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1 Feet is equal to 30.48 Centimeter

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Have you ever found yourself in a perplexing situation, desperately needing to convert feet to centimeter with no clue where to start? Fear not, fellow measurement enthusiasts! In this blog, we embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of online conversion. Join us as we unravel the secrets of converting feet to centimeter in a blink of an eye, making math as easy as pie (or should we say, 3.14159 cm?). Let’s dive in and unlock the wonders of conversion!

About Feet

Twelve inches, or one-third of a yard, make up one foot. Foot (plural – feet) is a unit of length. The legal definition of one international yard is equivalent to 0.914 meters, whereas one foot is equivalent to 0.3048 meters. In contrast to meters or centimeters, the foot is an imperial and US customary unit of length and not an SI unit. Feet are symbolically represented as ft like 3 ft, 4 ft etc.

Another alternate symbol for representing feet is (′). It is known as a prime. You can use the prime sign to represent feet, as 1 ft may be represented as 1′.

  • Current Use of Feet

Feet as a unit can be used to measure elevation, height, and altitude. It can also be used to measure the length of a car, the wall or door height, or the distance between two objects.

  • History/Origin of Feet

The foot was frequently used as a measuring standard. Typically, a foot was split into 12 or, occasionally, 10 inches or thumbs. It had 16 digits or fingers. The standard foot was first measured (ancient civilisation in the Mesopotamia region) during summer. Our ancestors used the statue of Gudea of Lagash, which dates to around 2575 BC, to define the foot. According to some meteorologists, the Greeks took the imperial foot as their own, while the Romans eventually adopted a larger foot. 

About Centimeter

The unit of length in the metric system is the centimeter, sometimes referred to as a centimeter, which is 1/100 (one hundredth) of a meter. Another way to think about it is as the light that moves through a vacuum every 1/299,792,458 seconds. The SI basic unit of length, the meter, is just a multiple of one centimeter. The symbol “cm” denotes centimeters. For example, 1 cm can be used to represent 10 centimeters. 

The standard length of a metric ruler is 30 cm, denoted by 30 large tick marks. You may get a general idea of a centimeter length by comparing it to a normal pencil, which has a thickness of around 1 centimeter. To determine the length, we suggest using a tape measure or ruler. The availability of tapes and rulers is accessible in home centres and local stores. 

  • Current Use of Centimeter

As we know, the centimeter primarily measures length or distance. Additionally, rainfall is reported using a cm scale (measured by a rain gauge).

In the CGS system, where one centimeter of capacitance is equivalent to 1.113 x 1012 farads, it measures capacitance. When used on maps, centimeters change the map scale to kilometers (real-world scale).

  • History/Origin of Centimeters

In terms of centimeters, nothing is known about their history. It is a metric unit, and in 1799, the first metric system was created during the French Revolution. At this moment, the previous measurement system was no longer practical for commerce and was replaced by the meter and kilometer.

The fundamental length unit, the meter, is the basis for all other units used to describe an object’s size, length, or distance. A centimeter is therefore acquainted with the meter’s past.

Famous Ft to cm conversions

Here are some easy ft to cm conversions.

Ft. (Feet)

cm (Centimeter)

Ft to cm

1 ft. to cm


1 ft. is equivalent to 30.48 cm

2 ft. to cm


2 ft. is equivalent to 60.96 cm

3 ft. to cm


3 ft. is equivalent to 91.44 cm

4 ft. to cm


4 ft. is equivalent to 121.92 cm

5 ft. to cm


5 ft. is equivalent to 152.40 cm

6 ft. to cm


6 ft. is equivalent to 182.88 cm

7 ft. to cm


7 ft. is equivalent to 213.36 cm

8 ft. to cm


8 ft. is equivalent to 243.84 cm

9 ft. to cm


9 ft. is equivalent to 274.32 cm

10 ft. to cm


10 ft. is equivalent to 304.80 cm

11 ft. to cm


11 ft. is equivalent to 335.28 cm

12 ft. to cm


12 ft. is equivalent to 365.76 cm

13 ft. to cm


13 ft. is equivalent to 396.24 cm

14 ft. to cm


14 ft. is equivalent to 426.72 cm

15 ft. to cm


15 ft. is equivalent to 457.20 cm

16 ft. to cm


16 ft. is equivalent to 487.68 cm

17 ft. to cm


17 ft. is equivalent to 518.16 cm

18 ft. to cm


18 ft. is equivalent to 548.64 cm

19 ft. to cm


19 ft. is equivalent to 579.12 cm

20 ft. to cm


20 ft. is equivalent to 609.60 cm

How to Convert ft. to cm With Formula and Example?

One Foot is equivalent to 30.48 meters. You can use this relationship to create a simple formula to convert ft. to cm. The formula is:

Cm = Feet x 30.48 cm

Here are some examples, 

Example 1

Convert 10 Feet in cm
Sol: Since, 1 foot = 30.48 cm
Therefore, 10 Feet = 10 x 30.48 cm = 304.8 cm.
Hence, 10 Feet in cm are equivalent to 304.8 Centimeters.

Example 2

Convert 5.9 Feet in cm
Sol: Since cm = Feet x 30.48 cm
Therefore, 5.9 Feet in cm = 5.9 x 30.48 cm = 179.832 cm. 

Example 3

Convert 9 Feet 3″ in cm
Sol: To convert Feet + inches into cm, we have to use the following formula:
1 cm = ft x 30.48 + in x 2.54
Therefore, cm = 9 x 30.48 + 3 x 2.54 = 281.94 cm.
Hence, 9 Feet 3 inches = 281.94 Centimeters. 

Example 4

Convert 4 Feet 5″ in cm
Sol: The formula above will convert these Feet + inch values into cm.
4 Feet 5 inches = 4 x 30.48 + 5 x 2.54 cm =134.62 cm.
Hence, 4 Feet 5 inches is equal to 134.62 Centimeters. 

Example 5

Convert 6.11 Feet in cm
Sol: Putting the Feet value in the conversion formula, we will get
cm = 6.11 x 30.48 = 186.2328.
Therefore, 6.11 Feet is equal to 186.2328 cm. 

Difference Between Feet and cm

Here are the differences between Feet to cm. These differences will help you understand how to convert ft. to cm.








The foot (plural: feet) is a unit of measuring length, equivalent to 12 inches or one-third of a yard.

A unit measuring length equivalent to one-tenth of a meter.


1 foot = 30.48 cm

1 cm = 0.0328084 ft


It is used by the imperial and US customary systems.

It is used for measuring a basic length and is a SI unit.


Several countries like India, the USA, the United Kingdom (UK), Hong Kong, Canada, Ghana, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Liberia, Nepal, and Myanmar use this as a measuring unit.

It is a universal unit of measurement and is used worldwide.

Current Use

Feet are used to measure height and altitude.

A centimeter is a unit used to measure length or distance.

Relation Between Feet and Centimeters

The relationship between 1 Foot and cm is very easy to understand. Here’s let’s understand:

1 foot = 30.48 cm 

1 cm = 0.0328084 feet

You have now understood this familiar relationship between the two units and can easily convert Feet to Centimeter. Thus, to convert feet into centimeter you have to place the value in the given formula:

Cm = Feet x 30.48 cm

Feet To Centimeter Conversion Table

You can use the ft. to cm conversion formula or take the help from this conversion table.

Feet to Centimeter

Feet to Centimeter

1 ft. is equivalent to 30.48 cm

21 ft. is equivalent to 640.08 cm

2 ft. is equivalent to 60.96 cm

22 ft. is equivalent to 670.56 cm

3 ft. is equivalent to 91.44 cm

23 ft. is equivalent to 701.04 cm

4 ft. is equivalent to 121.92 cm

24 ft. is equivalent to 731.52 cm

5 ft. is equivalent to 152.4 cm

25 ft. is equivalent to 762 cm

6 ft. is equivalent to 182.88 cm

26 ft. is equivalent to 792.48 cm

7 ft. is equivalent to 213.36 cm

27 ft. is equivalent to 822.96 cm

8 ft. is equivalent to 243.84 cm

28 ft. is equivalent to 853.44 cm

9 ft. is equivalent to 274.32 cm

29 ft. is equivalent to 883.92 cm

10 ft. is equivalent to 304.8 cm

30 ft. is equivalent to 914.4 cm

11 ft. is equivalent to 335.28 cm

32 ft. is equivalent to 975.36 cm

12 ft. is equivalent to 365.76 cm

34 ft. is equivalent to 1,036.32 cm

13 ft. is equivalent to 396.24 cm

35 ft. is equivalent to 1,066.8 cm

14 ft. is equivalent to 426.72 cm

40 ft. is equivalent to 1,219.2 cm

15 ft. is equivalent to 457.2 cm

50 ft. is equivalent to 1,524 cm

16 ft. is equivalent to 487.68 cm

60 ft. is equivalent to 1,828.8 cm

17 ft. is equivalent to 518.16 cm

70 ft. is equivalent to 2,133.6 cm

18 ft. is equivalent to 548.64 cm

80 ft. is equivalent to 2,438.4 cm

19 ft. is equivalent to 579.12 cm

90 ft. is equivalent to 2,743.2 cm

20 ft. is equivalent to 609.6 cm

100 ft. is equivalent to 3,048 cm

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How many cm in Feet?

There are 30.48 Centimeters in 1 foot.

How many Feet in Cm?

In 1 cm, there are 0.0328084 Feet.

Out of cm and feet, which is commonly used in real estate measurements?

In real estate measurements, sq. ft. is a commonly used unit.

How to convert Feet to Centimeters?

To convert Feet to CM, multiply the given Feet value by 30.48. The resulting value will be in Centimeters. For example, Convert 5 ft. in cm Sol: 5 Ft. in cm = 5 x 30.48 cm = 152.4 cm.

What is the formula for the conversion of Feet to CM?

You can use the following formula: Cm = Feet x 30.48 cm.

What are the current uses of Feet and Centimeters?

The unit feet are used for measuring the height and altitude of any object or place. However, cm is used for measuring length, level of rainfall, etc.

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