Enjoy Fabulous Dolphin Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Enjoy Fabulous Dolphin Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium, located in Creek Park, is one of the most adored tourist attractions in Dubai. This is because it gives you the freedom to spend time with marvellous marine creatures like seals and dolphins. 

Dubai Dolphinarium organises exclusive Dolphin Show Dubai for 45 minutes throughout the week except for Sunday. It’s a complete family entertainment package with more adventures to explore with these water mammals.  

The mammals are trained to exhibit brilliant skills like water stunts, passing through hoops, juggling with balls, and playing with the trainers. You can have a relaxing day at Dolphin Show Dubai and enjoy many other things like the bird show, 5D and 7D cinema, games, mirror maze, and many other things. You can read more here to know the timings and best day to visit Dubai Dolphinarium. 

Dolphin show dubai at Dubai Dolphinarium Highlights

    • By visiting Dubai Dolphinarium, you can spend with beautiful and gentle mammals very closely in an air-conditioned indoor environment of the dolphinarium.
    • You can also visit Creekside Park at Bur Dubai, where you can enjoy an amazing Dolphin Show Dubai for 45 minutes. You will see dolphins hugging, dancing, and playing with their trainers. 
    • There are several other marine animals like fur seals. You can enjoy their show and get entertained by their tricks
    • You are allowed to click and capture videos and photographs of these animals as they entertain you with their skills like dancing, singing, juggling, and painting.
    • You can also enjoy several shows apart from dubai Dolphin Show Dubai and seal shows at Dubai Dolphinarium.
    • You will get an interesting chance to interact with these dolphins, hug them, play with them and learn more about them. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Create memories with these adorable animals

Interesting Locations Near Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium offers the following places where you can spend some time being entertained.

  • Enjoy the Magical Dolphin and Seal Show at Dolphin show dubai

Magical Dolphin and Seal Show at Dolphin show dubai

The Dubai Dolphinarium is a perfect place to witness the beauty and charm of one of the world’s intellectual animals Dolphins and Seals. You will be able to watch these beautiful marine creatures, their spellbound skills, and their talented stunts. These dolphins are trained to sing, play with balls, and juggle using these balls. They can even jump through loops as they are trained to do so. The show lasts for 45 minutes to represent these masterpieces.

  • Exotic Creek Park Bird Show at Dolphin show dubai :

bird show at Dolphin show dubai

The exotic bird show at Creek Park is one of the best and only exotic bird show in the Middle East. Your bird-watching skills can be a great help here. Under this bird show, you will enjoy the features of different species of birds. Some are so rare that you might haven’t heard about them. 

In this bird show, they use Amazon Parrots who play different tricks; some are green-winged macaws and many others. You can even get a chance to meet Steller’s Sea Eagle. Make sure to click some pics with these beauties!! You can also ask professional photographers to click your pic and capture your joyous moments with all of the beautiful birds. 

  • Mirror Maze – An Unsolvable Labyrinth:

Mirror Maze - An Unsolvable Labyrinth at Dolphin show dubai
credit : cobone

If you want to try your brain or twist your brain, a mirror maze is a way to go!! You can enjoy and at the same time get confused while getting lost in this mirror maze. Challenge your brain’s ability and figure out the right direction. Come on, and you can nail it!! 

  • Jump and Bump in the Trampoline Park:

Jump and Bump in the Trampoline Park at dolphin show dubai
Credit : Thrillophilia

There is a trampoline park in Dubai Dolphinarium where even adults can relive their childhood and their children. The fur seals and dolphins are not the only ones performing at Dubai Dolphinarium; you can also do it. Unleash your inner child, don’t hold back, lads. 

  • Cinema Time: 5D AND 7D:

Cinema Time 5D AND 7D in dolphin show dubai
Credit : 7d Cinema

Enjoy the virtual reality at the cineplex in Dubai Dolphinarium’s 5D/7D Cinema. And, by combining 3D cinema’s visual effects with other sensory sensations, the cinema allows you to feel and become a part of your movie. An inevitable experience you can never forget. The tickets for the 5D cinema movie ride and 7D cinema shooting game are AED 25 per person for 3 to 5 minutes.

Pricing Info for Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai dolphinarium ticket price for various shows are given below:

For Dolphin & Seal Show:

Ticket Type Show Timings Adult Child (2-11 years old)
Regular Seats 11 am, 2 pm & 6 pm AED 105 AED 50
VIP Seats 11 am, 2 pm & 6 pm AED 125 AED 85

For Exotic Bird Show:

Ticket Type Show Timings Adult Child (2-11 years old)
Regular Seats 12:15 pm, 3:15 pm & 7:30 pm AED 50 AED 30

For Dolphin Planet and to Swim With Dolphins:

Ticket Type Show Timings Mixed Group Private Group
Shallow Water 9:45 AM, 11:45 AM, 2:45 PM & 4:45 PM AED475 AED1900
Swim With Dolphins 9:45AM, 11:45 AM, 2:45 PM & 4:45 PM AED630 AED2500

How to Reach Dubai Dolphinarium?

You can reach the Dubai Dolphinarium location from Dubai Airport by the following methods:

  • By the Means of Metro: 

By the Means of Metro in dolphin show dubai

One should reach Airport Terminal 3 to board a metro station. From there, you have to board a Redline bus which comes after every 10 minutes. Within 9 minutes, you will reach Burjuman, and you have to get down. 

From here, you have to board a green train that will drop you at Dubai Health Care City. The green train will drop you at the Dubai health care city within 6 minutes. After getting down, you have to walk to your final destination for about 15 minutes approximately. The total expenditure is somewhere between 115 to 161 INR.

  • By the Means of Taxi: 

By the Means of Taxi at dolphin show dubai

If you are in a group, booking a taxi to the Dubai Dolphinarium location is better. You can book a private cab directly from the Dubai international airport, which will take 10 mins to reach. One side journey will cost you 600 to 750 INR. 

Another basic method is to search for the Dubai Dolphinarium on a location map and check all the possibilities. 

Best Time to Visit Dolphin show dubai at Dubai Dolphinarium

Best Time to Visit Dubai Dolphinarium for dolphin show dubai
Credit : Musafir.com

The best Dubai Dolphinarium timings are from November to March. Planning your vacation during these months is best to visit Dubai anyway. Further, you should plan your visit to Dubai Dolphinarium as per their timings to enjoy it to the fullest. The Dubai Dolphinarium timings are as follows:

  • Dolphin & Seal Show: 

The timings are from 11:00 am, 02:00 pm, and 06:00 pm. Every show is for 45 minutes only. The shows are available from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, Sunday is always off. 

  • Creek Park Bird Show: 

The show timings are 2:15 pm, 03:15 pm, and 07:15 pm. The show is scheduled for the complete week except for Sunday. 

  • Dolphin Planet: 

Majestic Dolphin Swim show time is scheduled from Monday to Saturday for 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm, and 04:00 pm. 

You can choose any time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium at your convenience.

Tips for Visiting Dolphin show dubai at Dubai Dolphinarium 

Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium for dolphin show dubai

Remember the following tips while visiting Dubai Dolphinarium:

    • Make sure to carry an additional piece of clothing if you plan to have a good time at Dolphin Planet.
    • You must read all the instructions as they have to be followed for every section at Dubai Dolphinarium.
    • You can read all the instructions on the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium too.
    • If anyone in your group is afraid of water, then it is advisable to avoid swimming.
    • Also, all the adults must accompany their children inside the Dolphin Dolphinarium. 

Wrapping up

Dubai Dolphinarium is a delightful place where you get unforgettable memories and experiences with the Dolphin show in Dubai. Apart from these dolphins and seal shows, you can take the relishes of birds shows, 5D and 7D cinema, and many other things. Dubai Dolphinarium is worth every penny of yours. Hope to see you there enjoying yourself with your family and friends.

How long is the dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium?

The dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium lasts 45 minutes.

How much is it to swim with the dolphins in Dubai?

Those who want to swim with dolphins in Dubai should save enough as it is 270 dollars per person. Swimming with Dolphins can give you unforgettable memories to cherish forever in your life.

Where can I see dolphins in UAE?

You can see the dolphins in the Dubai Dolphinarium in UAE.

What are the Dubai Dolphinarium Opening Hours & Show Timings?

A Dubai Dolphinarium is available all weekdays from 10 am to 07:30 pm. Here, Sunday is an official holiday.

What attractions are near the Dubai Dolphinarium?

The nearby attractions are Dubai Creek Park, Mirror Maze, VOX Cineplex, Khan Murjan, Hotels, La Tablita, Dubai healthcare city metro station, and many more

How much is the ticket for Dolphin?

For a single person: AED 475 for experiencing shallow water and AED 630 for deep swimming. For three people: AED 1900 for experiencing shallow water and AED 2500 for deep swimming.

Where to get Dubai Dolphinarium contact details?

You can simply visit the Dubai Dolphinarium website and book your tickets. Once you reach the Dubai Dolphinarium, a ticket will be given to you at the entrance time.

What do you mean by shallow water dolphin experience?

A shallow water dolphin experience means that throughout these 45 minutes, these dolphins entertain you using their skills and astounding stunts. These dolphins know how to juggle and pass through the hoops. You can even see them dancing to some musical tunes. A shallow water dolphin experience is the central focus of Dubai Dolphinarium.

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