Get Your Home Ready for Christmas with These Easy Tips and Tricks

Home Ready for Christmas

The holiday season is around the corner – the time of year when family and friends gather together to have a good time in their life. Christmas is the brightest and most colourful festival of the year that calls for making countless happy moments and memories with loved ones within the abode. Thus, it is necessary to get our homes prepared with Christmas décor for the festival and imbue a sense of liveliness, positivity and glam. So, let’s take a ride in the below article that treats you to some quick tips and tricks to get your home all set for the glorious festival.

The festive season is all about spending happy and cherished moments with our loved ones in the comfort of our beautiful homes. A home is where we gather with our family members, distant cousins and friends to eat, laugh, play and celebrate the joy of festivities and togetherness. And since Christmas is around the corner, it is the time to prepare yourself and your home with Christmas décor to welcome the festival and its cheer with open arms. 

It is no doubt that preparing our homes for the festivals at times seems a bit daunting, especially when we have a restricted budget. However, with smart tricks, a few modifications and some Christmas décor ideas, you can turn your home into a picture-perfect chamber.

Ten easy steps to get your home ready for Christmas 

  • Declutter the Unnecessary Stuff

Declutter the Unnecessary Stuff

Be it any occasion, decluttering is the first step of preparing our homes for the event. So, if you are planning to do a Christmas makeover in your home, start with decluttering the unnecessary stuff. It will certainly save you precious time later. Not just that, but it also does not require a single penny. First, work on decluttering the living area and overdone spaces of your abode. 

    • It’s time for the kitchen now. Declutter the refrigerator, pantry and countertops by removing non-essential items and throwing expired food. 
    • Clean up the cabinets and designate a space for each cup, pot, dish and pan. It will help in cleaning after those late-night parties.
    • Remove the mess from your coat closet. Donate those old coats and shoes you are no longer interested in and leave empty hangers for your guests.
  • Adorn Most Accessible Spaces

Turn the nooks of your abode into a winter wonderland. Although, it is not feasible to decorate each space and nook of your home. Therefore, put your entire focus on the main spaces in your house and adorn them with the collection of decorative pieces you already have. 

    • Add some Christmas vibe in your living room by using holiday-themed throw pillows, lighted garland, and not to forget, a glistening Christmas tree.
    • Use holiday placements, a holiday centrepiece, dish towels in the kitchen and dining area to add holiday touches.
    • Talking about other spaces such as bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms, you can just use a winter-scented candle and you are good to go. 
    • Well, the most exciting one is holiday music. It is an easy and uplifting way to set the holiday mood right without spending much.

If you haven’t shopped for throw pillows, garlands, dish towels and more, then go and get your hands on a few. You do not have to invest much in these. The smart trick is to grab them once the holiday season is over and they are on sale. 

  • Start Stocking Your Pantry

christmas Décor - Start Stocking Your Pantry

It is always a smart decision to stock up the pantry in advance. Buying items early in bulk will keep you away from the hassle of last-minute shopping.

    • Before a few weeks from Christmas, keep an eye on the sales flyers from the grocery stores and wholesalers in your locality.
    • Invest in durable items in bulk when you see them on sale and keep them stored in the pantry you just decluttered.
    • If required, keep perishable items such as vegetables, fruits and meat frozen.
    • In case there is a grocery store in your vicinity that delivers with nominal charges, plan a weekly schedule with every week’s groceries to be used or re-stocked.
  • Make Meals That Can Be Kept in the Freezer

Meals That Can Be Kept in the Freezer

Last-minute cooking can sometimes be a bit annoying and stressful. Be it any occasion, you can always go with making several freezer meals. They ease up the stress of cooking on packed holiday weeknights. This takes care of your budget as well. You can make soups and casseroles and store them in the freezer for around 6 weeks.

There is a need to wrap each meal, whether in foil or a plastic bag so that there are no chances of freezer burn. Also, the freezer meals save you from that distressing cleaning after dinner. These meals make home cleaning easy without much effort. 

  • Designate an Area for a Wrapping Station

Designate an Area for a Wrapping Station

Whether you are organising a housewarming party or a festive celebration at your home, there is always a need for a wrapping station. By wrapping station, we mean a designated area to store those gift-wrapping materials; it eases up the wrapping process. This also helps in preventing unnecessary expenses on gift tags, tape and gift wrap since you know what all you will be needing at the time of gift packing. 

You can choose to designate a desk in your home office for the wrapping station. Other than this, you can also opt for a plastic container that can be slid under your bed. Put all wrapping supplies in the container and slide it out at the time of the wrapping. 

Since your guests will be excited about the housewarming gift, you can go with something unique and interesting to make your celebration more fun. After all, gifting is always a welcoming gesture for guests. 

  • Clean the High-Traffic Areas

There is always a need to clean the high traffic areas before organising a get-together or a small party at home. However, cleaning before Christmas leads to starting the new year with a clean home filled with festive cheer. 

    • Use a water and vinegar solution mixed with a few drops of some essential oils for the cleaning of your kitchen and bathroom.
    • Vacuum clean the sofas and armchairs, the essence of your living area and the most-used furniture during a get-together. 
    • Another inexpensive and effective solution is a mix of vinegar and soda that helps in spot-cleaning stains on carpets and rugs. 
  • Prepare for Guests Staying Over

You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket by spending on new bedding or linen to create an inviting space for your guests. Invest in a winter-scented linen spray to make the bedding and curtains in your guest room smell good. There is no need to splurge for bedding set in a holiday theme. Use your everyday guest bedding and infuse a refreshing feel to it with a cosy throw blanket or a throw pillow and some welcoming fragrance. 

  • Make a Stovetop Potpourri

Since it’s Christmas time, it is essential to inject a sense of holiday into the aura. Making a stovetop potpourri is an interesting idea. Use cranberries, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, orange slices along with any additional spices of your choice, put them in a pot with water, bring it to boil and then reduce the flame to a simmer. The aroma of the potpourri will fill your home with the true vibes of a holiday. And the good thing is many of these ingredients are already available to us in our homes. 

  • Be Wise with Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Decorations

You might be thinking that you will have to spend a lot on the decoration of your home for the upcoming Christmas party. However, there is no need for it. You can go for a lighted wreath on the front door of your abode rather than those expensive outdoor wreath decorations. A lighted wreath is one of the most amazing Christmas décor items and is certain to infuse a festive vibe throughout the day. 

Switch to winter plants from summer and fall planters. Natural items like birch log pieces, pine cones and evergreen sprigs are a great idea for holiday planters to be adorned on your porch or at the entrance. 

Besides, if you prefer a little extra decoration in your abode during festivities, you can learn some amazing Christmas ornament ideas and Christmas decoration homemade tricks that will surely help jazz up your paradise. 

  • Plan Further

Once you are done with the above steps, it’s time to order Christmas cards and schedule the required maintenance.

Celebrating holidays and spoiling yourself in the joy of festivities end up exhausting you since you keep occupied in several essential activities. Thus, if you find that some of the appliances in your home (you’ll be needing during the celebration) need maintenance, make sure to take care of them in advance. If there is a need to buy a new one, order it before it is out of order. Otherwise, you might have to pay a little extra due to the after-hours charges for service.

If you think of buying gifts (which of course you will), make the list beforehand. This will help you in budgeting your money and time amidst the shopping rush. Make a simple plan in the notes, notebook or on the reminders app on your phone to keep an eye on your holiday checklist.

Wrapping It Up

Christmas is all about good vibes and a fine mix of cleanliness and pretty decorations can fill your home with all the goodness and prosperity. However, putting in a lot of money in the transition of your home is a myth. A few alterations and some at-home Christmas Décor things can do the trick in preparing your home for the celebration of the festival. Alternatively, if you wish to invest good money in the Décor of your chamber for the upcoming Christmas celebration, you will never be short of ideas. Since we are talking about the Christmas decoration, we all know that the Christmas tree is the essence of the festival. However, there are many ways to add sizzle and sparkle to all the beautiful corners of your abode. Christmas trends keep changing every year and there is always a new décor scheme to follow. But what never goes out of trend is a rich combination of fascinating colours such as ambers, touches of gold, plums, forest green along leopard prints. Workaround these tips and bingo! You have a perfect Christmas Sanctuary. 

Now, sit back and enjoy the feel of festivities with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

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