Top Hotel Tips for Making your Stay Extra Bearable/Comfortable

Hotel Tips

Traveling is sometimes stressful, mainly when you are stuck in a hotel for a long period of time. You may have been using hotel tycoon tips for improving your game and building a virtual hospitality empire but when it comes to your own stay, how do you make it more comfortable or just that we bit more bearable? Vacations are meant to relax and take a break from work to enjoy leisure. Even if you book rooms at the best possible and most luxurious property, the chances are that you will always want a more homely touch to the proceedings.

Here are the best hotel tips that you can follow in this regard:

Always Choose a Central Location

Agreed, centrally located hotels may appear more costly on paper. However, they will help you save more money in the long term.  A metro station or bus stop located five minutes from your hotel often helps you stay out late, walk out on the street and the town. Checking in to faraway hotels or staying away from public transportation means costly dollars spent.

Do Not Have The Clean Room Sign On Display

This only announces to the staff members that you are not present in the room. Instead, if you are someone who always likes an undisturbed environment, put up the Do Not Disturb sign that gives an impression of you always remaining inside. However, if you want to get the room cleaned but only during your presence, only call for housekeeping facilities while working on anything important in your room and hang the DND sign while you venture out.

Carry a Few Clips

This may sound surprising although it is one of the best hotel tips for travellers! Several rooms may have curtains that do not fully close, leading to slight light slivers and cracks filtering through at dawn. If you want relaxing sleep for a longer duration in near darkness, ensure that you use clips or clothespins to shut the curtains every night firmly!

Always Communicate in Advance About Specific Requests

From a second rack for luggage to a double bed, extra mattress, etc., most hotels will cover your demands. However, inform them in advance about the same.

Takeout Orders at the Hotel

If you do not wish to go out of the room but wish to avoid paying a bomb for room service simultaneously, order takeout food or delivery food.  It is a great way of savouring popular local dishes as well!

Have Some Instant Munches Handy

Another one of the best hotel tips is to always have some crackers, fruits, bread, or instant noodles at hand in your hotel room. This will take care of sudden hunger stings and lead to an enhanced sense of comfort.

Inform the Hotel Management About Occasions

If you are celebrating your anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, etc, let the hotel management know of the same. You may find complimentary fruits, cake, and other offers along with upgrades if you are fortunate!

You May Get Empty Dishes at Hotels

Some hotels will allow you to ask for and get hold of empty dishes, enabling you to enjoy your munchies or takeout meals to the fullest.

Dry Clothes with Heated Towel Rods

Sometimes laundry may be unavoidable, especially for longer trips. Instead of costly hotel laundry facilities, you can wash clothes in the tub/sink, and drying may sometimes be time-consuming. Several hotels come with heated towel racks that may be used as temporary dryers.

Always Get Two Key Cards at the Reception

Hotels have key cards for turning on the power. If you wish to keep charging devices, keep the AC running and so on, you can leave this second key card in the designated slot. Yet, in some properties which do not have RFID-coded key card slots, you may use any other loyalty or credit card. However, this is only advisable if it is important.

Stream your Favourite Netflix on the Television

Most televisions in hotels will have HDMI ports and most hotels will give you Wi-Fi as well. You can connect your laptop or phone to the television and watch your favourite Netflix shows or use other streaming services on a larger screen. You can take your Chromecast or any other related device with you.

Make the Clutter Disappear

One of the smart hotel tips is to declutter your surroundings quickly. This includes brochures, cards, and leaflets occupying space on side tables, desks, and other areas. Put all of this into a drawer right away to create a home-like feeling.

Use Pillow Spray or Scented Candles

Not every hotel will have a comforting and relaxing aroma. You may have just eaten in the room or possibly you may not always appreciate the perfume liberally used by housekeeping! You can consider carrying a few scented candles or pillow spray with you for making the room appear more comforting and sleeping better at night.

Thoroughly Sanitize Surrounding Areas

Unless you reside in a 5-star property, you should always sanitize the room before settling down. Turn down bed sheet corners to find any bed bugs. Bring a travel spray and use it throughout the bathroom and living areas along, with the closet. Do not over-sanitize the entire place since the smell will irritate you. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe the nightstand zone, doorknobs, remote control of the television, and other bathroom fixtures and fittings alike.

Infuse Your Personality into the Space

One of the top hotel tycoon tips is making customers feel more comfortable. It would help you if you made your little arrangements in this regard, filling up the entire space with your personal things. These will comfort you and bring that homely vibe that you ardently crave. You may use a favourite incense or spray or even an oil diffuser. Fill up your hotel room with something personalized and memorable and most importantly, anything positive.

Do Not Skip the Loungewear

Like any other vigorous hotel tips, this one will be a life saviour for you! Don’t forget to pack comfortable clothing apparel for lounging. It need not always be designers or new clothing. Pack something that creates a cozy and home-esque vibe including soft pants, sweatshirts, pyjamas, and the like.

Buy the Right Towel

Buying the right towel is very important. Choose lightweight cotton towels that may function as smaller blankets if you need them! Turkish bath towels are a good bet in this regard! These versatile travel marvels may also help you at the beach since you can use them as scarves or throw blankets.

Beverage Aspects

Always carry a few cans or tins of your favourite beverage whenever you plan a trip. Such hotel tips are suggested, especially when you are planning a trip with your family. Now you don’t have to worry about whether the minibar is filled with your favourite beverages or not.

Earplugs are Propitious

Earplugs will be a valuable investment at the airport and even at your hotel! Noise pollution is an unknown factor while you are booking your hotel. Even if you are staying at ultra-luxurious hotels, there are always chances of unwanted road and traffic noise and more such disruptions. Therefore, earplugs help you combat all this successfully and without any accompanying hassles!

Put Up Your Clothes Instantly

Do not waste time when you check into your hotel room. There is nothing homely about living right off your suitcase or luggage. Put up your clothes in the closet as quickly as you can once you have sanitized the entire space. Put your nightclothes on the bed so that they wait for your return. This will contribute greatly towards making the space seem more like home.

The Same Approach Works For Toiletries

One of the best hotel tips for a homely feeling is to avoid leaving toiletries in the luggage. Set up your toiletry kit in the bathroom with everything in its suitable position. It will help you avoid the last-minute rush in the morning, searching for toothpaste, shampoo, and other essentials. While using toiletries provided by the establishment is a fun affair, the true sense of relaxation comes from using your own products.

White Noise May Help at Night

Even if you are used to a few sounds that you hear every night at home, the hotel will be a radically different affair altogether. However, if you’re a light sleeper, dropping your white noise playlist and cranking it up to the right volume to block out the shimmering silence while you sleep helps you and your muscles relax better at night.

Pull some extra amenities and services to settle in and enjoy the stay.

Well, there you have it- the best hotel tips that you can follow to make your next hotel stay a little bit more comfortable and pleasant.  Therefore, these full proofed hotel tips will get you everything provided without making a hole in your pocket.

Happy travelling!

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