveaway along with the chocolate carving of the golden number “50”. 

  • What’s a Celebration Without a Little Jewellery

The National day also celebrates the intricacy of the design and craftsmanship of bangles and this comes through in the Heritage brand Al Fardan Jewelry. They collaborated with a Turkish designer and came up with a luxurious collection of bangles for the UAE National Day. The bangles come with a tasteful set of diamonds and colors from the flag, designed in the enamel technique. This collection is limited edition and only 50 pieces are produced for the people at Al Fardan Jewellery, National Towers Mall, Abu Dhabi. 

  • Scents Go a Long Way

With the new Amir collection, Ajmal perfumes have become the recent exclusive signature scent, crafted for perfectionists. The brand sets the goal of setting them apart from the ordinary, which caters to their sheer urbanity. Each ingredient that is used in the perfume, has been handpicked by the CEO, Mohd. Amiruddin Ajmal, who has also been titled the “Master Perfumer”. He created his niche to cater to the perfume needs of the people. 

  • Tired? Slurp Your Way With a Complimentary Tea

Grab your afternoon tea at the Hotel Indigo in Dubai Downtown, while you are on your staycation until December 20th. This tea has been curated with treats and flavours that have been inspired by UAE including macaroons, and finger sandwiches. The best part is again all of it being in the colour of the flag, reminding us of the auspicious UAE National Day. 

auspicious UAE National Day. 

  • Adventure Day to Pump you Up Again

As a celebratory perk, Circuit X in Dubai is allowing fifty people who can make their bookings online at heavy discounts. Missing out on “pink and purple” family moments? Make sure to get in touch with them and plan yourself a day with your family and friends. If you are a tourist, this is something mandatory that you should try!  

  • Who Wants to Miss Out on Spa Days

To celebrate the occasion, there was no question that something traditional wouldn’t enter the itinerary of Dubai’s National Day. Ritz-Carlton combines raw and enlivening ingredients from the Southern Peninsula or Arabia Felix’s ancient lands. Incorporating the seven natural elements from the seven seas, this place becomes a feast that keeps its Arabian roots intact. 

  • Sweet Tooth Much

The “Farzi Cafe” in Dubai would be offering mostly multicultural desserts including motichoor laddoo, rabri, chocolate dome, etc at huge discounts of around 50%. So, savor your sweet tooth by exploring this beautiful cafe in Dubai on the occasion of UAE National day. 

  • Bands from Ayalla and Al Harbaiya

Performing live and bringing the ancient traditions to life in Dubai, the Local Ayalla and Al Harbaiya band are all set to make us trance through the traditional reefs with live showcases at the Dubai Mall, City Walk, Nakheel Mall. Dubai festival city mall, Al Khawaneej Walk, Etisalat Beach Canteen, and City Centre Mirdif. All these acts would be performed under the guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic. On its national day, Dubai keeps safety as its priority. 

  • Want a slice from UAE’s National Day Cake

Representing the 50 years of Dubai, Mondoux, Dubai Creek would be crafting a cake in the shape of the number, “50”, to be served on the house. If you are visiting Dubai, don’t forget to have a bite from this one. People preferring smaller treats can opt for macaroons in chocolate, pistachio, coconut, and strawberry flavours and savour their day!

  • Baked in the Colours of the Flag

From tall cakes to the ones that come in the shape of the Emirati flag, various cakes are baked in the glory of the national day. You can pick your favourite from Mister Baker’s range. Even children love a little DIY, that comes with a cake decorating kit including 6 plain cupcakes, icing bags in red, white, and green colour along with chocolate chips to drizzle on top as finishing touches. You can order their deserts online even at heavy discounts. 

  • Spices of Emirati

Dining at Punjab Grill and enjoying cuisines with a blend of Emirati’s culture is one of the statement fusion flavours. From Indian cuisine to Savory Luqaimat and Dibba Bay Oysters with gold flakes, everything comes gaining inspiration from the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The Emirati-Spiced Gulf Shrimps and Samak Machboos are of the most renowned flavours to be experienced on the UAE National Day. The price starts from Dh 250/person for a three-course set menu. 

  • Aerial Eyes

Since the UAE national day is one of the public holidays in Dubai, families and friends can visit the Emirates palace to have the time of their lives and collect unforgettable memories with the views of the day air show on the 2nd of December. The experience would cost around Dh400/guest, which includes a spread of gourmet treats and non-alcoholic beverages. 


UAE’s National Day would feel like a holiday occasion because of the high-spirited celebration it accounts for. From walking down the streets to high-rise buildings, everything seems to be in the colors of their flag and intricate warm lighting. The multicultural delicacies add to the zestful scenery of the city with people around having the time of their lives! Not only locals but even the tourists can experience every bit of this by participating in events and even shopping from street vendors to luxury showrooms with heavy discounts.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When is Dubai’s National Day?

Dubai National Day is celebrated on the 2nd December of every year.

Why is Dubai’s National Day celebrated?

The UAE National Day is celebrated to memorialize the formation of the country in the year 1971.

Who was the first president of the UAE?

The founding father, Sheikh Zayed was the first president of the UAE.

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