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1 Feet is equal to 12.00 Inch

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In Real Estate, Square Foot is commonly used to calculate the area of a property. Indian homebuyers are also familiar with this unit of measurement since the property prices are often displayed as per square feet. In Indian Real Estate, Square Feet, Square Meters, and hectares are the standard land measurement units. While the size of residential properties is commonly mentioned in the form of Square Feet (sq ft), the size of agricultural lands is referred to in terms of Hectares (ha) or Acres (ac).

What is a Foot?

The foot is a standard unit of measurement that is used to measure distance or length. While ‘foot’ refers to a single unit of measurement, ‘feet’ is its plural alternative. The commonly used abbreviation for the foot is ‘ft’, and the value of square feet is derived when the property area is calculated based on measurement. square feet are commonly used to describe the area of a flat, bungalow, or any other real estate property.

  • Use of Feet at Present

The Square Feet are an imperial unit, i.e. it was first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act. It is also a U.S. customary length-measuring unit through which we can calculate the height, altitude, length, or shorter distances. Square Feet are commonly used as a standard measuring unit in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana, Liberia, and partially in Canada.

What Is an Inch?

In the standard system of measurement, an inch is a unit of length that is represented ‘in’ or “. In the metric system, an inch is 2.54 centimetres. In one inch, there are two-half inches and four-quarter inches. Therefore, an inch equals 1/36 yard and 1/12 of a foot. In the following article, we will learn how to use the conversion formula for Ft to in. 

  • Equivalent Units for One International Inch

    • In a single international inch, there are 10,000 tenths.
    • In one international inch, there is 1,000 thou or mil.
    • In a single inch, there are 100 points or Gries.
    • In one international inch, there are 72 PostScript points.
    • In an international inch, there are 25.4 millimetres.
    • In one international inch, there are 0.999998 US Survey inches.
    • In one international inch, there are 0.333 palms or 1/3 palms.
    • In one international inch, there are 0.25 hands or 1/4 hands.
    • In an international inch, there are 0.08333 feet or 1/2 feet.
    • There are 0.02777 yards or 1/36 yards.
  • Use of Inches at Present

The unit Inches is derived from the Old English word ince, or ynce, which previously originated from the Latin measuring unit uncia. Uncia was measured as ‘one-twelfth’ of a Roman foot or pes. today it is used as a standard unit of length in Britain, the United States, and India. In Japan, most of continental Europe, and India, an Inch is commonly also used to specify the length of electronic display screens.

Explain the Relationship Between Feet and Inches

Both Inch and Foot are measurement units of length. Inch is, however, the smaller of the two units and is usually preferred when measuring areas of smaller lengths. When an area is measured in inches, the figure derived is in square inches. when it comes to measuring the floor space of an apartment, land, or other two-dimensional spaces, square feet are used as the unit of measurement. 

The relationship between the two units (Ft to In) can be illustrated as follows:

  • Square Inches to Square Feet

    • 1 inch = 0.08 Feet
    • 1 Foot = 12 inches
  • Square Inches to Square Feet

    • 1 Square Inch = 0.007 Square Feet
  • Square Feet to Square Inches

    • 1 Square Foot = 144 Square Inches

How Can We Convert From Feet to Inches?

To convert Ft to in (Ft to in), we need to use the formula of Ft to in which is to multiply the number (in feet) by 12, as 1 foot is equal to 12 inches.

For example, let us try to convert 5 feet into inches.

Step 1: Multiply 5 by 12
(5 x 12 = 60)
Step 2:  Write the value in ‘inches.’
(60 inches)
Therefore, 5 feet is equal to 60 inches.

Mention the Popular Formula & Examples of Converting Feet to Inches

To compare or calculate arithmetic operations on the lengths in different units, it is important to learn the conversion formula of feet to inches.

The formula of feet to inches is used when the given quantity is in feet, and we need to convert it to inches. It is important to note that when it is a single unit, we use ‘foot’ and not the plural ‘feet.’

The formula of feet to inches is:

Value (in inches) = Value (in feet) x 12

The relation between feet and inches indicates that 1 foot = 12 inches and 1 inch = 1/12 foot or 0.08333 feet.

Examples 1

To convert 120 Ft to in, we will apply the formula
Value (in inches) = Value (in feet) x 12
Inches =120 (ft) * 12
Inches = 1440 in.

Examples 2

To convert 330 Feet to Inches, we will apply the formula of feet to inches
Value (in inches) = Value (in feet) x 12
Inches =330 (ft) * 12
Inches = 3960 in.

Examples 3

To convert 183 Feet to Inches, we will apply the formula
Value (in inches) = Value (in feet) x 12
Inches =183 (ft) * 12
Inches = 2196 in.

Feet to Inches Conversion Table

The following Ft to in conversion table is perfect for quick reference and helps to swiftly convert feet to inches—

Feet (ft)

Inches (in)

1 ft

12 in

2 ft

24 in

3 ft

36 in

4 ft

48 in

5 ft

60 in

6 ft

72 in

7 ft

84 in

8 ft

96 in

9 ft

108 in

10 ft

120 in

11 ft

132 in

12 ft

144 in

13 ft

156 in

14 ft

168 in

15 ft

180 in

16 ft

192 in

17 ft

204 in

18 ft

216 in

19 ft

228 in

20 ft

240 in

21 ft

252 in

22 ft

264 in

23 ft

276 in

24 ft

288 in

25 ft

300 in

26 ft

312 in

27 ft

324 in

28 ft

336 in

29 ft

348 in

30 ft

360 in

20 ft

240 in

21 ft

252 in

22 ft

264 in

23 ft

276 in

24 ft

288 in

25 ft

300 in

26 ft

312 in

27 ft

324 in

28 ft

336 in

29 ft

348 in

30 ft

360 in

31 ft

372 in

32 ft

384 in

33 ft

396 in

34 ft

408 in

35 ft

420 in

36 ft

432 in

37 ft

444 in

38 ft

456 in

39 ft

468 in

40 ft

480 in

41 ft

492 in

42 ft

504 in

43 ft

516 in

44 ft

528 in

45 ft

540 in

46 ft

552 in

47 ft

564 in

48 ft

576 in

49 ft

588 in

50 ft

600 in

Popular Length Conversion Units

Square feet are derived when the area of a real estate property is calculated as per the measurements taken in foot or plural: feet. Some of the popular square feet conversions are:

1 sqft = 144 sq in.

1 sqft = 0.11 sq yd.

1 sqft = 0.0929 m2

1 sqft = 0.00002295684113 ac

In closing

When you are buying a property, considering its precise size is crucial as it affects your asking price. An incorrect calculation of square footage may lead to an incorrect evaluation price. Among other practical reasons, square footage is also important to determine the home value, secure the mortgage, and gauge the property taxes.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to calculate feet to inch?

As 1 foot = 12 inches, to calculate feet to inches, we need to multiply the number (in feet) by 12.

What is the method for the conversion of feet to inches?

The formula of feet to inches is as follows: Value (in inches) = Value (in feet) x 12

How many inches are there in 1 foot?

One foot has 12 inches.

How many feet in 1 inch?

One inch has 0.0833333 feet.

What are the popular uses of feet and inches?

Both feet and inches are common units used to measure length. Besides real estate, we may feel the need to convert feet to inches when dealing with architecture, cartography, and landscaping.

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