Adopt a Futuristic Green Lifestyle at Sustainable City, Dubai

Sustainblity Movement of Dubai

Spearheaded by Diamond Developers, Sustainable City, Dubai is an ambitious residential project modeled to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and fight against the impending threat of global warming. The Sustainable City adopts some of the best green building and lifestyle techniques as an effective solution to treat climate change. The project is a laudable example of sustainable knowledge and advancement.

Sustainable City, Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Sustainable City, Dubai A Comprehensive Guide

Spread across 46 hectares; the Sustainable City provides green facilities and amenities to its residents. The development strategy adopts a three-tiered goal which includes social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and economic sustainability. Its dedicated efforts toward creating a carbon-free future are reflected in its solar parking, sustainable building material, etc.  

  • Location

The Sustainable City Dubai is a 46-hectare residential property located on Al Qudra Road in the Emirate of Dubai. The Al Maktoum International Airport is about 27 minutes from the Sustainable City, and Dubai International Airport (DXB) is about 37 minutes drive away. While Palm Jumeirah is only 20 minutes away, the Dubai Mall is about 23 minutes away from the city.

  • Facilities in Sustainable City

With an intrinsic characteristic of an eco-friendly and community-driven lifestyle, the masterplan of Sustainable City Dubai includes various environmentally-conscious amenities like an autism rehabilitation centre, Fairgreen International School, and recreational facilities like an equestrian centre. Some of the outstanding eco-friendly facilities in the city include the following:

    • Buffer Zone

A 10-meter high buffer zone runs along the circumference of the Sustainable City Dubai. This multi-layer buffer zone of about 2500 trees is a great defence against pollution and greenhouse effects and helps purify the air.

    • The Farm

A 3000 square meter urban farm forms the Central Green Spine of the Sustainable City. The farm consists of 11 biodome greenhouses built amidst lush vegetation of diverse plants and fruits.

    • The Sustainable Plaza

The Sustainable Plaza

Built in a 15,000 square meter area, the Plaza in the Sustainable City of Dubai consists of five levels flanked with cafes, restaurants, shops, offices for lease, etc. The Plaza further offers all the utility services to the residents of the Sustainable City.  

    • Solar Car Park

Shaded by solar panels, the Sustainable City offers two parking spaces and additional space for communal electric buggies of residents from Sustainable City villas. The distance between the villas and the car park is about 85 meters.

    • Sustainable City Mosque

The mosque accommodates approximately 700 worshippers. It is equipped with innovative energy-saving technology that minimises water and energy consumption. The mosque has high-efficiency AC systems, LED lighting, and quality insulation that prevent thermal heat gain.

    • SEE Institute

SEE Institute

This institution is the brain of Sustainable City, Dubai. Using state-of-the-art technology, it is the first net zero-carbon building. It can produce up to 300% of its energy requirements from renewable sources. Built with solar panels and biogas plant handling, the building can also be used as an amphitheatre.

    • Residential Clusters

Best building practices have been adopted to curb the global impact of the Sustainable City. Lightweight facades and well-insulated houses minimise cooling costs in warmer countries like UAE. The Sustainable City has 500 villas divided into five residential clusters.

Compelling Facts About Sustainable City

    • Among the most incredible Dubai sustainable city facts are its recognition as the “happiest community” by GCC – the first Gulf Real Estate Awards.
    • The Sustainable City Dubai further abides by a 2° Pledge to prevent a 2° increase in the average temperature levels.
    • It is the first operational net zero energy city in the Emirate of Dubai.
    • The city is car-free and uses electric buggies and concierge services, as cars are allowed only in certain specified zones.
    • The sustainable city adheres to a strict recycling policy. All the water and household waste is 100% recycled.
    • The homes in this sustainable city are equipped with UV-reflective windows and paint that provide insulation from the heat during the day and the cold during the night hours.
    • The residents of Sustainable City also have access to a power-generating gym. An hour’s workout can allegedly generate power of up to 6000 Watts.

Fairgreen International School in Sustainable City, Dubai

Fairgreen International School in Sustainable City

Established in 2018 by Esol Education, the Fairgreen International School follows an IB Curriculum. As an essential part of the Sustainable City, Dubai project, the school encourages all forms of sustainability. It promotes sustainable development among future generations by making them agents of environmental change.

The school campus is also purpose-built and designed to create minimal environmental impact. Solar-powered classrooms, urban farming facilities, maker spaces, and mobile food technology labs are some of the school’s distinctive features that promote an understanding of sustainability among students.

    • The average annual fees for the school are around AED 39,000 to AED 78,500.
    • Contact: +971 4 875 4999

Sustainable City Equestrian Club

Sustainable City Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club at Sustainable City Dubai offers structured lessons in horsemanship to beginners and advanced riders. With the advantage of certified instructors from the British Horse Society, adults and children can learn about English riding style, track riding, etc.

The fees for lessons at the Equestrian Club Sustainable City Dubai are as follows:

    • Children (3 – 4 years) – AED 1,600
    •  A level for Children (5 years and above) – AED 1,800 (A1-A3 level). This includes a package of 10 lessons (30 minutes per lesson).
    • B-level for Children (Advanced Riders) – AED 2,000
    • Adult – AED 2,000. This includes a package of 10 lessons (45 minutes per lesson).

Private Lesson

    • 10 lessons (30 minutes each) – AED 2,500
    • 10 lessons (45 minutes each) – AED 2,700

Semi-Private Lesson

    • 10 lessons (30 minutes each) – AED 2,200
    • 10 lessons (45 minutes each) – AED 2,400

The office hours for the Equestrian Club are as follows:

    • Sunday – Thursday | 8:00 A.M. -12:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M. -7:30 P.M.
    • Saturday | 7:00 A.M. -12:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
    • Friday | 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. | Friday Afternoon Closed


    • Call +971 4 557 6611
    • WhatsApp +971 50 358 6290

Villas and Townhouses in Sustainable City

With a total developed area of 50,00,000, the Sustainable City Dubai is home to around 2,700 happy residents. 500 Sustainable City villas are sprawled across the extended length of the city. These are further divided into five residential clusters that connect to an urban farm.

  • Rent in Sustainable City, Dubai

Each residential cluster of Sustainable City villas consists of 90 Courtyard Villas, 8 Garden Villas, and 2 Signature Villas. Buyers can choose from stylish and spacious 3 and 4-bedroom courtyard villas or a 4-bedroom garden villa with the Dubai Sustainable City rent. Detailed below are the rent prices for the same:

    • 3-Bedroom Courtyard Villa | Total Built-Up Area 3,362 – 3,423 Sq. Ft. | Annual Average Rent AED 180,000.
    • 4-Bedroom Courtyard Villa | Total Built-Up Area 3777–3847 Sq. Ft. | Annual Average Rent AED 195,000.
    • 4-Bedroom Garden Villa | Total Built-Up Area 5,466 Sq. Ft. | Annual Average Rent AED 280,000.
  • Properties for Sale in Sustainable City, Dubai

If you wish to buy villas in Sustainable City, Dubai, the expected cost is as follows. You can also make an online booking for a tour of the Sustainable City before you decide on the final purchase.

    • 3-bedroom villas in Sustainable City Dubai are priced between AED 2.7M and AED 3.1M.
    • 4-bedroom Sustainable City villas cost between AED 2.87M to AED 4.6M.
    • 5-bedroom villas in the Sustainable City cost approximately AED 10M.

To Sum Up

Climate Change is the harsh reality, and sustainable cities are the hope of a green future. As the threat of global warming is growing exponentially, urban cities are taking up the challenge of sustainability and trying to succeed at it. Sustainable City, Dubai, is committed to making a difference by implementing state-of-the-art measures for sustainability. As such, the Dubai Sustainable City sale is in higher demand. If you are interested in buying a property here, Square Yards can help you find the best verified listings.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Is Meant by a Sustainable City?

Sustainable cities are designed to reduce environmental impact. The overall model of a Sustainable City considers the economic, social, territorial, and cultural conditions while planning its production and consumption patterns. A sustainable city is also commonly known as an eco-city or green city.

What Are 5 Features of A Sustainable City?

Some of the characteristic features of a Sustainable City include the following: Sustainable architecture Use of renewable energy like investment in solar and wind farms. Green water management Green waste and recycling solutions Electric car charging stations Pedestrian bike-friendly lanes or sidewalks.

What Is the Sustainable City in Dubai Called?

A project of Diamond Developers, this operational net zero energy city in Dubai is called the Sustainable City. Spread across 46 hectares (113 acres) of land, the city is an eco-friendly residential project as Dubai's response to climate change.

Why Is Dubai a Sustainable City?

Arcadis, a global consulting firm specialising in sustainable design, has ranked Dubai as one of the most sustainable cities. Dubai is diversifying its economy by making oil less than 1% of its GDP. Besides, Dubai is also adopting several green building regulations and aims to use 75% of clean sources by 2050.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in The Sustainable City Dubai?

The average annual Dubai Sustainable City rent of a three-bedroom villa is AED 180,000, while the annual Dubai Sustainable City rent for a 4-bedroom villa starts at AED 195,000.

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