Cent To Square Feet (Cent To Sq Ft) Conversion Online

1 Cent is equal to 1.00 Square-Feet

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Square meters, Square yards, Hectares, and Acres are some of the commonly used land measurement units in India. While terms such as Cent, Guntha, and Ground are typically used in the Southern States. Bigha and Marla belong to the North. The sizes of the units, like cent to square feet, also vary from State to State.

Several online calculators are available today that make the conversion between units like cent to sq ft easy and error-free. However, while handling property dealings, it is always advisable to have common knowledge about land measuring units in India.

Let’s learn how to convert cents to square feet —

About Cent

Cent is a unit of land measurement commonly used in the Southern Indian states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. Cent is particularly used to measure smaller land plots and land parcels that are about 1 acre in size. Like Cent— Anakanam, Guntha, and Ground are all land measuring units commonly used for property transactions in Southern India.

  • The History of Cent

The term ‘cent’ originates from the Latin word centum, meaning hundred. In many national currencies, cent also represents a monetary unit that equals 1⁄100 of the basic monetary unit. In the United States, a cent is also referred to as a penny.

  • Dimensions of Cent

A cent is 1/100th of an acre which is equivalent to 0.01 acre. One cent is 6.05 Anakanam; 0.4 Guntha; and 0.1815 Ground. 1 cent to square feet equals 435.559 sq ft, whereas 3 cents to square feet is 1306.677 sq ft.

About Square Feet

The square foot is a commonly used unit for area measurement both in the US customary and British Imperial measurement systems. In India, it is popularly used to denote the area of real estate properties like flats, houses, or even office spaces. The commonly used abbreviation for the foot is ‘ft.’

  • The History of Square Feet

The Square foot is a standard unit used to measure length. It is an imperial unit that was first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act. The unit is also part of the U.S. customary length-measuring unit system and is commonly used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Liberia, Ghana, and partially in Canada.

  • Dimensions of Square Feet

43560 square feet is equal to 1 acre, and one square foot is equivalent to 144 square inches and 1/9th of a square yard.

Convert Cent to Square Feet Formula and Example

To convert 1 cent to square feet (cent to sq ft) and vice versa, we need to know the equivalence of 1 cent in square feet and vice versa. This way, we can easily convert any area.

  • Cent to Square Feet

To convert cent to sq ft, we need to multiply the area in cent by 435.6 or divide it by 0.0022956841138659, and then we get the derived result in square feet.


To convert 10 cents in square feet (cent to sq ft), we need to follow the steps below:

Multiply 10 by 435.6

10 x 435.6 = 4356 square feet


Divide 10 by 0.0022956841138659

10/0.0022956841138659 = 4356 square feet

Through both methods, the same answer is derived in square feet.

  • Square Feet to Cent

To convert square feet to cents, we need to use the following formula:

Cent = Square Foot x 0.0023


To convert 5 square feet into cents, we need to multiply 5 with 0.0023 as per the formula. 

So, 5 x 0.0023 = 0.0015 cents.

Difference Between Cent and Square Feet

Both are conventional measuring units that are popularly used to measure the size of properties, there are a couple of differences between the two units that are listed as follows: 


Square Feet


While 1 Cent is 435.6 square feet. 

1 Square Foot is equal to 0.0022959 Cents.


To convert Cents to Square Feet, we need to use the formula—

Square Feet = Cent x 435.6

To convert Square Feet to Cents, we need to use the formula—

Cent = Square Foot x 0.0023



Cent is commonly used to measure smaller plots of land and land parcels.

Square Feet is a standard measuring unit used commonly in the field of real estate, architecture, landscaping, etc.

The abbreviation for the term is cent.

The abbreviation for the term is sq.ft.


Relationship Between Cent and Square Feet

Both Cent and Square feet are traditional land measuring units and determine the size of a property. 1 cent = 435.56 square feet, and both cent and square feet can be converted to each other. By using your math expertise, it is possible to convert cent to sq ft either with manual calculations or to save time and effort, you can also use an online calculator. This usually provides a quick and error-free result. To use an online calculator, all you need to do is enter the value of the area in cents, and at the simple click of a button, the answer is derived in square feet.

Popular Cent to Square Feet Conversions

To convert cent to sq ft, any one of the following two formulas can be used:

Square Feet = Cent x 435.6


Square Feet = Cent/ 0.0022956841138659

Some of the popular cent to sq ft Conversions are listed below:

1 cent = 435.559 sq ft

2 cents = 871.118 sq ft

3 cents = 1306.677 sq ft

4 cents = 1742.236 sq ft

5 cents = 2177.795 sq ft

6 cents = 2613.354 sq ft

7 cents = 3048.913 sq ft

8 cents = 3484.472 sq ft

9 cents = 3920.031 sq ft

10 cents = 4355.59 sq ft

11 cents = 4791.149 sq ft

12 cents = 5226.708 sq ft

13 cents = 5662.267 sq ft

14 cents = 6097.826 sq ft

15 cents = 6533.385 sq ft

16 cents = 6968.944 sq ft

17 cents = 7404.503 sq ft

18 cents = 7840.062 sq ft

19 cents = 8275.621 sq ft

20 cents = 8711.18 sq ft

21 cents = 9146.739 sq ft

22 cents = 9582.298 sq ft

23 cents = 10017.857 sq ft

24 cents = 10453.416 sq ft

25 cents = 10888.975 sq ft

26 cents = 11324.534 sq ft

27 cents = 11760.093 sq ft

28 cents = 12195.652 sq ft

29 cents = 12631.211 sq ft

30 cents = 13066.77 sq ft

31 cents = 13502.329 sq ft

32 cents = 13937.888 sq ft

33 cents = 14373.447 sq ft

34 cents = 14809.006 sq ft

35 cents = 15244.565 sq ft

36 cents = 15680.124 sq ft

37 cents = 16115.683 sq ft

38 cents = 16551.242 sq ft

39 cents = 16986.801 sq ft

40 cents = 17422.36 sq ft

41 cents = 17857.919 sq ft

42 cents = 18293.478 sq ft

43 cents = 18729.037 sq ft

44 cents = 19164.596 sq ft

45 cents = 19600.155 sq ft

46 cents = 20035.714 sq ft

47 cents = 20471.273 sq ft

48 cents = 20906.832 sq ft

49 cents = 21342.391 sq ft

50 cents = 21777.95 sq ft

 In closing

If you are looking to invest or buy property, it is necessary to know about the two conventional land measurement units—cent and square feet. Furthermore, it is also crucial to learn about their equivalent in other land measurement units.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much is 1200 square feet in cents?

After applying the conversion formula— Square Feet = Cent x 435.6 1200 Square Feet (sq ft) = 522720 Cent.

How many square feet are 5 cents?

To know the answer, we need to use the formula— Square Feet = Cent x 435.6 5 x 435.6 = 2178 square feet.

What are 3 cents in square feet?

By using the formula— Cent = Square Foot x 0.0023, the answer derived is 1306.677

How much is 3000 square feet in cents?

3000 square feet is 6.888 cents.

What is the use of a cent and a square foot?

Cent and square feet are two common measuring land units that are popularly used in India for land and property transactions.

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