What is the purpose of Dubai Expo 2021?

Dubai Expo 2021

Each Expo targets to build public awareness, encourage progress, share change, and express the experience in the same field. The purpose of the Dubai Expo 2021 is a vision of the United Arab Emirates to support the growth of tourism and to stimulate the progression of creative business in Dubai. It also aims to improve the country’s international reputation as a place to take any business full-fledged. 

The theme of Expo Dubai 2021

Due to the pandemic outbreak, Expo 2020 is postponed for a year later i.e. 2021. And the new dates of Expo 2021 are from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. This World Exposition will take place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, which will be following the theme, i.e., “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. 

As per the Expo organizers, it will be a “festival of human ingenuity,” to bring in the awareness of unity. Dubai Expo is offering a platform of collaboration and partnership to build a better future.

The theme of Expo 2021 portrays that how a collaboration of nations, cultures, regions is a sustainable solution to several global issues be it development in any sector. Expo 2021 has parted the theme into 3 sub-parts, which are, Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Expo 2021, is the first exhibition in the world that is taking place in Africa, the Middle East, and the South Asia region. 

Everything you Need to Know About Dubai Expo 2021

Dubai, a city and emirate which is a global destination known for its luxurious shopping, massive infrastructure, ultramodern architecture, and the evolution it had in a very less time. After the extension of expo 2020 Dubai due to the Corona outbreak, you will experience it the next year. 

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is the theme that we have already discussed above. There are 3 sub-themes that follow the main theme of the expo which will focus on varied aspects of the market for quick and equal development in all the sectors.

  • Sustainability will cover the IT sector, governance, financial capital, education, and employment.
  • Mobility will focus on lining up the gap amidst the developed sectors and the ones that require technological and administrative arbitration. 
  • Opportunity will emphasize outlining the departments and corporations pursuing the main theme and drawing new opportunities. 

Dubai Expo 2021 is All About

World expo 2021 will be the first exhibition being held in the MEASA that is comprising both, the Middle East and Africa.

  • The region will be experiencing the largest event ever with visitors from over 192 nations.
  • The Expo is notably going to be the world’s greatest event hosted by Dubai ever.
  • The Expo is an international show where human brilliance will be celebrated and people will connect from all across the world. 
  • In this event, we all will come together to know the world-class technology and science, culture and art, invention and innovation.

Basic Details About Dubai Expo 2021

  • In November 2013 Dubai won the bid to host Expo Dubai 2021 event. Different urban regions gave the offer to facilitate the event and amongst all Dubai won the bid by 116 votes. There are several far-sigh visions that refer to the Dubai Expo 2021.
  • The Dubai 2021 fest will have the structure of multiple countries, and it will be the only one amongst the previous World Expos. Countries will put forward their socially vivid confronts for all the guests. 
  • The Expo 2021 is themed to have Partner and Corporate Pavilions along with their unique structures which are dedicated to different topics. 
  • The Dubai Expo 2021 will start from 1st October 2021 and will end by 31st March 2022.
  • The specialists will provide the expo tickets along with the updated information about the event.

Dubai Expo 2021 Dates

Below given are the Dubai Expo dates that you don’t miss on this global extravaganza:

Dubai Expo Date: 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022

Where Dubai Expo is Going to be Held?

  • The expo will be covering a wide area of 4.38 kilometers
  • The location of the Dubai expo: Dubai South, near Al Maktoum International Airport

The Theme of Dubai Expo 2021

The theme for world expo 2021 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

There is a brilliant thought process that has been put upon while selecting the theme for a world-class contest. “By connecting minds, we create the future.”

The theme stands for a general meaning as to how we have educated the whole world. Also,  the event talks about how we make people understand the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, Dubai Expo also concludes that how we relate and attach with similar minds in order to create a better future because together we can secure and brighten the future.

Sub-Themes of Dubai Expo 2021

Dubai Expo has 3 subthemes which are Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity which will inspire all the visitors to preserve and secure the planet by exploring new frontiers and by building a bright future for the next generations. The Expo is aimed to unlock the potential of communities and individuals to shape the future worthwhile. 

But the main theme of the expo revolves around the purpose of making a bright future, and all the subthemes are chosen by considering the major necessities.

The subthemes of this expo were introduced with the vision to the future by keeping in mind the direction, the whole world is moving towards.


  • As we look into the vision of the future, the very first thing which will strike your mind is sustainability. 
  • Since so far we are continuously exploiting the resources of our Mother Earth. And we have exploited the natural resources to the level that some of the resources don’t even exist now, which used to play a vital role in global warming.
  • We avoid the exhaustion of natural resources, thus, sustainability comes with an agenda that focuses on the production of resources that are ecologically advantageous and easily accessible to all in the long run. 
  • The aspects to focus on under this sub-theme are industries, financial capital, governance, literacy, and employment.

Sustainability is the requirement to utilize the resources without adjusting the proficiency of the earth to preserve the upcoming generations. Sustainability is one of the sub-themes to appreciate the natural and built resources to ensure community resilience and human well-being.


Mobility: It means physical mobility for the individuals, access and distribution of services and goods, and digital connectivity via information technology.

  • In terms of mobility, we speak about activities shifting from ideas to persons. The aim of mobility is to let out the ideas from every region of the world and not just from a particular area where it is found in an exponential manner.
  • The proficiency to move willingly and expand freely is known as mobility. It ranges from technological mobility to social mobility where we thrive on ideas from all the geographical regions of the world.
  • The purpose of this sub-theme is to fill in the gap between regions that are exceptionally developed and the regions which are still lacking the basic necessities through technology and innovative ideas.


Opportunity means reflecting the importance of financial capital as a source to promote progress, and collaborations as a fundamental driver of creation and employment.

  • Each and everyone deserves the opportunity to prosper and grow. An opportunity objectifies to unlock the aptitude within us and the communities concerning a better future.
  • All the existing ideas just need a worthy opportunity to prosper in the world. Because we all embrace the ideas that are leading the technologies.
  • Dubai Expo 2021 will focus on the areas and firms which offer the purpose of the subcategories following the main category “Connecting minds, creating the future”.


  • Dubai, with its high-rise skyline and incorporated architecture, is already doing its best with tourism and attractions.
  • The Expo 2021 is coming to Dubai, with its vision of development which is going to shout out loud to all the world. 25 million visitors are expected to attend this mega fest in Dubai and surprisingly over 17 million visitors are going to visit out of Dubai.
  • It is expected that real estate will be on the rise because the visitors will lookout for places to reside during the period of this event. With enhancing the infrastructure of the city for easy accommodation of travelers, at least 8 billion dollars are needed for establishing it.


  • Dubai’s employment market will be on the next level with new projects regarding, tourism, construction, and transportation. 
  • It is believed that after the 2021 expo, Dubai will introduce over 250, 000 jobs. And most of the job sectors will belong to construction, tourism, and travel.

Biggest Attractions at Expo 2021

  • Dubai Expo 2021 is going to offer various entertainment activities, including a Germany Pavilion that has a robot band to recreate Beethoven’s famous works, opera, flash mobs, pop-up theaters, and an amazing show of creatures. 
  • The Expo will be having different performances from school students in UAE at the same place along with the street fests, parades, stage shows, musical events, and concerts. 
  • There are 10 theme weeks that will range all 6 months of the Dubai Expo.
  • The event will be depicting all sorts of challenges facing humanity be it environmental economic, cultural, or social perspectives. 
  • All the visitors can relish the innovative experience at the UK Pavilion, including their voices for continually improving a collective message. The pavilion is encouraged by Stephen Hawking and it has been curated through AI and planned by Es Devlin Studio. 

What will happen to UAE after Dubai Exhibition 2021?

There are many curious to know what will be the consequences of this vast Expo. Well, it is quite obvious that new ideas and collaborations will bring out something beautiful and innovative. The new ideas will play major roles when Expo 2021 counters the real estate sector. And this real estate mega plan will be considered as the District 2020.

Thus, at the time when Expo will wrap up in the month of March, it will come out as the District 2020, big-scale real estate development and investment at the South of Dubai. 

About 80% of the built Expo will convert into business, residential, and commercial developments. It also concludes the artwork: Expo’s authorized works of art will continue as persistent sculptures.

Also, Expo is creating a new community after the event, and people must be willing to get contemporary art along with its concepts. Expo will start every new project keeping in mind that language and aesthetics have to be a part of common people’s life. Making the public aware of the aesthetics and culture it is important to make them feel so, which is literally possible through streets and squares.

The Expo 2021 in Dubai is set to design the artwork so that people can touch them, feel them, live them by sitting over or beside them. Also, it is possible to create this artwork in parks so that the public can also walk over them. 

Cosmic Art for the New District

“Expo exhibits a whole world in one city,” It is a feast of staging, narration, and the thought of representing different features within the work.

Keeping in mind the works were created with the purpose of their future functioning in District 2020 in mind. Most of the functions assume a monumental and grand scale that counters Abou El Fetouh’s brief regarding the cosmos to figure out something new about the world identity.

Urban Planning

Public art is missing not only in the Middle East but everywhere out there in the world. The Expo is about planning the urban sector in a way that people can again feel the culture and art.

Despite the main subject of the Dubai Expo is the growth of the economic sector but it also concludes the cultural programming through local stakeholders or by national pavilions.

The resolution to integrate the Expo’s art program with the future District 2020 exhibits how culture is being classified in plotting the urban sector in the Gulf, especially with new designs for pedestrian-friendly regions. 

Dubai Expo 2021 Tickets Price

Expo 2021 is a mega fest, that everyone eagerly wants to attend. The fest has no regional restrictions, instead, it is the biggest motivation to come into contact with the whole world. Everyone out there is so excited about the event as Expo 2021 is the biggest and world-level fest.

People are excited because the event is bringing 192 nations together and people are waiting to be a part of this global platform. If you are also interested in attending Expo 2021, you must be curious to know the Dubai expo 2021 tickets price.

Thus, Expo 2021 is promoting global-level trade and investment to build a firm community by spreading the potential of unity and you can access the chance to be its part in so minimal rates which are given below.

Standard Ticket Prices

One day ticket for adults: AED 120

Three-day ticket for adults: AED 260

Offers and Discounts

Students of any age: 50% off

Youth aged 6 to 17 years: 50% discount

Differently-abled people: FREE

Caregivers: 50% discount

Kids aged 5 years or below: FREE

Adults aged 65 years or above: FREE

Book tickets from

Online: You can tickets online from the website of Expo 2020 through a network of dealers or resellers from all over the world.

On spot: you can also buy tickets directly at the venue.


Expo Dubai is depicting the power of connections and the world will witness that how different cultures with their unique architecture can inspire innovation. The impact of the whole world exhibition will be powerful, it will scale the growth of both, the communities and an individual. And the criteria of the progression will be the advancement of technologies for the bright future. 

The good thing about Expos, they always offer you more than you expect for. The expo stages that how the power of every individual is necessary to bring a change. Dubai expo 2021 is a golden opportunity to connect with millions of people with different mindsets having the same goal.

Let’s be a part of this huge event and come together to empower the world in every aspect.


What is the slogan of Expo 2020?

The slogan of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future” With the purpose of “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future” Dubai intends to foster creativity, innovation, modification, and collaboration between different institutions, cultures, and nations.

How do I register for Dubai Expo 2021?

If you are interested in attending the program, then visit Expo 2021 Dubai Business Leverage Programme in order to register. First, create an account that gives you free access to all the events of the Dubai Expo.

What will happen in Dubai Expo 2021?

60 shows are supposed to be held on a daily basis in Dubai Expo where more than 190 pavilions will represent different nations. there will be around 200 restaurants at an event venue. The expo would be continued for 6 months which will entertain above 25 million visitors.

How many countries are participating in Dubai Expo 2021?

192 nations are participating in Dubai Expo 2021. It is the first world expo to be held in (MEASA) i.e. Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. all 192 nations will be representing their dedicated pavilion. 2021 Expo is one of the most diverse that sets the record in the history of the event.

What is the location of Dubai Expo 2021?

Dubai Expo 2021 is located at the Dubai Exhibition Center. You can get to the Expo center by taking the Red Line Dubai Metro which will take you to the entrance of the Expo.

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