How To Convert Inches To Feet (In To Ft)?

1 Inch is equal to 0.08 Feet

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Being a part of the real estate industry requires you to know the conversion process for different units like inches, feet, metres, centimetres etc. As you might know, the length of a building can be measured in multiple units, and while working on them, we are often stuck in circumstances where different units of measurement are given. In those situations, we need to convert the given unit into another so we can easily perform arithmetic operations on them or compare them. 

Inches and feet are both units of length measurement, where inches are abbreviated as “in” and feet as “ft”. To be more precise, feet is just the plural of the foot. So, Inches to Feet conversion formula will be the same for inches to foot conversion. We understand how important it is to learn this conversion process; therefore, we are here with this guide that will help you easily learn the Inches to Feet conversion formula. But before that, let’s get an insight into the history of both these measuring units. 

About Inches

Inches are a unit of length used in the British Imperial and US customary measurement system. Length in inches is either denoted by “ or in. This unit of measurement is said to be derived from the Old English term ‘ince’ or ‘ynce’, which in turn came from the Latin unit ‘unica’. Derived from the Roman uncia, an inch equals 1/36th of a yard or 1/12th of a foot. 

The Old English term ‘ynce’ was defined in about 1150 AD by King David I of Scotland as the breadth of a human thumb at the base of the nail. 

Standards for the accurate length of an inch have witnessed multiple variations in the past. Still, after the acceptance of the international yard during the 1950s and 1960s, the metric-defined unit of an inch is exactly 25.4 mm. 

  • The History of Inches

Initially, an inch was defined as the width of a man’s thumb. Then, at the beginning of the 14th century, during the monarchy of King Edward II, the inch was described as three grains of barley, round and dry, placed lengthwise in an end-to-end position. Moreover, at multiple other times, this unit of measurement has also been explained as the integrated length of 12 poppy seeds. But since 1959, inch was officially defined as 2.54 cm. 

About Feet

With a standard symbol as ‘ft’, the foot is a unit of length in the US and British Imperial customary systems of measurement. Feet is the plural of foot and is a unit to measure the distance or length in the US. In the past, the exact value of feet varied from one area to another and sometimes even from trade to trade. The length typically varied from 250mm and 335mm. 

After introducing the International Yard and Pound Agreement of 1959, one foot equals 0.3048 metres. In both imperial and customary units, one foot equals 12 inches, and one yard equals three feet. 

  • The History of Feet

During ancient times, the foot as a unit of measurement was the size of an adult man’s foot. But since the length of a foot differed from one person to another, there was inconsistency in the exact measurement. The common measure of an adult man’s foot was used by the Greek, Roman, English, Chinese and French systems. However, the length varied from country to country and even from one city to another, giving rise to conflict in trade and other areas. Hence, there arose a need to fix a standard length of the foot to enable discord-free trade. 

However, after the introduction of the International System and Pound Agreement in 1959, the measurement of one foot was standardised as 30.48 cm or 12 inches. 

Inches To Feet Formula and Example

The Inches to Feet conversion formula is quite simple to understand and apply. You can use the below mentioned formula to convert inches to feet:

Feet = Inches x 0.0833333

Keeping this formula in mind, here are a few examples of inches-to-feet conversion!

Example 1 : Convert 12 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 12 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 1 feet

Example 2 : Convert 15 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 15 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 1.249 feet

Example 3 : Convert 18 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 18 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 1.499 feet

Example 4 : Convert 20 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 20 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 1.666 feet

Example 5 : Convert 22 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 22 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 1.833 feet

Example 6 : Convert 25 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 25 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 2.083 feet

Example 7 : Convert 240 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 240 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 19.999 feet

Example 8 : Convert 300 Inches to Feet 

Sol: Feet = 300 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 24.999 feet

Example 9 : Convert 315 Inches to Feet 

Sol. Feet = 315 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 26.248 feet

Example 10 : Convert 379 Inches to Feet 

Sol. Feet = 379 x 0.0833333 

Ans. 31.582  feet

Relationship Between Inches To Feet

Inches and Feet are related to each other in that both these units can be used to measure the length and breadth of houses, plots of land, room sizes and other spaces in the country. However, the former unit is used to measure smaller objects, while the latter is used for measuring bigger objects. This signifies that one is bigger than the other. 

The relation between the two can be best explained with the help of the mathematical formula given below:

1 Inch = 0.08333 Foot


1 Foot = 12 Inches

This means that to convert inches to feet, you just need to multiply the value in inches by 0.0833333. Now, let’s learn the differences between these two measuring units. 

Difference Between Inches and Feet

The difference between inches and feet can be better understood with the help of the table below:

Basis Comparison




12 inches = 1 foot

1 foot =12 inches


Applies in the electronic parts industry

Used to measure alleviation 


Used to measure smaller materials and objects

Used to measure larger materials and objects


1 inch = 0.08333 foot

1 foot = 12 inches




Symbolic Representation

Conversion (in cm)

1 inch equals 2.54 centimetres

1 foot equals 30.48 centimetres

Conversion (in m)

1 inch equals 0.0254 metres

1 foot equals 0.3048 metres

Inches To Feet Conversion Table

Converting inches to feet is pretty easy with the formula and examples stated above. But, in order to save you time, we have covered a tabular representation below that shows the inches to feet conversion for upto 150 values:



1 inch

Equals 0.0833333 feet

2 inches

Equals 0.1666666 feet

3 inches

Equals 0.2499999 feet

4 inches

Equals 0.3333332 feet

5 inches

Equals 0.4166665 feet

6 inches

Equals 0.4999998 feet

7 inches

Equals 0.5833331 feet

8 inches

Equals 0.6666664 feet

9 inches

Equals 0.7499997 feet

10 inches

Equals 0.833333 feet

11 inches

Equals 0.9166663 feet

12 inches

Equals 0.9999996 feet

13 inches

Equals 1.0833329 feet

14 inches

Equals 1.1666662 feet

15 inches

Equals 1.2499995 feet

16 inches

Equals 1.3333328 feet

17 inches

Equals 1.4166661 feet

18 inches

Equals 1.4999994 feet

19 inches

Equals 1.5833327 feet

20 inches

Equals 1.666666 feet

21 inches

Equals 1.7499993 feet

22 inches

Equals 1.8333326 feet

23 inches

Equals 1.9166659 feet

24 inches

Equals 1.9999992 feet

25 inches

Equals 2.0833325 feet

26 inches

Equals 2.1666658 feet

27 inches

Equals 2.2499991 feet

28 inches

Equals 2.3333324 feet

29 inches

Equals 2.4166657 feet

30 inches

Equals 2.499999 feet

31 inches

Equals 2.5833323 feet

32 inches

Equals 2.6666656 feet

33 inches

Equals 2.7499989 feet

34 inches

Equals 2.8333322 feet

35 inches

Equals 2.9166655 feet

36 inches

Equals 2.9999988 feet

37 inches

Equals 3.0833321 feet

38 inches

Equals 3.1666654 feet

39 inches

Equals 3.2499987 feet

40 inches

Equals 3.333332 feet

41 inches

Equals 3.4166653 feet

42 inches

Equals 3.4999986 feet

43 inches

Equals 3.5833319 feet

44 inches

Equals 3.6666652 feet

45 inches

Equals 3.7499985 feet

46 inches

Equals 3.8333318 feet

47 inches

Equals 3.9166651 feet

48 inches

Equals 3.9999984 feet

49 inches

Equals 4.0833317 feet

50 inches

Equals 4.166665 feet

51 inches

Equals 4.2499983 feet

52 inches

Equals 4.3333316 feet

53 inches

Equals 4.4166649 feet

54 inches

Equals 4.4999982 feet

55 inches

Equals 4.5833315 feet

56 inches

Equals 4.6666648 feet

57 inches

Equals 4.7499981 feet

58 inches

Equals 4.8333314 feet

59 inches

Equals 4.9166647 feet

60 inches

Equals 4.999998 feet

61 inches

Equals 5.0833313 feet

62 inches

Equals 5.1666646 feet

63 inches

Equals 5.2499979 feet

64 inches

Equals 5.3333312 feet

65 inches

Equals 5.4166645 feet

66 inches

Equals 5.4999978 feet

67 inches

Equals 5.5833311 feet

68 inches

Equals 5.6666644 feet

69 inches

Equals 5.7499977 feet

70 inches

Equals 5.833331 feet

71 inches

Equals 5.9166643 feet

72 inches

Equals 5.9999976 feet

73 inches

Equals 6.0833309 feet

74 inches

Equals 6.1666642 feet

75 inches

Equals 6.2499975 feet

76 inches

Equals 6.3333308 feet

77 inches

Equals 6.4166641 feet

78 inches

Equals 6.4999974 feet

79 inches

Equals 6.5833307 feet

80 inches

Equals 6.666664 feet

81 inches

Equals 6.7499973 feet

82 inches

Equals 6.8333306 feet

83 inches

Equals 6.9166639 feet

84 inches

Equals 6.9999972 feet

85 inches

Equals 7.0833305 feet

86 inches

Equals 7.1666638 feet

87 inches

Equals 7.2499971 feet

88 inches

Equals 7.3333304 feet

89 inches

Equals 7.4166637 feet

90 inches

Equals 7.499997 feet

91 inches

Equals 7.5833303 feet

92 inches

Equals 7.6666636 feet

93 inches

Equals 7.7499969 feet

94 inches

Equals 7.8333302 feet

95 inches

Equals 7.9166635 feet

96 inches

Equals 7.9999968 feet

97 inches

Equals 8.0833301 feet

98 inches

Equals 8.1666634 feet

99 inches

Equals 8.2499967 feet

100 inches

Equals 8.33333 feet

101 inches

Equals 8.4166633 feet

102 inches

Equals 8.4999966 feet

103 inches

Equals 8.5833299 feet

104 inches

Equals 8.6666632 feet

105 inches

Equals 8.7499965 feet

106 inches

Equals 8.8333298 feet

107 inches

Equals 8.9166631 feet

108 inches

Equals 8.9999964 feet

109 inches

Equals 9.0833297 feet

110 inches

Equals 9.166663 feet

111 inches

Equals 9.2499963 feet

112 inches

Equals 9.3333296 feet

113 inches

Equals 9.4166629 feet

114 inches

Equals 9.4999962 feet

115 inches

Equals 9.5833295 feet

116 inches

Equals 9.6666628 feet

117 inches

Equals 9.7499961 feet

118 inches

Equals 9.8333294 feet

119 inches

Equals 9.9166627 feet

120 inches

Equals 9.999996 feet

121 inches

Equals 10.0833293 feet

122 inches

Equals 10.1666626 feet

123 inches

Equals 10.2499959 feet

124 inches

Equals 10.3333292 feet

125 inches

Equals 10.4166625 feet

126 inches

Equals 10.4999958 feet

127 inches

Equals 10.5833291 feet

128 inches

Equals 10.6666624 feet

129 inches

Equals 10.7499957 feet

130 inches

Equals 10.833329 feet

131 inches

Equals 10.9166623 feet

132 inches

Equals 10.9999956 feet

133 inches

Equals 11.0833289 feet

134 inches

Equals 11.1666622 feet

135 inches

Equals 11.2499955 feet

136 inches

Equals 11.3333288 feet

137 inches

Equals 11.4166621 feet

138 inches

Equals 11.4999954 feet

139 inches

Equals 11.5833287 feet

140 inches

Equals 11.666662 feet

141 inches

Equals 11.7499953 feet

142 inches

Equals 11.8333286 feet

143 inches

Equals 11.9166619 feet

144 inches

Equals 11.9999952 feet

145 inches

Equals 12.0833285 feet

146 inches

Equals 12.1666618 feet

147 inches

Equals 12.2499951 feet

148 inches

Equals 12.3333284 feet

149 inches

Equals 12.4166617 feet

150 inches

Equals 12.499995 feet


Conversion and calculations of different units of measurement can be quite tricky; you can therefore use inches to feet calculator to prevent making calculation mistakes. Also, next time when you think of buying, selling or renting a real estate property, you can refer to this guide to convert inches to feet and get accurate results immediately without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to convert inches to feet?

Converting inches to feet is easy and can be done by multiplying the value in inches by 0.0833333.

How many feet are there in 1 inch?

1 inch comprises 0.0833333 feet.

How many inches are there in 1 foot?

1 foot comprises 12 inches.

Out of inches and feet, which measuring unit can measure the size of lands or plots?

An inch is a small measuring unit used to measure small objects and materials. Whereas feet is the larger unit and is commonly used to measure the size of lands or plots.

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