Your Ultimate Guide to Dubai’s Best Property Dealers

Best Property Dealers

Buying a property with the help of Dubai property dealer is a growth of wealth but in a huge market of real estate, you can’t grow straightforward towards your property because of partial knowledge of real estate in the current market. And especially when you are about to buy a property in Dubai, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world things could get tough to get a genuine deal.

Thus, it becomes important to contact a Dubai property dealer or a real estate agent while hunting for a Dubai property. Because whether you’re fully up and willing to buy a home or you are just partially interested in the idea to own a property, the possibility is you have already started going through home listings online. The listing looks tempting which encourages you to contact a real estate agent to collect further details of the property. 

But be cautious before jumping into the idea of doing things on your own as there are a few things that you should consider first to make sure that you and your future property dealer can be on the same scale and agrees to move forward in the same direction in order to buy your dream home. So, to help you out with this you don’t have to go anywhere because we are here already with all you need to know about the property dealer before contacting them. 

Don’t we all fall for the beautiful property listings that look perfect on every online platform, with the perfect location. It is all done by Dubai property dealer along with the idea covering all the aspects you are looking for. As the is listing is always posted with beautiful photos of the property that also falls under your budget. 

Well, this is not just enough to ensure your decision over the property that you wish to purchase. Because these days it is hard for property seekers to gather all the correct information they require under the presence of online fraudsters. 

For some of these reasons, you first need to meet a real estate agent to understand the ins and outs of the property. So, go below the points before getting in touch with a real estate Dubai property dealer to buy a property in Dubai.

Consider the points when contacting a Real Estate property dealer:

  • First, check the trade license of the dealer’s firm. 
  • Check the work permit of the property dealer whether it is approved or not, and check whether the activities under the license from DED are approved or not.
  • Cross-check the registration id and the license of the brokers from Rera for the Dubai property.

Here are a few things you should follow before contacting a real estate agent to buy a property in Dubai:

Get Pre-Approved Mortgage

Calculate Mortgage

A good property dealer will always feel happy to help you with the right deal from scratch, but it becomes really easy for you both if you can figure out your budget at the earliest which will help you to arrange the specific amount of home loan beforehand getting into the deal.

Most of the Dubai property sellers don’t even consider a proposal without a pre-approved mortgage letter and prefer to have this beforehand letter to make the procedure smooth. It will help you to not lose the property as somebody else put it under the contract before you could even make a bid on it.

Determine Your Budget

Affordability is something different from getting pre-approved, thus always make sure what you can afford. There is a comfortability difference between what the bank says and what you can buy with the range of your budget.

So always, consider some facts that include maintenance costs, utility bills, and other necessary expenses. Especially if you are staying in an apartment at present your bill might get larger than what you really expect. Thus, make your budget consider all the facts because down payment and EMIs are not enough, as the house comes with many hidden expenses so make sure you are all set. 

Consider the Location

After calculating your budget too which extent you can spend or afford you finalize the location where you feel it’s convenient to build your dream home. There are several other aspects you can decide your house location based on things such as the price range of a particular area that falls under your budget.

Or you can simply also go with the view of the area that you want to reside in for the rest of your life, so it’s better to prepare a list that you can filter out later. You can list out price range, neighborhoods, subdivisions, multiple towns. Now compare all the aspects in different locations to help yourself decide on the best location.

Despite your familiarity with the neighborhood, crosscheck it once by visiting it personally as things might look different in a frame of upcoming years. Visit the place once and pay close attention to the area nearby, research the locality, community, schools, market, and all the daily necessities along with the gentry living there, main roads, grocery stores, traffic flow, and several other things that you might need in your daily life.  

Visit Homes on Your Own

Anything or everything looks different in pictures from what they are, thus it is very important to have a practical experience once before spending on anything. Especially when you are buying something so expensive and special with your lifelong savings or funds for the rest of your life. 

Do not let picturization and lighting trap your mind in contacting the Dubai property dealer immediately. If the internet search lists a home of your interest, then besides just contacting a property dealer, first you must drive to the location, visit it once on your own, have a look at the nearby area and its view from the street the probably you can contact the dealer.

Not just the outer area but if possible, you must also check the house from inside once. By doing this, you will get a proper idea about your dream home and the issues you might face while breaking the deal. Following this way, you will end up saving a lot of time for your property dealer and for yourself obviously

Get Rid of Clutter

If you are already planning to buy a new home in the upcoming future but for that, you will need to sell the one you are currently living in then you are required to declutter your home first. You can start to shed the unwanted items first from your home, this will help you sell your current home on time and at ease, not just this but this will also help you in starting a new moving process with your dream home. 

Decluttering your home before moving ahead with the property dealer is best because the amount that you pay for packing junk adds a bit to your expense of buying a new home. Also, this is the best goodbye to the junk while saying hello to your new house. 

A Few Questions to Ask Your Property Dealer

Property Dealer

Of course, just like everyone you must be having a perfect vision to buy your home, with that perfect location, interior, decor, or it’s furnishing. Besides, even small things matter a lot, the view from each window, balcony, and even the direction of the door everything contributes to finalizing your perfect home.

Hence, buying a new home is not as easy as it looks. The procedure to buy a new home concludes everything from scratch, starting from research to closing the deal on your own terms and conditions which suits your comfort.

Not everyone is a real estate expert and that is why usually people hire real estate property dealers, especially when you are about to buy a property in famous overseas locations like Dubai. A property dealer can always present several options to your table, that you can choose from and make every possible effort to help you decide the ideal property. Thus, you can and must ask the below-mentioned important things from your property dealer to choose the best. 

1. Understanding the Current Market, Yourself First

It is very important to know the property’s present value in the market, the one you considering in your list. Ask your property dealer to compare the figure with others in different societies. It will help you the most when a real estate expert will lead you the next half until you close the deal.

2. How Long has the Property Been up for Sale?

Droopy needs for a prolonged time might be a sign of overpricing and unfavorable surroundings. Also, some other factors just as a lazy market or invalid negotiations could also come up in a ‘no-offer situation’ for the home.

3. Always Ask How Much is the Seller Willing to Negotiate on the Property Price?

Besides the location, price is the utmost factor that makes the house hunt difficult. Thus, keeping it a priority is essential for all property dealers. 

The flexibility of the seller over the selling property becomes one of the most important aspects for all the property dealers to close the deal. The dealer must tell you the price negotiation, whether it be a minimum or maximum to help you not lose the property.

4. Can I Get What I am Looking for Under this Budget?

It is important and much better to discuss the money matters at first with the property dealer as it saves time and effort. If you have lofty hopes with a low budget, either your dealer will show you a house that falls in your budget or the dealer will suggest you expand your budget to a specific level.

5. Ask, if the Place is Costly to Live In?

Although you must have judged the locality or the community when you made a visit to the place, still it is important to get the society’s impression from the dealer. Dubai is already an expensive place to live in, thus, it is an additional advantage to ask your Dubai property dealer if the place is costly to live in. Ask your Dubai property dealer if all important amenities like hospitals, schools, or grocery stores are located a few kilometers from your home, buying a home at such location is best for later.

6. What’s Wrong With the House?

Your property dealer might hesitate if you ask any negative points of the house straight on their face. But it is required to keep a bit awkward while you research to avoid the later troubles. If it’s a resale property, you are required to know why the owner wants to sell the property.

7. What About the Paperwork?

Here comes the most important thing where you require a property dealer. Yes, paperwork is the full proof document and the detailed planning when buying a property. For this reason, discuss everything in detail with your property dealer, don’t miss any point as it is the most crucial part when closing the deal. 

Now, after you have cleared all your doubts related to the house, you must also ask for the closure commission of the dealer or any other hidden charges. A virtual tour of the property will not meet all your requirements, and to fulfill your dream, you have to do some legwork with the assistance of your dealer. 


Any good real estate property dealer will work hard for you, but therefore, a good dealer is also a busy dealer. So be prepared to show that you are looking out to buy a property, you are financially set to commit, and you are all clear with what you want. It will make sure that you will get the best service, thus, prepare yourself to close the deal when buying a property in Dubai. 


What to Know Before contacting a property dealer?

Here are a few things you must know before contacting a property dealer: - Find out what you can buy - Decide the location - Visit the property yourself once - Get rid of clutter

How to deal with property dealers?

First, you must know the tricks to Bargain with the property agent to grab the best deal: - Keep informed - Do not put any offer abruptly - Try out your luck - Create a time pressure - Never pressurized yourself - Leave the ego at the door - You must know your bottom line

How can we approach a property dealer?

First, you are required to understand the way to talk to a Real Estate Agent/property dealer: - Be straight and ask your property dealer for all the terms of exclusivity in case you are not sure. - Be clear with the way you want to take forward the communication. Be it if you prefer emails, texts, phone calls, or face-to-face. - Ask as many questions as you want and always put up all your requirements.

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