All About the Sharjah Rain Room

Keep Dry with the Rain Room

Are you looking for the perfect spot for a social media upload? Perhaps you desire a nice silhouette shot as rain falls on you? Then the Sharjah Rain Room has you covered. This fantastic hidden gem is a must-visit for anyone travelling to the Emirates. Other than an adventure of a lifetime, you enjoy the peace your soul is looking forward to. The Rain Room Sharjah is alluring in a fascinating way, not just because of the experience it offers but also the location and the structure of the building.

This article brings everything you need to know about this exhibit- the epitome of technology and everything good. Here, you will find Rain Room Sharjah’s ticket price, the two methods of booking a spot and the contact number. 

Singing in the Rain with the Rain Room!

Sharjah Rain Room

Rain room, Sharjah saves the day with its mess-free rain. Located in Al Mujarrah, this pristine installation offers users a chance to sing and dance in the rain without getting wet. A project initiated by Random International was first launched in the year 2012 in London and exhibited by the Sharjah Art Foundation in 2018 in Al Mujarrah. It has been delighting visitors and locals alike since. The ingredient that adds to the delight is the Rain Room, Sharjah’s location. Proudly standing opposite the Lulu Hypermarket and next to the Al Mujarrah park, this is one of its kind in the Middle East. 

The Rain Room allures its visitors with not only a chance to sing in rain but also to photograph themselves with a background of rain and darkness. This is a perfect place to be with your loved one and get a silhouette version captured. Apart from this, The venue also consists of a food court where you can relish some delicious food. While the snacks offered are a delight for the mouth, the room is a delight for the eyes.

Stepping in the Rain, Stepping Out Dry!

Stepping in the Rain

Ever run wild in the rain without getting wet? The Rain Room, Sharjah lets you do this and much more with its controlled space. The entire exhibit uses 2500 litres of water which recycles and cleans itself by the way (in case you were wondering) to give you the experience of rain indoors. The room uses 3D tracking cameras and high technology sensors to mark the movements of a person and the showers pouring down rain stops saving the person from getting wet. The technology at the Rain Room allows visitors to walk through the entire exhibit without getting drenched. 

The movement needs to be slow and smooth for sensors to recognise a person. So, it’s ideal to not run in wild but walk slowly in the rain like a stroll in the park.

A Walk to Remember!

Rain Room

The Sharjah Rain Room offers you the walk of a lifetime. How so? 

The room works on a time slot basis. At the time of booking, each visitor will be provided with a time slot of 15 minutes. Upon walking into the exhibited room, volunteers will be available to give a briefing about the room and demonstrate the pace one needs to maintain while walking through the controlled space. The briefing lasts for approximately 5 minutes, leaving a total of 10 minutes for a visitor to indulge in the rain. To make your Rain Room experience memorable, there are a few guidelines that the Sharjah Art Foundation lays down for its visitors to adhere to. They are listed below:

    • Arrive 10 minutes early in your allotted time slot.
    • Do not wear pointy shoes or high heels for safety reasons.
    • Not making any sudden movements while walking through the exhibit, the sensors might not detect the movement, and you may get drenched.
    • Do not carry any food or beverage or any sort of rain gear.
    • No professional photography is allowed without the permission of the Sharjah Art Foundation.
    • Do not wear dark, shiny, reflective, or impermeable clothing as it might affect the sensors.
    • As there is a risk of getting slightly wet, carrying any electronic device is a risk to be born by the owner.
    • Commercial video shoots are not allowed.
    • At a time, a maximum of 6 people can enter.
    • The time slot or the viewing will last for 15 minutes.
  •  What is the Rain Room Sharjah Ticket Price?

      • Adult – 25 AED
      • Students up to 22 years – 15 AED (ID required)
      • Teacher – 15 AED (ID required)
      • Children up to 5 years – Free admission
      • People with disabilities and one companion – Free admission
  • What is the Rain Room Sharjah Timings?

      • Saturday to Thursday – 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
      • Friday –  4:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • The Rain Room Sharjah Online Ticket Booking

The Rain Room has availability for both online and offline ticket bookings. Still, it is recommended to book them online to save oneself from the disappointment of not getting to choose the desired time slot. The visitor needs to get tickets offline at the ticket counter available in the venue to get tickets offline.

Rain Room Sharjah Online Ticket Booking : To get tickets online, the visitor needs to go to the official website of the Sharjah Art Foundation and book their tickets. You will be asked to choose the visit date, select the number of tickets and then pay using your desired payment method. The whole process has 5 minutes allotted to it, after which the portal will log out itself, and the entire process will need to be attempted again. 

  • The Rain Room Sharjah Location and Contact Number

The Rain Room, the first-ever in the Middle East, is located in Al Mujarrah, UAE. It is next to the Al Mujarrah Park, dressed in a big white warehouse. Paid parking is available in abundance at the venue. 

It is relatively easy to contact the officials on-site. They are available for all queries and concerns under the following modes: 

Contact No :  + 97165610095
Email Address :

Are you drooling with your eyes? Don’t wait for it! Book your tickets to the Rain Room now and have your mess-free rain adventure. Let your imagination run wild, but keep your steps slow if you want to enter dry and leave the same way.

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What is the Sharjah Rain Room ticket booking process?

Sharjah Rain Room tickets can be booked online and on-site. On-site, one needs to walk to the ticket counter at the building, and for online ticket booking, one needs to visit the website, fill in their details, and book tickets using a credit card.

What are the Sharjah Rain Room timings?

Sharjah Rain Room has the following timings: Saturday- Thursday - 9.00 A.M.- 9.00 P.M. Friday- 4:00 A.M.- 11:00 P.M.

What are the Rain Room Sharjah location and contact number?

Rain Room Sharjah is located in Al Mujarrah, a neighbourhood in Sharjah. One can reach out to them through their email id: or by telephone: t +97165610095.

How much is a ticket to Rain Room in Sharjah?

The following is the breakdown of tickets: - Adult- 25 AED - Students up to 22 years- 15 AED (ID required) - Teacher- 15 AED (ID required) - Children up to 5 years- Free admission - People with disabilities and one companion- Free admission

Do you get wet in The Rain Room Sharjah?

No, you do not get wet in the Rain Room Sharjah.

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