All You Need To Know About Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah

All You Need To Know About Nesto Hypermarkets

Nesto Hypermarket is a famous hypermarket chain in Sharjah. Most Nesto stores are spread close to the gated communities in Sharjah. Nesto takes care of all your needs, from home goods to clothes. Nesto offers affordable products across categories. This blog sheds light on the details of various Nesto Hypermarkets in Sharjah. 

About Nesto Hypermarkets And Supermarkets

Nesto was launched in 2004, and since then, it has established itself as one of the top supermarkets and hypermarkets in Sharjah, started by KP Basheer. The main office of Nesto is in Sharjah. Nesto has more than 50 locations, several of which are in Sharjah. Groceries, fresh vegetables, frozen meals, electronics, household appliances, and more are all available in the stores. Nesto is renowned for its reasonable costs and dedication to excellent customer service.

  • Nesto Hypermarket Departments

Nesto Hypermarket Departments

Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah has several departments that provide many options regarding food, home goods, beverages and fresh produce, to name a few. A list of departments within Nesto Hypermarket are listed below. 

    • Fruits & vegetables 
    • Frozen foods 
    • Canned goods 
    • Condiments 
    • Dairy products
    • Fish, poultry and meat products
    • Instant or frozen meals
    • Beverages 
    • Clothing 
    • Home appliances 
    • Electronics 
    • Kitchen utensils 
  • Working Hours of Nesto Hypermarket 

Nesto Hypermarket has fixed timings all over Sharjah. The store opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 am daily, barring Friday. Nesto is closed between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm. 

Nesto Hypermarket Online Shopping

Nesto Hypermarket also provides online shopping. Groceries, fresh fruit, frozen meals, electronics, home appliances, and more are available. Visit their website or download their app to shop online at Nesto. After creating an account, you can explore and add the products to your cart. You can select your delivery option and payment method after you are ready to complete the checkout process.

Several delivery choices are available from Nesto, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and in-store pickup. Additionally, you have the option of having your order delivered to a locker or a PO box. Payment options accepted by Nesto include credit cards, debit cards, and cash on delivery.

Top Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah Branches

Top Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah Branches

There are over 10 Nesto Hypermarkets in Sharjah. The hypermarket is close to several residential clusters across Sharjah. Nesto is one of the easily accessible and affordable hypermarkets in Sharjah. A list of Sharjah Nesto Hypermarkets is given below. 

  • Al Taawun

Nesto Hypermarket is located in the Arab mall in Al Taawun, making it accessible to various residents living in the apartments in Al Taawun. It is located in the Al Arab mall, Al Taawun Roundabout. 

    • Contact Number: 06-524-4232
  • Al Nud

If you are an Al Qasimia resident, Nesto Hypermarket, located on King Faisal Street, Al Nud, will be the closest to you to fulfil all your grocery needs. If you are looking for fresh produce, there is no better place than Nesto.

    • Contact Number: 06-542-6124
  • Abu Shagara

For the people living in Abu Shagara, the closest Nesto Hypermarket is the branch close to KM Trading. If you are near Abu Shagara, you know where to get your groceries, electronics and clothes. 

    • Contact Number: 06-882-0419
  • Muwaileh

Muwaileh neighbourhood has two branches of Nesto Hypermarket. The first branch is located in the School Zone Area, Muwaileh. The second branch is located opposite Kalba Fire Station and can be reached at 06-535-7100.

    • Contact Number: 06-534-1419
  • Al Wahda

Al Wahda Nesto Hypermarket is located on Al Wahda Street, Near the Co-op Head Office. 

    • Contact Number: 06-566-0031
  • Al Nabba

Fantastic deals on groceries, apparel, and other products exist at this Nesto Sharjah Hypermarket location in Al Nabba. It is situated in Al Nabba on Al Zahra Street. 

    • Contact Number: 056-223-0689
  • Bu Tina

The biggest Nesto Hypermarket in Sharjah is located near Zulekha Hospital, Butina.

    • Contact Number: 06-553-8799
  • Rolla

Nesto Hypermarket for the people living in Rolla is at Al Wafa Centre, Bank Street. 

    • Contact Number: 06-568-5162

Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah Offers

Nesto Hypermarket Sharjah Offers

Nesto is well renowned for its frequent sales of items such as clothing, electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, food, and more, translating into significant discounts for its patrons. Watch for Nesto’s Fashion Fiesta if you want inexpensive, fashionable apparel. Customers can take advantage of special end-of-month discounts at Nesto Supermarkets to save money on household goods and other items. You can check out the Nesto website or the Nesto app to catch up with the latest deals and offers. 


Shoppers in Sharjah frequently choose Nesto Hypermarkets. The shops are renowned for their outstanding customer service and provide a wide selection of goods at affordable prices. Nesto Hypermarkets are fantastic places to buy anything from groceries, fresh produce, gadgets, and home equipment. Among the many things available at Nesto Hypermarkets are groceries, fresh vegetables, frozen meals, electronics, home appliances, and more.

You may get the finest offers on the items you require. Nesto Hypermarkets is dedicated to providing top-notch customer support. The staff is welcoming and accommodating, and they always go above and beyond to ensure you have a good shopping experience. You can always find a handy Nesto Hypermarket because the company has multiple outlets around Sharjah.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you shop online at Nesto?

Yes, you can shop online at Nesto.

Who is the owner of the Nesto hypermarket?

The owner of Nesto Hypermarket is KP Basheer.

Which company is Nesto?

Western International Group owns Nesto Hypermarket.

Where is Nesto supermarket from?

Nesto Supermarket was established in the UAE.

Does Nesto Hypermarket offer grocery delivery?

Nesto Hypermarket delivers groceries at home.

What are Nesto Hypermarket offers?

Nesto hypermarket offers to keep changing according to the season. The hypermarket has monthly offers.

What is the Nesto Inaam App?

The Nesto Inaam App lets you stay updated with the latest offers and order groceries online.

How can I get a Nesto Gift Card?

You can get the Nesto Gift Card at the cash counter.

How many Nesto hypermarkets are there in UAE?

There are over 50 Nesto Hypermarkets in UAE.

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