Know Your Service Charges For Buying a Property in Dubai

All About Service Charges on Property in Dubai

If you are a property owner in Dubai, you will have to pay service charges for your property. These charges help maintain the quality of services and facilities in the area. If you’re considering buying property in Dubai, it’s important to understand the various service charges associated with such an investment. Dubai land department service charges can be a significant cost for property owners, so it’s essential to know how these charges work and what to expect when you purchase a property in Dubai. 

Dubai Land Department Service Charges : What Are They?

Dubai Property Service Charges What Are They
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When it comes to owning property in Dubai, service charges are a key factor that must be considered. These charges can vary significantly between residential and commercial properties, so property owners must understand what they entail.

Service charges on property in Dubai are fees associated with maintaining common areas, such as pools, parking lots, and elevators. The property owner is responsible for paying these fees, but some complexes will divide the cost among all tenants or owners. Service charges also cover the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage. 

It’s important to note that Dubai property service charges can differ significantly depending on the property type. For example, the service charge on an apartment for sale in Dubai will usually be higher than that of a villa or townhouse for sale in Dubai. This is because it costs more to maintain common areas in larger buildings. 

The service charges also depend on the facilities and amenities provided in the building or complex. If more features are available, the service charges will likely be higher. Some examples of additional features include 24-hour security, laundry services, and landscaping. Finally, service charges can vary between different locations in Dubai. Properties in the city centre tend to have higher service charges than those in suburban areas. 

Overall, understanding the service charges associated with a property is an important step for anyone looking to buy or rent in Dubai. Knowing what these fees cover and how they can vary from location to location can help you make a sound financial decision when selecting your home or office space.

How are Dubai Property Service Charges Applied?

All property owners in Dubai must pay Dubai property service charges; it is mandatory for all types of properties in the city. There’s a variable service charge among properties, which depends on the factors listed below:

    • The type of project : The service charge depends on the type of property, such as if it has a balcony, terrace, pool, etc.
    • Location of the property : Service charge also varies depending on the property location. 
    • Usage of property : Whether the property is bought for residential purposes or commercial.
    • Size of the property : The plot size and the area taken up by the property.

Dubai Service Charges: How Do You Calculate Them?

Dubai Service Charges How Do You Calculate Them
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When dealing with Dubai property service charges, it’s important to consider your home’s square footage. The charges are based on a property’s square footage, and in some cases, an owner’s monthly dues cover all costs associated with the property, such as: 

    • Insurance
    • Management  Services
    • Services
    • Reserved Fund
    • Utility  Services
    • Master Community
    • Maintenance

In addition to the Dubai REST App, the DLD website allows you to calculate service charges for a property.

  • Calculate Service Charges through the DLD Website

The following steps will guide you through the process of calculating the Dubai land department service charges on the DLD website. 

      • Calculate the Dubai land department service charges Through the ‘Title Deed No’ Option
      • Select ‘Title Deed No.’ from the drop-down menu on the website. 
      • Input the ID number, certificate year, type of property and year of the budget.
      • The results for service charges will be displayed when you click Calculate.
    • Calculate the Service Charges Through the ‘Service Charge Index’ Option

      • Select ‘Service Charge Index’ from the drop-down menu on the website. 
      • Write in the project name, planned usage, and the year of release.
      • You will see the results of the service charge calculation by clicking on Calculate.
    • Calculate the Service Charges Through the ‘Select on Map’ Option

      • Choose ‘Select on Map’ from the drop-down menu on the website.
      • Select your state or region from the drop-down menu to look for service charges.
      • Upon clicking on the desired area, the name, use, and date of the project will be shown.
      • After you click ‘Calculate’, service charges will be displayed.
  • Dubai Rest App: Calculate Service Charges

Follow these steps to find out the service charges on a property through Dubai REST App.

      • You can access the Services tab in the Dubai REST App by logging in and tapping the row at the bottom.
      • The ‘Service Charge Index’ can be found within the Services window.
      • The property can either be entered manually or located on a map.
      • Press’ Search’ after filling in the details.
      • A display will show you the estimated service charges associated with said property.

Can The Property Be Forfeited if the Service Charges are Not Paid?

All property owners must pay Dubai property service charges on time. Failure to do so could result in several consequences, ranging from minor fines to legal action. The most common consequence for not paying service charges is a fine. Most homeowners associations and development companies will give an initial warning before filing a fine.

If an owner fails to pay their portion of the service charge, a letter of notice from the Management entity approved by RERA Dubai will be sent to them asking that they pay the bill within 30 days, according to Article 32 of Dubai Law No. 6.

In more severe cases, non-payment of service charges can result in losing ownership rights. This means the property owner may no longer have the right to use or rent out their unit until all outstanding payments have been made. This could lead to eviction if the tenant cannot pay the arrears on behalf of the landlord. 

Finally, failure to pay Dubai property service charges can lead to legal action. If a homeowner fails to make payments despite warnings and fines, the homeowners association or development company can take them to court and pursue damages. This process can be costly and time-consuming for all parties involved, so it is best to avoid it by making timely payments. 

It is essential for property owners in Dubai to be aware of their service charges and to ensure that all payments are made on time. Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary fines, fees, and legal action.


When it comes to service charges on property in Dubai, there are many considerations, and it’s important to research before committing to a purchase. Ultimately, the cost of service charges will depend on the size of the property, its location and the type of services provided. Understanding these various costs can help you make a more informed decision and ensure you get the best value for your money.

No matter what kind of property you purchase in Dubai, it is important to know that service charges must be taken into account when making your purchase. With a little research, you can ensure that your property purchase is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How is the property service charge calculated?

Property service charges in Dubai can be calculated using the DLD website and the Dubai Rest App. The way to do it is discussed in the blog above.

What is the service charge for a property?

It is the cost of upkeep, maintenance, repairs, and other expenses related to a building. Service charges will vary based on where you live; apartments with more expensive rents will have higher monthly service charges.

Is the service charged monthly or yearly?

Service charges should be paid monthly, but some landlords might want to withhold them from the final payment due before handing over the keys. When reviewing your lease agreement, be sure to ask what kind of payments are expected.

Why is the service charge so high in Dubai?

The reason why service charges in Dubai are higher is twofold. First, landlords must consider the massive construction boom that has been happening in recent years. Second, there has been an increased demand for housing in Dubai.

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