Eager to Learn Everything About the Salik in Dubai?

learn everything about the Salik in Dubai

Salik in Dubai, or the Salik toll system, are prepaid electronic toll collection lanes that help you quickly get from point A to point B in Dubai without worrying about traffic or missing your turn and getting lost in the city. But how does this exactly work? What should you pay attention to when using them? Find answers to all these questions and more in our guide to Salik!

What is Salik?

Salik is an electronic toll gate system that was introduced on July 1, 2007 by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to improve traffic flow on major roads. Salik’s plan aims to create a traffic system without toll booths, toll collectors, or an adverse effect on traffic flow. It consists of camera-based sensors at carriageways that collect tolls electronically from passing vehicles. There are no cash transactions with Salik in Dubai; drivers use prepaid cards called Salik tags that are preloaded with an amount and inserted into the vehicle’s front grill before entering the highway. Each lane requires a new tag if a driver passes through more than one Salik lane.

How Many Salik Toll Gates Are There in Dubai?

Toll Gates

Throughout Dubai, you will find eight Dubai Salik gates. These are located on all major highways and bridges. 

  • Salik Locations in Dubai

Keep in mind that the two Al Mamzar toll gates on Al Ittihad Street are considered one gate; therefore, one charge will apply if you are travelling in the same direction simultaneously. The following table details the timings and costs for Salik in Dubai.

Dubai Salik Gate Toll Gate Location Salik Cost Salik Timings
Jebel Ali Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Barsha Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Safa Salik Gate Sheikh Zayed Road AED 4 24 hours
Al Garhoud Salik Gate Al Garhoud Bridge AED 4 24 hours
Al Maktoum Salik Gate Al Maktoum Bridge AED 4 24 hours
Airport Tunnel Salik Gate Beirut Street AED 4 24 hours
Al Mamzar North Salik Gate Al Ittihad Street AED 4 24 hours
Al Mamzar South Salik Gate Al Ittihad Street AED 4 24 hours

What Are the Documents Required for Dubai Salik Registration?

Dubai Salik Registration

When signing up for a new Salik Account, it’s necessary to supply the following documents:

  • Identification Proof such as Emirates IDs
  • Copy of the car registration card (mulkiya)
  • Copy of the trade licence (only applicable to cars registered under companies)

Dubai Salik Balance Check

There are two ways to check the Salik balance. You can either visit the official website or call the Salik self-service number. The process for both is listed below:

Online Check :

  1. Log in to the official Salik website at www.Salik.RTA.ae.
  2. Navigate the website to find the menu and click on the option “Check my Balance.”
  3. Your balance check will be displayed on the screen as soon as you click.

Self-service Contact :

  1. You must call the Salik self-service number available daily at 800 (72545) for this process.
  2. Choose 1 for Arabic and 2 for English based on your language preference.
  3. Login to your Salik account number and press 3 to enter your PIN.
  4. Your balance will be played instantly. To repeat it, Press 1.

What are the Salik Charges in Dubai?

Salik Charges in Dubai

The basic charge for Salik in Dubai is AED 4 per Salik Dubai Toll Gate, no matter how many trips you take through that door. However, two gates are exceptions – Al Ittihad Street and Al Mamzar toll gates. If you travel through them in the same direction, you will be charged AED 4 per hour. 

How Much Does the Salik Tag in Dubai Cost?

A breakdown of Salik Fees in Dubai 2022 can be found below:

  • Buying a brand new Salik at a petrol station will cost you AED 100.
  • If you buy the Salik Tag online, it will cost you 120 AED.
  • Purchasing it online will cost you 20 AED for delivery.
  • The toll balance in your Salik Tag will be 50 AED after purchasing it.

How Do I Pay the Dubai Salik Toll Gate Fees?

To pay the Salik fees in Dubai, it is necessary to register with Salik and attach the Salik Tag to the front of the car’s windshield. The Salik Tag will be scanned at these electronic gates to deduct the toll amount. The Dubai Salik gates employ the use of advanced cameras and sensors to detect your vehicle. This essentially means that physically stopping your car to pay the gate fees won’t be necessary.

How to Purchase a Salik Tag Online?

Purchase a Salik Tag Online

Salik tags can be purchased online as well as from gas stations. Following are the steps for the two:

Through Salik Website :

  1. First, you need to enter all the required details on the website.
  2. Next, you need to verify your mobile number via SMS.
  3. You will receive a One-time-password on your mobile phone and need to enter it in the field.
  4. Please enter your shipping address and payment details in the next stage and confirm it by entering the OTP.
  5. After paying successfully, your card will be activated. 

 Through Gas Stations :

  • The customers can purchase tags from one of the gas stations. 
  • Before entering the Salik gates, you need to activate your Salik tag via applications such as Dubai Now App, Salik Smart App, Dubai Drive App, or the official Salik website. 


As you can see, it’s easy to get lost in the process of registering and paying for the Salik. With this guide, you know what to do before leaving the country. The next time you go out of the UAE, enjoy your trip without worrying about all these steps!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much is the Salik in Dubai?

Online Salik tags cost AED 120. It costs 50 AED with a prepaid credit for tolls. The delivery fee for the Salik tag is AED 20.

How many Salik Gates are in Dubai?

Currently, eight Salik gates are operating in Dubai.

Is Salik Free in Dubai?

No, to use Salik in Dubai, you must first register with the RTA. Registration is free and can be done online or at an RTA kiosk. Once registered, you will be issued a Salik card, which you can use to pay tolls across the city and recharge your card online or at any of the many kiosks in Dubai.

How much is Salik per day?

There is an AED 4 fee per pass at each Salik Dubai Toll Gate, regardless of how many trips you make in a day. However, there are two exceptions: 2 Al Mamzar Toll Gates on Al Ittihad Street.

How can I buy Salik Tags in Dubai?

Salik tags can be purchased either online or at a gas station. You will need an ID and your credit card to purchase the tags.

How to avoid Salik?

This is a list of some alternative routes in Dubai to avoid Salik. The most reliable way to identify toll-free roads in Dubai is by using Google Maps. When picking your route, make sure to select the Avoid Toll Roads

How many days can I drive without Salik?

After your first trip through Salik gates, you have a grace period of 10 working days to purchase and install a Salik tag on your vehicle. Otherwise, violations may occur.

What happens if I don't have Salik?

If you drive through a Salik toll gate without a Salik plate on your vehicle and don't purchase and register a Salik plate within ten working days after the first trip, you'll get a violation of AED 100. As for the second trip, it will cost you AED 200.

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