20+ Must-Dos When Move To The UAE: A Dubai Tour Guide

Dubai Tour Guide

Let’s face it! A vacation to Dubai is way different than making a Dubai tour to settle there. when you are indulging yourself in the grandeur of Dubai tour, you already have hotels booked and are almost always guided. Additionally, you may also be exempted from certain customs and traditions as you are just a tourist there.

But, when you are moving for Dubai tour to earn a living, and maybe, one day, even become a citizen, a lot of things change. Not only will you have to take care of your taxes, finances, and documentation before you leave your native country but will also have to learn and adapt to the ways of life in the UAE. this is not an easy feat to achieve. So, to help you out and save you the confusion, here’s a checklist of the things you should keep in mind when moving to Dubai.

Things To Do When Moving For Dubai Tour

  • Passport Validity

Before booking any accommodation or flight to shift to Dubai, make sure to verify your passport information and validity. Your passport should be valid for at least six months when you move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Passport renewal usually takes time, so it’s best to check your passport first and ensure that it’s valid for a substantial amount of time.    

  • Visas and Work Permits

To make your move to the UAE, you will need to have both your UAE residency visa and your official work permit. If you have already got a job with a company in the UAE, then the entity may sponsor the visa application while taking care of all documentation involved in the process. check with your employer about what is covered and put all the paperwork together. Keep yourself updated on your and your family’s entry criteria in the UAE. based on your specific circumstances, the requirements and visas may differ. Check that you have proper visa and immigration documents to avoid any last-minute hassles when you arrive in the country.

  • What is the new Green Visa?

To augment economic growth amidst the pandemic, UAE has not only loosened restrictions on international tourist visits from August 2021 but has introduced a new Green Visa for prospective employees, students, and workers in September. usually, to work in the UAE, one needs sponsorship from the company they are employed. But with Green Visa, foreign employees would not require such employer sponsorships anymore to work in the country.

In fact, with a Green Visa, you can sponsor your children and parents for up to 25 years. However, the eligibility criteria for Green Visa application demand applicants to be highly qualified candidates, both professionally and academically. these include entrepreneurs, investors, and businesspeople along with students and postgraduates with exceptional merit and results.     

  • Health Check-ups and Vaccinations

A medical fitness test is mandatory for your visa applications to anywhere in the UAE, including Dubai. The test results are required in the final stages of your visa application. the blood test and chest X-ray performed under this segment screen the presence of a wide array of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, and Syphilis.

Although you can get your tests done after reaching Dubai, it’s best to get them done earlier from healthcare centers in your native country as it will save a lot of time and hassle. you can find an entire list of concerned healthcare facilities in your native city that offer medical tests services for visa application on the UAE embassy website for your country.

Click here to discover the nearest GAMCA medical centers near you if you are from India.

  • Moving and Transportation Costs

Just like you would keep some extra cash for your Dubai tour, in case of moving, too, you would have to be mindful of the costs that you would incur apart from flight fare and visa.

Be prepared to pay for shifting furniture, household appliances, and so on. Check out movers and packers available in both countries and airline costs for baggage charges. Consult relocation specialists to help you transport your belongings without a hassle.

  • Have Some Solid Savings

Moving to another country is time, effort, and cost-intensive. So, before you make the shift, take time to increase your savings to support initial expenses upon arriving in the country.

Set yourself a budget and savings targets while keeping them practical at the same time. Identify the areas in your life where you can cut down extra expenses if you feel you are unable to save the targeted amount.

  • Fix Tax Issues

Depending on the present taxation system in your current nation, you may have to inform the local tax authorities about your move to the UAE. Do this early on in case you have to settle tax payments, paperwork, and so on.

  • Banking Procedures and Finances

A residency visa is required to open your bank account in the UAE. You may be asked to provide additional documents like address proof, employer’s letter, and passport. because opening a new account in the UAE may take some time, it will be best to put everything together in advance. You should also check out international banking facilities in your existing bank. this not only helps you avail of the same bank’s services in a new country but also solidifies trust as you are an existing customer with the bank.

  • Finance Management

Properly managing your finances is essential before shifting to the UAE. Research banking choices for the family beforehand and investigate factors like taxation, pension, investments, and so on. will your pension be transferable to the UAE? What will be the impact on your present investments? Find out everything before you make a move. Additionally, sort out insurance coverage applicability issues and pay all premiums before your departure.

Short-term financial coverage may require swift international money transfers. You can check out options like Moneycorp that provides global and foreign exchange payment options for customers in various currencies. another platform is Currency Fair which functions in 150+ nations with exchange rates being more affordable compared to banks. you can also try to check out Wise, the global provider of money transfer services. It has a sizable network in various countries with cross-border banking facilities at lower costs than conventional banking institutions.

  • Get Your Documents Straight

Moving to a new country means you would need various documents, such as identification proofs, address proofs, etc., to go on with your day-to-day lives. This includes rental paperwork and references, employer recommendations, school reports, international driver’s license, and so on. Complete all this paperwork in advance so that you do not miss out on anything once you arrive in UAE.

  • Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Always consider getting full-fledged travel insurance before shifting to the UAE. You may have to buy a policy from a traveling entity that offers insurance for expats. Go through everything covered in your travel insurance thoroughly and settle any inclusions/exclusions accordingly.

  • Fix Health Insurance Issues

Health insurance is legally mandatory for any expat living in the UAE. So, ensure that you and your family have suitable health insurance coverage when moving to the country.    

  • Local Language

The best way to make your living easy in a new country and make yourself feel included is by learning their language. The official language of the UAE is Arabic. Consider learning at least the basics of Arabic a few weeks before your trip. This will enable you to interact easily with the natives both socially as well as when you visit any local markets for groceries or any other necessities.     

  • Different Weekends

It would not have mattered if you were enjoying Dubai tour. But since you are moving to the country for good, you should know about the weekdays and weekends to get accustomed to the unique work schedule. in the UAE, weekends are not Saturdays or Sundays as you may be used to in a normal scenario. They are Friday and Saturday. Friday is a Holy Day in the Islamic religion. So, no one works on this day in the UAE. Additionally, Sunday is the first day of the working week in the country.

  • Expensive UAE Lifestyle

The UAE has a higher cost of living. Cities like Dubai are known for costly rentals, groceries, and other essentials. So, even if you are attracted by a hefty salary package, remember that it may only cover the basics.

  • UAE Rules and Regulations

Before you even look for anything else to move to the UAE, go through their rules and regulations thoroughly. Although you will not become a citizen instantly since you will be living and working there, you will be considered likewise. remember, you are not taking a Dubai tour anymore. So, the rules and regulations of the UAE will apply to you as much as any other citizen.

Avoid drinking in public, taking pictures of anyone without permission, touching or talking to women by yourself. Do not indulge in public displays of affection. During Ramadan, dress appropriately and refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public. even though these regulations are also applicable in Dubai tour, they are more stringent for locals and expats working there.

  • Scorching Temperatures

No matter the city you move to in the UAE, be wary of the summer heat. Being a desert terrain, the UAE experiences scorching hot summers. Temperatures during the summer months go well over 40 degrees. So, keep your sunscreens, sun hats, and shades handy. However, you will not have to worry once you are inside offices or any residential buildings as most of them provide air conditioning.  

  • Busy Dubai Traffic

Public transport facilities are good in the city, including the Metro, but traffic is still a bit haphazard, especially during peak hours. The Metro does not have many lines that offer access to all parts of Dubai, and bus journeys may take longer than commuting by cabs. As almost everybody has a car in Dubai, there is generally a lot of traffic. So, avoid rush hour or peak office times in Dubai as much as possible.

  • Find Local Schools

If you are shifting to the UAE with your children, find local schools beforehand. In the UAE, you can find both public and private schools for your child. There are even schools for various countries, maintaining their annual terms, languages, and timings. Although natives of the UAE don’t require to pay for education, expats must pay school fees.

  • Shifting Your Vehicles

You need to pay an import tax if you want to move your car to the UAE and produce documents for verification. These documents include your car’s registration documents, copy of your passport, purchase invoice, title or deed, certificate of origin, insurance policy, and UAE residence permit. however, certain regulations need to be followed when moving cars to the country. For instance, cars having tinted windows are not allowed in the UAE. So, make sure you go through all rules and regulations pertaining to moving vehicles.  

  • Shifting With Your Pet

If you are planning to move to the UAE with your furry friend, go through all the requirements and guidelines related to imports of pets in the Emirates. Prepare everything in advance as this will give you ample time to get all the paperwork in place as well as arrange everything required for your four-legged companion.

Wrapping Up

Moving to the UAE can be a time-intensive job to do. But it can be smoothly done if you keep in mind this list of essentials. Plan out your entire visa application process in a series of months rather than trying to accomplish it in weeks. Research as well as keep in touch with your employer and the UAE embassy to get a better idea of how to go about it. Once you have sorted out all the documents required for both countries, you are good to go.  

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