Decorate a Studio Apartment to Look Bigger and Stylish

Decorate a Studio Apartment to Look Bigger and Stylish

Studio apartments are the ideal housing situation for minimalists and those working in creative careers. Try these small and inexpensive ideas to decorate your studio apartment design to make your lack of space seem less daunting. working with restricted square footage can be difficult for those looking for studio apartment decorating ideas. With limited options, some people have resorted to DIY projects. Utilising visual small studio design ideas to provide the impression of greater space in a smaller flat is the key to making the most of your area.

Studio apartment design can look much more open and well-assembled if the furniture is placed well and the lights are set up well. In this article, you’ll find some insider tips for making your studio apartment design more practical and stylish.

Tips For Decorating Your Studio Apartment

Here are some tips to enhance your studio apartment design to make it stand out:

  • Make A Statement With Your Furniture

Make A Statement With Your Furniture

There are many ideas to decorate a studio flat and make it seem more spacious. One way is to choose statement furniture, such as an armchair or couch, with bright colours or eye-catching patterns. This will catch the eyes of those visiting and make the room more open and welcoming.

Get rid of clutter by opting for pieces of furniture with concealed compartments. As a result, you can maintain the area neat and organised without giving up access to your stuff. Ottoman with storage space, coffee tables with drawers, and media chests with plenty of shelving are all fantastic choices.

  • Walls and Floors Painted in Light Colors

Painting your studio apartment in light colours on the walls and the floor will provide the illusion of greater space and sophistication. Following this small studio design idea, you can make the most of light colours. A room will seem more spacious when following this. Follow a lighter colour scheme with the flooring as well, making it seem more luxurious. Additionally, coordinate the light fixtures with the colour palette to make the apartment appear cohesive.

  • Pull Furniture Away from Walls to Create Spaciousness

Pull Furniture Away from Walls to Create Spaciousness

Studio apartment design can be tricky, but many ideas exist to make your space appear larger. Keeping heavy furniture away from the walls will make the area more open and spacious. Additionally, you can also implement some of the tips mentioned below:

    • A room divider can provide the illusion of more space and give you a new place to work or relax.
    • The removal of wall-mounted furniture is another method, as it creates the impression of more space and enables you to use every inch of your dwelling effectively.
    • Another piece of advice is to paint or wallpaper using light colours. The effect will be to make the space seem lighter and bigger.
    • Last, utilise mirrors to bounce light and make the space seem even more expansive.
  • Creating Hidden Storage Spaces

Creating Hidden Storage Spaces

Minimalist studio apartment interior design is about making the most of your space. With built-ins for stowing items, you can have a small but stylish and spacious home without overcrowding things.

Studio apartment ideas include strategic installation of the following covert storage options:

    • Put a cube ottoman with drawers in your family room.
    • Place your belongings in the area beneath your bed.
    • Invest in a compact chest of drawers or dressers.
    • End up making use of movable bookcases or faux-walls.
    • Mount racks inside of compartmentalising doors.
    • Use unused areas like those found under the stairs or in nooks.
    • Build drawers or storage cubes to fit beneath your furniture.
  • Decorate with Large Pieces

Decorate with Large Pieces

Using huge decorative items is a great way to create the illusion of space and style in a studio apartment. Your place will instantly seem more put together. Here are some excellent small studio design ideas for ornamentation:

    • A large mirror: Mirrors reflect light and make a space look bigger. Hang a large mirror on one of your walls to create the illusion of a larger room.
    • A statement piece of art: A large painting or photograph can make a statement and make your studio apartment look more pulled together. Choose something that you love and that speaks to your style.
    • A floor lamp: Floor lamps take up less visual space than table lamps and can help to brighten up a room. Choose one with an interesting design that fits with your overall décor scheme.
  • Elongate the Space by Using Stripes and Geometric Shapes

Horizontal stripes in the living room can create the illusion of more space, while vertical stripes draw the eye upwards. Striped paint, wallpaper, or fabric can create this effect for a small studio apartment interior design.

Using geometric forms is another strategy to decorate a studio apartment. Incorporate regular shapes like circles, squares, and triangles whenever possible. A circular mirror mounted on a wall, for instance, or a triangle coffee table tucked into a corner, are good examples of how to introduce asymmetrical shapes into a space. Make your studio more spacious and put together using these basic forms.

  • Invest in Statement Art Pieces

Invest in Statement Art Pieces

If you’re looking for statement studio apartment ideas, invest in a few large-scale works of art. They are an easy way to give the impression of greater space, and they can be used effectively with these suggestions:

    • Pick a couple of impressively sized works that will dominate the empty wall area.
    • Make a gallery wall out of a collection of smaller artworks by arranging them together. This will make the room more appealing to the eye and provide the impression of more space.
  • Keep Your Windows Bare

Keep Your Windows Bare

Bare window frames will give the impression that your studio apartment is more spacious and chic. The natural light from uncovered windows may make a room seem and look bigger. In addition, if you’re going for a more polished vibe in your studio, consider leaving the windows unadorned. Use readily removable window coverings like roller shades or drapes with tiebacks if you’re concerned about your privacy.

  • Utilise Mirrors

For a small studio apartment design, mirrors are your statement pieces. These accent items reflect light, making the room seem larger and brighter than it is. Put them up in a prominent place over the sofa or beside a window. Grouping multiple little mirrors together to make one big statement piece is just one example of how they may be used to create a stunning aesthetic impact.


You may make your studio apartment appear more spacious and put together with a little imagination and these design tips. Take on the challenge of maximising your effectiveness in a constrained area. Check out these tips on decorating a one-room dwelling. With enough forethought and the right furniture, even a small flat can seem like home.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How should I arrange my studio?

To maximise space and ease of mobility, lay out your studio flat. Start by organising furniture by room- living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. Define each space with particular furnishings. Use vertical space by hanging artwork or shelving, and choose versatile furnishings. To expand and brighten the area, use light colours and mirrors.

Where do I put my bed in the studio?

When furnishing a studio apartment, it is important to use every inch of space wisely. One way to do this is to put your bed against the wall. The bed will create the illusion of more space, and you can use the bed as a place to prop up pillows and lean against them when relaxing.

What is the perfect studio size?

The minimalist small studio apartment decor is perfect for people on the go who want just a simple space to sleep and relax. The ideal space for a studio would be 500 square feet.

How do you make a small studio feel spacious?

You can make a tiny studio seem bigger by doing a few things: Choose multifunctional furniture. To give the idea of a larger space, use light colours on walls and flooring. Simple, discreet window coverings are best. Mirrors reflect light and expand the area. Remove unnecessary items from your possessions.

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