Online Conversion of Acre (Ac) to Cent (Ct) – 1 ac is 100 cent

1 Acre is equal to 100.01 Cent

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Acre to Cent is one of the oldest units of measurement. It is prevalent worldwide and is used in many countries like the US, UK, Jamaica, India, Germany, Spain, etc. However, the measurement unit has undergone numerous changes through the years.

About Acre

An acre is approximately four roads wide. You can use an acre to measure any land of size and shape, including rectangular, circular, and pentagonal lands. The land of one acre can be of any length and breadth unless it crosses 43560 sq ft. However, there is no fixed measurement for acres. It is not the same for every country.

Every country has a different value of acre. For example, the acre measurement in Scotland varies from the acre measurement in England or Ireland. In India, people usually measure residential areas with square feet. However, people can measure agricultural land measurements with hectares and acres. People of northern India also use Bigha and acres to measure lands and plots. However, Bigha indicates varying measures of Indian states. Therefore, converting values from Bigha to Acre will result in varying results. 

  • The History of Acre

Acre was the standard unit of measurement during the British Imperial System. The acre was divided into roods and perches. The abbreviation arp denotes acres. The Anglo-Saxons defined an acre as one strip of land. It was also equated to 1×1/10-furlong land. The measurement units were measured in weights and measures until the metric system formally came into use in 1965. the term acre came from Aker, which means open field in Old English. Therefore, the acre does not have any fixed shape. Although ac can denote acres, it has no official abbreviations. You can use the word acre while writing or mentioning the measurement unit. 

Initially, people considered the amount of land ploughed by the oxen in a single day to be an acre. However, with time, the size of farms which were once equated with square miles, was expressed in acres. This shift in measuring units indicated the growing popularity of acres among the masses. 

  • Dimensions of Acre

Listed below are the Acre dimensions:

    • Acre to Square Feet : 1 Acre= 43,560 Square Feet
    • Acre to Square Yards : 1 Acre= 4840 Square Yards
    • Acre to Hectares : 1 Acres= 0.4047 hectares
    • Acre to Square Mile : 1 Acre is equal to1/640th of a Square Mile. 

About Cent

A cent is also a measurement unit for land and real estate purposes. It is mainly prevalent in various parts of India, especially South India. Cent is prevailing in states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. Although regular metric units are prevalent in these places; however these states still prefer using cents to measure a piece of land. Initially, an acre was assumed to be 1/100 of an acre. Therefore, 100 cents make up one acre. One Cent is also equal to 435.6 square feet. It is not recognized as a measuring unit in the SI Unit system. 

  • The History of Cent

Cent was and is still used in parts of India, specifically South India. It is also used in other countries like the UK and the US. However, it can only measure agricultural land. 

  • Dimensions of Cent

Listed below are the dimensions of Cent:

    • Cent to Square Feet : 1 Cent= 435.6 Square Feet
    • Cent to Square Yards : 1 Cent= 48.4 Square Yards
    • Cent to Acres : 1 Cent= 0.01 Acres
    • Cent to Hectares : 1 Cent= 0.0040468564 hectares
    • Cent to Square Centimeters : 1 Cent= 404,685.64 square centimeters
    • Cent to Square Meters : 1 Cent= 40.468564 Square Meters
    • Cent to Square Inches : 1 Cent= 62,726.4 Square Inches

The formula for Converting Acre to Cent

Given below is the formula for converting Acre to Cent:

Cent= Acre x 100.021260479

Therefore, to convert a measurement in acre to Cent, you must multiply the acre value by 100.021260479. For example: if you convert 210 acres to cents, you must multiply 210 by 100.021260479, resulting in 21001.928556 cents. Similarly, if you convert 10 acres to cents or 10 ac to ct, you must multiply 10 by 100.021260479, resulting in 1000.0918360000001 cents. 

How To Convert From Acre to Cent

It is quite easy to convert Cent from acre if you know the values and figures of an acre. As the formula suggests, 1 acre is equal to 100 cents, and 1 Cent equals 0.01 acres. Once you understand this procedure, you can easily convert acres to cents. For example, to convert 30 acres to cents, you must multiply the value by 100 according to the formula. Therefore, 30 acres will become 3000 cents. Similarly, 590 acres to cents will be 590 x 100, resulting in 59000 cents. 

Relationship Between Acre and Cent

Once you know the formula for converting acres to cents, you can easily determine the relationship between acres and cents and vice versa. To convert a value from acre to Cent, multiply it by 100. To convert a value from Cent to an acre, you must divide the value by 100. Therefore, Cents and acres are quite intricately linked together by 100. If you want to buy properties in India, especially South India, you must know the relationship between acres and Cents. You must also know how to convert acres to acres and Cents. 

Conversion Table of Acres to Cents

Listed below is the conversion table of Acres to Cents you will require to convert values:

Ac to Ct

Acre to Cent 

1 Ac= 100 Ct

 1 Acre is equal to 100 Cent

2 Ac= 200 Ct

2 Acres is equal to 200 Cents

3 Ac= 300 Ct

3 Acres is equal to 300 Cents

4 Ac= 400 Ct

4 Acres is equal to 400 Cent

5 Ac= 500 Ct

5 Acres is equal to 500 Cents

6 Ac= 600 Ct

6 Acres is equal to 600 Cents

7 Ac= 700 Ct 

7 Acres is equal to 700 Cents

8 AC= 800 Ct

8 Acres is equal to 800 Cents

9 Ac= 900 Ct

9 Acres is equal to 900 Cents

10 Ac= 1000 Ct

10 Acres is equal to 1000 Cents

11 Ac= 1100 Ct Cents

11 Acres is equal to 1100 Cents 

12 Ac= 1200 Ct

12 Acres is equal to 1200 Cents

13 Ac= 1300 Ct 

13 Acres is equal to 1300 Cents 

14 Ac= 1400 Ct

14 Acres is equal to 1400 Cents

15 Ac= 1500 Ct

15 Acres is equal to 1500 Cents

16 Ac= 1600 Ct  

16 Acres is equal to 1600 Cents

17 Ac= 1700 Ct

17 Acres is equal to 1700 Cents

18 Ac= 1800 Ct 

18 Acres is equal to 1800 Cents

19 Ac= 1900 Ct

19 Acres is equal to 1900 Cents

20 Ac= 2000 Ct 

20 Acres is equal to 2000 Cents. 

Difference Between Acres and Cents

Listed below are the differences between acres and cents



Acres generally measure the land area, specifically agricultural land. 

Cents measure residential areas and are also applicable for real estate purposes. However, this measuring unit generally measures small lands or lands near an acre.   

1 acre is larger than 100.021 times 1 cent

1 cent is smaller than 100.021 times 1 acre

It is not a recognized unit in the International System of Units measurement or SI System. 

It is also not a recognized unit in the International System of Units measurement or SI System. Cents are only used in some parts of India, specifically South India. 

This measurement unit is prevalent in numerous countries like the USA, UK, India, Pakistan, Germany, France, Spain etc.

This measurement unit is prevalent in parts of South India, especially in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 

Wrapping Up

If you buy a plot in India, you must know the relationship between both acres and cents since both measuring units are prevalent in the country. It is also essential to learn the conversion formula from acres to cents, so you can know the exact value in cents while converting the value of acres to cents. Even if you want to sell land, especially in South India, you must know the values in cents since it is widely used in that region for the transaction to become quicker.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to calculate acre to Cent?

You must multiply the acre value by 100 to calculate the value of Cent.

What is the formula for converting acre to Cent?

The formula for converting acre to Cent is Cent= Acre x 100

How many cents in 1 acre?

There are 100 cents in 1 acre

How many acres in 1 cent?

There are 0.01 acres in 1 cent.

What are acre and Cent used for?

Acres and Cents are used for measuring lands and plots. Therefore, they are used for real estate purposes.

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