Conversion of Square Feet to Square Yards (sq ft to sq yd)

1 Square-Feet is equal to 1.00 Square-Yard

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Square feet to Square Yards are the units for measuring the area of a place in the measurement systems. It indicates the area of a square with all four sides of one foot. You can use square feet as a unit of measurement worldwide, including in the UK, US, Canada, etc. This unit is also applicable in India for transacting residential real estate, houses, villas etc. 

About Square Feet

Sq ft. is the abbreviation used to denote sq ft. One foot equals 144 inches. Square feet have replaced yards as a valid unit of measurement. Square feet are intricately linked to architecture, interiors, apartments, etc. India and worldwide. 

It is quite easy to calculate the area of a place in square feet. However, to measure the plot in square feet, you must know the length and breadth of the site you want to measure. The unit of square feet is commonly used everywhere due to its simplicity when evaluating areas. 

  • The History of Square Feet 

According to belief, the word ‘foot’ originated from King Henry I’s foot area. His foot was used to measure the standard of square feet. The size of his foot was 12 inches. The foot in inches is 12 inches, and the fingers are 16 fingers. Initially, a person’s foot was the standard for measuring a square foot. However, in rural areas, a foot was considered to be the size of the lengths of different body parts. 

The thumb’s width defines the word foot, according to history. Therefore, the precise length of the foot has been based on inches since the 12th century. 

  • Dimensions of Square Feet

Listed below are the dimensions of a square foot:

    • Sq Ft to Square Inches: 1 square foot = 144 square inches. 
    • Sq Ft to Square Meters: 1 square foot = 0.0929 square meters. 
    • Sq Ft to Square Yards: 1 square foot = 0.11 square yards. 
    • Sq Ft to Guntha: 1 square foot = 0.0009182736455 Guntha.
    • Sq Ft to Acre: 1 square foot = 0.00002295684113 Acre. 

About Square Yard 

Square Yard is the current unit of measurement of real estate. It has become popular over the world in recent years. This measurement unit is prevalent in numerous countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, India etc. The symbols denoting square yards are sq yd, sq yards, sq yards etc. 

Yards are also a legal requirement on road signs for mentioning distances in the UK. You can use a yardstick to measure a yard. A yardstick is one or two meters in the international market. It is especially used in the construction business to measure the length of an area. 

  • The History of Square Yard

Square Yards came up during the British reign. The British came up with square yards to measure the size of the real estate area or plot. According to them, the yard was originally the breadth of the chest of the Saxon race. In the 12th century, King Henry I set the measurement standard of yards. He assumed that the length of one yard was the distance between his nose and thumb. The basis of measuring square yards is the human body. The yard was a popular unit of measurement until King VII introduced the ell, which replaced the yard as a measurement unit. Unlike Square foot, Square Yards is an SI entity. 

  • Dimensions of Square Yard

Listed below are the dimensions of Square Yards:

    • Sq Yd to Gaz: 1 Square Yard= 1 Gaj or Gaz
    • Sq Yd to square foot: 1 Square Yard= 9 Square feet
    • Sq Yd to Acre: 1 Square Yard= 0.000206 acre
    • Sq Yd to Ground: 1 Square Yard= 0.00375 ground 
    • Sq Yd to Guntha: 1 Square Yard= 0.008264 Guntha

How to Convert from Square Feet to Square Yard?

Listed below is the formula to convert sq ft to sq yd: 

To convert from sq ft to sq yd, you must divide the value of the plot or area you measure by 9. 

Relationship between Square Feet and Square Yard

You must know the appropriate calculations between square feet and yards to determine the relationship between them. One square yard to square feet is 9 square feet. Therefore, 1 square foot is 0.1111111111 yards. 

Once you figure out these calculations, it will be easier to calculate sq yd or square feet with other units and determine the relationship between square yards and feet with other measurements. 

Formula For Converting Sq Ft to Sq Yard

    • Square Yards= Sq Ft/9 is the formula for converting square feet to sq yds.
    • To convert 49500 sq ft to sq yd, you must divide it by 9. Therefore, 49500 sq ft is 5500 square yards. 
    • Similarly, if you want to convert 1900 square feet to square yards, you must divide it by 9. Therefore, 1900 square feet is 211. 11 square yards. 
    • 210 square feet will be 23.33 square yards, and 10 square feet will be 1.1111 square yards. Furthermore, 40 square feet is 4.44444 square yards. 

Conversion Table For Square Feet to Square Yards

Given below is a table for the conversion of sq ft to sq yd

Square Feet Square Yard

Square Feet Square Yard

1 sq ft= 0.1111sq yd 

 1 square feet= 0.1111 square yards

2 sq ft= 0.2222 sq yd

2 Square feet= 0.2222 square yards 

3 sq ft= 0.3333 sq yd

3 Square Feet= 0.3333 square yards

4 sq ft= 0.4444 sq yd

 4 Square Feet= 0.4444 square yard

5 sq ft = 0.5555 sq yd 

5 Square Feet= 0.5555 square yard

6 sq ft= 0.6666 sq yd

 6 Square Feet= 0.6666 square yard

7 sq. ft= 0.7777 sq yd

7 square feet= 0.7777 square yard

8 sq. ft= 0.8888 sq yd

8 square feet= 0.8888 square yards

9 sq. ft 0.9999 sq. yd

9 square feet= 0.9999 square yards 

10 sq. ft=  1.1111 sq. yd 

10 square feet= 1.1111 square yards

Conversion Table For Square Yards to Square Feet

Given below is another conversion table you can use to convert square yards to square feet

Square Yards to Square Feet

Sq Yd to Sq Ft

1.0 sq yd= 9.00000 sq ft 

 10= 90.00000

2.0 sq yd= 18.00000 sq ft


3.0 sq yd= 27.00000 sq ft 

30= 270.00000

4.0 sq yd= 36.00000 sq ft

40= 360.00000

5.0 sq yd= 45.00000 sq ft

50= 450.00000

6.0 sq yd= 54.00000 sq ft 

60= 540.00000

7.0 sq yd= 63.00000 sq ft

 70= 630.00000

8.0 sq yd= 72.00000 sq ft

80= 720.00000

9.0 sq yd= 81.00000 sq ft

90= 810.00000

10.0 sq yd= 90.00000 sq ft 

100= 900.00000

Difference Between Square Feet and Square Yard

Listed below are the differences between sq ft and sq yd:

Square Feet

Square Yards

Square Feet is prevalent in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

Square Yards are prevalent in India, the US, UK and Canada, although it has now been replaced with Square Feet. 

Sq ft., ft 2 etc., are signs that denote Square feet

Sq yd, yd2 etc., are signs that denote Square Yards. 

Square Feet are equal to one foot on each adjacent

Square Feet equals one yard on each adjacent 

Square Feet are 0.111111 square yards. 

Square Yards is 9 square feet

Square Foot is a non-SI unit of area

Square Yards is an imperial unit of area. 

Wrapping Up

Sq ft and Sq yd are measuring units with differences. Both measure plots and areas and determine the length and breadth of the particular place. However, the formulas are different, and the conversion methods are also different. Therefore, when you convert the two, you must use separate methods. Square feet are more prevalent currently because it is simple and efficient. It has replaced square yards worldwide. However, some countries like the US, UK, Canada and India still use square yards as a measurement unit.

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 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to calculate square feet to square yards?

To calculate square feet to square yards, you must use the formula Square Yards= Square Feet/9.

What is the formula for converting square feet to square yards?

The formula for converting Square Feet to Square Yards is to divide it by 9. Therefore, Square Yards= Square Feet/9.

How many square yards in 1 square foot?

1 Square Foot is 0.111111 square yards.

How many square feet are in 1 square yard?

1 square yard= 9.00000 square feet

What are square feet and square yards used for?

Square Feet and Square Yards are measuring units used to measure plots, lands and other real estate properties.

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